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  1. kfmccall

    Gas Bot

    Just some more playing around, photoshop is so much easier than pencils and markers.
  2. kfmccall

    Gas Bot

    This isn't a gas bot, I just had this guy floating around in my head this morning. This would be more of a sentry bot or something of that sort. I could probably cut into other parts of the sphere and add gas/arrow launching mechanisms...but i just wanted to post it to get more ideas out there.
  3. kfmccall

    Gas Bot

    Thanks for all the critiques, especially the references to steampower online, those really opened my eyes up to the importance of researching before drawing. Here's another go at the gas bot, all the parts don't really make that much sense, but i hope the overall idea came through.
  4. kfmccall

    Gas Bot

    Thanks for the comments, i started drawing some concepts that had animal heads attached to the bots, but they all look kind of awkward. Sticking an organic shape like that on a bulky metal box just doesn't fit too well...i'll keep working with it though and post the progress. Here's another concept for one of the gas bots, i thought it would be cool to be sneaking through a dark hall and seeing this green glow coming from around the corner, alerting our player that one of these guys was coming close. Could the top of this bot be made to shatter from an arrow/weapon impact? After that ma
  5. kfmccall

    Gas Bot

    Hey guys, heres a drawing i did today, i liked the idea of a bot hurling these gas cannisters at our thief, in this case maybe they can be made to roll along the ground or down stairs. let me know what you think.
  6. I did a thumbnail about 2 inches wide first to see how to layout the page, which took a few minutes at most, but I had to make it 8.5 x 11 so I did a rough version with a light pencil and photocopied it a bunch of times so I could practice with ink a bit w/out screwing up the original. I did one go in ink before this final one, that took about 2 hours of inking (and way too much thinking). I wasn't happy with the result, it was way too tight and not characteristic of an ink drawing, where what you leave out of the drawing is just as important. So i started another again, and spent about
  7. Sorry i havn't posted for a while. Studies are keeping me from what I want to do. Greek/Latin roots in particular, we have 9 books of glorious academia this semester. Here is a cathedral scene. I couldn't incorporate the builder symbol, but came up with a thumbnail of this layout and had to make it full size. Maybe it can be used for another menu.
  8. ok i'll start throwing together ideas for those other menu illustrations. here is a second possible clock tower drawing.
  9. haha, no i'm not asking for nice words, only if something strikes you as better than what you've seen it's good to get someone elses imput be it positive or negative. when drawing these things you get sucked into the piece sometimes and lose track of whether you've done any better than before...kind of the whole lunatic bit of excitement over abstract art right now... haha, please don't post for every piece, i would get annoyed! thoughts shouldn't be forced at all!
  10. I'd be glad to do some more graphic-oriented design. If you get together those descriptions i'll be sure to get started, though I must tell you the semester is starting soon, so I'm not sure what the workload will entail... THanks for the words about my work, they truly help me keep going, I was afraid my drawings were becoming stagnant in their design and quality and it's nice to get reassurance every once in a while. I didn't understand what you meant by 'replace' though. Would you like me to redo some of the past drawings for menu screens or something to that extent?
  11. sorry i found it hard to work over winterbreak. I just did this tonight, let me know if i should do a few more. i didn't crop it because i wasn't sure of the exact dimensions, feel free to alter it as need be.
  12. Heres another one, I drew this a few days ago and meant to color it, but realized that the history 101 final might be just slightly important. Give me ideas for objects to put in the drawings, I sometimes get lost in focusing too much on the linework rather than actually putting in a good range of objects/subject matter.
  13. Here are two concepts for the Bonehoard entrance. I don't like saying much with the concepts, words tend to warp things; I prefer the initial reaction. Let me know what to fix! I am more than willing to draw more, i enjoy it, so give me suggestions.
  14. hey if i do a couple more of these color pieces, do you think they could make it on the site? I think we should update the concept work page eventually.
  15. Here is a destroyed tudor house. @ Squill: yeah i use pen and paper as well as a tablet. I layout the drawings with a blue pencil first. Then I ink them, and scan them onto the computer. Coloring is done in photoshop with a wacom.
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