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  1. Weird. It works when I'm saving the default texture as *.tga! I'm confused
  2. Hello everyone. I recently started to make my own map and it seems I encountered a problem that I can't solve on my own. I made a skin for a default model (it is an outdoor sign with chains). I used the wood texture that also comes with TDM. The skin looks as it should be in the 'Choose Skin' window, but in-game it is completely black. Does it have something to do with the vertex colours? Or is it because the default model uses two textures? (one for chains and another - for the shield itself) Here's my *.skin file: //shield shape// skin sign_shield_lucky_leaf { model models/darkmod/d
  3. I like your videos a lot! Very well done. For me it was very inspirational. I even started to make my own map
  4. Hello everybody. Today I am proud to say that we have 90 translated missions. Not all of them are fully tested, but we're slowly working on it. The all the work behind this is HUGE. I still can't believe that it took me almost two years to made it this far. Yet we have another "problem". People are unaware that there is a Russian translation. (I want to admit that I really suck at promoting myself and my work). That leads us to a situation when people are starting their own translation, trying to solve the problems that already been solved, etc. Short said: they want the translation to be avai
  5. Hello, Synergy! Welcome to the club! Good luck with your translation. Although it might be difficult and here's why: According to this page The Dark Mod uses the following encodings: Czech, Hungarian, Slovak, Polish: ISO-8859-2 (not WIN-1250!)Russian: WIN-1251French: ISO-8859-15Romanian: ISO-8859-16All other languages: ISO-8859-1 (German, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Portuguese, etc.) The symbols İ, ı, Ğ, ğ, Ş, ş are not presented in any of them (only ISO-8859-3, ISO-8859-9, Windows-1254). I wrote you the solution, and offered my help, but you said you would do it on your own
  6. I never talked about torrent trackers. And the problem is that we just can't post modified xd files here.
  7. Нет, просто мы правим много в исходных файлах, чтобы перевод был полным. Иногда увеличиваем количество страниц в "читалках", чтобы текст влезал (английский язык довольно емкий при том, что большинство слов в нем короткие, а русский скорее наоборот - редко когда перевод не превышает объема оригинала. И если какие-то места можно "укоротить", то в некоторых это абсолютно невозможно без потери существенной части оригинального текста) Плюс мы добавляем переводы табличек, карт, т.е. всей графики, и на очереди у нас озвучка. Команда TDM показала себя не готовой к такого рода внедрениям, боясь, что мы
  8. Спасибо Прогнозов нет, т.к. я делаю это в свободное время и когда есть желание. И тут не всем нравятся мои методы, так что скорее всего все это будет доступно только на darkfate.org. I am still updating my first post for those who really cares. Today's status: at this moment we have 76 translated missions.
  9. Да, и правда. Проходить бы вообще можно было бы наугад. P.S. для того, чтобы моддить, программирование знать полезно, но не обязательно
  10. Thank you very much Moonbo, SteveL. Tels, here you go, zip-file with fonts. I hope someday they will be included in TDM. About the subtitles: I am making the full texts (for "hmmm", "argh", "cough" etc.). I guess it will be easier to cut unused lines later (if needed). When done I'd like to have someone who can just check them all, 'cause sometimes there's just mumbling which non-native speaker can't easily understand Tell me if I can help when the time comes. I learn quickly and will be glad to help with subtitles.
  11. Here are some stats in case someone is wondering where the hell the promised translations are: - 44 missions are translated at this moment (less than a year has passed since I started to work on it); - we have 7 fully translated and tested FMs; - all russian fonts were fixed (with help of chedap, Tels and Radiant); download link here and in the first post; - we've started to work on subtitles (English+Russian). Only writing the text now, the technical part will be someday handled by the programmers (as we all hope); - we have first recordings of translated audio files spoken by semi-profession
  12. To be short: to have translated menu\HUD is very good, but they are quite identical from game to game so some people can understand them even in English. But in the missions (I'm saying it both as a translator and gamer) it is better to have the game (read: missions) translated. (Especially when a game sometimes uses old English grammar) AFAIK some Russian players don't use Russian menu because it wasn't fully tested and some parts of it do not display correctly. But I can't speak for all. And about me: I'm playing in English because I understand it. But I've also played with some of our t
  13. jaxa So now we need to be programmers to translate TDM? I can't write scripts and I do not now anyone in our team of translators who can.
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