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  1. You can ask our developers about bugs, settings that don't work, or code errors . For example. You can contact Mr. Stgatilov. I can test version 2.11a seriously, especially since I have a huge long-term experience in this, but what's the point in this? If new features are added to the TDM 2.12 and many new bugs appear, will I have to test the game again? and so endlessly? ) sorry, but I don't have that much time. Therefore, I suggest to take a break and focus on finding bugs, broken variables, settings. then to release the game version 2.12. and then add new features for version 2.13. Players will decide for themselves which version of the game to use.
  2. the noclip command is not working properly. Enter the walk command to exit this mode and the player will not be able to walk with his back straight. The body position will change. I've written a lot about garbage in the past. about variables that don't work. I also wrote about bugs. Other players also wrote about it. There is a trend-adding new features breaks the game. So I suggested that you take a break and fix all the bugs and variables that don't work. or they don't work correctly, without adding new features in the version 2.12
  3. dear developers. I've been following this project for a long time. And I noticed that adding new features to the game breaks things that used to work well in the game. My suggestion: Stop adding new graphical features to the game, stop adding new variables and settings. There is a lot of garbage in the game and the developers know about it. Lots of variables and settings that don't work. For example, version 2.11a has a bug with cheat codes. Please make a stable version 2.12, which will fix only bugs and remove garbage in the game code Adding new features to resume in version 2.13. Not all players need modern features. Many players only need stability and high performance. Allow these players to play on version 2.12
  4. GOOD TWEAK! Open Hex Editor. I recommend HxD. Find thiefgame.u. To disable shroud - Make a backup of thiefgame.u and then search (in Hex value) for: 02 CD CC 4C 3F 36 CC 66 36 BC 00 01 9C DE F4 3E Replace with: 02 00 00 00 00 35 CC 66 36 BC 00 01 9C DE F4 3E to disable white flash : 33 33 33 3F 36 18 4D 01 CD CC CC 3E 38 A9 4C C0 Replace with: 33 33 33 3F 36 18 4D 01 00 00 00 00 38 A9 4C C0
  5. Your advice causes new bugs... For example, in the first –°utscene of the game, the smoke from the pipes does not become realistic. The right Solution: [Engine.WorldInfo] DefaultPostProcessSettings=(mSSAO=(mbEnable=TRUE, mIntensity=1.0), mWind=(mbEnable=TRUE, mbAffectVelocity=TRUE, mVelocity=(X=25, Y=10, Z=10)), mFog=(mbEnable=TRUE, mbEnableOutdoor=FALSE, mbEnableColor=TRUE, mOutdoorTex1=LA_000_Core_Fog.Layer01, mOutdoorTex2=LA_000_Core_Fog.Layer01, mOutdoorTex3=LA_000_Core_Fog.Layer01, mLayerOpacityCurve=PROG_3D_PostProcess.FogNearPlaneDensityCurve)) This needs to be done in two files: ThiefGame.ini and DefaultGame.ini The fog is being removed in many places... It is not possible to completely disable fog in this game through the config
  6. I can to launch dev/16498-9944 on Windows 7. Thank you!
  7. duzenko I put the updated dbghelp.dll (v 10.0.16353.1000) file in the game package. But now a new problem has appeared (api-ms-win-crt-private-1-1-0.dll) ... Please give me the entire dll library of files to launch the game on windows 7
  8. or update dbghelp.dll I am not a programmer. I can't compile files. . Please give me the required files for this last version of the game
  9. I installed vk redist x64 ( 2017-2022), but it didn't help. Procedure entry point not found.... Please help urgently... I would really like to play this game. TDM 2.10 has no problems with the launch on windows 7
  10. Very serious problem with the launch of the new version (dev16487-9919) on windows 7.
  11. thank you. Has this already been fixed in the latest dev16485-9903 build?
  12. HMart I tested the old version 2.07, it doesn't have this bug... For some reason, creating new versions of the game leads to new bugs. I already thought about trying to transfer all the new textures, models, scripts and sounds from the new version 2.10 to the old version 2.07. But I'm not a programmer, it's very complicated.
  13. Where do I write a bug report? What topic?
  14. I don't understand. Where can I find player cpp file ? Please give me the path to this file and I'll fix it myself.
  15. Tnank you! How can I look this up in a text editor? I want to see the archiving status of this values
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