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  1. Hello. Carefully tested and translated the old mission: "The Tears of St. Lucia". I can not find a note. which is sewn in the mission code. It is called "A Plea". The text of the note is such: "\n\nDon't let them take me to Belhaven!\n\n\nFolk like us don't come back from there!\n\n\nI don't care how sick I get, I ain't going to go! Don't let them take me!\n" I got the row IDs using a script I18N.pl Could you give a screenshot of a place where there is a note? Or is it a error and such a note does not exist?
  2. Obsttorte I am very not pleased with the work of your script. I decided to translate the mission "The Tears of Saint Lucia" . Last version from 2.09. Your script processed the mission file and 2 files appeared in the output folder: stlucia.pk4 stlucia_l10n.pk4 I made a translation of the file stlucia_l10n.pk4. At first, everything was fine.... Suddenly, I removed the mission output file. I used your script to create the same file and put it in the mission folder. And my translation stopped working with your file! –ěriginal file of Mission for version
  3. Obsttorte This script can't handle some old missions. For example, the Outpost.pk4. But I tried to process the mission "The Tears of Saint Lucia" and everything worked out. 2 files appeared in the output package: stlucia.pk4 stlucia_l10n.pk4. I changed English.lang on russian.lang, I wrote there in Russian and the game saw the Russian text. If you take the original stlucia.pk4 file and put it in the mission folder, the language will be English again..... Both files must be from the "output" folder. Thank you, everything works.... However, during the boot screen, I see
  4. I needed to change the English language of the map to another language and I changed some objective entities in the editor. saving the map. after starting the mission, this error pops up. how to remove it in the editor. Please write down the steps that i need to do, since I am a beginner...
  5. Yes. I always run all scripts as an administrator. and I'm the computer administrator..... Please write to the developers to fix this script. It doesn't work with all missions
  6. yes. output folder i have StrawberryPerl instaleed https://strawberryperl.com/download/ I would give you the text from the command line, but I don't know how to save it. in the command line, it was written that the file was created in this folder. but the folder is empty.
  7. Please help! I did everything according to the instructions. I need to process the original outpost.pk4 file Here is the folder structure: In the command line, I entered these 2 lines: chdir c:\I18N\I18N.pl perl I18N.pl --english outpost.pk4 but no files appeared in the output folder.... I don't know what to do...
  8. Hello. I looked at the translations. But I don't understand, where do the translators get the string IDs from? For example, in the original mission "a new job" there is no folder "strings" there is no file "english.lang". how do I create this file for a specific mission?
  9. Very sorry. that the mission is not optimized for weak graphics cards. I have a Gt1030. I Set a mission. But the fps is very low, lags, it is impossible to play. I think the huge space of the mission was loaded into the video memory of the video card, and in the end, even 2 gigabytes DDR5 was not enough.... It's sad... For comparison, the mission " William Steele 4: The Warrens" a big city. But the mission has a good fps (60) with stencil shadows
  10. I used the command r_ambientGamma. For example. here's what helps: r_ambientGamma 0.5 It helped. I can see all the dark places now where the guards can't see me....But on the dark map you can hardly see all the beauty of the architecture of the level. I, for example, love Gothic architecture very much and I need for aesthetic pleasure the visibility of all the textures, decorations of the level.. But on the light level (r_ambientGamma 1), it is more difficult to play against the guards, as many dark places are shown as light....I understand that it is difficult to combine aesthetics with goo
  11. I think there's a lot of Ambient light in the game. That is, many dark places in the game are illuminated by Ambient. and sometimes it is difficult for the player to make a choice where to stand, so that the guard does not see him. It makes a very difficult game. Ambient, of course, can not be removed, as the player will not see all the beauties of the mission
  12. I see the problem of the game. No need to make the guards blind....Now I will write, but what to do I dont know
  13. I must confess. that the guards see very well even in the shadows and it is not clear how to play with such opponents. in narrow corridors, they always find out....This is clearly seen in the training mission... I wrote this variable in the autocommand.cfg, but it doesn't work.... seta tdm_ai_sight_prob "0" The player can configure the ai of the enemies in the config?
  14. this variable also does not work if the game's mission is running seta tdm_menu_music "0" install the mission and then switch to the game menu. The music is playing. if you leave the mission, the variable works
  15. That is, in version 2.09, they can not be disabled? How do they affect the performance of the game?
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