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  1. GOOD TWEAK! Open Hex Editor. I recommend HxD. Find thiefgame.u. To disable shroud - Make a backup of thiefgame.u and then search (in Hex value) for: 02 CD CC 4C 3F 36 CC 66 36 BC 00 01 9C DE F4 3E Replace with: 02 00 00 00 00 35 CC 66 36 BC 00 01 9C DE F4 3E to disable white flash : 33 33 33 3F 36 18 4D 01 CD CC CC 3E 38 A9 4C C0 Replace with: 33 33 33 3F 36 18 4D 01 00 00 00 00 38 A9 4C C0
  2. Your advice causes new bugs... For example, in the first –°utscene of the game, the smoke from the pipes does not become realistic. The right Solution: [Engine.WorldInfo] DefaultPostProcessSettings=(mSSAO=(mbEnable=TRUE, mIntensity=1.0), mWind=(mbEnable=TRUE, mbAffectVelocity=TRUE, mVelocity=(X=25, Y=10, Z=10)), mFog=(mbEnable=TRUE, mbEnableOutdoor=FALSE, mbEnableColor=TRUE, mOutdoorTex1=LA_000_Core_Fog.Layer01, mOutdoorTex2=LA_000_Core_Fog.Layer01, mOutdoorTex3=LA_000_Core_Fog.Layer01, mLayerOpacityCurve=PROG_3D_PostProcess.FogNearPlaneDensityCurve)) This needs to be done in two files: ThiefGame.ini and DefaultGame.ini The fog is being removed in many places... It is not possible to completely disable fog in this game through the config
  3. I can to launch dev/16498-9944 on Windows 7. Thank you!
  4. duzenko I put the updated dbghelp.dll (v 10.0.16353.1000) file in the game package. But now a new problem has appeared (api-ms-win-crt-private-1-1-0.dll) ... Please give me the entire dll library of files to launch the game on windows 7
  5. or update dbghelp.dll I am not a programmer. I can't compile files. . Please give me the required files for this last version of the game
  6. I installed vk redist x64 ( 2017-2022), but it didn't help. Procedure entry point not found.... Please help urgently... I would really like to play this game. TDM 2.10 has no problems with the launch on windows 7
  7. Very serious problem with the launch of the new version (dev16487-9919) on windows 7.
  8. thank you. Has this already been fixed in the latest dev16485-9903 build?
  9. HMart I tested the old version 2.07, it doesn't have this bug... For some reason, creating new versions of the game leads to new bugs. I already thought about trying to transfer all the new textures, models, scripts and sounds from the new version 2.10 to the old version 2.07. But I'm not a programmer, it's very complicated.
  10. Where do I write a bug report? What topic?
  11. I don't understand. Where can I find player cpp file ? Please give me the path to this file and I'll fix it myself.
  12. Tnank you! How can I look this up in a text editor? I want to see the archiving status of this values
  13. But these head-bob variables are not saved. This problem was already noticed in version 2.07. Let's do this experiment: 1. Move my autocommands.cfg to the game folder 2. Open the console and look at the values of head-bob variables in the game menu (screen1.jpg) 3. Load the mission (Mission 2: Tears of St. Lucia) and open the console. Looking at the values of the variables (screen2.jpg) Conclusion: the values of these variables are reset for some strange reason. Perhaps this can be somehow fixed in the next patch for 2.10 autocommands.cfg
  14. Hello dear developers! I tested version 2.10 and noticed a performance improvement over version 2.09. This pleases us! But I also noticed a bug with the sound... The player, when walking to the left (button A), the volume of the sound of his steps goes down. In some missions even this sound is inaudible... Please, if possible, make the volume of the step sounds the same for all four directions for realism. I ask you, if possible, to make a fix to version 2.10, as it is a very long time to wait for the release of version 2.11
  15. I have now decided for myself to only test new missions on the new version 2.10. It runs a little faster. 2.09 is completely useless to me
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