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  1. @cabalistic I have no doubt, that version 2.09 is better, superior to version 2.07 in some way.... You've done a great job. Almost now there are no such free game projects in the world as this one. your contribution to the development of the game is very significant.... And the project continues to develop... But I'm asking you very much. Do not make new versions of this game available only for owners of powerful gaming computers. You can always leave ability of playing with the performance as in 2.07. For those who wish it P.S. But it's up to you, the developers, to decide . The choice is yours. I will accept any choice you make. As a last resort, I will use version 2.07
  2. TDM 2.07/64 #8079 ddaazzaa made a new version with compatibility for 2.07 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i5XHI_CGqrVRLtT1LRLe4cjBaaLgkQ0u/view?usp=sharing
  3. tested the exterior territory of the castle Yes, I use " getviewpos" In version 2.07 59 - 60 fps in version 2.09, the lowest fps is 14-15
  4. New important information This information may be unpleasant for developers, but I can not remain silent.... I tested this mission in game versions 2.07 and 2.09 This mission version works with high good fps in the game version 2.07. ddaazzaa is a professional mapper and a very kind person. May God grant him health and long life! Now anyone can play his mission if he has weak hardware, but in version 2.07 In version 2.09, low fps in this mission. We, Players, would like to see this perfomance issue resolved in version 2.10 Developers, you are the best! I am sure that you will succeed!
  5. It helped. but the picture became very dark. playing is now very difficult due to poor visibility
  6. i dont use triple buffering. I don't use the video driver settings I can't turn off VSync. since there will be Screen Tearing
  7. @ddaazzaa Тhаnk! I've tested with the fog, the area between the sea and the castle fence is already fine.... But on the castle grounds itself there are places with low fps
  8. Тest: Thief's Den 3: Heart of Lone Salvation Settings: by default Version: 2.09 Bug description: While the player is moving, if he look at the floor, he can see a wave of light. This wave of light moves with the player, as if the player is the source of this light. Example. stand at the specified point, go forward till the next point and at the same time look at the area marked with a white line.
  9. Thank. Removing the fog particles in the mission removed the low FPS in the castle grounds. blackgrove_no_fog.pk4 works better a variable with this value improves visibility, but does not increase for me performance: seta r_skipFogLights "1" FPS drop is still there between the sea and the castle fence.
  10. duzenko Suggestion Is it possible to update the shadow rendering in the new version? For example, so that the player through the config can specify the distance from the player at which the shadows (all shadows) can be drawn.... This would greatly improve performance. This feature has long been used with success in Cry Engine Otherwise, only rich people will be able to play the new missions. You see, that many Mappers have good hardware and create only missions with high system requirementsс
  11. I understand you. I generally have a drop in performance in all new missions made since 2020. Of course, someone is to blame for this. Then I stay on version 2.07 and only play the old missions. they are better optimized...New missions can't be optimized by mappers, as they don't have the knowledge to do so. They don't know how to optimize the outside areas for the game version 2.09. you can teach them this, since you are the developers. note William Steele 4: The Warrens. Author: Grayman The big city is optimized perfectly. With shadows stencil fps normal (59-60). Тested in 2.07 William Steele 6: Balefourd Museum. Author: Grayman The territory is no bigger than the previous mission, but on the streets (exterior) fps drops heavily. FPS increases only by disabling shadows. But playing in this case is pointless. The author could not optimize this mission for the game versions 2. 08-2.09 The Hare in the Snare. Author: frost_Salamander FPS also drops in the exterior area in version 2.09 I did a bunch of tests on different maps, your new "map shadows" technology does not give an increase in fps..... Frontend Acceleration doesn't help either. Perhaps this option is not needed at all....
  12. duzenko nbohr1more the Darkmod.cfg was deleted. all default settings if i walk across the bridge facing the castle - low fps If i walk across the bridge facing the sea - normal fps (60) etc...
  13. What does this mean (getviewpos ) ? And how to do it? I posted the video above. this is the beginning of the level. Everything is fine inside the castle Windows 7 (64-bit) Core i5 4430 Nvidia GT1030 2GB VRAM 16 GB RAM I noticed that this variable in this value adds about 10 fps, but this does not solve the problem seta r_usePersistentMapping "0"
  14. dear mission developer. Please change a part of your territory. where the fps drops. Please optimize your mission
  15. nbohr1more Frontend Accelleration enabled Shadow maps enabled r_shadowMapSinglePass 1 low fps 18-20
  16. please If possible, then I ask you to optimize such missions via the game engine in the next version 2.10. I'm sure coding can help without degrading the image )
  17. I noticed that the fps exactly drops when the player moves away from the water, walks around the mansion. in rooms everything is already normal. Maybe there are variables that reduce the quality of water? water apparently consumes a lot of VRam I'm ready to experiment. the mission is very nice and beautiful. If there are no such variables, then it might be possible to add them? I doubt that the author of the mission will want to make water in low quality
  18. Hello. I really want to play this mission properly. And my video card can keep a stable fps. Please advise what variables should I change so that my fps is always 59-60 ? The Dark Mod version 2.09 Mission: Blackgrove Manor (2021/03/14)
  19. In some missions, I hear this indistinct sound. At the same time, it is repeated, approximately every 2 minutes... There is no sound source. Maybe it's a bug that hasn't been fixed yet? What do you think about it? Can this sound be removed? But to leave the music in the mission Listen, please 2:28 - 2:44 3:35 - 3:48
  20. Thanks, I figured it out. I play recently and I'm interested in understanding how AI works. I love testing and finding hidden bugs in games.. I don't want to make the game easier, just help the developers make it more realistic In my opinion, the third-person model has very wide-spread arms. Therefore, it is impossible to hide behind a pillar, as the hands will be visible.
  21. I recently play the game. I have not seen this anywhere.
  22. Springheel I understand now, how stealth works to become completely invisible, I need to hide behind the object, approximately 3 boxes long and 3 boxes high. Behind such a wall, the guard can't see me, although the light falls on me.... It would be great if the player could change the size of his body in the config for the ability to hide behind pillars, trees... Thank you to everyone who helped to understand this problem!
  23. I don't know where to find the boxes. Can I spawn boxes via the console?
  24. Springheel HMart ate0ate Zerg Rush new video. all AI settings by default. I waited until the guard had calmed down...I approach unnoticed and crouch behind the column and the crates. But the guard finds me anyway.... There are no gaps between the column and the boxes.
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