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  1. The brightness was set at three clicks from max and gamma was about mid range. On some levels like down in a cavern or basement it was always too dark that is why I had it set high I'm not a youngster anymore can't see that well now!! I'll be 65 this year! P.S. I wanted to thank you for this great but short mission!!!!
  2. Kingsal I don't have any mods it was the brightness and gamma settings. I adjusted those and all is good.
  3. I'm lost for some reason I can't get past the difficulty screen there is no start the mission icon? Ok it was invisible I found by blindly clicking in lower right portion of screen. I think this is because of my video settings?
  4. WOW this is an amazing mission I thought it was just move your stuff and that was the end man was I wrong!! Thanks for this I was needing something to play!!
  5. I am having trouble with Fantastic mission thus far it is visually stunning if this is what 2.11 is WOW!!
  6. Also when I was in the Pub I could hear a bottle clinking it was under the foot of the man playing the lute. When he moved his leg it would stop, and when he moved his leg back it would start again. Weird!! pwl
  7. Yeah I am having the same problem in the Belcher Pub. Great mission until this!! This problem used to happen in Thief fan missions on occasion.
  8. Just finished this great mission and I enjoyed exploring. When I went to pick up the instrument I was pleasantly surprised with the additional areas!! Great job! I look forward to more missions!!
  9. You have to look Did not mean to double post here!
  10. Hello all Great mission so far but I can not find Bleda's safe deposit box. Is it where
  11. Hello all Great mission so far but I can not find Bleda's safe deposit box. Is it where Never mind I had to move the lantern out of the way to see what was going on! Great mission can't wait for part two!!
  12. Great mission loved the atmosphere!! I had trouble hearing the voices and had to start over and raise the volume because without that you miss a lot. Thank you for this gem!!!! pwl
  13. Thanks for the info I tried to pick up note several times with no luck, then I reloaded a previous hard save and was able to get it. I guess the quick save was the problem?? Ive heard this has been a problem in the past. I will try to continue
  14. Are you talking about note that said to look in locker I think Edmund's I did that but nothing in locker would highlight?? Looked in locker again and nothing will highlight ? my install is up to date 2.08
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