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  1. Kingsal helped me out on the circuit breaker light/elevator script.
  2. I've seen those water source textures and but there's only a couple of different colors. Not hugely customizable from what I can see. So basically I could make it a custom map specfic texture and create a material file without blend add. I suppose I should refer to the wiki "How to add Textures to The Dark Mod". I had a quick look into that and it looks like it's a complex solution. It's probably my lack of understanding exactly how it works. I'll have a further look when I have more time. I didn't realise that changing the water color would be quite complicated. I
  3. I’m creating my first FM for any game ever. I’ve got the bulk of the mission completed and have a handful of things to left to add and tweak. I have a few questions which might have simple solutions. 1. I’ve created a manor/mansion and it starts with all of the lights off. I have a circuit breaker that restores power and therefore most of the lights will turn on. I know this can be done by setting the lights “start_off” to 1 and connecting all of the lights to the switch. I have started to create a nested solution. Every light in a section of the manor is connected to a hidden switch, th
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