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  1. I have created a thread in the beta testing forums for those who want to check it out. https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/20742-blackgrove-manor-work-in-progress/
  2. Performance was one of my concerns before even starting to make the map. However the performance is better than what I was expecting but I do have a 3700X and GTX 1080Ti . Performance is one of the things I'm wanting feedback on, particularly those with low-mid range cards. Most of the outdoor light sources are noshadows 1
  3. It’s my first FM I’ve ever created for any game. I’ve essentially finished the map but I’d like to have some feedback. I’m still open to changing things depending on feedback, so it hasn’t officially hit the beta stage yet. The mission is quite different than the standard thief/dark mod mission (more story driven and atmospheric) so I’ve got no idea how well it will be received. Due to the nature of the mission it will have lower replayability so keep that in mind if you wanted to test it before its official release. When there’s a few people interested I will post it in the beta testing forum
  4. A couple of quick questions. Is it possible to add a sound file to play over the initial text mission briefing? Does anyone have an editable (with layers) version of the loading screens from the 2 official missions? (new job and st lucia)? Thanks.
  5. Kingsal helped me out on the circuit breaker light/elevator script.
  6. I've seen those water source textures and but there's only a couple of different colors. Not hugely customizable from what I can see. So basically I could make it a custom map specfic texture and create a material file without blend add. I suppose I should refer to the wiki "How to add Textures to The Dark Mod". I had a quick look into that and it looks like it's a complex solution. It's probably my lack of understanding exactly how it works. I'll have a further look when I have more time. I didn't realise that changing the water color would be quite complicated. I
  7. I’m creating my first FM for any game ever. I’ve got the bulk of the mission completed and have a handful of things to left to add and tweak. I have a few questions which might have simple solutions. 1. I’ve created a manor/mansion and it starts with all of the lights off. I have a circuit breaker that restores power and therefore most of the lights will turn on. I know this can be done by setting the lights “start_off” to 1 and connecting all of the lights to the switch. I have started to create a nested solution. Every light in a section of the manor is connected to a hidden switch, th
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