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  1. Or tell him to bind "Inventory Grid" and use that. I have bind "F1" "_impulse30" in my DarkmodKeybinds.cfg. Am a bit puzzled by the cryptic binding name.
  2. @Wellingtoncrab, just found the Stained Visage. Oh my. I don't know how you do the atmosphere, but it makes me want to weep. I won't ask for advice. Clearly I can go home now, and come back again for a more thorough dig another time. A bit sad it's ended so quickly!
  3. Having just played through this encounter I love this description of the solution! This is an absolutely amazing mission. Very rich and dense and full of interesting character. Interesting step in difficulty after crossing the wall: in the city proper I've managed to stealth my way through with a perfect zero score, but am seriously struggling with the encounters on the other side!
  4. Hmmmm. Just switched to the latest beta dev16485-9903 (from the previous one, dev16481-9881 ) and restarted the mission I was playing (Iris ... what an amazing mission, very happy to start from the top again, even though I'm only halfway through!), first thing I do is create a save game ... and bang! down it goes. Nothing in the console log: Changed location from '' to 'location_home'. Switching to EFX 'location_home' (#15) The ambient 'snd_home' (solitude_loop_z) for location 'location_home' is now playing. The ambient 'snd_home' (solitude_loop_z) for location 'location_home' is now playing. WARNING:LibJPEG: JPEG parameter struct mismatch: library thinks size is 584, caller expects 568 Segmentation fault (core dumped) There was a very long pause before it crashed. Will try again ... well, that was interesting, looks as if the saved game was good. However, played for a little, hit F4 and ... hangs and crashes again, messages as before. That's a shame. Ah! Looks like the conversation above covers this very issue. Will go back to the previous beta for now. Edit: Yes, can confirm that -9881 works and -9903 crashes when saving the game.
  5. Could you say which window managers you were using before and after the switch? Might help others, and maybe there is a fixable underlying issue.
  6. I've always had to bind the putting weapon away key to ' instead for this very reason. As freyk says, think this issue has been around for ever. I use the UK keyboard on Fedora.
  7. I think my entire answer has to be a spoiler:
  8. I encountered a rather annoying little bug with this mission. I normally play with "Open Doors on Unlock" set to "No". Unfortunately I ended up trapped and had to redo that part with the setting set to "Yes". I'm glad that I guessed correctly that this was the problem! I guess this is a combination of a scripting oversight in this mission and an unfortunate interaction with the engine, I know that other missions have ended being broken due to this setting.
  9. b6, hadn't got around to looking at b7. Will try a two step upgrade (b6->b7->b8) and see if that works. Edit: Yes, that seems to have done the trick. Hmm. Feels like a bug, or at least a misfeature, in the installer?
  10. I really wish the downloader (and associated server) had a list of mission version number and file checksums! With a proper checksum list then we'd know whether we had the right version of a mission, and updating could be so much more reliable.
  11. I can assure everyone that I have no screen capture technology of any kind installed, and stealth score problem is very clear for me. I feel pretty certain that the steal score issue (BUG 5888) and the issue mentioned by @thebigh are unrelated. I'd prefer we discuss issues arising from using the stealth stats script on this thread. Could some more people please try and reproduce the issue I'm reporting? Just stand in the light long enough to get fully spotted, but no longer (I'm using "Hardcore" vision, so it doesn't take long). You should see the guards go into full searching mode with no impact on your stealth score!
  12. Ok, now playing with this a bit more (with the latest beta) ... and pretty well every time I'm seen briefly (for no longer than a second or so) the guards go into full alert (even notifying colleagues) ... but the alert score remains all zeros. Getting a bit sad about this
  13. I don't think this is new to 2.10. I know that @Klatremus commented on this in some of his supreme ghosting videos, I think he was using 2.9? It's irritating, but the workaround is to reload twice, which is easy enough. Is there a bug report for this misfeature?
  14. Don't think that's it, because I've also verified that the guard can become fully alerted without a stealth score. It looks like I have to fairly briefly walk through his field of view: long enough to see me, but I guess by the time he's gone into full alert mode I'm invisible? Bit harder to do without the addon, so unless I need to I won't ... and it's easy for anybody else to verify now!
  15. Can confirm the stealth add-on makes no difference. I exposed myself to the maid, she went into full panic and alerted the guard; I then used `notarget` to complete the mission, completed with perfect zero stealth score. This was with the latest beta.
  16. Yes, that's my experience too. The merest tap on the floorboards and "huh" and up goes the score. I think checking by distance isn't the right way forward, instead if at all possible keep track of provenance. After all, if a guard spots me half way across the map and goes into alert mode ... he saw me. This issue definitely happens with other missions: can confirm with The Accountant 1, and I first noticed an alarmed guard with zero score when playing the first arena of Requiem. I'd be astonished if the AI has been touched in The Bakery Job, it's such a minimal and simple mission. Will be slightly tricky to be certain without the stealth addin, but will give it a go. Guess I'll dance in front of the maid and then noclip/notarget to exit the map (have to go fetch the goal item in this map), and if that's a zero score hope that'll be a good enough confirmation.
  17. Already have `com_fixedTic 0` set, just tried with no multi-core, no change in the issue. Guess I'd better dust off 2.09 then! Edit: Alas It's the same in 2.09. I did the following: AI hearing and vision set to hardcore. Load Bakery Job, go in through the door (dodging all the other users). Score all zeros at this point. Stand in the light in front of the maid. She runs off crying, stealth score still zero. Conveniently, the guard came by shortly after without having been alerted (maid ran off in the opposite direction), so I walked through the light in front of him. Guard went into full searching mode, stealth score still all zeros. Why on earth has this never been spotted before?? (I expect any developer is saying "hooray, it's not a regression!")
  18. Actually, I'm a little confused about exactly what the stealth score script is showing. I've attached a quick screenshot, and here are the corresponding lines from the script fetching the basic statistics: numberTimesAISuspicious = sys.getMissionStatistic("numberTimesAISuspicious"); numberTimesAISearched = sys.getMissionStatistic("numberTimesAISearched"); numberTimesPlayerSeen = sys.getMissionStatistic("numberTimesPlayerSeen"); bodiesFound = sys.getMissionStatistic("bodiesFound"); stealthScore = sys.getMissionStatistic("stealthScore"); missionLoot = sys.getMissionStatistic("missionLoot"); I'm not sure if the first number includes the lowest level of suspicion or not, if not I'd be grateful if someone could tell me what the corresponding variable would be and I'll try and add it. Edit: looks like "numberTimesAISuspicious" includes both level #1 (score 0) and level #2 (score 1) alerts, so that's fine for me. The bug I'm describing is 100% repeatable. I'll first describe using a civilian, it's much more predictable: Start a small mission. The Bakery Job is perfect for this, it has a civilian and a guard (and two other characters, one sleeping). Expose yourself to the civilian (maid). She'll run off screaming ... and the stealth score remains zero. Complete the mission (can be done very quickly with TBJ) to verify that the stealth score is zero. I'd love for this to be acknowledged as a serious bug, please! Honestly, this is spoiling the fun of trying for an extreme ghost. I'll see what I can do about flashing the guard. It's harder to get a zero stealth score after being seen, but I've definitely done it. Edit: running through the light right in his face seems to do the trick. This is all with recent 2.10 betas. If necessary I'll test with 2.09, but given that 2.10 is very close to release I don't see the point.
  19. Unfortunately it's not only touch stim, it's also visual triggers. Had a very interesting example in The Accountant 1, in a room with a seated civilian and a torch illuminating a chest I want to visit (suspect I'll have to quench the torch, which is a supreme bust) -- he saw me, of course, went into alarm state and then ran away in panic. The stealth status was very interesting: first of all I got a level 1 alert, which then went away, all alerts went back to zero! When I went back out, all the guards were also in alert state, he'd obviously alarmed them all. Let me see if I can reproduce this. Edit. Yes, it's completely reproducible: Walk into room so I can be seen, just stand there Score goes through three states: 1 0 0 0 1 then 0 1 0 0 2 then 0 0 0 0 0 NPC runs away in panic That's not what I would expect of a perfect run! By the way, I'm a bit confused by the Score (the fifth number): I thought the first level of stealth failure had no impact on the final score.
  20. I should probably link this here: BUG 5888: AI alerts not always reflected in stealth status.
  21. The problem is, I want the in-game downloader to show me the missions I haven't got ... not all of them. Also, I'd like to check I've got up to date versions of the missions I have, and the conventions for this seem to have changed a lot over the years. Apologies, this is wandering way off topic! @Dragofer, ok, reported as issue 5888.
  22. @Dragofer, I expect you're right. Not sure what to do with my reports then, it's a bit tricky to reproduce. It seems to happen when the alert stimulus is very brief, I either bump up against a guard or am briefly glimpsed; I guess there's then a disconnect between the guard's own alert status and the global alert status. Last time I tested this I checked with `tdm_ai_showalert 1` and indeed the guard was on high alert, and the global status was zero.
  23. By the way, I'm still seeing major alerts not showing up in the display provided by tdm_loot_stealth_stats.pk4. Playing The Accountant 1, spotted by guard, starts searching with sword out -- but my stealth score is still zeros across the board. This is with 2.10-beta4. Think I've already verified that the displayed stealth score is accurate the last time this happened, by playing the game through to get the final score, this was clearly a remote detect by a hostile NPC, and this is a completely different mission from my previous report, so I don't think any of the explanations there apply. So, I think this may be a bug.
  24. I have said several times that downloading all FMs is good only for stressing our mirrors. I'm sure you will not even start most of these missions before you have to download them all again for some reason. This button should not exist Actually, I hadn't noticed the "Select All" button, I was just manually selecting for download. I have a large pool of downloaded missions ... but I can't just drop them into my fms directory because the downloader won't recognises them as already downloaded. I see that I have a "downloaded_version" entry in missions.tdminfo, but to my dismay there's no checksum or anything like that to validate. I'd really rather not re-download 900MB of missions. Is there any way to check which of my missions are correctly up to date and just manually copy them across?
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