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  1. Well well well. I don't know which of those settings made the difference (r_glCoreProfile is set to 2, by the way), but it seems to work properly now. Do you want me to try recreating the problem to determine which setting was important, or shall I just take this as a win? I've attached the console log file, there are quite a lot of warnings on loading, but maybe this is normal? Otherwise looks ok to me. For this log I just started the map, let the conversation finish, saved the game, checked the menu screen was working, climbed up towards the generator and onto the open window ... and fell to the ground while trying to enter the window! Looking forward to playing this properly at the right time. I'll also attach my .cfg file, but there's nothing interesting there, I reset it. darkmod.log Darkmod.cfg P.S. What do those .cfg settings mean and do? I couldn't find anything relevant with a quick use of google. P.P.S. Thank you for the help!
  2. Just to be clear, by "system memory" do you mean VRAM (Video Memory specifically) or main system memory? My PC has 16GB RAM (already noted), which to be honest I would normally refer to as "system memory"! 4GB minimum VRAM is pretty demanding. Most high end graphics cards seem to max out at 8GB, and more than that is getting well into silly money territory, so that doesn't seem to leave a lot of room.
  3. I am watching this thread, but haven't had time to try anything, but it sounds unpromising. (I was annoyed by Freyk's pointless response, but that shouldn't make me ignore the thread.) I've used glxinfo to determine that I have 2GB VRAM -- is this really too little? Looking a current graphics cards on sale this seems a viable low end option! The drivers themselves won't be old (Fedora tends to be pretty shiny and new with that sort of stuff), but as the hardware is so old the support layer for this card will be pretty stale I guess. I'll make sure to have a go this weekend and report back, there have been a number of suggestions to try. Edit: FWIW, here is my glxinfo log:
  4. This is the first time I've had so much as a hint of performance problems with TDM, and oh my goodness, this is extreme. Here's what I posted over on the Fan Missions forum, but it occurs to me that it might be more suitable over here. I think my first question would be: are there any first things to try to get this working, like resetting my .cfg file, or downgrading some settings? I'm particularly perplexed by the way the mission wrecks the in game menu!
  5. Oh dear God. This mission absolutely destroys my machine. In game, immediately after start I'm getting something in the region of 1 frame per second ... but when I try to go back to the menu (my plan at first was to try dropping some graphics settings) it takes 15 seconds to redraw the menu screen, and at least 5 seconds to move the mouse cursor one step. In the end it was all I could do to back out of the game in an orderly way: move the mouse, wait for new position to draw, move, wait, rinse, repeat, click on exit, etc etc. Damn. Here are my specs: Intel Core i5-2500K 16GB RAM AMD/ATI Radeon HD 6950 (1GB or 2GB RAM, can't remember) Fedora 32 / XFCE TDM 2.08 64-bit Unless there's an obvious configuration change I can make, don't think I'll be playing this Edit: Just wanted to point out that this is the first mission I've played that doesn't work perfectly on my machine, so there's something odd going on here. Maybe I'll ask over on TDM Tech Support.
  6. That was a great mission, very much enjoyed playing it. Oddly enough, but never mind. I struggled to get the loot count on Expert, looks like you're pretty good at hiding stuff in plain sight (like bottles just that little bit out of reach). I found three of the secrets naturally, and managed to work my way over to the fourth, but I'm afraid Ah well, a very enjoyable play, my desire to complete everything got the better of me. Will definitely have to redo one day and try ghosting it, it feels that should be very doable; this time, because I just could find stuff, I decided to simply knock everybody out (didn't bother with the card players, and the guard in the cistern was a bit too hard for me) to make running around easier. By the way, I think the guard downstairs can see me through the pillars! He could be a real menace at times...
  7. I don't know if this is a 2.08 feature, or specific to the mission, but I'm playing through A Good Neighbour and I'm finding the water surface reflections to be like brightly polished glass. I'm in the water section (a huge underground cistern) and it's hard to tell what's underwater and what's reflection, it's like walking on a mirror. Shouldn't there be some opacity in the the reflections, it's very unsettling? I don't remember having this problem before (though I don't remember as brightly lit an area of water elsewhere), and I imagine the water is just standard water, so either I need to set some configuration options, or something is wrong!
  8. I suspect that if you're customising key bindings you already don't care about the tutorial telling which key to press. Given that the tutorial claims to be a Tutorial, you have to assume that the user wants to have their hand held to begin with. I sympathise with IcyMoon, the tutorial should be for her, not for us experienced users.
  9. That's definitely made a difference: our NPC is on the prowl at last!
  10. I've just started seeing a very strange behaviour of the lockpick overlay: at the very start of a green lockpick a large opaque green octagon momentarily overlays the entire lockpick image. Maybe there's a problem with my graphics? I haven't rebooted for a while, have to do that and see if the issue goes away.
  11. Posting my reasonably old workstation specs here: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-2500K CPU @ 3.30GHz (4 core) 16GB RAM Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Cayman PRO [Radeon HD 6950] 1920x1200 display Fedora 31 XFCE (damn, time to upgrade to 32) Works pretty well.
  12. In fairness, this one: Is probably fixable with a tiny tweak to the mission (move the character's start point away from the chair would probably be enough), but alas we don't seem to have a mechanism for issuing updates to FMs as part of TDM updates. This was already an issue with 2.07.
  13. OK. It would have been easier if there was somewhere for me to upload the save file, but here are the steps (I've marked two steps which I think count as spoilers): Start a new mission for The King of Diamonds (difficulty irrelevant) Go to initial rendezvous at 219.72 -27.49 274.25 23.3 70.2 0.0 as required in briefing, pick up documents as requested. Unlock door at 2082.19 1702.78 66.25 -7.9 58.3 0.0 (after picking door behind you) Enter compound, go up stairs, go through door straightahead, go into loft, and reach locked door at 1754.17 3027.94 468.25 8.0 -21.6 0.0. This door is locked, is unpickable, and the key is held by the trapped character inside. His coordinates are close to 2172.21 3014.55 439.48 15.7 176.0 0.0: to my surprise I was able to walk inside his character mode, which is where that coordinate comes from.
  14. No? Don't understand (nor how it would help, to be honest).
  15. That's a nuisance. I can only upload 0.5MB, and the save game, even after compression, is 2.3MB. I don't have anywhere else to put it, I'm afraid. Also, I'm afraid I don't know how to set FPS capping, unless you're referring to the Vsync option, in which case I had it enabled and unsetting it didn't seem to make much difference.
  16. Yes, that's why I mentioned it here! Do you want a save game?
  17. I don't know if this beta test is an opportunity to look at this, but there seems to have been a map breaking regression, probably introduced in 2.07, which makes it impossible to complete The King of Diamonds without resorting to noclip. Specifically, there is an key character in an upstairs room who is scripted to wake up and walk out of the room at some point in play, but he is stuck against the chair he is trying to walk away from. Looking at reports of this problem in the forum (and on a posted playthrough on youtube) I'm pretty sure this started around the time 2.07 came out. Is there any way this bug can be fixed?
  18. Ta, I'll try that and report back if it still doesn't work! Presumably this is a regression, because the Gamma popup used to be quite helpful.
  19. I have noticed one problem since 2.07: I can't edit the brightness settings anymore. To be precise, the Brightness and Gamma sliders are there under Video Settings, but they don't do anything when I move them, used to work with 2.07. Otherwise it looks ok so far. Please to say that sound now works out of the box (actually, maybe it already did for 2.07, can't quite remember now). System is Fedora 32 XFCE.
  20. It looks there's a bug, either in this mission, or in TDM, or most likely a combination of the two. I also was wondering where the key to attic had got to, and as reported above, had to noclip inside and found the landlord walking but stuck to the chair. That's a shame, I wonder what broke? I'm running TDM 2.07.
  21. I also have the desk lever bug. With noclip I can see the lever in the desk (I think behind the right hand centre top panel), but can't operate it, but at least I can get into the hidden room and operate the lever there! Beautiful mission, very demanding, but so much to explore. I'm about 150 short on loot so far, feeling slightly punished for having gone straight in on expert, but I can see this will be well worth returning to to look into the side missions and other extras. A little less unkind on the ghosting on Expert than CoS1, where I found hiding to be cruelly difficult once inside the mansion, which gets painful when trying to find your way around... again I suspect I should have started on an easier level! This feels like a very refined mission. I hope the desk lever bug is fixable!
  22. I've started playing this mission, and have hit this same bug. I presume I'm playing the right version (recently downloaded): darkmod.txt gives the title as "Briarwood Manor_1.8", readme.txt says "Version 1.7" on the first line, but the last line reads "14th Oct 2019 Fixed a shadow problem in upstairs servants room.", and the checksum is: $ md5sum briarwood_manor.pk4 1a2f55f4ccafbc66bbe5e10f16ebd975 briarwood_manor.pk4 (I have to say that TDM makes a bit of a mess of mission versioning... ?, and let's not talk about the downloader ?.) I was very amused when hunting around in the opening area and I sat down to go through my equipment, and thought: What the hell?! I'm a professional thief on a dangerous assassination mission, and I've left all my gear at home! I must be a blithering idiot, what can I have been thinking. Ah well, I have the save file with frobbing disabled if that would be helpful, and the bug is completely reproducible. I am also on Fedora (XFCE) with TDM 2.06.
  23. My apologies. It's definitely my mouse, it's causing trouble elsewhere. Sorry about the noise.
  24. I'm finding the right mouse button to be very unpredictable at the moment. Sometimes nothing frobs, sometimes I have to hold to open doors, etc. However, there is one symptom which is very clear: lock picking doesn't work at all, instead I have to hold down Enter. I *think* this is new since updating to 2.07 (and the hot patch for lighting issues). Has anyone else seen anything like this?
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