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  1. I don't understand what is wrong with the frob outline (so long as r_frobIgnoreDepth isn't enabled), and the updated frob highlight is much uglier without it. Why not put it back the way it was and to avoid argument simply hard-wire normal clipping?
  2. Me too, I think there's nothing wrong with it: keep it!
  3. I don't really understand what's wrong with the new frob highlight, just so long as it's allowed to be hidden by occluding objects (r_frobIgnoreDepth = "0"). The frobbable object lights up as I think it always did (maybe I'm only looking in dark places so far), and the outline is ok, even if sometimes not fully visible. What's wrong with it? I think I'm missing the heart of the controversy, somehow.
  4. I vaguely remember this being discussed a while ago, and I have the impression that the save file is a somewhat unstructured binary dump of data structures (clearly can't quite be that ... pointers and all that, you know), and changes to any data structure or the meaning of a field can completely trash the machine state. So yeah, loading an old save file into a newer build is going to be dodgy; might work, might go hideously wrong. To be honest, I'm just grieving (apart from grumbling about the nasty software issues alluded to) about having to restart The Painter's Wife, which I've not been able to play before, haven't finished yet, and is gigantic! Never mind, I'll get to know it very well in the end...
  5. Oh, I know, and I wouldn't go so far as to say "annoyed" ... except it arises from an irritating early (and deeply rooted) design decision to store save games in an essentially unstable format. Now, I'd be vaguely interested in the details of how TDM serialises (and deserialises) the game state, but I imagine that it's utterly not worth looking into. If TDM was a new design I'd be strongly saying "please pay attention to serialisation issues" ... but it isn't. What's the (risky) flag for ignoring version changes?
  6. Think we should argue about this over here: ... but of course the actual implementation has to happen in this thread.
  7. Time I think to revisit the debate: set r_frobIgnoreDepth to 0 by default? I say yes, please! I see nothing wrong with the new frob highlight with this setting, and I think there are a lot of words above to the effect that 1 is troublesome.
  8. One comment about the new version: I know this is talked about elsewhere, but I really do think you should set seta r_frobIgnoreDepth "0" by default. Also, but I know this is insoluble ... it's a pain to have to restart my missions on every new version!
  9. Hi @stgatilov, didn't realise it was time to drop tdm_update altogether. Can I suggest that tdm_installer delete it, then?
  10. I think this could be an interesting idea. It's also something straight out of classic puzzle adventure games, combining strange things in the inventory to produce some essential item for progress. Of course, could be truly annoying (some of those puzzles were ridiculous), but guess that's up to the mapper!
  11. How much difference would it make to this conversation if seta r_frobIgnoreDepth "0" was made the default for future releases? I have added that into my autoexec.cfg for now, and the frob highlight hasn't given me any issues yet.
  12. Umm. I was asked to put the lockpicking bug in the bug tracker, and I have to say I'm having some issues with the tracker: First of all, I don't seem to be able to search. There are just under 2,000 issues shown, there's every chance my issue is already there, but I don't see how to check this. "Category" ... I have to select something, and none of the options seem relevant. What is Platform under Select Profile? At least I can leave this one blank? "Product Version" ... would be nice to be able to select the appropriate dev release, but at least I can leave this blank Ah well. Reported as https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5715
  13. Segmentation fault when loading a savegame immediately after startup: Will see if it happens again, but if so I won't be able to attach the save as it's too big for the forum. Are the numerous warnings of any significance? It'd be good to not be flooded with warnings... Edit: Yes, it's something to do with this particular save. Loading from the previous quicksave works. I'll hang onto the old save for a day or two in case anyone wants it, but as I say, I don't have anywhere to upload it. Edit: Drat, spoke too soon. Kept getting crashes from savegames, but starting the mission from scratch then allowed me to load a save game. Something seems alarmingly brittle here. Also, seems the lockpick stops working bug is still in this version.
  14. Actually I'm not familiar with condump. However, with that keyword, google takes me to https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Reporting_Problem That seems like a sensible starting point. However, I expect I can always just run darkmod >& console.log and pull out what I need to report. Will try to remember condump though.
  15. Well, it was around about here: -482.59 2780.1 702.25 2.5 -72.6 0.0 However having restarted the game I'm not seeing the effect again. Hmm. I'll look for it again and try and see if anything in particular triggers it. When I saw it it came in and out of contrast as I moved closer or further away7. Is there a built-in way to enable console logging to a file? I had to get those numbers by scrolling back through my log output.
  16. Seeing some odd boxy textures, both floors and windows. Here's a screenshot from The Painters Wife: This is the latest dev version, r_fboColorBits "32" set, Radeon HD 6950, Fedora 34.
  17. So it turns out that dev16256-9358 is the first good version, and dev16238-9330 is the last bad version (truly horrible). The slow frame rate also applies when in the menu, which makes getting out of the game excruciating when it's in slow mode: I have to move the mouse very carefully ... and wait! My procedure was to use your installer and each time to restore the following Darkmod.ini: seta r_fboColorBits "32" seta tdm_mainmenu_confirmquit "0" seta com_showFPS "1" Not that showFPS was terribly necessary! Some interesting changes in the display experience, dev16202-9175 was a bit painful with setting screen resolution; I'm ever so happy with the new graphics mode using native resolution. I'd like to express my appreciation for both the new installer and the new default graphics mode. More and more things are starting to work out of the box. One thought on the Darkmod.cfg file. Would there be any way to maintain my custom .cfg changes separately from all the other settings? The current format of Darkmod.cfg with ALL the settings in a great big pile makes it very tricky to keep track of the changes I actually want to apply.
  18. Do you want me to go back and find out? Hadn't tried TPW for ages, but the latest dev looks so good I thought I'd give it another try.
  19. Would it help if the glow on the outline extended slightly inside the edge of the object as well (if that's an option)? I see what you mean about the highlight being obscured when a door is closed, though in a dark environment the highlighted object is bright enough anyway. I haven't tried frobbing in a well lit environment yet.
  20. Is it technically possible to simply make the new highlight clip normally against the existing environment? That seems to be the main issue with the current design, the fact that it currently shines through anything covering it.
  21. I for one absolutely need the 32-bit colour override (old graphics card?), but it doesn't need to be a menu option. On the other hand, the advantage of menu options is that you can see what's available. How do I know what the tunable options are? There isn't a clear link to documentation as far as I am aware. Regarding the frob highlight, I think if the new highlight didn't shine through everything it would be less trouble, and it would make sense to me to have a menu selection between "shining" and "subtle" options. To be honest, the shining bright option is quite nice when you can't find your way around ... but, yes, it is cheating really.
  22. I do wonder if the frob outline is rendering for me as it is supposed to: it shines through everything! I can see frobbable items from half way across the room and behind obstacles, I can even see frobbable objects inside boxes and drawers. Have to confess, sometimes I'd be grateful for this, but it's feeling a bit like cheating at the moment. For instance, the impossible switch in A Good Neighbour (I had a little rant at the time about being unable to find it even after being told exactly where it is) will probably stand out the instant I look towards it.
  23. The latest dev build is working well for me. One unexpected improvement: The Painter's Wife seems to work just fine now for me (I'm seeing say 40FPS, as opposed to maybe 4FPS on 2.09).
  24. My apologies for the noise, this seems to have done the trick. I seem to have two versions of elixir in my fms folder ... neither of which were the version the downloader just gave me: $ md5sum elixir/elixir.pk4 ../fms-hidden/*/*.pk4 9356735038addb5c23c2852c2ddd7b31 elixir/elixir.pk4 c49669e7e9b33dbfa0a977b76476f641 ../fms-hidden/elixir_1_3/elixir_1_3.pk4 3ab3f2e4271205da51e5457b6d351159 ../fms-hidden/elixir/elixir.pk4
  25. I do hope this is the right place to report issues with development builds. Just tried running The Elixir, and it fails to load:
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