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  1. Wow, thanks for everyone's hard work keeping my old TDM series alive! I'll be playing this for the first time in years tonight!
  2. I'm late to the farewells here, but it's very sad to see you go Biker. You, alongside MD were my favorite collaborators.
  3. That moment you log into TDM forums and suddenly feel nostalgic...

    1. Sotha


      Protip: if you never log off and stay for ever, there is no nostalgia when you visit.

    2. Melan


      Welcome back!

    3. RPGista


      Haha yeah, I feel like that from time to time. Good to see you around.

  4. Awww yeeeaaa thanks Melan. Seriously though, play Tears of St. Lucia. It's a great starter. Then play No Honour Among Thieves.
  5. Wonderful work, thanks BGS! Those sexy window textures sealed it for me .
  6. Melan - aesthetics Moonbo - story Moonbo - gameplay Bikerdude - everything else
  7. Kudos to nbohr1more who found it first!
  8. PC Gamer named TDM as their 2nd favorite free game ever. Nice! http://www.pcgamer.com/the-50-best-free-pc-games/5/
  9. My good friend Norbert Pek did the VO for the grumbler. Pretty sure I could get him back for some more VO.
  10. I simply had pendulem entities making the flowers sway, hinging from the bottom.
  11. Excited! How is the rest of the campaign shaping up?
  12. When I wrote the story, I intended to leave the interpretation of events up to the player. However, in my imagination, that's somewhere along the lines of what happened! Also, read the incantation book in the cathedral very carefully.
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