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    Well thief obviosuly.
  1. Gosh... What can I say. Thanks guys! I can't take all the credit however. I did grumbler, old hammerite and noble. GoldChocobo did some as well as another friend of ours who did thug and young hammer, I think. It would definitely be nice to do some more vocal sets in the future. If we all remember from our old experience from thief how the right voices made all the difference in the mood and atmosphere of the game. The right sounds gave it so much more depth. And I think with the new folly sounds for footsteps it really came full circle as far as sound in TDM goes. Its good to see such loyal d
  2. Windows Xp (not sure what version) 2.6 dual core 2gigs ram 8800gtx Drivers... not so sure. With levels that aren't visportaled properly there is some slowdown. However if a level is built well technically I've usually found no problems.
  3. lol I digress... Yes it is indeed me who did the voices We're going to need to get around to doing your voice sets sometime this weekend, maybe. Thank you to everyone who enjoyed the voice sets. Your positive feedback is always appreciated
  4. Looks like I really didn't take the time to read earlier posts... Thanks
  5. I'm sure that many loyal thief fans are working hard on making some really exciting missions for the newly redesigned TDM. A close friend of mine (GoldChocobo) Has shown me his progress on a really exciting new campaign ( A follow up to politics) hes diligently working on. His work is coming along really well. So what is everyone working on? What can we all look forward to seeing in the future? Lets get some feedback going. And lets let thief live on forever through our one of a kind missions.
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