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  1. You look like you could use some more content. Take this pk4 and toss it alongside your current FM resources, and open up "box.map". I did a little bit of work in this area years ago when I thought to myself, "TDM is definitely powerful enough to do some out-of-the-box settings. I wonder if I could make a sci-fi setting?" So I wrote definitions for a bunch of CC BY-NC-ND textures, shamelessly stole a wrench weapon from another D3 mod, and got to work on a map. I didn't get much more done other than a small hallway, and a fancy door with special AI-handling. But open 'er up and give it a whir
  2. I, also, like Moonbo, don't enjoy entering debates like this for the same reasons he noted. I especially hate to pop in just for this after I've taken a long hiatus from TDM. However, I'm quite disappointed in some of the dead horsiness around this subject. Which also means that it condones slavery. Contradicting your claim that it "made it immoral". People used the Bible, including the New Testament, to justify slavery until the 1800s. It's amazing that no one noticed that it made slavery immoral until after society started to have ethical problems with slavery. Springheel, I know for a
  3. Well, I can kind of fake a projected shadow by using an omni, and moving the light_center. blendshadowtest.map.txt blendshadowtest.script.OPTIONAL.txt
  4. Good gracious. A very young, relatively incompetent me in that old thread.
  5. "blendLight" is just a global keyword within the material definition. It's a cheap operation because it simplifies the light interactions to not bother with the normalmap et al. Most of the light textures under lights/shadows/ are basically black splotches on a transparent background. The material shader just uses a "blend blend" stage. The ones in the NHAT forest (lights/shadows/shadow_canopy6) are different -- their stage is "blend gl_dst_color, gl_one", which would actually light up polygons. For some reason, I seem to remember that they don't work as a projected light, only omni.
  6. Hmmm. I'm getting a Master's of Divinity; maybe I should flesh out a short scriptural, systematic, historical, and practical theology of the Builder Faith this summer.
  7. My personal favorites come from when I invited a German colleague of mine to watch an old American gangster film. (Spoken with a thick Eddie Robinson/Bogart/New York accent. ""Go give him what for." "Yeah, what for?" "That's right. Clean his clock! He spilled the beans, and he let the cat out of the bag." "You got it, boss, I'll give him the works."
  8. None taken, sir. Hmm...this reminds me of a silly TDM video I made some time ago...
  9. I was going to release this on April Fools' day, but I might release it instead as a video for the Thief Mod Competition. (NSFW Language) http://youtu.be/wPkcN9geVt0
  10. Indeed. I cringe every time I hear my old builder vocal set. I haven't gotten sick of hearing myself as Benny, though.
  11. Second that. I, for one, wouldn't be at all insulted if any of my amateur recordings get bested. I'm not sure how much foley work you do, but what I heard in the ambient track was grand!
  12. Keep the barebones worldspawn "shell" of your map on a decent-sized grid--and then put all the details in the world you want inside of that worldspawn shell. This is just the way BSP map building has worked since Quake 1. If you neglect that and you get internal leaks, then that is the source of all kinds of grief. Internal leaks can mess with map compiling (as you just found out), it harms performance by rendering more than is necessary, it can cause odd rendering bugs (esp. with lights), it can cause sounds to propogate in odd directions, it can confuse AI pathfinding, and more. EDIT: Ah,
  13. I don't have DR on this computer, so I can't check the map file, but it seems like one of the walls of your room is a func_static? That'd definitely cause an internal leak, and be the cause of all kinds of goofy artifacts after dmap. EDIT: Yeah, I'm seeing a lot of the telltale signs of internal leaks.
  14. The fact that you can see the side walls of many of those brushes may mean that something is going awry during map compile. When you dmap, those faces should have gotten optimized away.
  15. That's peculiar. I'm unsure whether or not this will solve your problem, but intricate brushwork like that should never remain as plain worldspawn. Turn that into a func_static and seal your worldspawn behind it.
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