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  1. Interesting. I sympathise with this view. For one it looked amazing. Really great cinematography, the whole look of it was georgeous. Another thing worth mentioning is the score which is also very very good. Worth noting initally worked on by Johan Johannsoon before apparently being fired and replaced by Hans Zimmer. If you listen to Johann Johannnson's work eg in Sicario and the BLadrunner 2049 it is clear that a lot of what he did seems to have survived in the current versin becuase his fingerprints are over it. And it is a lot less ZImmery than (thank god, not that he is bad but his epic themes would be misplaced here) than you might expect. Strange really. Not to mention of course it uses a lot of Vangelis inspired sounds etc but brought up to date in a sensible manner. Following analysis could be considered (very) minor spoilers:
  2. I loved Human Revolution, and I really wanted to love Mankind Divided, but I don't think it is quite as good. I found the story fairly poor and half done as others mention. The core premise, the whole "technology apartheid" was kind of clunky and non-believable. The dialogue and acting was very poorly written really. It's not a patch on ther games like GTAV, Watchdogs 2 or The Witcher 3. The Prague hub was not bad, but not as amazing as some say. While it is dense, it still felt very small and that is my main complaint, the game is just not open enough. There weren't enough other locations, or " away missions". It runs VERY poorly. There were not nearly enough side quests which made it feel even smaller. The faces and facial animations looked for some reason absolutely terrible, and I mean really bad, no idea how they got away without getting mocked endlessly for that. Even with high settings. The core gameplay though is still well done, no doubt. I still liked it a lot, so maybe I am being a bit harsh, and its worth a play for sure, I just didn't love it like HR. Also they tanked the game by including Breach which literally no one ever asked for, plus other micortransactions, and now they have canned the whole franchise - which I am absolutely gutted about. Perhaps they should have put those resources into finishing the story and adding more hubs and more interesting side quests and characters. A really big shame, but worth playing nevertheless, especially on sale.
  3. Thought you might like to know, TDM got an article on Rock Paper Shotgun, today recommending missions. Good to see the game getting interest! https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2017/07/10/the-dark-mod-thief-missions/
  4. In case you missed it, this doesn't look like it's happening: Thief studio boss mocks report of series revival (eurogamer)
  5. I too crummbled and got it on the steam sale. Feels very nice as the first one did. A bit framey here and there on 1070. Not a major problem. "Is it possible to disable the horrible vignette effect when I'm crouched down?" Yeah I too dislike this big time. Given I tend to play 90% of the game crouching - its seem a major oversight to have almost half the screen faded out for most of the game I think. A crouching icon would be far preferable...
  6. I love Dark Machina too! I don't see that it is in use as a videogame title - only that it is the name of a card in "force of will" card game - this doesnt prevent its use for the name of a mod (http://force-of-will-tcg.wikia.com/wiki/Dark_Machina,_Gliding_Shadow).. (I can confirm also it's not trademarked here in the UK anyway using the online search) The Dark Modern is clever too!
  7. Congrats to op on your greenlight success. Game looks very prommising to me so good luck with the dev! Not to highjack thread but thats a pretty good idea, could bring some new players, especially if you add workshop.
  8. That I manage Yes thanks, send over the key if its still going - i'll have a try. Cheers! edit. Any of these you could actively recommend..?
  9. Is goat simulator worth a go?
  10. @V-Man339 What was wrong with farcry 3? Blood dragon is just a reskin of that anyway.. Also, farcry 4 is also very similar and quite fun too in my view...
  11. Yes you need to have uplay installed, login and you can claim them. You also need to click through to join the Club ubi 30 thing at some point. I clicked to claim them and all of them are in my games tab now (not downloaded though). People moan about uplay but in my view its now improved a fair amount, seems relatively unintrusive. Asks before going in your system tray, does not force start itself on boot, does not force install intel password manager likke adobe flash update without asking, it does all these things right.
  12. Thanks! Glad you like. Ok well I will need a little while to grab the files I can output loops without the vocals. I dont need to release them underr cc license so much as just let you use them for this project. Main aim though will to make some darker stuff for this along the lines of the first think you found. I'm guessing we have a while because no actual maps ready yet, but I will get on this over next few weeks hopefully. @Baal only a couple of remixes sorry (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o1s2ca8wDBk). I can just suggest.. try a new browser? edit. I have put some text for you Freyk in the little jam demo track to prove I am the real pwnr!
  13. Yes indeed, just was joining in the brainstorming. I dont meant to just fling ideas at you, obviously thats the easy part! Unfortunately I don't have experience with modding id tech or dark mod, although would be quite interested to learn having a background in some JS, gamemaker (and long distant and shakey C and more well understoof BASIC). I never really know where to start, i'm not sure what language its using. It maybe level design would be the first port of call. Because i'm right in the middle of a big project taking up all my time though, I can't really commit but I do want to try making a track for you if possible. If you were curious on some of my music stuff, you can hear that in the link below, but the vibe is not quite the fit for this. The style there is more dubsteppy and using vocal samples, but in a past life have done more trancey stuff, and have been keen to get back into this doing some more 80s synthey, ambient/trancey/what I term "stealth assassin" type music. If I can get something done, you can have a listen and if you prefer to go with what you found, of course, it's your call too. https://soundcloud.com/pwnr
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