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  1. Well, this is not my intention. I do not want to own the music, I only want the rights to use them in a commercial game.
  2. Thanks a lot @Goldwell ! I will try to contact some of them. I already tried to contact Schatten directly by MP when I saw a post saying he did a lot of ambient sound, but no answers yet. He seems not active here and there are no coordinates. Thanks again, I will continue my search with those authors
  3. I am particularly fan of the ambient musics that you have composed for the game. They are dark, mysterious, stressful. I particularly like gregorian,s s_catacombs, ss_derelic, underground_darkness_loop, basement01_loop, church, but most of them are awesome. I am actually looking for good ambient musics for my game, and I was hoping that maybe the authors of the respective musics would be interested to sell me the rights to use it in my upcoming dungeon crawler title ? I would be really interested to get in touch with them. Also, your sound FX are very good. Is there any way to purcha
  4. Hello, Here are some news about my game The Goblin's Week. The game is still in development, but at a slow speed. Indeed, because I had difficulties finishing it and was almost out of time, I had to take a decision. So I decided to cut the remaining work but working on a smaller and doable game. Since december 2018 I am working on a trapped dungeon exploration game. The goblin's game remain untouched and will be released later, when its done. Thanks to that decision I can focus on the dungeon and trap gameplay, this will help me release the Goblin's Week as I want it to be. Everything is d
  5. Yup, Just a short update to tell that things are still going well. I am starting working on the unfinished levels and hope to have a satisfiying complete gameplay and level build at the end of the month There are still a huge amount of things to do but I am still aiming for the end of 2018. Here are three very recent videos: The "Life of a dungeon janitor" were you can see some dungeon cleaning in action [video=youtube;3thcl1GKmho] The "Life of a (disobedient) dungeon janitor" were you can see some stealth in action. Since we are in the Dark Mod Forums, I really hope you
  6. Thanks Viscera clean up detail was not part of the original inspiration. I discovered it the first time someone told me my game looked like a clone of it. But since then I played and analyzed it, so it is now one of my inspirations. But to be clear, cleaning the dungeon is only a sub-part of the game. There are others tasks to do for the master, like cooking or getting the mails, but the real game is actually investigating into forbidden areas. My game is an adventure-investigation game. What originally interested me was "what if instead of being a hero you were a simple minion working in
  7. Necropolis art style looks pretty nice. From a gameplay point of view, my game is really different, more focused on adventure-investigation with trap-based dungeon exploration, a bit of stealth, and almost no combats.
  8. Hello everyone, here’s news from the front. First of all, happy new year to all! I wish you good health, and success for your projects. As for me, I hope that this year will be productive, with the release of The Goblin’s Week It’s been a year since the publication and acceptance of my game concept on Steam Greenlight, and the first video trailer. I announced that the game would be released in 2017, and that was not the case. The game should be released in 2018. It’s time to take a look at what has been done this year, and to present what remains to be done. Review of the year 2017 This y
  9. Thanks. Also, do not hesitate to give me some feedback on what you did not licked at first.
  10. That's amazing! Would definitively try it ... if I had a VR headset :/ What are you planning to do with the player moves? Keeping them as they are, or adapting them to something like "small teleportations", to prevent illness?
  11. Hello everyone, Sorry to have taken so much time since the last post, but I wanted to tell you that yes, the project is still alive, it is even going well. I begin to see the end of the development, even if it is still far away and that there are still many dangers to come. Dev progress Here is a quick review of the current game state. I have almost finished to code all game features.The art style has been improved in a large part of the dungeon.The game has been optimized a lot, even if I want to do more.I improved the level design, even if there is still a lot to do.Regarding the game co
  12. Good news, everyone! Almost Epic Adventures: The Goblin's Week has been Greenlit! I really want to thanks everybody who supported my project on Steam and/or took the time to give me some feedback I was especially happy to see that the game concept interested some of you, and that my target audience may really exists What's next? I am working hard on the first alpha version that will cover the first days of the week. After that I may try to run a Kickstarter to be able to work with a few contractors to improve the game. In any case, I will keep you informed
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