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  1. Wow, thanks for everyone's hard work keeping my old TDM series alive! I'll be playing this for the first time in years tonight!
  2. I'm late to the farewells here, but it's very sad to see you go Biker. You, alongside MD were my favorite collaborators.
  3. That moment you log into TDM forums and suddenly feel nostalgic...

    1. Sotha


      Protip: if you never log off and stay for ever, there is no nostalgia when you visit.

    2. Melan


      Welcome back!

    3. RPGista


      Haha yeah, I feel like that from time to time. Good to see you around.

  4. Awww yeeeaaa thanks Melan. Seriously though, play Tears of St. Lucia. It's a great starter. Then play No Honour Among Thieves.
  5. Wonderful work, thanks BGS! Those sexy window textures sealed it for me .
  6. Melan - aesthetics Moonbo - story Moonbo - gameplay Bikerdude - everything else
  7. Kudos to nbohr1more who found it first!
  8. PC Gamer named TDM as their 2nd favorite free game ever. Nice! http://www.pcgamer.com/the-50-best-free-pc-games/5/
  9. My good friend Norbert Pek did the VO for the grumbler. Pretty sure I could get him back for some more VO.
  10. I simply had pendulem entities making the flowers sway, hinging from the bottom.
  11. Excited! How is the rest of the campaign shaping up?
  12. When I wrote the story, I intended to leave the interpretation of events up to the player. However, in my imagination, that's somewhere along the lines of what happened! Also, read the incantation book in the cathedral very carefully.
  13. Thanks Anderson!!! It tickles me pink to see people still enjoying NHAT 6 years after it's inception.
  14. Araneidae, Originally I had planned NHAT to be a 5 mission campaign. Unforunately, after having children, building 2 businesses, and life in general happened, I found myself needing to sacrifice at least one hobby . Of course, that didn't stop me from suddenly jumping back into the mix 3 years later to work on The Gatehouse with Bikerdude, but that's the story. I do have a script kicking around my brain for the complete NHAT story, however.
  15. Damn, the new sewers in anoott are beyond sexy. Beveled edges, beveled edges everywhere. <3
  16. OK, proper rundown of who did what, when. I created about 83% of the actual mapping. I wrote the story, did most of the voice overs, scripting, etc. Mortem Desino wrote custom AI scripts for "A Night Out On The Town". MD also created the briefing videos, and performed a MASSIVE amount of optimization, bugfixing, and TONS of odds/ends. MD, please chime in if I'm missing anything here. Railgun created the mansion in "Forest", accounting for another 15% of the mapping. The "Broken Broadsword" pub (1%) in anoott was created by another mapper... oh gosh, I forget his name. He should chime in somewhere. Finally, Biker mapped the hotel (1%) you start off in in anoott. For NHAT 1.0 , Biker helped beta test, and he mapped the hotel in anoott. I'm pretty sure this was all he did back then - correct me if I'm wrong Biker. For NHAT 2.0, Fall of 2013 I believe, Biker and I did a minor overhaul of the NHAT campaign, including re-recording all the voice overs, a major bugfix overhaul, various performance updates, a few new areas (mapped by Biker), plus strung the campaign together using the newly introduced campaign stringing feature of DR. For NHAT 3.0, Biker literally did everything new you see in this update. This is a VERY major update. I had zero involvement.
  17. Not a big deal, but thanks for the recognition Biker/Melan. I'm really glad to see people still playing NHAT 5 whopping years after release. ... Wow.
  18. Have have to complete walking through the invisible maze until you are standing right in front of it.
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