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  1. Hello fellow Taffer’s, been a while, last posted here back when I was 16 & now I am 20 years old lol, I figured I would come back knowing ever since then new Fan Missions would have been developed & released for the duration I disappeared into the shadows Right now I am looking for complete great Fan Missions to play, any kind really, whether Horror or Stealth, I am making a big list of Fan Missions to play & I wanna get down the ones that are really worth my time, underrated Fan Missions are also much appreciated so long as they are complete & stable.
  2. Dear fellow Thieves, I am a new taffer introduced to The Dark Mod, & I wondered what are the best Fan Missions I can play? I am mostly looking for Missions that are either decent, good, great, or must play.
  3. I double clicked on it, nothing happened, I right clicked & selected Open, nothing happened.
  4. Dear fellow thieves, I had installed The Dark Mod Version 2.0 Standalone, & extracted The Dark Mod 2.02-2.03 Update Package into the main folder containing the executable, during the extraction I replaced all the files that it said needed to be replaced, I then made a Steam Shortcut for the game, I installed & played Tears of St. Lucia from the mission download menu directly from the game & it worked fine, after I finished it I downloaded a bunch of other missions & was going to play A Score To Settle, it was working fine at first, I bought all the equipment I wanted, then it w
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