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  1. I haven't played any Kalypso games before, but frankly speaking at this point, any news in the Commandos series would excite me.
  2. This is the part that bothered me the most. I want Stephen back. Apparently the new character Erin is a total drag, too.
  3. Yup. Finished the first Dishonored, LOVED IT. Probably the closest thing we'd get to a modern day Thief game.
  4. : ) https://www.google.com/search?source=hp&ei=cq1bXLzSA8GS0wKy0IXYDg&q=commandos+remastered&btnK=Google+Search&oq=commandos+re&gs_l=psy-ab.3.0.0l10.294.2895..3741...0.0..0.68.715.13......0....1..gws-wiz.....0..0i131.H_5LNhM86lc
  5. I haven't played the reboot though I heard it's mediocre at best. To me, good experiences in Thief series ended in Thief 2. DS had a few good missions, though not enough to make it a quality entry in the series. Since the reboot apparently tanked, has anyone heard any exciting news? On another note, Commandos series, another one of my all time fav stealth game, is getting a proper remake.
  6. Apparently the expensive way to counter frame-pacing / micro stutter is a VRR monitor lol. OK.
  7. Yup, so I have fps capped at 60 (matching my monitor) and calling it a day.
  8. " Johnny and Amanda take 60 steps over a minute to cross the length of a hallway. Johnny takes one step per second. Every step would not look much different from one another so his motion is very smooth. Amanda hops every other step. All the even steps take 1.5 seconds while all the odd steps take 0.5 seconds. Both Johnny and Amanda are making the same number of steps per minute (frames per second), but the timing per step (frame pacing) differs. Johnny's steps would look very smooth but Amanda's are much more erratic, making the action feel less smooth and jittery." So.......what can be don
  9. After multiple test, I've settled on - Soft shadow OFF - 4X AA - Everything maxed out - Capped fps Running the game at 60-62fps, perfectly fine.
  10. I think I need a monitor with higher refresh rate. This may sound strange, but 60fps inside the training room FEELS smoother than 60fps outside (by that lamp post, for example). and on another completely different note, 60fps in same games (say Street Fighters IV, Darksiders Warmaster Edition) FEELS smoother than 60fps in TDM. I wonder if it's just my perception.
  11. That did it! I turned off AA in game, fraps show a constant 143fps! I then turned off unlocked fps, and now the game runs at 63fps which is perfectly fine for me. I could force AA through NVIDIA control panel but honestly, I'm running the game at 1440p on a 32" monitor and sitting 2 feet away, I can't see jagged edges anyway. THANK YOU SIR, VERY MUCH. Now I can play the game at buttery fps!
  12. My fps various greatly from 160 to 23. I found an area that's particularly taxing-----------training room----->jumping and climbing------>once I go through 2 doors and ascent a set of stairs, there is a lamp post. If I stand below the lamp post and look around, I only get 20-30 fps. Any ideas?
  13. unbindall bind "ESCAPE" "togglemenu" bind "SPACE" "_moveup" bind "APOSTROPHE" "_impulse51" bind "-" "_impulse50" bind "0" "_impulse10" bind "1" "_impulse1" bind "2" "_impulse2" bind "3" "_impulse3" bind "4" "_impulse4" bind "5" "_impulse5" bind "6" "_impulse6" bind "7" "_impulse7" bind "8" "_impulse8" bind "9" "_impulse9" bind "SEMICOLON" "inventory_hotkey ''" bind "=" "_impulse49" bind "[" "_impulse47" bind "\" "_mlook" bind "]" "_impulse48" bind "^" "_impulse0" bind "a" "_moveLeft" bind "c" "_impulse24" bind "d" "_moveRight" bind "e" "_impulse46" bind "f" "_impulse44" bind "g" "_impulse30" b
  14. Sounds good. That I will just open it with Notepad and copy / pastes the contents here. Thank you very much in advance for looking into this.
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