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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FWjdi9dAjYg Am I going crazy, or did it become the Dune soundtrack for a few bars near the end? Hypnotic jazz with a bit of a groove.
  2. This was made for theatre, but reminds me of loads of stuff I've seen in Thief missions. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5RCzQs0s4A
  3. Apart from an external HD, I upload small stuff like source code, music files, synth presets, and models to google docs.
  4. Serpentine, I'm so happy right now. I've been going crazy trying to export multiple materials to ase in blender.
  5. I'm finally back in action with a new computer that runs TDM significantly better than the old laptop.
  6. One more for HL2. Where the first was elegant in that it funnelled you out of a facility going to hell, HL2 had you doing vssfvsvfvs* at the whim of NPCs. Maybe I find necessity easier to swallow than compliance - (a big problem with most games, actually.) Deus Ex. (No one is allowed to let me live now.) Hong Kong was fantastic, but besides that area, there isn't much to the game that I like. All real-time strategy games. I want to love them but I'm so terrible that I'm stuck with loving turn-based games. Which brings me to.......Civ. I don't like Civ. (really, kill me now.) I can only g
  7. One thing that might work (if you don't mind me diving in) is having clues as to which new memories you need to trigger. Choosing elements from two different memory zones makes the scenes collide and the new location is activated. For instance: You know that you need something from the memory of the time that the victim nearly drowned in a lake in their childhood. You have access to a memory where he is on a yacht, and also a memory of a gas explosion. Collide the two and the explosion breaches the ship's hull. He starts to drown and *flash*....we're at the lake.
  8. I have next to no experience playing IF games. I'm giving Anchorhead a try, and so far I'm really enjoying it. Thanks for the suggestion. What a competent game needs is a grammar (literally, in the case of IF), and I don't think that creating IF in a 3D engine would be much fun without a lot of work on giving the player more agency than solving puzzles and conversation. This video might interest you - http://www.youtube.c...?v=wSBn77_h_6Q. From other posts I get the impression that you want to play something more meaningful than an action game, and I agree with those sentiments. What I thi
  9. Only one way to find out. Build a kooky prototype.
  10. entity heldEntity() might get you started. I would check to see if it returns a candle, and then if there's no easy way to light it, then spawn a fire stim at its location? (But that would mean it wouldn't work on other lightables.) (Second edit: These are just raw thoughts, and the naive way that I'd start out.) I don't know much about creating or activating custom inventory items, though.
  11. Did. Not. Know. That.
  12. If a fire lighting tool were to be implemented, it could be an optional item so as not to break a map. When I get a new PC I'll continue working on a mission that needs some kind of backup flame source that can't be extinguished. Maybe a valve controlled bunsen burner, or an electric spark? Just asserting that whatever happens, it's possible to improvise.
  13. (was in reply to Grayman) An audio cue with a small time delay might go a long way towards making that feel less out of place, perhaps?
  14. Also, make them walk really fast and run their groans through a pitch shifter.
  15. As long as you give the correct Blender function name then the hotkey should be searchable using spacebar.
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