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  1. just darkmod, ONLY Darkmoooooooood
  2. probably fares better against mods than indie titles. also, wow its that time of the year again to
  3. I'll offer on 1 with an extra clause that I make no posts in the FM thread under any circumstances XD
  4. hella nice use of the skylight. Scene gives me a real FB&T vibe too. Can never go wrong with that
  5. Would be hilarious to see this quote as part of an acceptance speech on their contest page.
  6. If Lessig is behind this, it's definitely legit. Good intentioned at least. The problem is that the whole thing is predicated on the fact that voting at the Federal level isn't a dog and pony show. Pretty sure its a dog and pony show.
  7. Well do yourself a favor and don't play MTG or Poker. Beating the RNG in games like these is a lot about game theory and finding ways to maximize winning decisions, and trying to avoid high variance plays when possible. But there is never a way to just choose correctly and always win. Gambling is part of the game. You just make sure that, like the House in Vegas, you keep the odds in your favor, and you'll win the majority of the time.
  8. There are certain ships that I keep many rooms vented at all times. I guess in Advanced this applies particularly if you pick up a Lanius crew member. You can repair and fight even in the vacuum. For all ships though, I'm quite convinced that Cloaking is almost a near necessity for ultimate victory in phase 2&3 of the final boss, unless you are prepared with some serious burst damage, like hacking pilot system, double flak II's, and a weapon preigniter. also, I've had 3 good deep runs completely crushed by double lanius boarders now. Really starting to hate those fuckers. Starting to see value in cloning facility
  9. In case you were wondering what the hacking system is all about: http://ftl.wikia.com/wiki/Hacking Weapons: Power down all weapons on the affected ship, and give charge status like a full sensor subsystem. Shields: Slowly discharges shields, taking ~1.5s to discharge each level of shielding. Bridge or Engines: Reduces the affected ship's evasion to zero and stops FTL charging. Oxygen: Depletes oxygen on the ship at the same rate as if the system had no power or was destroyed. Medbay: Damages crew instead of healing them. Clone Bay: Shut down the cloning bay, killing potential clones permanently. Drone Control: Deactivate enemy drones, with a chance of destroying them. Hacking: Disable enemy hacking modules, potentially destroying them. The enemy can launch a new module when the system goes back online, if they have the parts. Mind Control: Disable enemy mind control and mind controls one of the enemy crew at random. Teleporter: Enemy boarders are returned to their ship. Mind controlled enemy on your ship are not treated as enemy boarders. Doors: Turn all enemy doors into friendly blast doors, effectively locking all enemy crew in their current rooms. Battery: Disable bonus energy and drain two more energy bars. Cloaking: Disable cloaking and decloak ship. Some of these are very good. In particularly I had skimmed over the "doors" section before without a second thought, but I'm pretty sure for a boarding party build, this is exactly what you want to aim for. The ability to isolate individual crew for killing, stopping them from medbay retreats, and/or prevent them from repairing damaged systems or getting to fires or breaches in a timely fashion.
  10. It's only more unpredictable until you learn it, and then it becomes more 'exploitable'. Finished up Zoltan b&c runs to sector 8 hard mode. Made it to Final Form with C, but got stomped on. Pretty sure I have a good grasp on battery backups. I'm going to start a mantis career now, leaning towards mind control + hacking + teleporter. Could be freaky overpowered if utilized correctly. Just learned this from the final boss doing this to me. apparently hacking a drone system can destroy the drones it controls. I doubt the computer cares much if you do that to it, with its infinite supply, but it sure makes hacking systems higher fire priority if you use a drone build.
  11. I'm fairly sure that difficulty has been mitigated in Advanced Edition. There a lot of factors in favor of the player now. Boarding events now have rewards. In my first playthrough, in 2 of 4 boarding events i experienced, I got a weapon plus other stuff for my troubles. Exit nodes are now rampant with new events to get scrap. It seems like in all sectors, there is much less barren space-wasteland that burns up fuel and gives you no scrap. Those empty events are much fewer and farther in between. Shops now have 2 pages of stuff. Its like getting 2 shops for every 1 shop, but its better than that, because the product types are always different on each page. You'll find what you want to buy with a MUCH higher frequency per shop visit. Sectors 6&7 have much higher scrap rewards than previously, even in hard mode. If you were broke in the first half of the game, you'll be swimming in scrap by the end as long as your completing the events and not tucking tail and running, or burning through 10 hull points per event. Trick is to find the shops to spend it all before sector 8. Pretty much, I made it to sector 8 in one playthrough on zoltan type B in Hard Difficulty, which should be absolutely freakin impossible if Hard was harder than vanilla "Normal" mode. In one try. And take my word for it, the Zoltan ships are usually only good for crushing sectors 1&2, and then get mercilessly fucked in the mid to late game unless you roll super lucky in shops and are flush with scrap. I was completely surprised i made it past sector 3. The RNG game mechanics have been revamped for fairness, there is no doubt about it.
  12. feels like a whole new ballgame to me. Not sure if hard-mode is required, but I definitely just unlocked Zoltan Type C just by reaching sector 8.
  13. So I'm doing a hard mode run on my first advanced edition attempt. zoltan type b. Advanced is really opening up the gameplay. I bought a battery backup and upgraded it. Along with the zoltan natural system-powerup advantage, the upgraded battery backup gives you an absolutely obscene advantage in nebula sectors. I'm hitting up every nebula in the system on my way to sector 8. Currently in sector 4, taken a grand total of 10 hull damage, all currently repaired. Also, Breach type 2 bombs fucking rule. that is all.
  14. Thx for that update, I was about to blow a gasket with my GOG version in a full-on forum nerd-rage. *sigh* and i just dug into my CCNA studies, too, but now that I know this exists, everything is going to take a backseat to FTL for a couple days. *draws shades, closes doors, turns off phone* edit: oh my shit, all the ships have a type C layout. This is going to be a long night. Any clues on how to unlock them? achievements doesn't seem to give any hints. There .. is... a HARD mode?!!!!??? are you KIDDING ME!?! RNGeesus, my body is ready, take me. edit: boarder events have rewards! yes!!!! edit: beam weapon interface vastly improved. all rooms associated with a 'hit' now get a yellow border around them. much easier to maximize damage around those tight corners. edit: zoltan benefits just got a big boost. sensors, doors, any systems with a white outline and a face above it can be upgraded to the next tier up for FREE just for being powered by a zoltan. Pesky mantis boarders on your lv2 door ship going to ruin your day? run a zoltan to your door systems for a free door upgrade during the fight!
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