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  1. I never had a good experience when setting other people up for Google Photos. The desktop syncing applications were unreliable--would constantly stall and need to be restarted--and also CPU intensive. The duplicate detection didn't really work. The behavioral documentation was cryptic--I had to go to 3rd party websites just to get a good grasp on it. Support was practically nonexistent (as is typical for Google "products")
  2. By the way, here is another company working on the VAC problem but using lightfields and it looks like they have some neat prototypes https://www.roadtovr.com/creal-light-field-ar-vr-headset-prototype/ I guess coincidentally the company, "CREAL", is also pronounced "See Real"
  3. Thanks that makes a lot of sense. I imagine determining the eye ball center is a very difficult problem with the eye not being a rigid body.
  4. Quick question, because I'm having trouble finding more information on this: What is the difference between eye tracking and pupil detection? Is one just trying to determine direction, while the other is trying to determine the complex deformation of the eye?
  5. Awesome thanks so much for the impressions on it. I'm not going to pretend that I understand anything more than the high level concepts, but I don't get to hear directly from actual researchers (former or otherwise) very often so it's hard to ground myself. A few years ago the impression I got from Abrash was that we'd have varifocal by now or very soon, but every subsequent year he's pushed out his predictions further into the future (and the latest is basically "I don't know when"). Sometimes I get the impression that his optimistic predictions are as much targeted at higher ups in the co
  6. I'm curious then what you think about Facebook's approach to the problem as detailed in the video below. Not because I'm doubting you but Facebook has been drumming up a ton of hype and claiming that varifocal is "almost ready for prime time" and such, and I want to hear a researcher's perspective on it. The gist I get from this is that eyetracking is the major thing that's holding this technology back. Granted, FB has a vested interest in creating the impression that this problem is on the verge of being solved given its necessity for their enormous loss leading investment into VR. At
  7. I think I'm going to quit VR until the fixed focus / vergence accommodation conflict is solved. Or maybe just take a long break. It seems to be getting more and more difficult for my eyes to tolerate it, perhaps because I'm ever more conscious of it. It's also harder to tolerate when I'm tired. There are times in games where I get immersed enough to tune it out a bit but for me it's the #1 reason that flat gaming is 10x more comfortable than VR. For a VR nut like me this is actually a big deal but I'm just tired of feeling like I'm crossing my eyes while playing games.
  8. The interactions in this game almost seem like they were designed for VR but limited by the M&K interface. I hope someone makes a VR mod.
  9. If you've got a VR headset and like electronic music, check out The Wave and, at times, VRChat. Various art exhibitions are being held in VR this year, e.g. through The Museum Of Other Realities https://store.steampowered.com/app/613900/Museum_of_Other_Realities/ https://twitter.com/museumor For future sporting events and such, Google has figured out how to stream lightfield videos over a 300Mbps connection. Essentially lightfield video gives you a volume (e.g. 70cm^3) in which you can move around your head and the image is rendered correctly from every position and orientation (e.g
  10. Good talk on how to solve VR's last major visual issue
  11. the psychology of US investors in the current market
  12. I'll be happy to get on just 100 Mbps fiber optic in the next few weeks. This will be up from an average of 50kB/s through verizon wireless with a data cap. Been trying to get them to install this for 4 years.
  13. I doubt we'll see very many games at this fidelity for a while but it's nonetheless quite exciting. Especially for developers, assuming it's really that easy. Also, no cut up to $1 million is really cool for a fully open source top of the line game engine. However what I found comical was how we're being shown these incredible graphics but in terms of interactions we're still stuck at "Press X To Interact"
  14. My review: The game is quite amazing in terms of production quality, atmosphere, immersion and the mechanics that they have implemented. It's hard to convey without actually experiencing it but I've never felt so "in" a virtual world before--I've played plenty of VR games but none of them have done anything close to this. The best way I can describe it is "dense". The graphics are often near photorealistic and nearly everything is intricately detailed. The audio is like nothing I've experienced before--almost every sound is accurately mapped spatially and feels so "correct". The envi
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