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  1. No further crashes, but I have questions: Where do I find the antidote and the evidence? I have a note with important dates, but they don't seem to be the safe combo. (Apologies for formatting, posting on mobile)
  2. I was investigating the yellow mushrooms in the spider lair when the game and Windows crashed to reboot! No crashes on a second try, but thought I should post it here
  3. haha, yes, I've unlocked the doors. the ones behind the desk are fine, the one with musical instruments is unfrobbable. EDIT: weirdest thing, I closed the door and reopened it and everything could be frobbed. as for the key, it had blended into the color of the desk drawer and I missed it. even using show_keys I had a hard time getting the right angle for it to highlight.
  4. I realized I had misread a hint in the thread and gotten ahead of myself. mission complete! at the shop there are there is also the safe upstairs, if I could get a hint for the key?
  5. I'm enjoying this mission, but having to split it up over a few days has made it hard to make connections/remember where I have been. thanks for putting tips in the first post! I still need to find and somehow get into the church. What am I overlooking there? edit: I tried the climb again and made it, locating Coates. No key, though also, find the combination for the safe in Harrington's. and figure out how to enter the room of the tenant whose rent is late (near Lenard's safe house). a few bugs that may have been reported (I'm not reading the thread too carefully before I finish)
  6. theres the starting level, one above that which branches a bit (leading back to a view of the stockade or around to a grill that thumps but doesn't open), then another above that which leads to a locked grill (with a view of a bar) or past a skeleton and down to another grill into a workshop which seems to be blocked. where am I supposed to go? did I miss a key?
  7. still trying to find seems like I will need a key to and maybe also tools like
  8. this one is giving me a lot of trouble... Others have mentioned the long first part of the mission. There was no map to tell how far I had to go to help gauge when I would find some place important to the story. I kept expecting something and being disappointed by nothing (empty apartments, dead ends, places I couldn't reach... yes, I found the but that section was sparse) In the second part there are a few moments where there is very little time between when Clerwick checks his surrounds and proceeds, to when the "follow Clerwick" objective fails. I tried to get to the final door and failed many times because having passed that, trying to ...the ability of AI to see in the dark like cats is making it incredibly frustrating. Apologies if this sounds like a rant, I just want to enjoy the mission you worked so hard on!
  9. this was one of the best 'densely populated area' FMs I've played, including TG/T2, and I absolutely love it! the tag of a location name and non/hostile helped me orient myself in a district the character should know, which was very helpful (though people on the street got mad at me for being in my own house ). One thing I would have liked to have was a map file I could print and make notes on. I've got Mirkway Quarter, Hightowne, and Stonemarket on my wall right now. I really liked discovering elements as I progressed, collecting items and memories, getting gossip and reading people's opinions of me as an old man! I did find some bugs, though: I really enjoyed this experience, and just from a brief skim of the thread it seems I've missed quite a bit I'll need to go investigate!
  10. I'm not seeing this in the in-game downloader; I was able to download it from thiefguild and play. Somehow missed ~800g, despite it not being that big a mission! I tried to sneak around rather than KO, though... Even if we're on a train, we can't escape a
  11. I can never hear my own footsteps with the clarity the AI can, in any version of TDM; across a town square, in the grass, next to loud machinery... anyway, I really liked this mission! Really creepy foes, fun stories about residents of the town squabbling, good voice acting, and rewarding secrets - though I had to cheat to get to
  12. I had to do this same thing because the door would not open; I followed your instructions exactly and got nothing. I nearly broke the game (thank goodness for noclip) in the room between the Other than these two (big end-game) frustrations, I really enjoyed the mission! The story was great, the connections to other missions & game assets given context, the housekeeper's notes... all excellent. I was short one secret, but still call it a successful run
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