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  1. Deus Ex was supposed to have a mission on the moon, but it was scrapped.
  2. Vehicle designs. About the technology behind facial animation in CP2077:
  3. Reportedly Witcher 3 cost 81 million USD - that includes development and marketing costs. CP2077 should be considerably more expensive to make.
  4. Came out two days ago. “Stuck in a moment you can’t get out of”; directed by Kevin Godley, filmed in Los Angeles in November 2000: From U2’s website: Yesterday they uploaded “Beautiful Day”, but it’s clearly been merely upscaled to 1080p from low res video. So not every U2 music video will be properly remastered from original negatives. BTW, here's a link to a playlist with all the remastered music videos I could find. Here's a playlist with concerts in HD.
  5. https://www.nightcity.love/en/
  6. I'm looking for live shows in HD too. Here's The Jimmy Hendrix Experience, shot in Maui on July 30, 1970. Drums seem to be overdubbed as they don't match the footage.
  7. Some videos from Pink Floyd. Next two were directed by Storm Thorgerson who also designed many of the band's album covers. 1987: Alternative version has more characters in it. Some sources state that this is the original version: 1994: Two clips that were displayed at concerts, I believe also by Thorgerson (though couldn't quickly find sources confirming that):
  8. I just tested ASE with Blender 2.90 and custom normals work, but you have to triangulate the object and apply all the modifiers before the export.
  9. I'm sorry it was ASE not LWO that exported custom normals. It turns out we had exact same conversation two years ago. By custom normals I mean weighted normals like here on the right: Or normals pointing in one direction (or pointing away from center like in the image below):
  10. In Blender you set Auto Smooth with a threshold, which smooths out everything below given angle, and then you can additionally mark any edges as sharp in edit mode. Additionally you have custom normals. I believe all that was exported correctly to .lwo last time I checked.
  11. Blender 2.83 Long Term Support (LTS) has reached version number 5. Meanwhile Blender 2.90 finally came out.
  12. I love that song and video but It's an upscale. It just doesn't have enough sharpness to be HD. Plus the author of the song himself, Jyoti Mishra says so under the video: The video is stylized as an old silent film. I suspect all the effects like vignetting where done in post production in SD, and an HD master doesn't exist. If they wanted to make a proper remaster, they would have to scan original negatives in HD (if they still exist) and redo all the editing. IMDB says it was shot on 16mm. Interesting that they have such info. À propos, here's an example where musician himself s
  13. Lots of videos on Youtube that are labeled as HD are in fact upscaled SD. They will usually look better than 360p or 480p videos that were uploaded decade ago. I try to find videos that were scanned from film in high definition and re-uploaded recently. Film of course doesn't have resolution the same way as digital images. Quality will depend on type of film, its light sensitivity, lenses used. Typically at 1080 film grain is already noticeable. Heavy video compression may smooth out that grain, since it's treated like an unnecessary noise. Bluray has enough bitrate to display film grain
  14. I don't really have a strong opinion on that. I love Gorillaz, they did that first, but it seems like a gimmick. That UNKLE video, just like many old videos on Youtube has only 480 lines of image. Analogue television in Europe used to have 576 lines. Add to that Youtube's compression and it's possible that now it actually looks worse than in the nineties. I just checked and for example Massive Attack's "Angel" is only 360p on Youtube. It was uploaded in 2009. Sound probably suffers from heavy compression too. By the way, Massive Attack's music video for "Unfinished Sympathy" was a
  15. At 2:27 mark in The Verve's video you can see an actress waiting for the camera to come, only to walk at brisk pace in the next shot Here's another music video with a skinny British bloke walking towards the camera. Directed by James Frost & Alex Smith, 2000.
  16. Bitter Sweet Symphony by The Verve. Looks like it was shot yesterday. Premiered in 1997, directed by Walter Stern who did music videos for The Prodigy, among others.
  17. Ian Hubert is an independent filmmaker, director of "Tears of steal" open movie. He makes short, funny tutorials. He developed a super effective workflow that allows him to make entire worlds practically on his own.
  18. It's perhaps the best Indiana Jones game and one of the best point and click adventure games. There are three different play styles player can choose from.
  19. Ever heard of Indiana Jones and the Fountain of Youth? It's a fan made project, started back in 2001(!) that is stil going today. It's suppose to replicate the style of the Lucasarts's games. Over the years they have released couple of demos which were very professionally done. It's being made in Adventure game studio. Anyway, I've been checking out the project every couple of years and I read that yesterday: After eighteen years they changed their name. I think it's hilarious. Anyway, they still occasionally post new artwork.
  20. This one's the most Bladerunneresque so far:
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