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  1. It's in svn already Svn rev 10128 https://svn.thedarkmod.com/svn/darkmod_src/trunk
  2. @Daft Mugi Bugfix candidate: https://e1.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=kZgaGRZ7jc22QYsg1byKxtbEPFqPBRdXdGX (current dev build required) Svn rev 10128
  3. Maybe the beta version did not update right for me Will try with clean download
  4. @Daft Mugi sorry, but it seems that your location is not correct At least for me it moves into the sky
  5. I suppose it might be enough, now a matter of me having spare time to look into it
  6. OK, so to start with, play towards obtaining the x-ray glasses where you can reproduce the bug and save there. Now upload that save somewhere for me. Or if you feel like jumping into the C++ code, look for the GUI x-ray flag that triggers that late frame copy
  7. I would think we don't have a ticket yet for this - feel free to create. The big problem here is it's hard for me to notice that single bad frame. Can you help with testing? You'd need to run a dev build and get to the point where you can reproduce it
  8. Is there any way to get mouse cursor working with GLFW_CURSOR_DISABLED in my VM? It only works with GLFW_CURSOR_HIDDEN for me.
  9. I've had the same issue recently It went away after I updated and reverted svn a few times
  10. Maybe we could do some sort of transparency fade-in to hide that?
  11. The problem with in_grabMouse 0 is that it loses cursor in windowed mode
  12. You mean you have this problem as well? Did it start last year after switch to GLFW?
  13. @cabalistic Why GLFW_CURSOR_DISABLED? For me it causes the mouse cursor to never move unless the cursor is released for e.g. game console. I'm changing to GLFW_CURSOR_HIDDEN as that seems to be the intended flag. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4431637/hiding-mouse-cursor-with-glfw
  14. I remember in the good old scons days we could change something and the second compile would be fast. Now every time I run make it just rebuilds the whole codebase. Is there a way to quickly edit and run?
  15. Somehow I got it to the point where I can debug the code in VSCode However the mouse cursor only moves when the game console is active Any clues?
  16. It's crazy I still don't get any .o files or even build\linux64 folder However make -j$(nproc) succeeds EDIT Actually, I do get the .o files but under build/CMakeFiles/TheDarkMod.dir
  17. Neither do I see any .o files
  18. I actually can't find any .obj's - where are they supposed to be? Near their .cpp's?
  19. https://ibb.co/BfvgnGk
  20. Then, if I try make -j4 it does not bomb out but gives a miriad of undefined reference errors https://ibb.co/HTFX3mc
  21. I'm trying to build the project using the steps on our Wiki. It just uses up all memory and then kills the terminal window I'm running it from Any ideas? https://ibb.co/RTFnLXG [url=https://ibb.co/RTFnLXG][img]https://i.ibb.co/RTFnLXG/image.png[/img][/url] Surely 16GB should be sufficient for make -j?
  22. You "only" need to have a better PC than the author of the mission you're playing. That's the only actual sysreq.
  23. I'm not sure how the automatic auto-incrementing counter-offset fits into this equation
  24. Can I have a screenshot with a console version on it? Use shift+tilde for partial console view
  25. Sort is per material There is additional drawSortOffset entity spawnarg that allows mapper to mark some entities to draw "a little later" but it's very rigid. I think it covers like 90% of all situations though. It's main problem is that it has to be set manually for each 'fixed' entity by mapper who must understand the technical 3D scene breakdown. I don't know about script support and I don't think it's a good direction to take. Scripts are for game events IMHO. Now one new thing I just noticed is we already have sort by distance for SEED objects. I wish I knew how to use it for translucents.
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