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  1. You're right of course, but what would be the final solution? The gui code confuses me. Simplest way might be to use a different spawnarg (other than "gui") to pass gui name to the standard script. But we'd have to fix it on each mission level - too much stress. Then we could add more hacks to the gui code, such as ignore standard "gui" for "some" entities - but what would be the filtering criteria?
  2. Oops, I hope commit 16666 opened no gateways to Hell

    1. demagogue


      If it didn't the first 15 times, I think it's okay for the 16th time.

    2. stgatilov


      Committing the changes to TDM gameplay code is like playing with devil: one wrong step, and it takes your soul 😉

    3. duzenko


      @demagogue It's like - if the first 15 nuclear reactor experiments were successful, then it's safe from now on LOL

  3. Well, this is TDM-era script, and the trigger C++ must predate that On triggers it displays the (separate) message GUI immediately (idEntity::ActivateTargets). Not sure why it's not visible after the first frame - that code makes me sleep
  4. It appears as gui duplication caused by the standard def "atdm:gui_message". At the same time, it calls a script function "tdm_gui_message::showMessage" and triggers redraw of "guis/tdm_message.gui" linked via its "gui" property. The glitch seems to go away when I comment out line 59 in tdm_message.def // "gui" "guis/tdm_message.gui" @nbohr1more @stgatilov who can advise on this?
  5. That was Intel HD 3000/2000 if we're thinking the same issue Fortunately, I never had to suffer TDM on any AMD older than GCN But I'm pretty sure versions 2.05 and most likely 2.06 should work on AMD 3000, they were not far from original D3 Probably no sense to try any new mission/game version anyway. if even D3 can only run on low, then it's one of those entry-level cards like 3450 or similar. Recent missions are too heavy for those.
  6. Here's a 60gps phone video, also seemingly right https://e1.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZd8WQZ8WaOTicVS3jarNa6RLe7ABka9dpX
  7. @Daft Mugi I can't repeat this on my end. Is there a decent free program to capture the game video? I tried Windows game bar but it seems to capture at 30 fps. Here's the capture file: https://e1.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=XZW8WQZ1WCAgUYXA98oXTyi3LyFnk0jNChk
  8. Quick saving bug is related to screenshot taking for a save game. Has been broken for a while now. I was kinda expecting this one to be notice before the other fram bugs though. But going straight to quick loading... huh.
  9. Can't remember ever seeing it although I'm on AMD as well But I never tried it with the MESA drivers - and usually my AA is off
  10. Btw i have an ubuntu 22 virtual machine and I cannot get past the main menu. Mouse cursor is not working for me.
  11. @Daft Mugi In case it's not always reproducible could you add a getviewpos in the training mission where the text is about to show? I have been rather busy lately IRL, e.g. this weekend I want to go looking for a used microwave, before that I was traveling, and before that I had some delivery business to attend to. Which is why it's going slow.
  12. I think it's a totally reasonable request however personally I'd work around it differently. It depends greatly on your monitor and room brightness however I'd just set gamma to 1.0 and adjust monitor brightness to room brightness. In the end you'll end up with adequate GUI backgrounds. If you think the world is too dark now, use the ambient min brightness cvar. In the ideal world we would not have this problem if we had been conscious about little details like this in the past. I believe this is best fixed in standard .gui/texture assets rather that applying all sorts of hacks on top of it. When you think about, a separate .gui brightness setting makes sense, if applied universally to all guis.
  13. It's in svn already Svn rev 10128 https://svn.thedarkmod.com/svn/darkmod_src/trunk
  14. @Daft Mugi Bugfix candidate: https://e1.pcloud.link/publink/show?code=kZgaGRZ7jc22QYsg1byKxtbEPFqPBRdXdGX (current dev build required) Svn rev 10128
  15. Maybe the beta version did not update right for me Will try with clean download
  16. @Daft Mugi sorry, but it seems that your location is not correct At least for me it moves into the sky
  17. I suppose it might be enough, now a matter of me having spare time to look into it
  18. OK, so to start with, play towards obtaining the x-ray glasses where you can reproduce the bug and save there. Now upload that save somewhere for me. Or if you feel like jumping into the C++ code, look for the GUI x-ray flag that triggers that late frame copy
  19. I would think we don't have a ticket yet for this - feel free to create. The big problem here is it's hard for me to notice that single bad frame. Can you help with testing? You'd need to run a dev build and get to the point where you can reproduce it
  20. Is there any way to get mouse cursor working with GLFW_CURSOR_DISABLED in my VM? It only works with GLFW_CURSOR_HIDDEN for me.
  21. I've had the same issue recently It went away after I updated and reverted svn a few times
  22. Maybe we could do some sort of transparency fade-in to hide that?
  23. The problem with in_grabMouse 0 is that it loses cursor in windowed mode
  24. You mean you have this problem as well? Did it start last year after switch to GLFW?
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