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  1. You did You were right all along It's still frustrating as heck that it didn't raise any GL errors And I'm not sure what we're left with in the end - half-core profiles that do something specifically forbidden by specification? Crazy
  2. Agree about fixing the error I just can’t imagine a game requiring a core profile and then doing client arrays. Oh, wait…
  3. What is it supposed to fix? Core profile on pre-GCN Radeons? Why did all other drivers work if it's about the removed legacy stuff? I can test tomorrow, but I'm skeptical.
  4. @esmeWhat about compiling TDM from source in debug mode on your PC?
  5. I just created three UI/UX bugs in the tracker. While I'm practically zero skilled in DR they feel like immediate improvements. OTOH they could be intended operation? I can work on each of them if green lighted
  6. Alright, that makes sense I want to look into the Surface Inspector window and make it resize (down) nicely Biker complained that this is a regression in the latest version Is that ok?
  7. DR does not start for me when compiled from master. It just exits immediately @stgatilov@OrbWeaver@greebo Anything obvious I could have missed? The exception message is "Cannot find the main module in any of the paths: C:/dev/tdm/drsrc/install/modules/; C:/dev/tdm/drsrc/install/plugins/" EDIT: Apparently I need to build all the projects manually. I assumed they were included as project dependencies
  8. That's two evils we're choosing from here
  9. I see why you're upset, but sometimes lessons are painful It's not nearly worst what could happen in life, no need to drive up the heat Every mapper or digital creator here is on your side
  10. It's not too bad though, is it? I mean, no way it can suck as much as soft stencil shadows we used to have a while back?
  11. Thanks Do you think anything here needs fixing? Or it's intended operation? I'm asking because someone put it there for a reason a while ago, not something new
  12. For my quick testing the cost of it was less than 2% of gpu load
  13. Unless you can reproduce the deletion there's nothing much to fix
  14. Thanks I tested the two coordinates provided, and the frob ignore depth cvar hides outline for both Am I correct that if that cvar is in the 'right' state by default then the issue is fixed?
  15. It’s a little crazy We talk about broken missions as a critical bug but still no mission name and getviepos coordinates
  16. In DR? Didn't you say the existing missions break with frob outline? I'm interested in that
  17. What are the steps for me to reproduce?
  18. Is there a simple way to reproduce the whatever bug some people think the frob highlight has?
  19. Pity, I grew fond of the new frob visuals
  20. image_useNormalCompression does that? You mean there's no more driver compression, only ours or none
  21. I can't see url's in the game console
  22. Use a .cfg cvar for running in a window Then it's debugger time for you
  23. @wootyOh dear, I just realized. This is probably the same bug I hit earlier this year It does not like two 'darkmod' in the file path. Try renaming the parent folder to something like 'tdm'
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