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  1. I believe the fog only scales the underlying issue up If the scene is already slow on triangles, universal fog will surely make it further worse Ideally you should fix the scene so that it's under 300K triangles before fog
  2. I'd say the original version is not bad, and the newer fixed version should be faster In any case you already have a thread about that, so let's not spam other threads with that again
  3. It won't help in this particular scene, and most others
  4. LOL, I'm wiping tears of joy It's _my_ job to teach _every_ mapper I know of or _not_ to optimize maps to run on _your_ PC Seriously, though, you should understand that mappers always target their own system for performance. And some even consider 40fps to be good enough. Pretty much every mapper has at least a $200 card (before the mining craze). I'm sorry that you don't, but this is reality. There are ways _you_ can "solve" it Buy a faster GPU. Contribute to the game code so that it can intelligently drop entities in scenes like that Learn to map and hel
  5. @ddaazzaa There's an obvious performance problem at the spawn location It's too many triangles to draw. I used a debug cvar r_maxTri but it's broken in 2.09. I can provide you with an svn build if you're willing to look at it. My tests (radeon 550 64-bit, getviewpos -722 -4500 -105 0 90 0) regular render - 2.7M tri - 21 fps MT=1000 - 1.5M tri - 54 fps MT=100 - 470K tri - 85 fps Draw call remained the same at ~7K Do you understand what's causing this many triangles to draw?
  6. @Gadavre this is not a problem with the game itself, but the particular map. Please ask the mapper to fix it. This thread should be closed and all further discussion continue in the map thread: @ddaazzaa please see my post there
  7. Please post getviewpos of your problem, as well as your system config
  8. Fundamentally it's what people want. Blend in with the social landscape, avoid stress and effort, say yes and survive another day.
  9. Can't repeat the script assert failure with the current svn any more
  10. Good to know, thanks Yes, it's live, no `seta `, just `com_smp 0` in the console Actually, it should have a GUI control, but I'm used to game console now Right now I'm most interested in the following parameters: CPU and GPU freq GPU and CPU usage VRAM usage with SMP on and off, shadows stencil and maps, in the critical scenes. Finally, do you have VSync on/off, and capped FPS on/off (and max fps cap if relevant)
  11. No, I mean that TDM re-compresses the pk4 after download because we want certain file types to be uncompressed inside the pk4 I think so, maybe I need to update svn Is the 153MB version what we get in the in-game downloader?
  12. OK, let's continue in that thread
  13. Yeah, let's stay in this thread 1. I can't see the CPU frequency on your screenshots 2. You do have integrated graphics on that motherboard, right? Can you check if you have unexplainable fps drops in the dead ends like that on Intel? 3. Try the Windows version via Wine to rule out the TDM Linux platform code. 4. What about com_smp? Try toggling it on and off in the critical areas 5. r_useParallelAddModels off? 6. The cpu usage looks quite suspicious. With SMP off you should be at 25-30% (single thread busy). 7. Reset the darkmod .cfg. Does TDM start and load
  14. I can see that the map is heavy on dynamic lights The shadow maps path needs less CPU but will use up more VRAM. You're likely running out of it. The stencil path has some CPU usage workarounds but you'll need first to confirm you're CPU-limited. E.g. 1514 -888 33 18 154 0
  15. I have 130+ fps in that scene, limited by my 64-bit radeon 550 First thing to do is make sure your GPU/CPU don't throttle, then reset the darkmod .cfg
  16. I just noticed that the pk4 is poorly compressed At install TDM has to recompress the entire file supposedly having a compressed .ogg or a video. Also, svn fails to load the map due to assert failed in the remote camera script
  17. I mean a setup like the attached You will need to find a tool to do that. I can't recommend anything but on Windows I use afterburner
  18. When can you start working on it? Seriously, can you RTX with OpenGL at all yet?
  19. Or shit... the Linux Can you get TDM run in a maximized window? How do you monitor CPU/GPU load, VRAM usage? What is your TDM's com_smp setting? What is the benchmark scene in Painter's Wife you struggle with? (getviewpos)
  20. I could offer some guidance in getting more FPS but it will take some effort from you Are you sure you absolutely need to play Painter's Wife now? You could play other missions for now and then upgrade the hardware to something more decent later. What are your system specs?
  21. I hate to admit that from player's perspective the @nbohr1more's mod does "look cool" slightly when you know what to look for, e.g. on the dimly lit roofs at the distance. OTOH it might be bumming out for programmers to support which I gladly find myself not involved with any more. The question for someone to decide is if the barely visible coolness is worth the support cost. Which again depends on whether this part is isolated from the rest of the code well enough and @nbohr1moreis willing to do all the related routine work in the long term. But then again I don't personally like th
  22. Since it's the most compatible mode, I'd have it the default setting
  23. @stgatilovcorrect me if I'm wrong, but isn't r_glCoreProfile 2 resulting in FCC? I'm still confused about these technicalities. What context do we get with r_glCoreProfile 1 and does it also fail with the dumb radeon 6000 drivers?
  24. The problem solved? (Other than how to "make it look cooler" - I prefer to deal in school physics formulas)
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