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  1. Make the entity list to boot when you start DR. This reduces the problem on my end significantly.
  2. @TheUnbeholden

    You cannot receive PMs. Could you please be so kind and check your mailbox if it is full (or maybe you switched off the function)?

    1. TheUnbeholden


      Alright, I deleted all the conversations I had in there to make room. If you could send me the beta 2 that would be great JackFarmer!

  3. @nbohr1more another idea: there are several abandoned WIPs. Maybe doing some sort of contest with them?
  4. @nbohr1moreIs this a DR or a DM problem?
  5. Editor: in game: Word or entires lines are cut out...or did I mess up something?
  6. Looks very good, sounds very good and has a great atmosphere! Took me more than one hour to complete on Easy difficulty until I stumbled over the The last two scripted scenes were great and added perfectly to the LC setting. Good job!
  7. Congratulations on the release!
  8. Hello taffers, The campaign "Hidden Hands: Blood & Metal" consisting of five missions is now basically ready for beta testing (the briefing videos are missing and there are still some "real" speakers missing, at the moment there are tentative robot voices in these places, hope to replace them in the next two or three weeks). Unfortunately, the project has become somewhat more extensive than originally planned. It took me about two hours to test each mission. So you should allow at least12 hours for all five missions on the first run. Beta testing shall start at the beginning/middle of next week. The difficulty level is somewhere between "The Anomaly" and "The Lost Citadel". Some things are easier, others are not, but proper exploration and usage of the available resources/objects should always pave the way to success. Sign in here, if you are taff enough! Jack Testing thread:
  9. Save/Quicksave and Load/Quickload with turrets WIPs work now, thank you!
  10. @joebarnin

    Jeff, I sent you PM a few weeks back but you did not respond. Maybe your inbox is full?

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    2. JackFarmer


      Yeah, that's the last one. Did you check the attached video? It was for your information to see that it works as it should! :)

    3. joebarnin


      Sorry, yes, I watched it and it looked great! I like the look of that area. I'm looking forward to beta testing!

    4. joebarnin


      I just changed my notifications so that I'll get email more often when things like Status Updates happen. Otherwise I miss out important stuff.

  11. What do you mean by moving them around? You move them from the models folder into another folder? Models must be placed in the models folder. Otherwise, DM/DR cannot find them anymore causing the problems you mentioned in your post.
  12. @nbohr1more Any updates here? Sorry for being a pain, but this is a critical problem preventing me from finishing my campaign beta preps.
  13. @nbohr1more@Dragofer Update to the post quoted above: only missions with turrets are concerned, all others work fine.
  14. Just added a test as per your suggestion in my post above.
  15. The problem does not show up with all related dev builds. However, I cannot test with the last build (16854-10518), which I simply cannot start and get the report EDIT: As per our friend dragofer's suggestion, I made a blank script file in this build and removed the turrets from the WIP for a test. Then I can start the game and the mission and can save/load without problems. Summary: 16842-10488: no problems 16854-10518: cannot test (see above) 16854-10518 (modified scriptfile, no turrets) : no problems beta 1: problem appears
  16. Yes, however, did more tests now. The problem already starts with the first beta build. When downgrading to 2.11, everything works fine.
  17. Yes, made a "standard" save game with a name and made quick saves in the latest beta.
  18. I cannot load saves/quicksave in one of my project maps anymore. When starting quickload/load the mission loads a tiny bit, but crashes to desktop then. Can't say whether this was already a problem with the previous beta versions. Checked all other WIPs and it works fine there. qconsole.log Darkmod.cfg
  19. No, you are right, that was my mistake. Thank you for asking that, cause this would have caused me problems during beta testing as every AI must be on the same team in this mission. Anyway, this happens when both are on the same time (tested three times, each time the same result): https://streamable.com/0n3yqg This is much better...but far from perfect. During the second try the other guy returned, but did not assist his friend.
  20. I've encountered this problem every now and then: https://streamable.com/gm74g1
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