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  1. First thing that comes to mind is Volta 2: The Cauldron Though, one should have played Volta 1 before starting Volta 2. Both missions are excellent and DM references.
  2. Check Amadeus' recently released mission "A good neighbor". It uses patches with the following material: textures/darkmod/nature/grass/grass_edge/path/dirt/dry_earth_muddy_path
  3. @STRUNK Ah, yes, of course, the usage is defined there, thus DM does not like its removal before editing of the custom_script accordingly. Will do!
  4. @STRUNK That worked! That worked! Activation of both func_movers and subsequent frobbing of the map does not cause crashes anymore! I removed the def file but kept the reusable_script as removal of the latter prevented DM from starting in the first place. Thank you very much for your help! In my potential mission "The Inventors Guild", you will not only get a mention, you will get your own statue - in the "Hall of Inventors"!
  5. @STRUNK You are right, I have just tried two arrangements: 1. If the player grabs the map BEFORE activating the bobbing, then everything works fine and the grabbed map causes no problems 2. If the player grabs the map AFTER activating the bobbing, then DM crashes to desktop. In total, I have two of the func_mover_dragofer entities in my map.
  6. Sorry, I think we have a misunderstanding here, your scripts work perfectly. I have found out that a different item causes the problem: Once the player carried out several steps (that includes activating the bobbing entity), an in-game map (entity name: map_of) can be grabbed by the player. As soon as the player grabs this particular map, the game crashes to desktop. Even more strange, I have two of these maps in my mission, but only the second one causes the problem. Thus I have copied the relevant entity into a test map, and there everything works fine. Conclusion: there must be something wrong in my WIP map.
  7. I am afraid the crashing comes from the map's complexity as copying the relevant assets (map of_entities) to a test map shows that everything works as it should.
  8. Thanks, let me try some more changes. If I do not get it working, I will get back to you.
  9. Correction, it works, but after activatiion DM crashes. Not always, but very often. I have tested the function on two machines with differing hardware configurations. I found the problem: some related readable is causing the crashes.
  10. Yes! I can already see the end of the tunnel
  11. @STRUNK I just implemented it. It works perfectly! Thank you very much!
  12. @STRUNK Strike that. My mistake! Sorry and thank you for the help! Jack
  13. Hmm..the link above does not work any longer. However, I did exactly as describe by you with the first file (though I had to add the .txt file with "Bobbing" as this was not included with your .pk4. In game it looks like below: https://streamable.com/gvv4o
  14. Thank you for that. However, I do not get the pk4 working (if I use the lever, nothing happens). You sure this is the same setup as in the video?
  15. @STRUNK Yeah, I tried as well, but it does not work. That would have been a cool solution. @VanishedOne For some reasons hide does not work with func bobbing.
  16. I am still trying to find a way to activate/deactivate func_bobbing entities, but still I had no luck. So far I've tried: start_on start_off on off Is there really no way to start/stop this entity?
  17. That's the spirit we need around here!
  18. That's very kind. I have it sent to you in a few minutes. Thank you in advance!
  19. Yeah, I know what you mean. The problem is, I have already several other puzzles with such naming conventions in the mission and I do not want to overdo it. Plus, I simply do not want more of those artefacts with adventerous names needing readables to explain their origin. Thus, I will go with joe`s suggestion. It is not the most elegant solution, but it works.
  20. Yes, you are right; giving it differing names (Hammer 1, Hammer 2, etc.) works, but it looks so uncool, as you have now identical objects displayed separately in the inventory. The hammers are all identical. The reason why I added four models was, that I thought the problem is, that I only have one model and the code searches for additional cm files. That's (of course) not very logical. however, it made no difference anyway. Hm.... Edit: This was the original setup (used four times), but it did not work:
  21. Thank you STRUNK and Geep for posting so many new stuff. That's a good distraction for everybody these days. Thus I have decided to post a few more pics from my upcoming mission before we go beta. And for those who want see more, here comes an ingame video from the starting point showing a peaceful and silent lakeshore...with an invisible infiltrator in action! https://streamable.com/ixzp0
  22. Two more essential puzzles to add, put these last two puzzles are driving me crazy. I have a puzzle that requires the player to collect four items (Ritual Hammers). The items shall later be placed somewhere via S/R. (However, that's not the issue.) I have created four items as defined below: Note: I have created for each moveable a separate model (thus the numbers) and I have saved for every separate model a CM in the models folder. Result: When I collect all four items (without further interaction), then everything looks ok: Four ritual hammers in the inventory. Great. The problem is: If I collect more than one Hammer and press "R" for removal, I receive the following game error: IDMoveable "IDMoveable_atdm:moveable_custom_Item_190x": cannot load collision model. -" ("x" is a differing parameter) How can that be? Please note: If I collect only one random hammer and press "R", everything works ok and I can drop the item. Jack
  23. It would be great if mappers could define EFX within DR. The info location entities are needed for definition of relevant areas anyway. Thus, I wonder if there is the chance to add a new property there, something like: "efx" and when applied, it should display "Select Reverb" (similar to "Choose Model/Choose Skin" for other entities).
  24. Good idea, will try that, thank you!
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