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  1. I've started the mission again last nite and played a little more ... but then stopped, I don't want to finish it until Part 2 is released! Oh shit, you guys know how to create tension! On a different note: In my opinion, this mission has the best sound design since Joebarnin's "Heart of St. Mattis."
  2. I dont't have a master plan for that either, but if you try to do it like joebarnin did with the screenshots (and maybe enhance the visibility and name exact locations if not clear to identify), that would be great. Look out for: floating objects frobable items that cannot be frobbed or are difficult to frob texture glitches defective switches defectives doors weird AI behaviour (running against walls or other items, walking in circles, unable to operate doors, walking to close to walls and other things) ambient sound/fx: too loud? voices:
  3. Yeah, that would be great. I will send you version 2 once ate0ate posted his/her comments.
  4. I am afraid cabalistic is right; very high drawcalls outside the manor, probably because of too many visible entities at large distance.
  5. @joebarnin I knew that you would not let me down! Thank you very much!
  6. Hello ladies & gentlemen, HHTA is ready for beta. The mission length is ca. 2,5 hours. This time, no cryptic clues and no complex puzzles. For the highly sensitive beta testers, this mission includes So, if you have problems with then you probably should not sign up for beta testing. It would be great to have several non-native English speakers (I am neither, as most of you know) as the mission includes lots of spoken comments - none of them essential to finish the game, but practically all of them shall add to the atmosphere...and this mission is m
  7. Update: the VPs are not on the samep plane. Shifted it even a bit more, no positive effect.
  8. @Petike the Taffer@Shadow Creepr Well, if it is ok with you, I will take over the project and agree all related steps with Shadow Creepr directly.
  9. I know what you mean but I am afraid I just provide text to the voice actors - sometimes accompanied by generic hints like "make him sound like a fool" or "use your Builder voice" or "please try to imitate vocal set xy" and then the voice actors derive the rest from the text. That worked well till now. So, you see, I do not really have experience with voice direction. Hm...let me check what has been done so far and I will get back to you...
  10. The possibilities are very tempting (AI reacting to open doors or missing objects, relighting candles/torches), and I wanted to use this as often as possible in previous missions, but everything comes at a price. For example, Version 1 of HHVF had a guard on the first floor who detected closed doors and tried to close them again. Unfortunately, the character in question was also part of a conversation, which had the effect that he simply broke off the conversation and wanted to close the door. That was annoying, because a) the voice actor in question had put a lot of work into it and
  11. have you tried this approach as well? The entity Trigger Random selects the targets with evenly weighted chances.
  12. I had no idea that Schneider produced PCs after the CPC 8 Bit series....which originally was Armstrad hardware, if I recall correctly. However, very interesting!
  13. 1. By placing and removing a dummy AI you force aas32 calculation in the relevant area because if at map start there is no AI in the relevant area, no aas32 will be generated for it. The easier way is simply to use the entity "aas32_flood" and place it on the ground brush of the relevant area. Thus you can avoid the stuff with the dummy AI. 2. I would suggest that the teleported AI starts with no target path_corner, after teleportation you can add a path_corner with the entity "atdm:target_changetarget": target ---> name of AI add ---> name of desired path_corner
  14. Those zombies with one eye only are already very scary. One of these fellows lies in front of a gate and I woke him up by accident during my first run. Almost got an heart attack. They remind me of some other game...maybe "Soma"?
  15. I will check and, if as you say, will try to shift that. Will report back asap.
  16. I think that depends on the layout. In the image below, I had a lamp light leaking through the wall from the other side of the door in the top left corner. With the spawnarg I could prevent that, but as you can see, there is also a small maintenance tunnel below the grating without a door and thus the VP always stays open creating weird light effects,
  17. @Frost_Salamander I am not sure anymore, but I am afraid this only works when the portals are closed. You should give it a try and see how it works for you.
  18. @Frost_Salamander I had lights leaking through massive walls and ceilings. With the commmands above I could limit them to the areas they were in.
  19. @Frost_Salamander@Obsttorte@OGDA@HMart Not sure whether I fully understand the problem. However, Dragofer provided me with the following property/values for the lights when I had the same problem with electric lamps in HHTLC: "areaLock" "origin" -> ties the entity's visibility to the visleaf in which the origin lies "areaLock" "center" -> ties the entity's visibility to the visleaf in which the center of its dimensions lies Might come in handy.
  20. @Bienie If I recall correctly, I had the same problem with HHVF, but do not remember how I fixed it. (maybe I deleted everything and started from scratch). Somehow have the feeling, that some things are not working correctly anymore (that is, sometimes it works, sometimes it does not work), that goes for triggers, locations, S/R commands...
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