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  1. Yes, I realized that after a bit of time. 3rd spider now dead. This mission was very inventive. I was looking all over for a rope arrow considering all those wood beams and frobbable windows and it ends up you really don't need one (I did find it eventually). What you did need though was a spyglass and a lantern. Then moving Gilbert to his destination was tricky. Loved the mission.
  2. I found the item you suggested I figured it out
  3. I found that a gas arrow renders him immobile but I don't think it kills him. I'll have come back to this after I found what you suggested. Thanks
  4. Spiders In Basement Is there any way to kill the 3 spiders without alerting them ? Are there 3 different ways, one for each ? I killed one successfully by lighting it with fire. The trap door was an obvious method, but the red spider was always alerted before he fell in, probably through the noise I made using the arrow to push the release button from a distance. Also, it seems the red spider cannot be killed via fire the way the other was. I had to use "Whistle" in order to lure it into position, but the fire didn't affect it. I actually managed to kill the red spider after I posted this, The last spider just didn't seem to be around anything that would kill it. Arrows didn't work ( I only had 1) I thought there might be something I'm not seeing or missing to accomplish this objective without alerting them.
  5. I wasn't joking I never heard the term before, but I've been involved in countless Escape Rooms apparently without knowing they had a name.
  6. What is an Escape Room ? Is it like a panic room or a weather room or a bomb shelter. Some place to go to be safe? You must live in the countryside on acreage. I can't imagine an escape room being a part of a 3 bedroom apartment in the city. Or maybe it's just a metaphorical term for some room that you isolate as a place to gather your thoughts without external influence. Just curious. BTW, I had the same issue you have. I had to noclip to continue through this part. I don't know if it's related, but a different mission (Now And Then) had a piece of loot that would NOT highlight for me, making it impossible to frob. When I replayed the mission, it highlighted fine. It may be too much to ask that you restart to check as it's quite a ways into the story IIRC
  7. I think your fan missions are excellent. But they are less for newcomers to DarkMod and more for veteran players who like the challenge(s). Some of your loot placement is phenomenally difficult to see or find. Same with the secrets. I don't think I completed ONE of your missions without help. Even though I groaned a couple of times, it was still a blast to play and enjoy. This applies to every mission you made: Mission Of Mercy The Heart Of Saint Mattis Now And Then By Any Other Name Thanks for those missions. Hope to see more.
  8. It's all good now Yes, renaming the .pk4 as you stated solved my issue. Thanks for your input datiswous
  9. That is SO excellent. I can now play the Mod and keep the loot/stealth list that I'm used to. Thanks Snatcher, lovely product.
  10. It's strange. The default "noclip" is super fast. Now that could be because I have "always run" enabled. But I CAN slow it down when in noclip by pressing "Shift" & "w". This doesn't work for crawl. "Ctrl" & "w" shows no change. I know I can set the noclip speed manually, but I have to do it each time I want to use it. Kinda annoying. EDIT That was it. Disabling "always run" allows me to engage all 3 speed modes when in noclip.
  11. Loot/Stealth Presentation I haven't looked through this thread, so I hope I'm not chatting about something that has already been discussed. I just installed Version 2.11 and along with it the TDM Modpack. One of the things I've grown addicted to is having the enhanced "running tally" of loot in the bottom right of the screen (tdm_loot_stealth_stats.pk4). This disappears when the Modpack is enabled. Instead, I get the classic presentation of loot via the F3 key. The thing that I really miss is the total amount of loot available in the mission. The stealth stats are for ghosting, which I also use. I would love to spend more time using the Modpack, but not knowing how much loot there is in total makes the choice difficult. Unless I can keep "tdm_loot_stealth_stats.pk4" enabled somehow. Is this a possibility ?
  12. Thank you Snatcher. It was THAT simple. I will add those instructions to my notes for the next version of Dark Mod. I've just read the instructions for installation of your Modpack. I think I'll give it a try. I hope there's a way to easily slow down noclip speed.
  13. My Version 2.10 had an adjustment I installed that changed a display located at the bottom right of the screen from just itemizing Loot to a list of other information that I thought was helpful. But I can't find the file or executable that made the change. I would like to add that to my Version 2.11. I noticed a Modpack by Snatcher's Workshop that had something similar but it wasn't the same. Can anybody help me change ver 2.11 so that I have the same display as shown in the attachment ??
  14. It's always sad to have a story end before it's time. The best stories utilize techniques but aren't driven by it. It sounds like you were indeed heading into Avatar territory. Not for the lapse in time between instalments, but for the pizzazz you felt was needed to tell the story. Too bad. I will always like and replay The Accountant 2. Thank you for that gift.
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