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  1. Excellent mission ! This is one of those I'll keep coming back to. My loot total is awfully low so I'll gladly revisit Iris to complete the FM. I have an idea where the alternate ending may be but not sure what would trigger it.
  2. I cannot figure out the combo to get into Ursin's basement room. I "think" I have all the other combos but I could be wrong as I seem to run into new ones pretty regular. I did finish the mission but didn't complete it as apparently there is an alternative ending. For that I have no idea.
  3. I save before a jump. Because I'm very bad at it. So when I die I can reload exactly where the jump is. Also, I'm not the best at rope arrow placement. It's much better to save/reload repetitively until you get the arrow where you need it, than to reload back to a save room and find your way to that spot. It would get very annoying very fast and I would probably stop playing the game. That's assuming the save room is exclusive, there is no manual autosave, and no save slot offered. I'm reminded of Far Cry: Blood Dragon, where you have to play through a lengthy opening sequence completely before being allowed to save. I love Far Cry and Blood Dragon was fun in its own way, but I've never played it a second time because of that opening act. Venting over (that felt good)
  4. Thanks. I didn't go far enough down the thread to find it. It works fine so far. As long as I don't try to play a savegame (game won't even load if I try that). Which means I'm going to re-start the mission a third time. But that's on me. I'm used to having to trash my save games every time a new version of DarkMod is released.
  5. I would love to have this, even if I had to restart a mission yet again. But I'm not finding it through any of the links above. Apparently there is an addon or plugin somewhere that you copy to your TDM folder making sure to rename it. But where is it?
  6. I've started replaying the mission and already found stuff I missed. There are so many Bonus? Items to pick up, how do we know when we have them all? Is there a list somewhere (fan mission is TOO recent I guess). Maybe a tally would have been nice. Ex) you found 1/10 items or 1/6 books, etc. I tell ya, I hope someone does a Youtube Walkthrough of this mission and please make it in 4k. I wanna watch it in on the living room tv with 2 big buckets of All Dressed Popcorn & a 2L Coke.
  7. I went to pick up the glasses and this time it worked ! I don't know why, but something happened that corrupted my ability to use the glasses first time around. Thanks for your assistance. I don't have a problem starting this mission again. It's that good.
  8. 1. Dropping inventory items works fine until I try to drop the "Peculiar Lense" (of which I have 2). The game crashes if I try that. 2. Any other inventory item behaves as it should 3. Re-installing the mission and inserting my savegames folder doesn't solve the problem. 4. Tweaking the video configuration as per your suggestions didn't solve the problem. New Stuff 5. I tried to find at what point things got corrupted by loading all my save games until I noticed the lense was in my inventory. Picking up the lense apparently did something, but it only affected that item. Eveything else seems to work fine. I'm going to start the mission over and try to get to the lense item as quickly as possible to test whether picking it up repeats the problem. But I don't remember where I picked up either one of the lenses. Could you remind me where to go ?
  9. Now THIS is interesting. When I try to drop the 2 glasses from my inventory ("R" key) the game crashes ! So there is definitely something going on. I will experiment. If your suggestion doesn't work, I may just have to start the mission over again, which isn't a bad thing, because there are plenty of changes I would make on a second run through. I will let you know if/when this gets fixed. I'm assuming no one else has had this issue. btw.... the drop inventory key stroke works with other inventory items. So I could choose a flash mine and successfully drop it. Also, the version of your fan mission I'm playing is ver1 . I think there is a ver1.1. Maybe that is a problem
  10. The 2 attachments represent my video choices. Using Win10 Home 64 bit
  11. When I equip the lens from the inventory and press the "Z" key, (which means "use" the inventory item), it flashes red and does nothing. Alternatively, if I were to choose a flash mine and press the "Z" key, it actually drops the flash mine, which is what is supposed to happen (flashes green too). So in that respect, the lens isn't made available to me. Now, maybe I have to be close to something in order for the lens to work ?? Also, when I equip the lens (choose it from the inventory and it appears at the bottom right of the screen as chosen) I do not get any kind of overlay. So I think there is where the issue resides. Perhaps its a video option I have to tweak ?
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