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  1. Thanks, I found it after Those Secrets were some of the hardest I've had to find. I only legitimately discovered one. The rest required reviewing your initial post. Thanks for the mission. It was challenging enough not to make it a romp but easy enough not to abandon it incomplete. One question on the first Secret......
  2. omg.... So I was using my "Drop inv item" key, instead of my "Use inv item key". What a stupid mistake on my part. Thanks for the help.
  3. I'm confused with this Dalton objective. I've got the ingredient and I know where the bowl is. What needs to be done here?
  4. Thanks for the reply (I don't know where the FAQ is). For someone who is doing this mission a second time, I shouldn't be stuck like this. The second problem I'm having is regards the swapping of diaries. I've got the right diaries and the right people, but switching the diaries doesn't tick off the objective. It was Annabelle's & Williams diaries, right? Never mind...I found your Q&A and I corrected my mistake in the diary switch. Cheers, and thanks for the great missions.
  5. I can't find the Bag Of Mandrasola Maybe I should have posed this as a question...... I'm having trouble with the optional objective of retrieving a Bag Of Mandasola from Peter. I know where his room is, but I can't find the Bag. Can someone help me ?
  6. I should have gotten that one. Thanks. How about the other key, the Accounts Room Key ?
  7. Where is the Junkyard Key ? and the Accounts Room Key ?
  8. Thanks for the reply. I'm going to have to give up on the ghosting. I'm in awe of anyone who accomplishes it. So far I certainly don't see anyway to get Aeden's Staff without accessing the vents, so I'm going to leave that for later. I'm still trying to get around without being noticed. You can PM me anytime. I know I'm going to be playing this mission many times in the future and its a privilege to converse with the missions author.
  9. It took me forever to move that board resting against a vent gate And I couldn't do it without alerting the guy in the room. I had to knock him out and then all I could do to advance was The hallway leading to a very brightly lighted room is impossible to navigate and the vent inside the hallway leads in a loop and goes nowhere. Question: Was that board the only way to advance in the vents? It looks like I'm taking a difficult way around and I missed something along the way. Also, how can a room as brightly lit and well occupied be stealthed. Is there a light switch to help me along?
  10. Excellent mission ! This is one of those I'll keep coming back to. My loot total is awfully low so I'll gladly revisit Iris to complete the FM. I have an idea where the alternate ending may be but not sure what would trigger it.
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