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  1. I haven't been able to make contact with the Mission Archive built into the game. Its telling me it cannot connect to the server. I currently have 135 missions downloaded. Could it be that's all there is, as I also get a comment "No new mission packages available for download".
  2. I guess that's the one I'm missing as I've gotten all the loot. Could you elaborate on this visual entity? Or simply point it out Never mind.....found your list btw....in that list, #5
  3. I found the culprit that was deleting my executable for Dark Mod. This last time it also removed "TheDarkMod.exe, so I knew it wasn't WindowsDefender as that program wasn't running. On June 09, AVG quarantined TheDarkMod64.exe as a viral threat under the title IDP.Genereic. It did this again on Aug 31, Oct 07, & Oct 18. When I found TheDarkMod.exe gone last night I started to explore AVG and opened their Quarantine list to find my executables there. I checkboxed both TheDarkMod64.exe & TheDarkMod.exe and chose to "Restore And Add Exception". So that should resolve things for me. My thanks to duzenko and HMart for their help.
  4. I could not find anything in Windows Defender that lists any files it considers(ed) a hazard and removed. But I still am going to turn it off, then re-install DM64bit yet again and see how long before the executable disappears again. If it does, then the problem cannot be Defender. And I'll have to look elsewhere. Or, I can always disregard the 64bit version and play the game using the 32bit version.
  5. I'm in the process of looking into windows defender and if I find it is the reason for the problem I'm having, I'll post my results for anyone else having this issue. If I can't find a "vault" of files deleted, I may simply stop running it. I use AVG anyway and I think they update their virus catalogue faster than defender. I don't really remember why I have this redundancy running on my computer.
  6. What I'm looking for is a reason why this executable keeps being deleted.
  7. This is the third time I've fired up my computer to find that the executable for running the 64bit version of DarkMod has been deleted. I've had to re-install the whole game in order to get that executable back, and in the process of coarse I lose my saves. It doesn't happen right away. This last time I was able to play for a few weeks before TheDarkMod64.exe vanished. Has anyone else suffered this problem ? I'm thinking it might be a Windows Defender decision but I have no way of knowing.
  8. I haven't seen a BSD in days? <seriously joking>
  9. Everything is fine (I think). Right now I'm playing CoS2: A Precarious Position and its performing without issue. But I just downloaded the mission. I need to plow through completed missions to see if anything is misbehaving. I am aware that "Saves" are lost when you upgrade DarkMod, so that problem has an explanation. I'm not sure whether I can play a mission that was completed under 2.07 32bit and have the saves work under 64bit. Not having the Saves accessible is irritating but it doesn't affect play. And so far, the play is fine. What is CTD ? I'm gonna guess "Crash To Desktop"
  10. The mission that gave me this error was CoS1: Pearls And Swine
  11. I don't know if This will apply to all missions that I've previously played, but for the one that gave me the above Game Error, I re-downloaded the mission (updated) and it started on the 2nd attempt. The first attempt the game crashed to desktop. Also, my saves were lost, but that was probably due to my upgrade to 2.07 a few months back. I'm not sure if my issues are totally fixed in other words. I need to test more missions. But I got my 64bit version back !! Thanks to everyone who is helping
  12. The Game has returned along with the capability of played in 64bit. But when I try to play certain missions again, I get the following Game Error. I get the same error whether I try in 32bit or the 64 bit version. And I get the same error when I DON'T use any of the saves but attempt a "New Mission". Any ideas whats happening ??
  13. I don't remember if I used your installer or not but I can't find any reference to an "uninstaller" anywhere so that suggests I didn't. What I DO have is the darkmod207.zip which I will use to extract all pertinent files in what will be an empty folder (I may name the folder slightly different). The zip file contains tdm_update.exe as well as the file TheDarkMod64.exe, which for whatever reason disappeared from my computer last week and started my problems. Once installed, I will move the fms Folder to the new install folder and hopefully that will solve my growing issues. I suppose once installed, I should run the update program to make sure everything is current ?
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