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  1. It's all good now. Thanks for the mission. I will be replaying it in the future.
  2. I can't find Saint Leroy's Hammer. Is it in The Quarters ? If it is, then I need to know where the key is to open that area. ***Later*** I know now the Quarters Key ***Later Still*** Ok , now I know where to find the Chapel Key Looks like another puzzle to solve.
  3. Thank you, thank you. I hadn't read the second letter so it wasn't "packaged". Now everything works! The only issue I have left is to "discourage the assassin"
  4. Do these health replenishing wells only work once ? I know there are 2 and may be a third, but I accidentally used one and then discovered when I returned that it no longer worked for me (and I really needed it to that time). Now I have to remember where the other(s) are.
  5. I'm just reading up on Ver2.08 (thanks to nbohr1more for link) and it looks like I'm making the right move in updating, regardless of losing my saves (for the ?? number of times).
  6. Its also located at the main menu minus build number. In my case the complete Version would be 2.07 / 64 #7932. I don't know if that changes anything. My plan is to go Ver2.08 anyway.
  7. Thanks for the link and for your assistance.
  8. It's impossible then to keep save games for prosperity with Dark Mod when version updates make the saves unloadable. So, seeing as Ver2.08 is out (it is formally released and not just beta, right?) I might as well go that route. I'm not finding a release link yet. Haven't really prowled too deeply for it though. Can you confirm it's out of Beta Testing and available to the general population?
  9. Seeing as I never heard of Hotfix, chances are I'm already playing without it. But many thanks to everyone who tried to help. Looks like I'm going to have to examine 2.08 to see if its worth upgrading. Better to do that than try to fix my problem only to have the saves not work anyway after Ver 2.08 is installed
  10. I have done nothing with the game. I didn't make any new saves, I didn't install any fixes. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a hotfix for 2.07 or an Unofficial Patch. I only now found out that there is a ver 2.08 (let me guess...installing it makes all the 2.07 saves not work).
  11. Yes, I've been running 2.07 for quite a while and the most recent games I've played would be using 2.07
  12. It's been a while since I've played Dark Mod FM's and now I'm realizing that all of my save's, regardless of Fan Mission, doesn't load and boots me to the beginning. I haven't changed my computer in any way, other than updates to Win 10. No video card change, no change in hard drive, nothing. Version 2.07 / 64. Any help would be appreciated.
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