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  1. Pretty good LCD quality for the early 1990s. The brightness of the OS environment demonstrates the variation in contrast that the screen can do rather well, it looks like the brightness in the actual game is set quite low. Also there is minimal smearing and the colors are good too. Running 3D games, or really any game with fast motion on a budget laptop back then generally looked like ass.
  2. The magic is in the denoiser. In Quake 2 RTX, you can even switch the denoiser off and see all the noise in it's glory if you want to. Basically, real-time implementations rely on very few samples, and aggressive denoising, not to mention fewer light bounces, Q2RTX being limited to only 3 diffuse bounces, as they are generally the slowest to calculate, at least in Blender they are. Additionally, most games that do real-time ray tracing only use it for one or two aspects of the scene like reflections, not for literally everything, like Q2RTX does. You can even have real-time emissive textured surfaces in Q2RTX, like the screen of a monitor in a dark room, where whatever is on the screen causes accurate shadows and colored lighting in the environment. It's amazing. Of course they can't just bolt this onto Thief's game engine and call it a day, the lighting and materials would also need to be reworked to properly take advantage of it.
  3. It's not hard to make Thief fans happy, add path tracing to Thief 1 and 2... either ala Quake 2 RTX, or with a pseudo-remake of the games. Allowing for fan missions with a path tracing engine, is a must.
  4. (The Depths) Such a beautiful piece. It does NOT sound like SNES music. And it is 100% polar opposite in terms of mood from the track that preceded it. I never heard anything else even close to as sad-sounding from that console, and I've no clue how he got the strings to sound so perfect.
  5. Actually I have a fitting question for this topic. As the game ages, how hard would it be for the TDM team to spit out versions of the models with more subdivisions to make them look better? I mean, since it's all open source, can't one just take the original model files, ratchet up their subdivision, and then reimplement them into the game as hardware gets more powerful? The other day I spawned a whole bunch of guards on my 5950x machine just to see what would happen to the frame rate, because I remember doing that same thing making a Pentium 4 beg for mercy, and it didn't even flinch.
  6. kano

    2016+ CPU/GPU News

    https://www.ghacks.net/2022/04/20/millions-of-lenovo-devices-affected-by-bios-vulnerability/ All I wanted was the ability to physically write-protect the firmware on my motherboard in order to prevent it from being replaced by an attacker in the event that I happen to run a malicious program. Instead, the industry has made the boot process so overly complicated that you can now play Doom right in UEFI without even loading an OS. https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Doom_UEFI It's like, I ask for a door lock that actually works, and in response, they just make a more complicated door that still can't be locked correctly.
  7. kano

    2016+ CPU/GPU News

    It's not that we enjoy picking on AMD, it's just that this particular config is gonna end up in lots of cost-sensitive computer builds where anything short of $300 for a graphics card and you might as well just insert a graham cracker into the PCIe slot.
  8. kano

    2016+ CPU/GPU News

    The trouble with excessive TDP though is if you want to build a small form factor/ITX computer for travel, you are limited in the size of cooler and airflow.
  9. re: shadow maps and the awesome new volumetrics. Anyone else noticed that the sky is not affected by them? E.g. stand under a volumetric and look up at the sky. You can see it clear as day. Engine limitation?
  10. Did I mention how absolutely grateful I am that TDM didn't get (and can never be) assimilated by a huge company like Microsoft, as is what happened to Minecraft?

    1. thebigh


      Yes, I too like that The Dark Mod is not crappy, overpriced bug-ridden gruel.

    2. datiswous


      Somewhat unrealated, but I told some woman about trying modding in TDM and then she sad that sounded what her doughter was doing in Minecraft. Ugh, this is when you remember not to talk to people about this outside the intrest-range.

    3. OrbWeaver


      That's the major advantage of FOSS of course: all the money in the world cannot take over the project (since it can just be forked for continued community development). Although for some reason FOSS games seem to be extremely rare apart from arcade stuff like Frozen Bubble.

  11. kano

    2016+ CPU/GPU News

    Pulling twice as many watts to barely beat the 5950x in Blender is hilarious. But that being said, we do seriously owe Intel a massive thank you for bringing down the price of Zen 3 and specifically the 5950x by overtaking it in the gaming space with a slightly more significant amount, gaming tending to dictate pricing for consumer products.
  12. Personally I would really love to see the materials updated so that grates and things which are made up of a transparent texture can cast checkered shadows onto the walls, rather than blocking all light as if they are solid. I could swear I've seen this feature in one mission or two. If I understand correctly shadow maps are required to allow this, and also of course one must be careful to not break missions by making there be light where there shouldn't be, etc. It is probably best left up to the FM authors to decide to enable this feature, rather than making it default on already-released missions. I imagine a tickbox or something that says "allow transparency for shadows" when a mapper adds a great to their mission. PS: I love the new volumetric shadows (also exclusive to shadow maps), they look really awesome. I'm just thinking of other ways to milk shadow maps for all they can do.
  13. Greetings. First I would like to say a huge thanks for the continued support of this game and for TDM 2.10, it loads much MUCh faster now. However on Debian Linux I have an issue where the mouse occasionally just warps. It happens both in the game and in the menus, though obviously when it happens in the game it is quite disorienting. Anyone else experience this? I never saw it in 2.09... EDIT: Seems to have gone away when I switched window managers.
  14. Never imagined that sprites casting shadows would work so well. EDIT: Better video.
  15. https://www.flatpanelshd.com/news.php?subaction=showfull&id=1648829114 If somebody told you this was going to eventually happen back in 1990, you would have laughed at them and called them crazy, and, here we are!
  16. Actually sad that I missed out on and never played this game back in the day.
  17. How come (most of) the sounds on this machine are quite good, when it only has 4MB of samples, compared to a 4MB soundfont on the PC, which generally sounds like crap?
  18. More people seem to be catching on to the mantra of "You will own nothing and be happy." I see it popping up more and more around the Internet. Big business will own everything forever, and people will merely rent it. PS: If I ever had to fight in a war and I lasted long enough to attain the rank of General, I would go by "General Jackass". It has a nice ring to it.
  19. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/world/europe/7-russian-generals-dead-one-of-them-run-over-by-own-men/articleshow/90466929.cms Holy crap... Reminds me of Goldeneye 007, running enemies over on the tank levels made such a great sound. I can't imagine how nerve-wracking and disturbing it would be, to be out there on a battlefield with a bunch of guys who really don't want to be there, and might decide to run their own commanding officer over on a whim. I mean the concept of fighting in a war is already disturbing enough, but when you know that even your own side isn't actually on your side, it would be way more frightening.
  20. Glad to hear that, because I've a feeling that if Russia successfully takes Ukraine, they won't stop there.
  21. This game with ray-tracing would be cool. I rather like the artwork.
  22. I really love this song because of the atmosphere. The melody and beat are somewhat simple, but there is a lot going on in the background. Best listened to with headphones on.
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