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  1. I did a reinstall of DR, but it did nothing to help the problem. I keep the darkmod folder directly in my "C" drive, with the DR folder inside the darkmod folder. The funny thing is, I copied the entire installation from the offending computer onto my laptop to see if it would do the same, but my laptop works worlds better. The only major difference between the two is the offending computer runs windows 7 and the laptop runs windows 8. My windows 7 computer has a better video card, so I really wonder what the problem is. I can run DR beautifully on my laptop, but my other computer is by far the better machine despite its hatred for DR. First world problems. I think it bears mentioning that this was a progressive problem, it started out loading everything fine, but a month later it cannot even load certain maps at all; it's very slow when it does. Edited for precision
  2. I did a full re-install, it's still doing the same things. I will try uninstalling it all (darkmod included) if you think that might work. It takes so long to install
  3. I will do a re-install and follow up here, thanks!
  4. I believe I'm using the 1.8.1 x64 build. Also, what do you mean by AV? I don't know what Avast is. I have not tried re-installing yet because I'm not sure what I need to back up, would that just be my maps?
  5. It seems like I'm having more and more trouble loading maps in DarkRadiant. The screens stay white, and if I minimize the window they go black, but the grid and everything will not appear. Is there something I can do to fix this?
  6. I have a new question or two. I made a vault door entity; is there a way to make it emit a sound that is more like a vault door when opened as opposed to the sliding door sound it currently makes? Also... How do I make the combination machine work? Ie: Decide on a combination and get it to unlock a door entity.
  7. Does this mean the "no draw" effectively renders whatever it is painted on as invisible?
  8. Ok, I've been following the A-Z guide which taught me to just paint it manually; it's good to know there's a button for that Thanks! I read this section yesterday, but I didn't see anywhere if the portal has to be visibile from another portal at a certain angle. Must the visportal side of the brush face a particular direction? quoting that link: So it doesn't matter which side the visportal texture is on as long as either side of the brush is in view?
  9. Today I learned a few things about visportals, but I'm wondering if the "visportal" texture needs to be on a specific side of the brush for it to work. I just want to make sure i'm doing it right before I end up with dozens of improperly "painted" visportals. I also want to thank everyone for helping me thus far, DarkRadiant has been really cool so far. I've only ever used DromEd before, so there seems to be many more possibilities and work has been quicker(except for the occasional leak).
  10. Thank you. I'll give that a try.
  11. So if i understand correctly, I edit the .dds files, but make copies of the skin and materials files with new names. After I edit them, should I zip these files separately from the originals to be stored in the darkmod folder like the others? Could I customize the name of the .pk4 file? Example: tdm_ai_humanoid_beast01.pk4 tdm_ai_humanoid_beast01.pk4\materials\tdm_ai_beast.mtr tdm_ai_humanoid_beast01.pk4\skins\tdm_ai_beast.skin
  12. So... where are the texture files for AI? Say I wanted to change the texture for a zombie, would I need to follow the steps to creating textures here? Or are those instructions just for the kind of textures which are used to paint brushes?
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