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  1. I assume the crash is the one I fixed in #5586. About not being able to go back, that's not something I expected - I can open 2.11.0 after having started the newer versions just fine. The log is really short, maybe some of your DLLs in the folder are mismatching? Can you extract a portable 2.11.0 and start the instance from a different location? I'll upload a new build with the crash fix in the meantime. edit: new build (pre3) uploaded.
  2. Should be fixed, it was indeed the fragment program. I fixed it by adding a version request to the file, it's #version 120 now.
  3. It's maybe caused by one of the debug openGL assertNoErrors calls which are shutting down the app. I'll have to investigate. Another possibility would be the changes to the depth fill GLSL program, maybe they are not compiling.
  4. I've pushed an update, let's hope it's working better now
  5. In case you cloned my repository, I haven't integrated the latest changes yet, so you still need to update the submodule first. This step can be skipped once I integrated OrbWeaver's master branch.
  6. Thanks, I'll check it out in the next few days!
  7. Same here with the Windows.h headers - they are infamous for their #defines polluting the namespaces. They are leaking through wxWidgets too. It's possible to turn those off by #define NOMINMAX and such, but it's obviously not happening, so we have min, max, near and far.
  8. If it's not a huge problem for you, I'm happy to update the dependencies. I need to fix something else in there anyway, so a new windeps package for 2.12.0 is due anyway. Ubuntu package seems to be present: https://packages.ubuntu.com/groovy/libeigen3-dev
  9. ...and merged. Be sure to sync back at some point, since I had to rename math::near to math::isNear due to some stupid preprocessor #define of "near".
  10. I felt the urge to check the network activity when it kept me waiting, to make sure it didn't just stall - I got around 500k/sec cloning from gitlab. I probably just ran into a bad mirror. A shallow clone of the submodule is probably a good move, since we're not really interested in the history anyway, count +1 for that. But it's not just the git pack, it's also the checkout which is fairly large, it's 1600 files (14 MB). As you put it, it's not exactly on the lightweight side for algebra I guess we're not really using all of that tree, are we?
  11. Ok, got everything merged, and as a bonus, it's even compiling now. That submodule is *huge*, it took me 2 minutes to get it fetched and checked out. Not sure I really like that huge tree lying around, it reminds me a bit of the boost times. But I can live with it. For VC++ I added a pre-build script to check for the eigen sources, and if they're not present in the expected path, it will try to init the submodule itself by calling git submodule update -i. The wiki articles and the README.md file have been adjusted too for clarification.
  12. @OrbWeaver it just occurred to me that I forgot to merge the most recent commits to your master branch. I'll do that for the next pre-release.
  13. Here's the DR 2.12.0pre3 build for every interested mapper to test. For more things that have changed or fixed, see the list below. Download Windows Portable x64: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QVbtqQzRYGOKmnvi27Fcx5IfEZXcKLGe/view?usp=sharing Download Windows Installer x64: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MYIE1MwLpE5MOnHA1aqFj4YTegeLNyhG/view?usp=sharing Linux folks need to compile this stuff from source, instructions for various distributions are on the wiki. If you happen to run into a crash, please record a crashdump: How to record a crashdump Changes since 2.
  14. Btw, I'm running into the same problem after updating to 2.09. Tried changing all of the aforementioned CVARs, but nothing solved it. I ended up updating to one of the test builds (I think test15973-8787). I'm on a laptop with an Intel UHD 620 and a dedicated nVidia GeForce MX150 here. Switching GPUs doesn't change anything, except that the screen is turning all white on Intel, instead of all black on nVidia. I haven't tried wiping the entire TDM tree to see if any old assets (like glprogs) might be lying around, conflicting with the downloaded ones. I also haven't tried yet recompil
  15. That was my main concern. The whole reason the windeps are kept separate is that Linux users don't need to check out all these windows binaries. If there is no easy distinction and Linux users have to unconditionally checkout all submodules, then the point is moot.
  16. Ok, I'll also update the wiki compilation articles then, because including the submodules while cloning is something I tend to forget myself. It left me scratching my head two times when trying to build something from source in the past, until I realized I might be missing something the sources expect to be there from the start. Re libfmt: in this case I was forced to include it in the source tree, because I couldn't get it to compile with the Ubuntu libfmt package. It can be configured as header-only (by #DEFINE) or as static library, but the debian package somehow had conflicting linker
  17. Nice, and interesting too. Thanks for the heads up, I'll be happy to do the necessary steps in studio once I'm updating the master again. Plus thanks for carving out all the unit tests, the test suite is really starting to grow! With regards to the external submodule, is there a strong reason to include it through git? So far all the third-party libs have been specified as (cmake) package dependency (like libpng, libvorbis, etc.), and the Windows side has been handled by extracting the windeps zip to the working tree. Has Eigen different requirements? Or should we move more stuff to submo
  18. I got a pre-release build to share, in case somebody wants to tinker with the current state a bit. I probably won't be able to work on it for a few days, so I might as well get some feedback in the meantime. Don't use this for your productive mapping work, it's probably full of glitches and crashes. The Material Editor can be found in the "Entity" menu for the moment being. DarkRadiant 2.12.0pre1 portable x64: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14Q9d1N7iuv1g8EquSb7IlF5zhCpYn6j9/view?usp=sharing
  19. I think that's already possible, yes. Since all the model data is in the CShader / ShaderTemplate pair, not everything needs to be exposed in a corresponding control. I'm not religiously adding keywords just for the sake of having them, if we have some consensus about certain options to be left out completely I'm happy to throw them out. The corresponding keywords in existing materials would not be changeable by the UI, but very likely be preserved in the ShaderTemplate that will be written to the .mtr file. Setting those missing keywords will have to be done in a text editor (maybe even
  20. Yes, using tabs to switch between simple modes is one way and might even be the easiest way. Another way would be a toggle (Advanced Options - we don't have the Windows on/off slider controls in wxWidgets, but something like this). The tricky thing will be how the simple mode is going to deal with materials that use more than the basic options - are they just hidden and will they get dropped when a stage is edited in simple mode? Or can it detect such materials and simple mode will be disabled for those materials? A general consideration: One of my requirements was that any material can b
  21. Yes, this is a good idea, it's on my list. The plan was to offer a small number of shapes (cube, sphere and a plane to test tiling behaviour) in front of a textured room. Please back up that accusation and point out all the initial ideas I ignored in this thread. If it makes you feel better, you can continue calling me incompetent or backwards, it's ok for me. And since you're not "over and out", care to explain why you edited all your posts in this thread and replaced them with dots? (It doesn't come without some irony, since your friend Biker did the same once when he got mad.)
  22. Man, I really ought to spend more time on the forums, people around here are really helpful and full of good advice. Speaking of which, I was just about to re-read your post about getting in touch with a closed group of mappers for feedback, but it seems you edited your answer and replaced everything with a dot?
  23. You mean it's not so suitable after all? I thought it was beautiful, with all these tabs and checkboxes. I've always been in love with those functional panels, so you can feel like you're in a control room of a nuclear power plant. (edit: I guess it wasn't that obvious, but the above was meant to be sarcastic. I'm not a huge fan of nuclear power plants in real life.)
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