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  1. @MirceaKitsune About the lock I don't know how to do that ... For the func_beam, it is just a beem between the 2 func_beams, so if it has to stop where something is in between, you should have the receiving func_beam move to the position of the surface of what is in between somehow ...
  2. @MirceaKitsune Here is a post about the lockbox:
  3. @MirceaKitsune As for 3, i guess you found the func_beam?
  4. @MirceaKitsune I guess you might try to mute the audio rather then stop it, so it will keep looping, just as the video does. You can do this by stetting the spawnarg s_volume to -60 to mute, and 0 to unmute. I hope this can be done with a target_setkeyval.
  5. @MirceaKitsune I didn't find a way to stop the video once it's started ...
  6. @MirceaKitsune I have a whole thread on that, and I think the followong post is the most appropriate: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/20328-playing-in-game-videos/&do=findComment&comment=445630 There is no sound with the video though ... You could also download the mtr here: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=17375
  7. @Geep You can set that as a (hidden) objective. You can choose Readable is opened, Readable is closed Or certain page of a readable is reached.
  8. @MirceaKitsune I had sort of the same question about changing the size of AI models. This was the answer:
  9. @Obsttorte But brushes can't be bend like patches .. right? Althoug it looks nice, it was intended to be squared bars .. and it only does when exporting it as an .iwo : Ok, found it; I can make a Simple Patch Mesh and make it the form I want, then thicken patch : )
  10. Ok, clear. But .. I wanted in the first place to have the square cylinders to look also square in game. How should I properly make a square "cylinder" patch, so I can bend it, that looks the same as a square brush? Something is different with how the texture looks ...
  11. When I make a square cylinder patch it looks square from the top but round from the side ingame. When I export it as an .ase it also looks like that, when I export it as .iwo it looks square, and the filesize is 10 times smaller. What is causing this? Other question; I made a model where I put more pieces of these cylinders together because of complex curving, so the there are a lot of duplicate points (I guess). Does this make the model more complex for rendering, or doesn't it matter?
  12. @MirceaKitsune Just have 2 computers : P Or maybe a virtual machine? Don't know how that works ...
  13. I liked it! The build itself isn't that great, but the story however is really good.
  14. 1. Lightswitches and elevator buttons. A push button has spawnarg: trigger_when_opened : 1 and the flip swiches have: trigger_when_opened : 1 and trigger_on_close : 1 For the push button you could set trigger_on_close to 0 so the swich seems to work normally, but it won't trigger. At the moment the power is restored you can trigger a target_setkeyval to set that value back to 1, so the buttons wil trigger from that moment. The target_set keval has to be triggered by something and should be targeting all buttons. The spawnarg to add in the target_setkeval should be: keyval : trigger_w
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