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  1. @refl3ks If you convert it to mp4 it would. You can do that online I found, haven't tried it and don't know if its safe: https://ezgif.com/gif-to-mp4
  2. @refl3ks What I did for the mage was using textures/darkmod/plaster/white_plaster01 as a background, and scale it down, so the graininess is almost gone, and lit that background up with the brightest white light. Then let the mage walk in front of it in the shadow, and (screen) record that with OBS studio (free opensource program).
  3. I'm looking for a pure white self lit material to act as background for recording silhouettes. There is a material already that should be just that, but ingame for me it's pure black. white_pure: textures/darkmod/sfx/white_pure { description "A pure white unreflective material that's solid but doesn't interact with light." // qer_editorimage not needed, it'll show up white in DR anyway forceOpaque solid sort 1 // Draw just after light interactions { blend add map _white } } Is this material black ingame for everyone, or, if not, how to make such a material?
  4. @HMart Maybe you know this: There is a texture named white_pure, and in DR it looks like just pure white, but in TDM it shows pure black? The material is: How to make this, or a new texture that is pure white, without shadows and self lit, without casting shadows, to serve as a background for recording silhouettes in TDM (with OBS or some screen/gamecapture software)?
  5. @Heuli I don't see it in the ingame downloads ...
  6. @refl3ks Thanx to @HMart there is a silhouette option now: Add this to the material file: Decreasing the resolution and bitrate seems to help a lot with preformance, also the video length matters.
  7. @HMart That sounds promessing. Is there a website where I can find all these opengl blend options that work for TDM?
  8. @Geep Doesn't seem to do anything indeed ...
  9. @STiFU That not a bad idea : ) A wiki can always be made once it's all sorted out.
  10. @Geep Seems like the hickups are the same with a transparent and non-transparent screen, also framerate is the same. @grayman I tried converting the Owl to 480p 16:9 and then I notice NO hickups anymore, and the quality doesn't seem to be changed in game, so that's good news!
  11. That got really wrong : D Also there are these hickups ... Seems these video screen fx (indeed @stgatilov) draw a lot of recources. I Looked at the fps in my diorama map, and is was 13fps, facing the diorama, when I turned around (hickupy) it got to 60fps. So be carefull!
  12. Exactly .. that sucks .. but I might have cunning a plan to solve that, but I doubt if having a camera "seeing" the video in a seperate room and showing it on a Camera Gui will solve it ...
  13. Hmm ... I found out that I get hickups looking around, when walking/running around a room with 1 videoscreen in it. With the 55 second OwlLoop it's far worse then with the one second goat loop, where It's barely noticable, but it's also there. @grayman I was just gonna post this. Can you try running and looking around in your map and see if hickups appear?
  14. @refl3ks The problem with silhouettes is that they are usualy black .. and that is the color that gets fully transparent, but you could use the non-transparent with a background behind the silhouette. You have to animate the silhouette in the video already, since the background (usually) is stationary. But, there are a lot of things thinkable within the possabilities.
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