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  1. Darkradiant doesn't work anymore : O Anyone know how to fix this? Here is the log file: darkradiant.log Never mind, it works again, Somehow installing powershell 7 on my machine f*cked things up. I uninstalled it and now it's fine again : )
  2. I tested v2 on my machine with my usual settings and my framerate has improved significantly from 3 - 10 fps to 10 - 24 fps In the starting area. I found out today that my videocard is rated for 480p gaming and in most other missions it is between 18 and 30 fps so I guess no one will have real problems with older machines now concerning slideshow graphix. Added info to; increase fps on older machines: Go to the video settings and lower the Render Scale.
  3. Lol, sounds super geil : D
  4. I know very little shows or movies : (
  5. The voice on the tapes reminded me of monty python : D Very good voice and funny text.
  6. I tried operating the "desinfection switch" with a key selected, as a test, and indeed the game crashed.
  7. I have the render scale at 0.5 and now I get decent fps, but it is very strange. I'm using build #9108 System: i7-3740QM @ 2.70GHz , 8GB Ram , NVIDIA Quadro K1000M Finished the mission without any further problems. Very nice atmosperic mission Jack! Thanx!
  8. It looks very cool but I get between 4 and 10 fps with the settings I always use. Tried some other missions for comparison and they work fine. My settings are already on the low end ...
  9. @Dragofer Oh I got it, I was using shift MMB instead of ctrl MMB . Didn't even know ctrl MMB was a thing : D Thanx a lot.
  10. That's what I am doing, with mmb and in the same plane. I tried with a brush and a patch and with normalise but the texture on the patch stays streched and bend. Is there an other video or something that explains how to do it?
  11. I'm trying to get the textures on patches right, but I can't get it to work. Here's a part of @Obsttorte's video where he does what I can't get to work: https://youtu.be/GfBh6Lhox7o?t=3407 My texture stays streched and bend although I think I do exacly what is done in the video ...
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