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  1. Oh great Jedi!! Thanx for the mission. I found the fireflies already : ) Now for the rest of the mission ..
  2. @datiswous Could you share your .map file here?
  3. Looking at the rats anims there is no anim turn so I guess that is not needed for making turns when following paths? (Can rats follow paths?): anim idle models/md5/chars/simple_animals/ratz/rat_idle2.md5anim anim idle2 models/md5/chars/simple_animals/ratz/rat_idle1.md5anim anim walk_blind models/md5/chars/simple_animals/ratz/rat_idle2.md5anim // grayman #2469 anim walk models/md5/chars/simple_animals/ratz/rat_walk.md5anim { frame 1 footstep frame 11 footstep } anim walk2 models/md5/chars/simple_animals/ratz/rat_scamper_01.md5anim { frame 1 footstep frame 11 footstep } //anim run models/md5/chars/simple_animals/ratz/rat_scamper_01.md5anim anim run models/md5/chars/simple_animals/ratz/rat_walk.md5anim { frame 1 footstep frame 11 footstep } anim search models/md5/chars/simple_animals/ratz/rat_walk.md5anim { frame 3 footstep frame 11 footstep } anim melee_attack1 models/md5/chars/simple_animals/ratz/rat_scamper_01.md5anim { frame 1 footstep frame 11 footstep } anim sight models/md5/chars/simple_animals/ratz/rat_idle1.md5anim { frame 2 sound_voice snd_sight } @datiswous Maybe with the half size aas and size the turning on paths works better?
  4. @datiswous I've been looking at the aas and stuff again and came up with the following, that seems to be working as is should For the Bat: "use_aas" "aas48" "size" "48 48 48" "mins" "-24 -24 0" "maxs" "24 24 48" For the BatSmall: "use_aas" "aas32" "size" "32 32 32" "mins" "-16 -16 0" "maxs" "16 16 32" I will update the download in the first post also tdm_ai_bat.def
  5. For me too, up to size 94 94 94. I don' understand but it works. Without the mins and max, do the bats in your map get in the walls/floor/ceiling with their bodies/wings sometimes?
  6. I tried different things with the mins and max and non of it works ... so how to make sort of a box around the bats that does work? When I also comment out the size, the map wil also not load with the message cannot use aas96
  7. I thought I fixed it too then, but aparently I typed aas96 wrong. size above 94 94 94 doesn't seem to work .. ok. But I commentend out the mins and max now and the bats are getting in the ground a bit. The mins and max prevent the bat from doing that so the bat needs that right? But does it need the size?
  8. Hmm ... I had all sorts of problems with aas where my map didn't even start: "can't use aas*" When I change it to aas96 my map doesn't start again. aas_96 is incorrect indeed so something is going wrong with aas things .. but where?
  9. It does, and I don't know how to get rid of it.
  10. The box around the bat is bigger then the bat itself, so they don't go with their wings in the wall and not with their body in the ground when they do the dive anim. I noticed when I put them in a map too close too the wall, floor, ceiling, they go through it, like putting a builder in with their legs in the ground a bit. Maybe that is causing this in your small space? I really don't know how that works or should unfortunately.
  11. I don't know what causes that. Anyone?
  12. Yes, although I haven't tested the bats with paths (I haven't ever done something with paths) When you open the .def file of the bat there are some spawnargs commented out (with // in front): "patrol" "1" // "wander" "1" // "if set to 1, visit path_* targets randomly, otherwise visit them in order." // "wait" "0" // "How long to wait before following path. Monster will be unresponsive until this time has passed." "animal_patrol" "1" "animal_patrol_wait" "0" //New float to adjust wait time in animal_patrol mode before choosing a new destination. You can change the spawnargs in the .def file, and reload defs in DR, (removing the // in front wil have them be read by the game). Or you can chnge them in the entity inpector in DR. For following paths "animal_patrol" should be "0" and "patrol" "1". I think "wait" should be "0" also, otherwise bats might wait too long at reached path nodes.
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