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  1. @Jetrell Setting fire to something attracts npc's/guards attention and gives you an opertunity to enter an area.
  2. @Jetrell Just a thought. Have npc's/guards get in a fight by throwing things at them so they knock eachother out? Two grumpy guards already having an argument, and when you throw something (applecore, empty bottle, horsedung) from the direction of one of the npc's/guards, they'll get in a fight, and you can steal whatever they were guarding ...
  3. I joined december 2018 but added a profile picture just some weeks ago, so after june 2019.
  4. @greebo New DMP file + a video showing what I do https://easyupload.io/xm9u56 It freezes when I dubbleclicked the texture, go with my pionter out of the media browser and press s (2:20 in the vid .. forgot to record the pointer). I didn't click outside the media browser yet, so normally it would input s into the little searchfield in de MB. I tried to recreate it with just a brush, but then no problems. With this more complex brush and the caulk if freezes. Yesterday I got back to 2.60 to do the same and there I had no problems. By the way, I press s before clicking outside the media browser half the time ... Windows version = Windows 7 professional. Servicepack 1
  5. @greebo DR froze on pressing s to bring up the surface inspector. I tried it a second time after a restart and it worked, but not when I pressed s again. Got 2 DMP files zipped : https://filebin.net/5fzt7v0g1w59rhr5 Have fun coding
  6. @Dragofer Only 1 thing I can think of is copy the page source of your profile page and profile page /photo/, paste it in textfiles and share it with @Springheel so he, or some other admin/developer can take a look at it and see if there is something missing/wrong in the code. I use firefox and my page source for ... /photo/ is 1574 lines long when I View Page Source.
  7. @Dragofer and if you try /photo/# and/or drag a picture to that page?
  8. @Springheel Not me. I see the edit button. @Dragofer Did you try manually adding /photo/ to the addres of your profile page? When I click edit it goes to this address: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/profile/38387-strunk/photo/
  9. Giants and Ghosts Video These are made with a custom material (camerascreentransparent) that is attached below. Put this file in the materials folder in your mission directory. Shows up in Other Materials . It's actually a representation of what a camera "sees", on a transparent screen. The camera is set up in a black box and it "sees" an idle ai that is also placed in there. Explore the .map file, attached below to see what's really going on. camerascreentransparent.mtr GandG.map
  10. @Dragofer You are totally right. Wanting to println all 3 "strings" got me confused, for an entity can't be printed. I changed it now and it works. Working script:
  11. @Dragofer When I put m_target_name.setKey(m_key, m_value); there I get an error: Error: file fms\STRUNK\script\target_keyval.script, line 24: type mismatch for '.' Line 24 is: m_target_name.setKey(m_key,m_value );
  12. @grayman Uhm ... wel, if I knew it existed I would. I have found it now, but it's not in the targets folder. Thanx! : ) The key and value to use doesn't show up in the spawnargs of the target_setkeyval, I had to look it up in the target.def file: "editor_var keyval" "Separate key val with semicolon... key;val" But yes, I tried it and it works ... so no need to make a new script for it.
  13. @Dragofer Could be. I didn't try in map script. Maybe it should somehow be in an other syntax, or should be "fed" different but I tried all combinations, leaving at least one value "fed" by the script, but it only works if I manually type all values. Here is defenition: Summoning @Obsttorte : P
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