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  1. Thats partly as to why I didn't release my first attempt. The original is incredibly difficult to visportal properly, there were way too many drastic frame drops in key areas. Going into it this time, I plan on adding more density and use a strong atmosphere to create a subconscious illusion of a bigger space. Some areas I already know will be very difficult. I'm also giving myself a bit of flexibility on how faithful I want to be to the original layout. This will give me leverage to work within my limits to optimize performance.
  2. I loved the atmosphere in Thief 4, but the gameplay was lackluster imo. This is my second time mapping out Life of the Party, my first attempt was more of a copy with minor visual upgrades to see if I can pull it off. This time around, I decided to build in sections, treating each area as though they were their own FM. Essentially, my goal with this project is to create a very atmospheric and nostalgic experience. Below is an image of my first time mapping Life of the Party quite a few years back. I was fairly new to Radiant coming from mapping in Hammer. This map wasn't as successful as
  3. You sure will, I'm rebuilding the whole map with my own personal touches and missions. I'm not planning on rebuilding Angel Watch, maybe a rendition of it in the future, not 100% sure just yet.
  4. I've never got a portal_sky to work when applied to a floating surface. How did you get it to work? Definitely would open up new avenues for ideas.
  5. Portal_sky won't work unless the brush is linked to the edge of the map, it will pretty much work as a caulk.
  6. Video is updated and should be bright enough. All sfx is WIP. Background ambience will be changed.
  7. Here is a fun side-by-side comparison. Just a note: The story/plot and set pieces will have no ties with the Thief series. I am planning on including Easter Eggs for nostalgic reasons alone.
  8. When I opened the map with my office laptop, the map was very dark. I'm quite sure my monitor needs calibrated. These images are more more accurate as to what the ambience is supposed to look like (still wip and tweaking)
  9. The map has an ambient_world .. Seems like my monitor might need some calibration. If I had lost a year worth of work, I would have probably had a similar reaction.. I've lost a few of my maps before because of careless file management on my PC, I've just learned to embrace the empty canvas - It's a place of infinite creativity.
  10. Starting off with some bad news: my hard-drive fried and I lost around 60% of the map I was working on. That sent me on a downward spiral of not wanting to mess with Dark Radiant for months until recently. I've learned the hard way and now I have my files always uploaded to cloud. The good news is that I started on another personal project. I'm sure most of you will recognize this map. This project will have nothing to do with Thief 2 except for the familiar layout with my own personal touches and missions. Let me know what you guys think. Edit: Video is a bit dark, I'll reuploa
  11. I will give it a shot, removing the effect will definitely give it a more classic feel for sure.
  12. The mission starts with you climbing up and then descending back down. About a quarter of the way, you are presented with two options: Taking the Rooftops, or sticking to the ground - Both have a decent share of difficulties and stories to tell. At about halfway through the map, there will be a building that will link the rooftops and the streets, giving you a second chance to choose a different path. The final area of the mission will have a different outcome depending on the choice you made. Goal of the mission: Replayability, exploration and story-telling - I want the player to be full
  13. Much appreciated. That was the direction I was trying to take it.
  14. Last image I will post of this shot. I just wanted to share my latest loading screen for the map. Let me know what you guys think!
  15. Ok apparently it just appears to be this skybox: tdm_moon_foggy.pfb That's somewhat unfortunate, that skybox was a good fit. Oh well, on to the second best! I'll eventually have to settle on making my own.
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