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  1. I will give it a shot, removing the effect will definitely give it a more classic feel for sure.
  2. The mission starts with you climbing up and then descending back down. About a quarter of the way, you are presented with two options: Taking the Rooftops, or sticking to the ground - Both have a decent share of difficulties and stories to tell. At about halfway through the map, there will be a building that will link the rooftops and the streets, giving you a second chance to choose a different path. The final area of the mission will have a different outcome depending on the choice you made. Goal of the mission: Replayability, exploration and story-telling - I want the player to be fully immersed before making it to the final area. The difficulty of this mission is: balancing, pacing and definitely optimization (I fear that this mission will be taxing on PC hardware). I'm considering sticking to this style throughout all the cut scenes, I'm glad my work inspired you!
  3. Much appreciated. That was the direction I was trying to take it.
  4. Last image I will post of this shot. I just wanted to share my latest loading screen for the map. Let me know what you guys think!
  5. Ok apparently it just appears to be this skybox: tdm_moon_foggy.pfb That's somewhat unfortunate, that skybox was a good fit. Oh well, on to the second best! I'll eventually have to settle on making my own.
  6. If deleting the skybox fails to solve the issue, I'll check all my visportals and rebuild them to see if that fixes it. I'll update the post when I get the chance to do this.
  7. No luck. Yes, that's exactly what it looks like. It only happens if I move the camera up and down. I'm well within the play area. I'll try swapping out the skybox and see if that helps.
  8. Changing settings does not fix it. Would it by chance be a VisPortal?
  9. I believe I changed the Shadows Implementation to Stencil, I'll check after work and update the post if that fixes it. I've used the soft shadows option since they day I started working on my mission (few weeks back) and never noticed this issue.
  10. That's how I have it now, AI is using them with no issues
  11. Only happens when I get higher up in the map, I tilt my screen and the skybox gets brighter and darker depending on the angle. This issue just became prominent recently, I have no idea what's causing this. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. They are fixed, just showing the dirt path to get some input.
  13. Thank you! I agree, I believe a hybrid between the original and Thief 4 might be more fitting? I'm more or less trying to mimic the atmosphere to be more like Thief 4.
  14. I agree, the straightness of the pathway is bothering me quite a bit! Thanks! The little Thief was an afterthought It seemed fitting After all the feedback, I realized I will just have to rework the whole groundwork to fit the organic feel of the map. If I start half a**ing right now, the map won't fall together as it should and optimization will be a nightmare.. The straightness of the path did bug me, but I wanted to hear all opinions before I scraped it!
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