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  1. Feel free to use it! The screen is an IPS display, colors and black levels are decent for what it is. I use Reshade to bump colors/brightness/contrast.
  2. I haven't played TDM enough on the Steam Deck to drain the battery, my assumption would be anywhere between 2-3hrs running at 60fps. Might be able to cough out another hour by lowering the settings and locking the framerate to 30.
  3. Gamepad works on launch. I use the mouse touchpad to navigate the menus. That is true. FM optimizations are a big deal. Are most opening scenes locked at 30fps? This is the process I used: Go into Desktop Mode Download Chrome from the Application Manager Download tdm_installer.linux64.zip Unzip+download in /home/documents add TheDarkModx64.exe as non-steam-game set compatibility to Proton 7.0-2 Profit
  4. Its running very well, I prefer playing it in hand-held mode, I find it more appealing. I use a laptop with external monitors when I mess around with the editor. Edit: Keeping Shadow Maps at Stencil instead of Maps drastically helps with performance. IE: Stencil - 60fps .. Maps - 35fps
  5. Yes, pretty much. Once the file is unpacked and downloaded, you have to add TDM.exe to Steam and launch it from there.
  6. No issues whatsoever, runs great, easy setup. There's nothing like lounging around the couch being able to play my favorite FM's. Image was captured at work.
  7. These area's are not fully finished with optimization, but they are running quite fine with just basic visportaling for now. I've also adjusted the architecture to help with optimization. That way the the engine is not drawing anything past certain heavy areas with high density.
  8. I visportal by sections considering the map has some interesting layouts. I'm making sure there are large chunks of brushes behind all complex facades. All my other areas that I've finished are all visportaled and I get an average of 120-150 fps.
  9. Just a quick comparison screenshot. Currently working on the clock tower. Note: Fps should be 144 +- once I visportal properly. I'm running this on an Alienware i9 32gb w/2080, so mileage may vary..
  10. Im glad you are! The map is a hybrid of 'Life of The Party' and the Thief 2 Alpha Demo 'Unexpected Guest'. The Alpha Demo was my introduction to the Thief series. I was bummed out when Life of The Party changed some key areas I loved, especially the Bell Tower location.
  11. Thank you. The EFX is fairly set, the two videos will be re-uploaded as one. Video was rushed and I forgot I had ReShade enabled. Edit: Yes some tracks are customized. Most tracks and sfx are custom. Best workflow for someone that has a plethora of other interests I guess haha.
  12. It's been quite a while since I last posted. My work-flow is a bit sporadic. Map for 2 months straight Burn out Take a break for 6 months to a year Repeat Anyways, here is an updated video on some of my progress. I'm roughly 35% finished. I plan on pacing myself somewhat better this time around (I keep saying that and I keep on lying..). Short updated progress video below: The Unwelcome Guest - Work in Progress Vid Older video: The Unwelcome Guest - 2020
  13. Thats partly as to why I didn't release my first attempt. The original is incredibly difficult to visportal properly, there were way too many drastic frame drops in key areas. Going into it this time, I plan on adding more density and use a strong atmosphere to create a subconscious illusion of a bigger space. Some areas I already know will be very difficult. I'm also giving myself a bit of flexibility on how faithful I want to be to the original layout. This will give me leverage to work within my limits to optimize performance.
  14. I loved the atmosphere in Thief 4, but the gameplay was lackluster imo. This is my second time mapping out Life of the Party, my first attempt was more of a copy with minor visual upgrades to see if I can pull it off. This time around, I decided to build in sections, treating each area as though they were their own FM. Essentially, my goal with this project is to create a very atmospheric and nostalgic experience. Below is an image of my first time mapping Life of the Party quite a few years back. I was fairly new to Radiant coming from mapping in Hammer. This map wasn't as successful as I'd hoped, but it definitely helped me learn many valuable lessons.
  15. You sure will, I'm rebuilding the whole map with my own personal touches and missions. I'm not planning on rebuilding Angel Watch, maybe a rendition of it in the future, not 100% sure just yet.
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