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  1. That is my own current FM that I'm working on. The Ally not having trackpads is not an issue for me, the touch screen is super responsive (not the case for the SD), feels like a refined tablet/phone. I would imagine RTS games are the only time the trackpads would be useful.
  2. Not a big fan of Linux, not a bad OS overall.. Just too many work-arounds that I can't be bothered with. I wasn't keen on the white as well when originally purchasing, it did grow on me over time. I'm much happier with this system than the Steam Deck as a whole. The FM I'm working on can be demanding on some systems, the Ally runs it much better than I anticipated.
  3. Just got my Ally a few days back, quite amazing how great this thing performs. Night and day difference compared to the Steam Deck. Definitely worth the purchase.
  4. No worries haha. Thank you for your help, you saved me from a headache!
  5. A switch triggers water to rise. How can I go about making this happen? Searched through the forum & the wiki, possibly overlooked the solution. Figured posting would help expedite the process. Thanks for any help.
  6. Same area finalized. I went for a more moody atmosphere. The FM is roughly 65% complete.
  7. Thanks for doing this. I traded my SD for a laptop sporting a RTX 3060. I'll be buying one again very soon, this should help!
  8. I dislike this as well, especially if the path to the main objective is very linear. On the flip side, my FM's do have random AI paths depending on the area difficulty, ie: Armory with a ton of loot will have some guards that are unpredictable (high risk, high reward). Medium difficulty will have at least one, easy will have guards that are all predictable. All my objectives are optional, the FM can be completed without taking the risk. I find this method helps the FM's replayability.
  9. Mostly volumetric lighting, other updated assets are not in this screenshot.
  10. Had to backpeddle on Vertigo after all the features added in the latest Dark Radiant release. Here is an image of the FM utilizing some of these features.
  11. Since I struggle finding time to mess with Radient, I'm forced (in a way) to think of new methods to help speed up my builds and not get stuck in one area too long, increasing the risk of burnout.
  12. Vertigo is a fun project, multiple paths will result with different outcomes, increasing replayability. I'm building the FM in shapes, ie: The standard city block: 512x512, alleyways: 256x512, market 1024x1024 (with minor deviations) etc. After building the presets, I stack them like legos; I found this method speeds up my build time by a huge margin, it also makes it easier to optimize with visportals. Also, I found building in this fashion (with twisting alleyways), increases performance by a lot, making it easier to add an incredible amount of visual fidelity. My original intention with Vertigo was to keep it small, but it's definitely grown in scale since I've started. I can't apply this method to Life of the Party considering I'm trying to keep key areas recognizable, while adding my own spin on how creative I want to be.
  13. I am most definitely still working on the FM. I do not plan on giving up, considering it is a personal passion project. I would assume the layout is 75% complete. I'm slightly deviating with other FM's I'm working on (Vertigo), to keep me from burning out. Unfortunatley there are days where I simply do not have the time to mess with Radiant.. (life can take wild turns).. that is simply the only reason why it is taking me a melania. I hope one day everyone can enjoy the FM as much as I enjoy creating it.
  14. Thank you! It's slowly coming back now
  15. I'm returning to continue my work, and this silly problem eludes me. Thanks for your help!
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