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  1. Use balls instead? Make the place where a ball has to go a bit lower so that it stays in the spot.
  2. I used to play this as a kid on my parents XT:
  3. Maybe this can be implemented in a dev build so people can test it before giving an opinion (or maybe that was your idea already?).
  4. I am sure that a clean install adds that empty directory. I never understood that, but it's not hard to remove.
  5. If you can convince them that you're using it, but for a game that you don't sell (free), maybe it's ok.. Then you can make for example a TDM mod in the Thief universe and call it.. Thief Deadlier Shadows (for example)
  6. I thought (at least in Windows) you can install multiple versions of DR. So you can install the v3.0 while keeping your current install, just to see if this fixes your issue.
  7. Getatchew Mekuria & The Ex & Guests - Eywat Setenafegagn
  8. I had this as well in another mission also by clubbing. Maybe something to do with the horse entity.
  9. You can try a door prefab to see if it aligns with how your door works. That's my experience in every fm curently.
  10. datiswous

    Free games

    I like both but prefer the 2006 version.
  11. See info here: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Debugging_TDM_systemerrors
  12. I tried to mitigate that issue somewhat with the wiki page https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=DarkRadiant_Video_Tutorials By adding the contents of the video's.
  13. Nothing wrong with third person i.m.o. it just should not interfere with first person (same story for multiplatform games). Although I guess it's wasted time and it's better to focus on one person view to to get the best result out of it.
  14. The updater is an old program. It is not used anymore for updating tdm. For updating you use the installer. If you don't have the installer, you have to download it, dump it in the tdm folder and start it. I think it would be helpful if you tell which versions you're currently running. Apart from that you probably get better (faster) support if you update first.
  15. Putting the dds folder in the root tdm folder does it, so you have the same folder structure as in the pk4, you don't need the other extracted files and folders though. You don't have to repack it. Be aware that if tdm updates the file in a future update, you won't notice it because you're overruling it. Therefore it's important to remove all the files and folders that you don't want to override from the dds folder. To sum it up: extract the dds folder from tdm_gui01.pk4 and put that folder in the tdm-root remove everything that you don't want to override from that folder. So in this case keep /guis/assets/objectives/parchment_ingame.dds (including that folder structure) I'm not an expert and there might be a better way, but this seems to work. Might be something for a plugin, to darken all readable assets in all missions.
  16. Well, you can make a darker version of parchment_ingame.dds . I think you can unzip the dds folder inside tdm_gui01.pk4 and inside that there is /guis/assets/objectives inside that there is that file. If you make that file darker (or completelly change it), TDM uses that instead of the one in the tdm_gui01.pk4 .
  17. I tried to get it working. The D3 port of Trenchboom gives mentioned above error and with the normal version of Trenchboom I could import them in DR, but then I got an error at Dmap in tdm. Well maybe it can be used for Doom3/Quake4/Prey mapping.
  18. Congratulations on your first fm. It's a very interesting mission. Would like to see more missions on moving platforms.
  19. It's actually com_showfps 1 Press Ctrl + Alt + ~
  20. In the wiki there is a detailed list of video tutorials: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=DarkRadiant_Video_Tutorials I think the startmap.pk4 is still very relevant.
  21. Direct alternative to Gdrive: Ecloud
  22. Add such effects with a gui overlay? Is that how it's normally done in tdm (I think so)?
  23. Rochard. If you like: Platform games (somewhat) - Check Puzzles - Check A decent story with good acting - Check Good music - Check 3D graphics (background) - Check Gravity control - Check A Gravity gun - Check I love this game. Never found something seriously comparable.
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