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  1. Maybe it's early, but wouldn't it be good if this info is shown on https://www.darkradiant.net/ as an installation option? Otherwise we're the only ones using it.
  2. I've been playing with the latest dev. Could it be that in it's current state, for some reason blackjack knockouts are actually harder?
  3. I tried it with Linux mint xfce from usb stick. Same issue. Also by using a different mouse. So weird, but I guess it must be my pc then.. Is that the flatpak install? because that uses wxWitgets 3.05 (in the sandbox).
  4. My DR about screen is saying wxwitgets 3.05. I don't know if that is relevant. I use the flatpak version now. But I already had this with DR 3.0 dev...
  5. This is what save scumming is for: To be able to try different solutions without having to reload the whole level.
  6. Manjaro linux (xfce edition) https://manjaro.org/download/ You can't reproduce it under Windows?
  7. That makes no sense. If you are limited on time go for a smaller mission with a very structured plot and objectives. Iris is very loose, so let's say you play it a couple of hours spread during a week, you often might not know what you're doing or don't get sucked in enough because of lack of time.
  8. I have this issue since 3.0, still present in 3.2 . When I am in free camera mode (right mouse button in Camera view), I can't zoom in and out with mouse wheel scroll, keyboard arrows do still work. Somebody else (Nort) mentioned he/she couldn't reproduce the issue under Windows, so maybe it's just my (Linux) system and therefore I decided I don't add it to the bugtracker yet.
  9. This sounds like getting old cows out of the ditch. Can't you just look in the other threads about this?
  10. Do you install on Windows or Linux?
  11. I successfully installed DR Flatpak version 3.2 (Linux). There are still files remaining from the previous build from source installation. What do I have to remove to properly uninstall?
  12. I installed the Flatpak version via my disto (Manjaro) package manager without problem. I think it should state: 3D level editor for The Dark Mod and Doom 3, instead of the other way around. Originally DR takes over the system theme that is selected. So in my case the dark theme, but with the Flatpak install, only the light theme is used. It doesn't take over the system theme. Is there a way to force the system theme? I guess using the light theme does have the benefit of good looking icons.
  13. Have you tried choosing a different mirror in the installer?
  14. Ah that's the reason then. How much fun I have, how much immersion, Story, objectives structure, creativity with map design, amount of WOW-moments, how well it ages. For example In A Time of Need 1 looks really dated. A rating is a bit shallow, reviews are better for giving an opinion, but I usually give my feedback of missions in their mission thread, or the beta thread (when I beta test) on this forum.
  15. I created an account on ThiefGuild and rated all the TDM missions I finished. How do missions get added? Do you have to write a review for that? I wanted to rate In A Time of Need 2: Breaking out the Fence , but it's not on the site.
  16. I can recommend the latest, Chronicles of Skulduggery 0 (2021), as well. Also better to start with that one.
  17. Why is it not possible to give access to other places than home (mounted partitions)?
  18. What is it that doesn't work?
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