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  1. What program do you use to update? TDM installer? Previously updates were done via an updater. This changed. Now installation and update is being done with the TDM installer:
  2. I thought that with a leak the map wouldn't load. I get the impression that it does boot up.
  3. Ah ok good, I don't see it in the changelog. Does it mean that not everything changed is mentioned in the changelog?
  4. Does this version includes the fixes to the Linux Dark mode by @OrbWeaver as mentioned in this topic: If not, I need to know, because then I have to set these changes prior to compiling.
  5. Huh, didn't know people use status updates. Looks like a personal blog/chat function inside the forum profile.
  6. Well apperantly this was a temporary regression because curently I can do likes again..
  7. I just tried to like a post and got the following message: I can still normally post, just not like other posts. It's not like I did 100's of likes today, so why the limiting?
  8. /* remove rocket rank badge on user image */ .cAuthorPane_badge { display: none; } Maybe @taaakican add this (or similar) to the custom.css file at /core/front/custom/ https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/themes-and-customizations/css-framework/introduction-to-the-css-framework-r88/
  9. I wonder why it should not just only delete the savegame files. I mean everything else is probably added later manually and should therefore also been deleted manually. Personally I think it's good to make TDM as much as possible mapper friendly. Mappers could stop altogether after such an experience, although I agree about backupping.
  10. I have this applied: /* remove rocket rank badge on user image */ .cAuthorPane_badge { display: none; } See also my topic about my edits to the forums dark theme:
  11. Can you recommend a tutorial about sound recording for this purpose?
  12. Yesterday I was listening to some noise..
  13. datiswous

    Oh shit.

    I guess they were just waiting it out in the mountains..
  14. The info in that screenshot doesn't say that your TDM account is leaked. It says: 1. One password for an account is compromised 2. You have some weak passwords for 3 sites (one is TDM)
  15. Recently I found out about this Indo Rock band that I have never heard from: Something completely different: And some other nice song:
  16. Is there any reason why the tdm_shared_stuff.zip is still present after installation? I mean the same files are already in the root folder.
  17. The rocket icon on user badge (rank, based on amount of posts), I think this is new, right? I don't like it. /* remove rocket rank badge on user image */ .cAuthorPane_badge--rank { display: none; } Edit: Also want to remove the shield icon from the mods? .cAuthorPane_badge { display: none; }
  18. Maybe it's possible to redirect to a http:// page before downloading? Edit: Although then you get a warning from the browser.. I guess http is a no-go nowadays.
  19. I would like it if TDM would stick to the current install way. Much easier to find files and make changes (it would be great if DR also had an universal installer). Not sure how many Linux users would search in the repo for games and then would find TDM.
  20. I saw video's of gameplay at the time when it came out and instantly hated what I saw. Especially the constant arena based map-area's. I wonder if Doom Eternal is any different. Have you ever played Prey 2006?
  21. Yeah I think the price is indeed a bit too high, especially since they didn't have to create a new game, most was already defined. I might wait a bit.
  22. It's not out yet. You can only preorder. But there is a demo, you can play the first level. I personally like it, although I hope that the enemies become a bit more interesting in the final version. I played SS Enhenced Edition before, which I think is quite playable.
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