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  1. Objectives are currently stored by entities named target_tdm_addobjectives inside the map files. Is it possible to store the objectives externally? For example in an xdata file. You do script editting (which often interact with objectives) outside DR, so it makes sense that you could edit objectives also outside DR. Maybe it needs a specific script that fetges the xdata and stores it in the entity at runtime?
  2. Also, I think the save restriction currently doesn't work (properly) in Linux (at least 2 users now I think), giving a crash-to-desktop. Would be nice if more Linux users could test and confirm this. I think you could add a different starterlocation (2.12) in the gui (but just present it as an expert mode, not a location) and then at the different starter-location (which is positioned close to the standard one), you put a triggerbox (only triggering that starterplayer) with a script attached that makes the necessery changes right at mission start. Making it show up in the difficulty selection means you have to override that core gui file though I guess.
  3. It's actually very useful. Hate a topic? Just derail it quickly by mentioning that a save restriction would be GREAT..
  4. What is the benefit of converting to a model?
  5. I think the leftPageCurl and RightPageCurl errors are because those "Curls" are probably the navigation buttons for multipage gui's (curled paper in the corner), but in the case of newspapers for example, they are (often) not multipage, but this code is still in the respective gui's, giving this error. newspaper_bridgeport03.gui windowDef BackgroundShow { notime 1 onTime 0 { set "backgroundImage::matcolor" "1 1 1 1"; if ("gui::curPage" > 1) { set "leftPageCurl::matcolor" "1 1 1 1"; } if ("gui::curPage" < "gui::numPages") { set "rightPageCurl::matcolor" "1 1 1 1"; } } } I don't know what's wrong. Maybe it first needs to check if there are is more than one page? if ("gui::numPages" > 1) ?
  6. Ok, weird, didn't know that. Means that every model is an entity already..
  7. Why a func_static instead of just a door model?
  8. A couple more: https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/21739-resolved-allow-mantling-while-carrying-a-body/ https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/22211-feature-proposal-new-lean-for-tdm-212/ https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/22198-feature-proposal-frob-to-use-world-item/ https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/22249-212-auto-search-bodies/
  9. I think this feature is used by mission Requiem ? The necromancers later in the mission are only visible in light if I remember correctly.
  10. I think it's the style that is luxurious, not (only) the texture, if I remember correctly.
  11. This would be cool. He pleads to you that he will be doing only good from now on and you believe him.. and then a follow up mission where you found that he lied and you have to kill him for good.. Or something.. Or like a whole campaign of 15 missions like this. In the end of every mission you get a cutscene where he (again) convinces the player to give him another chance. In the end of mission 15 he dies a natural dead (age). Edit: Oh I see, I think you mean that the player could surender and like in thief 3 you go to jail.
  12. Interesting, didn't know this yet. Problem is that tutorials for Blender won't work with that well, so although maybe it's easier to use, I'm not sure if it's a better choice.
  13. I read it's not actually that easy to implement in code. But you're a dev so maybe you disagree. I think Exstinguish on shortpress is not good, because it's not a simple on/off thing. If you take out the light, you can't immidiatelly put it on again. It's a pretty major downside. I think we shouldn't make the game control worse.
  14. Does the console say something? Was the save file renamed (just a hunch)?
  15. I think they're all fancy though.
  16. It has a plugin system, but if you are happy with textpad, then no reason to switch I guess. Actually it doesn't matter, you still would have to open 7zip and then probably open every file seperatly. This isn't worable in your case. But I think you should be able to open seperate files in Textpad this way, because 7zip unzips it temporarly and passes the file to the default external editor (I think), so the editor (Textpad) doesn't need to read inside the pk4 file.
  17. So you ask more lamps to be included in core assets and then hope mission authors will try to use them? I would like to see multiple base models that can be coupled together to create different prefabs.
  18. Have you tried to install it in a new empty directory? Have you installed it with the installer that you downloaded recently?
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