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    New vid for some of the upcoming content:
  2. Looks like an interesting game. I'll buy when it is cheaper.
  3. ... and it forced you to play the same area again and again and again. Well, to each his own, but, that's not a gameplay that I enjoy.
  4. You're right, of course. Apologies.
  5. I know an awesome way to restrict saves, which works in every mission: Just save when and where you want to. I know, I know, people who want to be restricted need to be restricted by the mission or the game. Unfortunately, that also restricts the people who want to save. So, it's pretty much a lose for one side (most likely the bigger side), instead of a win-win with the save system the game provides.
  6. I loved it. Awesome game. I faceplanted at the people who asked for quest markers in the Steam forums there... Herr, lass Hirn regnen. The game is so great, and so true to the original, because it doesn't hold your hand. When is the new breed of gamers gonna learn.
  7. It absolutely is. No coincidence that a member of this forum talked about "System Shock 3" in regards of Prey.
  8. chakkman

    Free games

    Both are quite good.
  9. Shame on me, I played that one not long ago, and don't remember.
  10. Why not just implement lethal and non-lethal mission objectives, like in Dishonored? That should already be possible in TDM. I agree that killing should always be the last option. It always was in the original Thiefs. "Killing is the mark of the amateur". Although I'd also refrain from these inhumane non-lethal options in Dishonored... turning the genius into a retard, or cutting someones tongue out, and letting him work in a mine for the rest of his life seems more inhumane than just killing him. At least I felt pretty evil doing that.
  11. It would be great if you guys could use the spoiler tag in your posts, as some of us haven't played the mission yet...
  12. The spambots are getting better. Even a more or less realistic thread title.
  13. I like the last two of those (bottom right). Especially the second last. Would work nicely in TDM, IMO.
  14. Do you usually find all the loot in TDM missions? I rarely to never find all loot, unlike in the original Thiefs. TBH, I can't even remember if I ever found all the loot in any TDM missions. The mission authors seem to have a thing for very hard to find loot.
  15. chakkman

    Free games

    Epic Games just had Q.U.B.E. 1 and 2, and The Evil Within 1 and 2, which are amazing freebies.
  16. Just wanted to point it out, as you said that it's not encouraging you to disable your adblocker. When Youtube decides to block adblockers, there's nothing to encourage or discourage you anymore. The site simply won't display content if you have your adblocker enabled.
  17. I don't know if you've read, but, Youtube will block users with adblockers soon.
  18. I don't see these "intruse, extremely irritating" ads on Youtube. I see them on other sites, but, not on Youtube. And, you don't know whether or not Google is "already making massive profit", and, it doesn't matter either way. What matters is that they're offering a service, and have real humans working for them, which have to get paid. And, if you use that service, you have to either watch ads, or subscribe to them. Or not use their service at all. A real life example would be to fule up at a gas station, and just drive away, because you think they're making massive profit, and their prices are too high. I don't know if you do that, but, I surely don't.
  19. Would be a good idea to have a settings option for that.
  20. More of a social problem than a Youube one. I don't think the platform is to blame for the 99,9% trash that is being uploaded by users. The one thing that stood out to me over the years in terms of that development: Mug shots on literally every video thumbnail now. Back in the days, people didn't upload their mugshots for every video. The video was about the thing the video was about, not about the person presenting it. I think that pretty much shows where humanity headed: Towards narcissism.
  21. I don't understand why you think it's abusive. Or a "scam".
  22. Again, there is nothing "unethic" about financing your web service. And, I know a gazillion of sites which have more annoying ads than Youtube. If you don't like it, then, I'm afraid, the solution is to not use Youtube anymore, if you find their kind of making sure to pay the bills is too much for you.
  23. Was it? Youtube has had ads for as long as I can remember. They didn't have subscription schemes for a long time, if that's what you mean. It's obvious to me that a service like Youtube costs a lot of money, and therefor must generate money. Many petabytes of data and traffic.
  24. "Crushing the user" and "destroying videos" is your subjective impression of what they are doing. Objectively, they're showing ads to pay for their service. You can also subscribe, and get an ad free service. Really, there's nothing unethical about it. Unethical would be to block their ads, and use and consider their service as free for you, while it isn't. Don't take this personal, it's simply something I often read on the net. I don't think any of us really likes to work for free on their dayjob, right? Google and other big corporations also don't have some kind of money creating machine in their basement, and there are real people working for them, who should get paid for what they do. I wouldn't even say that's ethical, it's simply how life works. I don't know why big companies always have such a different status than your local 10 employee business. They're also a business, and, there's a lot of people working for them. Who should get paid for what they do.
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