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  1. It's great, but, I'm almost a bit beat up by the size... especially when you have a bit of OCD like me, and always try to explore everything. Lots of stuff going on vertically, and, I'm 2 or 3 hours in, and haven't even touched the ground yet... a bit overwhelmed, TBH. Would have been material for 2 or 3 maps. I've already been to 1 or 2 places where I can activate something, but, I have no idea how. Not so good.
  2. I'm actually amazed how much work there is still done, and how many improvements this mod sees. It looks like there will be a significant performance update some time as well, and maybe even a VR version. That's quite incredible, considering that it's a spare time software, and considering how old it is now. Really, I wished there were other projects on this level of professionality, and commitment. Now someone create a Dark Mod for Deus Ex please.
  3. The menu music already sends shivers down my spine... off to play now.
  4. Just a heads up: Steam overlay doesn't work properly with version 2.08 of TDM. I manually added TDM to my Steam library using the "Add non-Steam game" option, and, until 2.08, it worked fine, and the overlay worked too. Now, with version 2.08, when I start TDM via Steam, I get a weird cursor (first some hieroglyphics stuff, then the Steam icon), and, when I try to start the Steam overlay with the shortcut, it only shows a small white square on top of TDM's GUI. Wonder if anyone has a idea which could have caused that in version 2.08. Not a biggie, just in case someone wants to play TDM with Steam overlay.
  5. Really? Can't see that at all.
  6. What's the point of this retro look? I don't get it. Not meant offensively, it's just that I'm wondering what the appeal ist. Artistic charme? Minecraft appeal?
  7. I hope that that is supposed to be a joke. You can never be sure these days.
  8. Something I notice with almost every modern game these days. They're playing like a movie. I bought the highly praised Resident Evil 7 in the Steam Summer sale, for example, and, it really kind of annoyed me in the first hour with so many things where I just helplessly sit there, and can't do anything about so many things. Think I really prefer it the way it used to be in games, that you are the master of what's happening on the screen, not the game.
  9. TBH, I wouldn't even want to mention it that often. I just do because, everywhere, Cyberpunk gets compared to it. Right from the start, I didn't feel like they have much in common, apart from obviously being of the same genre. It's like comparing Elder Scrolls to The Witcher. Very different games also IMO.
  10. Possible. Or it'll be completely different. Anyway, The Witcher already wasn't my cup of tea, so it figures, kind of.
  11. I'm still not too fond of the style and the settings of the game. I'll probably end up buying it anyway, but, still... Deux Ex was a immediate hit in terms of basically everything. This game just doesn't wow me in the same way. "Night City", meh. Body builded musclemen or freaks as NPC's, don't like the name and the character of the factions much. I don't know. Just doesn't talk to me the way the old and new Deus Ex's do. They definitely have more appeal for me than this. This rather looks and feels like a comic compared. Sorry for being all negative. Just my opinion, of course.
  12. Yeah, fair enough. The thing is just that the control scheme of TDM is pretty basic, both for shooter players and people who come from the original Thief games (it's almost identical to those). But, if wesp5's solution works for you, all the better of course.
  13. Well... I'm sure some new players will change the key bindings first thing they do in the game, and, if the readables in the training mission would show the default keybindings then, then it would not be helpful at all. You always can go to the menus and check the key binding. It's really not that hard. I get why you'd want to have the key bindings shown on the screen, but, IMO, the issue is not so severe that it would justify overhauling the training mission for it. Just my opinion.
  14. The problem is that people customize their key bindings. I'm not sure if the readables can account for that, and can be dynamically changed. I would guess that they cannot. Maybe some screen overlay instructions would be the better option. Even though I'm not sure if it's worth it. It isn't much of a hassle to switch to the menu and check the key bindings to see which keys is binded to the action you want to perform. There's really not so many key bindings in total.
  15. I'm sure there has been one. Without even knowing it. People are like that these days. People also want diverse genders, bromances, vegan protagonists, you name it. It doesn't matter if it all fits in the story, or makes sense in any other way. They just have to be in there. Because entertainment is all political these days. And everybody has to be carried over to the right way. I won't say now which kind of ideology this kind of phasing and mass manipulation resembles massively.
  16. ... or... make them not black or female (or the protagonist), and watch the same people roll controversy in. Sick times. And that's not just because of Corona.
  17. Fair enough. TBH, maybe I shouldn't comment on it anyway, as I haven't played the game yet. I only played the first part for an hour or two. I have no doubt though that they do it because it's hip. Just like all AAA games these days do stuff because it's hip and because it sells.
  18. Addmittedly, it was a bit provoking way of black and white exaggeration. But, the popularity of series' like The Walking Dead should be an indicator why the game devs do that. And, actually, I'm happy that the time of censoring and people who spot harm on every corner is gone now, and that game devs can dare to make their games as violent as they feel like fitting, without having to look over both shoulders, and having to fear that they have to develop different versions for their games, because of overzealous inspection authorities. And, of course you're free to dislike the game. It's just that the games are pretty popular, so, you're expressing a minority opinion. Which is fair enough as well of course, I dislike a lot of popular games these days.
  19. Violence in a end of the world zombie game? OMG! Scandalous.
  20. This is great news for people like me who suffer from a slow and outdated CPU. Always had performance issues with TDM. Thanks a lot for your work.
  21. Thanks for the heads up, I got it now as well.
  22. They're giving away Hitman Absolution at the moment, in the inferior GOG store. I can't seem to get it though. Their inferior servers are completely overrun.
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