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  1. Maybe. It worked for the Tomb Raider Dagger of Xian game (even though I'm not sure how much of the IP it can really use...). But... wouldn't "Thief Deadlier Shadow" be a bit unoriginal? Frankly, The Dark Mod is as good and close as it gets for me.
  2. Unfortunately, that's not how it works. Even if they never use the IP again, the sheer consideration that it could be used once again, to sell games, will be enough not to hand out the IP. Apart from that, I wondered if you were talking about The Dark Mod there.
  3. Someone always owns the rights, so, it's usually the latter.
  4. Vampire MMORPG. Don't care about it. Didn't care about Deathloop either. Might get it for 10 € one day, just to take a look. But, that rogue like/whatever game already wasn't for me in Prey Mooncrash, and, the setting of Deathloop doesn't do much for me either.
  5. https://www.rpgfan.com/2022/05/13/starfield-delayed-first-half-2023/
  6. Just finished this one. Nice mission, I really enjoyed it. The difficulty was just about right, I liked the gameplay, good and interesting objectives. Visuals were good, although I've seen better looking missions. If anything, the mission felt a tiny bit empty, because, many houses weren't accessible. Readables were great. Story telling was great. The mission reminded me a bit of the original Thief 2's Ambush mission. Overall really impressive for your first mission.
  7. With "nobody" I meant a no-name protagonist with no known background. And, if you played the original Thief's, then you saw that a lot of the story is told while playing the games, as usual.
  8. As there won't be another Thief, I think asking that question is a bit redundant. No one sane will touch that franchise ever again. I love the character. Everything about it. Such anti-heroes make a game very interesting. Also in the Chronicles of Riddick games. It just wouldn't be the same if the anti-hero would be a nameless... nobody.
  9. chakkman

    Free games

    More of a System Shock reboot. I love it, one of the most fun games I played in the last 20 years.
  10. Me too. The only slight niggle I always had about it is that, naturally, the style, difficulty, and quality of the FM's vary quite a bit. And, of course, that there isn't a long campaign of FM's which feels like a coherent game. FM authors try, but, again, naturally, there can only be a 3, 4, or 5 FM series. Which you have to wait for, if it's still in development.
  11. Or buy Indie games like these: https://store.steampowered.com/app/908360/Monomyth/
  12. Exactly! The only reason they still call it Tomb Raider is obviously to make $$$ from a big name. It's as if one of those German tech companies get bought up by a Chinese company, and, apart from the name, their products don't have anything to do with the legacy of the company anymore. See, I get why they do it. Nowadays' audience demands it like that, because noone wants to play action adventure jumping puzzle games anymore. It's just sad if you know what the games used to be like, and what they are like now. Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, Wolfenstein, same thing with those. Even Deus Ex to some extent. Tailored to the taste of today's audience.
  13. I played Shadow of the Tomb Raider for a few hours. The intro gameplay was absolutely horrible for me, when the place falls to pieces, and there's one exaggerated gimmicky scene after the other. I absolutely hate that. I played Rise of the Tomb Raider for 40 or 50 hours, and, while it had its moments, it's just not the same as the old Tomb Raiders. Played parts 1 to 4, and you know what I mean. They're totally different games. It's a totally different protagonist. The games are much more cinematic these days, the playable character is very different, there are many things they changed to make it appeal more to nowadays' audience of gamers. Much more action (especially in the first Tomb Raider reboot, but also in Rise of the Tomb Raider), less jumping and puzzles, and a much more emotional, always moaning and crying Lara Croft. I just don't like the direction the games headed. Much in line with nowadays' kind of games. They always feel like films these days for me, not like games. Interactive films, where you don't shape the game, it shapes you. Can't explain it better.
  14. If you approach it like that (I did that as well), it's actually not a bad game. Surely no super hit, but, far from crap. As for a new Tomb Raider: If it's not like the original Core Design games, or the first 3 Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raiders, then I'm not interested. Tomb Raider for me is about puzzles, jumping, exploring, and adventure, not about action and a protagonist which sighs and moans every 5 seconds, which is supposed to be immersive or something.
  15. Is this really such an issue? I never noticed any difference to the original Thiefs or Dishonored in terms of how quick the toggle key reacts to input... And, I consider myself quite sensitive in that regard. Anyway, if it can be changed to act more like other games out there (if it reacts on key down in any other game), then it's a good thing.
  16. Got a new computer about 2 weeks ago, so I thought I'd update my system specs: Intel i5-11600K Geforce RTX 3060 Ti 16 GB DDR4-3200 Ram ASUS TUF Gaming B560 WIFI Plus mainboard 1 TB M.2 SSD & 1 TB HDD Still using my old BenQ 2580HM monitor, which is nice for TDM. I can play with most settings maxed out, and get a stable 60 FPS in all missions (Vsync on). TDM still seems laggy in some places, just like on my old computer. Seems that it has nothing to do with frame rate, oddly.
  17. Wouldn't that make it out of line with the other readables?
  18. There's definitely loads of graphics whores out there who will slam everything without super duper high definition graphics. I still play the original Thief's on my Windows 11 machine. I wonder how many people still do that... doubt that there are many. It's sad, because, honestly, graphics are WAY overrated. IMO, games much more benefit from a great atmosphere, meaning a mixture of coherent graphics, game world, music, and setting, than from stunning graphics. I'm afraid it's a mentality thing. If you're shallow, you will only notice the shallow things. E.g., I can't imagine any other reason for Assassin's Creed being so popular. The gameplay is super boring always the same boring stuff. And it's very casual. If you can climb up the highest tower of the city just by pressing one or two keys, there's something fundamentally wrong with your gameplay. And your audience.
  19. They're in a dilemma. People expect super high definition graphics and AAA tech even from games with a small budget, when they come from a bigger publisher. I really see only one way for projects with ideas which stray from the mainstream: Go Indie and crowdfunding. Some nice games are done that way. But, even if you do that, people have totally overblown expectations. See the System Shock remake. I hold my head in shame every time I visit the Steam forums for that game. Gazillions of "When is this being released pleeeease... " threads. Well... it will be released when it's done. I guess. Not to mention they had to start all over again, of course, because people didn't like what they saw, and they had to change everything to make it closer to the original. Well... I guess crowdfunding has its very bad sides as well. Again due to expectations though.
  20. I don't think that they will do another Thief game. I'd even question if they do another Deus Ex game. It's sad, but, those franchise are simply very unpopular. I rather see the future of similar games in the Indie realm.
  21. Finally got around to play this (the size of the mission always scared me off a little...). Wow, what a monster. Awesome mission. Had some issues with the size of the map (easy to get lost...), and once again with the difficulty (can't see a valid reason why there are so many helmeted or elite guards guarding the adherence of the curfew), but, that's more than made up by the world design (seriously good, hardly any other mission with such a good city and street design), and the sheer amount of locations to explore. Unfortunately, I haven't found that minature world mentioned above (I found some weird black cube though, which I didn't know what to do with... maybe that was it). Maybe something for the next playthrough. Think I played 8 hours plus so far, and still not finished... gotta finish the mission tomorrow. Great fun.
  22. Well, I'll happily admit that they did a good job with new Deus Ex games. All I wanted to say is that they took ideas, but ported them into a modern game, with all the good and the bad which comes with it (e.g. those penetrant never ending political messages, and stupid characters, especially in Mankind Divided). Thief surely differs quite a bit more to the original games. Not so much gameplay wise though. I'd say they're pretty much par with Deus Ex in that regard.
  23. As much as I like the modern Deus Ex', they're very different to the original. I'd actually say they kind of made a fluke with the games, while Thief 4 simply didn't work. At least as a true sequel, I still think it's a decent stealth game, if you view it as a reboot (actually that's what it is anyway).
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