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  1. Is it possible to upgrade yourself entirely robotic?
  2. I just want peace and freedom. No more jihad, no more crushing dissent against the communist party under an iron fist, just licente democracy.
  3. And as much as I hate Muhammad as one of the worlds most evil men, it is unfortunate that Xi Jinping is still alive right now, with North korea as his little lapdog! Not to mention how China has basically bribed most other Islamic countries into silencing outcry against the Uyghur genocide, showing that the supposed divine Islamic "ummah" that all Islamic nations should unite is bullshit. I may just be ranting and getting my negative feelings towards both idiots in this posting contest off my chest, but dammit, I hate Xi Jinping for making me have to come to the verbal aid of a group who prais
  4. I will admit to being emotional about it, and being vulgar. But I'm emotional because I care about the well being of people who are victimized by Islam, along with caring about protecting the rights and freedoms that Islam despises. And I'm vulgar because nothing else seems to get through people's numbers psyches, numbed by the nonstop news of terrorist attacks and whining by Islamic apologists who make the same broken argument based on lies each time that Islam isn't at fault for Islamic terrorism that directly is inspired by Quran verses instructed by Muhammad himself. It's like slamming you
  5. Furthermore, one doesn't have to look far to find faux-moderates. Check the comments sections of news videos on YouTube and you will find endless comments by english-writing pro-Sharia individuals who defend the murder of the English teacher, who claim that they know more about freedom of speech and licente than France, its founder, who laugh at the mourning and who call for more violence against those who "dare" to mock or show caricature of that fucking pedophiliac warlord cunt Muhammad. Well, I refuse to be cowed, victimized, or mistreated by a backwards, kidfucking cult whose founder made
  6. And I agree that muslims should be welcome here... if they are moderate, and that includes having to live by the rules of freedom of speech and religion, which includes the right to not believe the same things they believe, to leave Islam without fear of death, and the right to criticize Muhammad and Islam for very real faults they both have.
  7. I don't condone what China is doing to the Uighurs. But I am saying, that the uighurs should have known better than to continually harass China and not expect some sort of retaliation, for China, which has shown itself to be an authoritarian dystopia, to behave like the West and try to be merciful towards those trying to pick a fight. It's evil vs evil when Islam goes up against a Communist Dictatorship, although I wish the children of the Uighurs were not killed or sterilized, just like I wish victims of Islamic extremism among critics of Muhammad and apostates from Islam weren't targeted and
  8. Once again, things got worse. A teacher showed the Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Muhammad in class. One of his muslim students tweeted them to a jihadist gang operating in the area and they stabbed him multiple times in the head and sliced his head off whilst screaming "Allah Ackbar". French President Emmanuel Macron grew a pair of fucking balls and called out the Islamic community being in crisis with extremism, and instead of looking inwards at their own community's problems, the followers of the pedophile warlord who raped a child and owned 17 sex slaves and once slaughtered between 500-800 Jew
  9. Is there an equivalent to Roma, more commonly known as Gypsies, in the Dark Mod world?
  10. I was feeling nostalgic and remembered that as a kid, I had a copy of the first Halo game as a Novel "Combat Evolved", and my school had the two Doom 3 novels in the library. I thus wanted to know, what games would you have loved to have been made into novels? For me, Thief 1 through 3 for sure, with Half Life and Duke Nukem/Serious Sam as well, but also I would have loved a book about some mods as their own stories as well, like They Hunger.
  11. I must ask, has anyone here ever thought of their own original game in the same vein as Serious Sam/Doom/Duke Nukem/Halo/Half Life, with a badass with power armor and/or a shitton of guns fighting aliens/demons/zombies/robots/etc? I'd like to see one especially in the "badass 90s shooter hero" vein as Duke/Sam/Doomguy.
  12. I like the lighting and enemy types of Doom 3, as well as the engine. No wonder the Dark Mod originally used its engine. It reminds me of the night time level for the Duke Nukem Forever DLC, which in my opinion was great at conveying an atmospheric night-time environment.
  13. Doom 3 was awesome. I know a lot of people prefer Doom 2016 and Eternal's gritty fast-action slaughter, and I am a fan of it, but a large part of me wishes they had continued on with Doom as a horror game. Many of the Doom 3 mods look amazing, and the 3 official campaigns are great. I always wanted a mod gor Skyrim to turn dragons into Maledicts.
  14. I wish the people in power would do more to stand up against authoritarians and stand up for the little guy. In some ways the world gets better over time, but it seems the same well-known repeat offenders of human rights still get away to repeat their crimes again and again. Radical Islamic religious leaders, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping, I wish someone would just fund their own secular "terrorist" group to have them all fucking assassinated, and the U.N. could handle the power vacuum.
  15. I was actually wondering about maybe a few examples of the religious beliefs of the pagans outside the cities. Any based on Norse myth?
  16. Not for long, at least depending on the results of the 2020 election.
  17. America and Taiwan are allies. We won't abandon them.
  18. Kurshok

    Pumpkin Jack

    Described as a cross between the original Jak and Daxter & MediEvil, this upcoming game has caught my eye. Anybody else interested on this nostalgic throwback to both games and Halloween past?
  19. Don't let the CCP make you TOO radical on the issue. They'd love to use "pro-nuking China treasonous dogs" as a way to justify Hong Kong oppression. It's best to just off the "old toads" and instill a moderate into the party head who will let Hong Kong secede and stop the genocide.
  20. What sort of deities do the Pagans and Beastfolk outside of the Builder cities worship?
  21. I think that's a little too far. Simply killing the heads of the CCP would suffice. No need to start slaughtering civvies.
  22. Although I am somewhat apprehensive of Islam due to its founders immoral behavior and some rather backwards beliefs, the treatment of the Uyghurs by the Chinese has been horrendous, including forced sterilization, murder of newborns and forced abortions, and slave labor. It also doesn't help Disney's live-action Mulan actively gave props to a concentration camp director in the credits of the film. So what I'm asking is, does anybody have any ideas for how we can help the Uyghurs? I know a bit of 4chan lingo, despite leaning left, does anybody else have any ideas we can pool together to get som
  23. Maybe we'll get fantasy-horror creations like Thief's more scary levels over the series, like Shalebridge Cradle and Haunted Cathedral.
  24. I'll also admit, there is hope that Islamic nations can become secular with freedom of speech and expression. Sudan just a few weeks ago declared itself no longer having Islam as "State Religion". Moderates DO exist, and the March of Progress and Time goes ever onwards, and with Israel and the UAE now having a formal peace treaty of a sorts, and with rebellious feelings of leaving Islam growing in UAE's rival of Iran, maybe when I'm an old man I'll see a world where Theocracies with the right to murder you for disbelief are a thing of the past.
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