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  1. Maybe the only way to fix the gaming industry is to join it and change things from the inside by force.
  2. It could make it more mainstream without having to dumb it down. And attempts at making modern action movies in all but name out of classic games has lead to series losing their original theme at times.
  3. I hope they bring back, in the classic spirit of the original games, without this nu-Theif or Nu-Tomb Raider type nonsense, Gex, Tomb Raider, Akuji, Soul Reaver, and Thief. Straight up just embrace the retro with better graphics, none of this "everything has to be an epic action movie with super cereal stakes and emotional drama".
  4. I also have discussed this idea with people on the console game dreams, and they've made some cool things, too, that people who can't afford to travel or are sick or old and so can't travel, will be able to experience for much cheaper and at home/hospital/retirement home. People have made Zoos filled with Zombie Animals, a recreation of a real life aquarium; one guy remade Disneyland, and one guy is making a collection of theme park rides that have been taken down or replaced, like Jaws The Ride and Twilight Zone Tower of Terror.
  5. I was thinking about what you said, nbohr1more, and while I stick by the Basic idea that talking about stuff so people discuss it and come to consensus on how to deal with it or address it is good, I also admit I can be pessimistic at times. So I started a new post, one about a way that programmers of games can help people who are sick, old, or don't have much time left in life to experience fun things they otherwise wouldn't be able to with VIrtual Reality. It's on a new thread.
  6. I was thinking about how I've been a bit of a pessimist whenever I post stuff in the off-topic section of The Dark Mod Forums, and whilst I do stand by the fact that it's healthy to face unhappy realities of the world in order to provide discussion so that people will spread that discussion and the problems are eventually gained notice of and fixed, I also realize that it's kind of depressing, talking about war and strife. So, I decided to talk about a topic of how we can make the lives of people who are sick and dying happier, and help them experience things they wouldn't be able to otherwise due to their conditions, such as elderly in retirement homes or cancer patient children undergoing chemotherapy or other people who can't go out and travel much. I was thinking about how I haven't gone to the Zoo, Aquarium, or Museum for over a decade, and how I haven't gone to an amusement park, water park, or the beach in summer since covid started. Then I thinks to myself, at least you've done that in your life, some people aren't as lucky or well-off as you've been in life; some people never got around to doing that sort of stuff in their life and now they're stuck in a nursing home, or some are still young but stuck sick in the hospital, and may not live long enough to do that stuff. So I got to thinking, I've seen people on The Dark Mod Forums who've discussed making a VR version of The Dark Mod. And I wonder to myself, hey, you don't know how to program any of this for the less fortunate, but you like to suggest stuff to people, plant seeds in their ears like, so I decided to suggest this to you guys: What about making VIrtual Reality Experiences for the less fortunate? Zoos, Aquariums, Amusement Parks, Carnivals, Circuses, Fairs of the normal and medieval variety, Museums, that sort of thing. And they don't just have to be based on reality, with V.R. you could create a zoo full of unicorns, dragons, zombie animals, aliens, demons, and other fantastical beasts, or make Amusement Park rides that aren't feasibly safe with modern technology, like a roller coaster that reaches up into outer space and through an asteroid belt! I know this comes out of nowhere, but the idea hit me and I'd feel guilty if I didn't share it.
  7. Ok. I'll keep that in mind.
  8. I'd like the idea of steampunk versions of the cyborg demons from Doom 3 as enemies in Dark Mod, a sort of pseudo-prequel vibe that Hell's technology grows more advanced as more intelligent evil souls are sent there. So at the time of The Dark Mod, they're limited to the same technology as The Inventors Guild.
  9. I'm more of a fan of the Thief games as a series than a developer. But I have been able to do something that has merit with the Thief community! Ever heard of the game Dreams? I can't figure out how to make stuff there myself, the controls for Dreamsculpting are hard, but I've gathered a group of fans of the Thief series who can, who are able to dreamsculpt. We're working on a fanmade, fan-finished version of Thief: Dagger of Ways, the cancelled Modern-Day American City version of Thief that was in production by Ion Storm before the Thief 2014 Victorian Era style reboot was made.
  10. I'm none of those, and also, "Holy fucking wall of text, Batman!" If you're so paranoid about me being some long-game Russian spy or some shit, forget about it. I'm 100% against all forms of authoritarianism; be it Islamic Sharia Law, Russian Oligarchy, or Chinese/North Korean Communism.
  11. I'm not a member of any of that. I simply find the discussion of it funny because of how stupid it is people believe in moronic shit like that. The world obviously isn't flat, and people's heads don't explode for no reason.
  12. I recently started listening to the other albums in Paul Shapera's New Albion 4 Album story centered around the city of the same name.
  13. I was listening to a recording of Radio Graffiti/Twitter Shout-out from The Ghost Show on YouTube, and one of the recent tweets was the single most stupid, downright retarded, galaxy-brain conspiracy theorist takes I've ever heard. I've decided to share it here so people can give their own insight to it "What If JFK's head just did that on his own?" You don't need to be a rocket scientist to realize people's heads don't just fucking explode for no reason out of nowhere. I've heard a lot of dumbass conspiracy theories, but "JFK's head just exploded on its own" takes the cake.
  14. It looks like it's a good game for fans of isometric playstyle, but it just seems... off, to me personally. No offense. It's just that the Thief series has been first person in all its iterations, as is The Dark Mod, and even Dishonored, if you want to count spiritual successors. I'm sure it's good, but it just doesn't scream "Thief" to me, more of a "Thief-inspired mobile game".
  15. I remember a Thief 1 and 2 based texture pack with Garrett skin a while ago. But that was years back, and I can't find it. It utilized actual graphics from Thief 1 and 2 in order to make skeletons into Haunts, Zombies into Thief's zombies, and Creepers I believe may have been Karras' robots. There was also another Thief 2014 Texture pack with a high-rez Garrett skin, but i haven't been able to find the video again after years.
  16. Has anyone here ever played the original PS1 versions of Harry Potter 1 and 2? Do you actually like their retro graphics better than the PS2 versions? Do you like modding in custom levels with bonus content to classic games? Then try out Koops Harry Potter Editor for making and playing custom Harry Potter levels! Make your own, new lore/alternate timeline and if you're great enough at modding, make a custom campaign!
  17. Even when that belief system calls for violence against others, slavery, both normal and sexual, idolized pedophilia, and promotes terrorism? I've said my piece, revelator. To be honest, I believe most religions on Earth could be capable of coexisting if they were to shed their more extreme parts and admit wrongdoings, like modern Christian western churches trying to reconcile with LGBT, or Hindus attempting to abolish the caste system. But with Islam, it's composed primarily of so many horrid ideals, based around the violent actions of an evil man who you are demanded to respect as the final, greatest person to look up to and emulate, it's like Nazism with a religious twist. And I refuse to tiptoe around the subject and allow this abomination against so much of everything I believe in to go about unopposed, lying to people to spread its power amongst those who it plans to betray until it's too late to realistically fight back without resorting to things I really, really ethically disagree with. Now I'll admit not every Muslim is a bad person, there are reformists. But every time throughout history the reformists have bent the knee to the wild, murderous, rapist jihadists whenever they go on a rampage, because of the simple fact that the oldest, most complete versions of the Quran call for all that evil shit, and if they disagree with it they are labeled apostates and they themselves are murdered. And if the Islamic community refuses to modernize itself, it needs to be dragged kicking and screaming into modernity, and if it doesn't accept that, then it is time for Islam as a political entity to cease.
  18. Islam is not a race, and religions are ideologies, and all ideologies should be able to be rigorously critiqued, especially one as vile as Islam. Your "I don't believe in censorship BUUUTTTT" nonsense is how Islam managed to conquer so many countries and inflicts harm even today in countries where they aren't the majority, by demanding censorship of valid criticism of Islamic practices and ideals, and outright criminalizing the condemnation, or hell, even the pointing out of horrendous acts the founder of Islam, Muhammad, perpetrated within his lifetime!
  19. Nothing I said was false. It's people who turn a blind eye to Islam's rabid hatred of anything un-Islamic who need to look at Islam's history to get help for their endless whataboutery to defend an indefensible evil and brutal theocratic system that puts women in the place of being regarded as lesser beings with primitive brains, and whose biggest empire was responsible for an even larger and crueler slave trade than the European one, one that also lasted longer. Islam's sources validate and even encourage the worst aspects of humankind, sex slavery, pedophilia, unending war against the unbelievers. It is not "just like any other religion" and anyone who says it is are either deluding themselves or too afraid of contradicting their own worldviews to admit it. I should know, I used to be far-left SJW and would have defended Islam as "just the same as Christianity" during my edgy teenage atheist phase, before I actually started listening to the speaking of ex-Muslims, who are called to be murdered by either the state or honor killings by Islam. And the majority of Islamic nations DO still execute apostates, or jail them for life.
  20. Wellingroncrab, thebigh, you two are fools if you think Islam is compatible in the long term with a western-style, laissez-faire, democratic republic government that values freedom of speech, freedom of and from religion, and doesn't devolve into a theocratic hellhole like every Muslim majority nation. The only way to throw off the shackles of Muhammad's cult is what Kemal Ataturk did, overthrowing the Islamic Mosque as a political power and making laws to politically castrate it, and even then misguided compassion has allowed pro-Sharia pigs like Erdogan to rise to power, eroding the freedoms hard-won in favor of blind idolatry of a mad Bedouin caravan robber. Your mutterings and heaving of your bosoms in defense of a cult that teaches to brutally oppress unbelievers, murder dissenters, and lie to achieve dominion over the world is pathetic.
  21. Because unlike Islam, the Ukrainians aren't a fifth column for a long-dead thieving, murdering pedophile warlord named Muhammad's self-fellating cult of death that wishes to shit out kids until they can destabilize democracy from within and usurp it into some sort of retarded, violent hellhole like where they have fled from, seeking to suck dry the government's goodwill by claiming their cousin-fucking-spawned horrifically inbred children need extra welfare, then sending that welfare straight to the local terrorism-endorsing mosque while their babbling braindead spawn are left in a barely-cared-for sideroom instead of receiving actual mental health treatment or medication as that is "haram" according to that pile of asswipings known as the Quran.
  22. 6 Russian Generals are dead, the Ukrainians are pushing back and retaking land. Maybe things are looking up?
  23. I could imagine if they're combined steampunk technology and necromancy together, their leader probably resembles a more copper steampunk looking version of Belisarius Cawl from Warhammer 40K.
  24. https://www.google.com/amp/s/screenrant.com/thief-reboot-remake-ps5-xbox-series-x/amp/ I hope they either do a proper remake/remaster of the OG Trilogy, or at least make Dagger of Ways in a competent manner.
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