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  1. Well I'll put it this way, there was a worm and it screwed things up so the OS wouldn't operate. That coincided with the keyboard failing somehow where any and all keys resulted in a system crash. Over heating was my first thought but wasn't the issue. I haven't had another problem but I'm hesitant to use dark mod right now. Doing other things in the meantime.
  2. That's why I'm slowly annexing all the internet content in my fotos till I can organize it and weed out anything that might be the problem. Any way to scan images or files or decrypt a exe in a file?
  3. Recently downloaded alchemist. Was playing the mission when my system went down. I can't be sure of where I picked up the virus but I thought I should check out here first. Other options would be AS custom maps or photo files. Virus had the affect of shutting down windows without warning, some times immediately sometimes after a few minutes. Eventually after a manual shut down my OS no longer available. So I'm checking with the community here to see if this problem persists with any of you or if someone can check that the files and rars haven't been compromised or that something hidden didn'
  4. Similar isn't it? Took some clues from the map did some scouting. This spot seems to match some of the criteria except for the sea walled/flooded area to the east. It's the Italian coast close the the country of Slovenija. Size of the area is wrong and there isn't a city there but hey whatever.
  5. Damn I'm gunna be double and triple posting here at this rate. Wasn't expecting a heavy response. If the whole city is written off in complete detail that will take much of the fun and creativity out of mapping for authors. I'm thinking a vague map, but more detailed than the one on the wiki. Major thoroughfares, landmarks, districts, areas of political influence, topography. The winding streets would be a painful procedure to detail... it could be done but it would be more than likely to be ignored. Landmarks like the greater church (has this one been done yet?), counsel chambers, clock
  6. Reminds me, those intros at the beginning. Who ever did the speaking part for one of the early one's should be convinced to voice all the intros. Would provide the proper pacing since there are a few fan missions that scroll to fast.
  7. I've been toying with the idea of trying my hand at dark radiant. Their are so few available missions at this time and it seems like most of the action involving tdm is going on in the mapping and modding groups. I don't have the experience yet with 3d modeling so practice is needed. I've set myself to the task of researching, from the wiki, tdm world so I can fit into it as best I can if I get around to putting something together. It would be an interesting task to bring something new to this. I've been brain storming and I've thought of a couple things that would make mission creation less o
  8. I can't post the image, it's in some freaking imac format I can't alter. What the hell. screened the screen, check
  9. Did that already so I must be approaching it from the wrong direction. I've already gotten on top of it and tried from below. I'll see if it works again later. Found a lot of something in this ep that I think I'll call Geddan syndrome. Is there a way to use screenshots in TDM? I'd like to post this junk so someone can tell me what I'm looking at. Get Down
  10. I've managed to get as far as the sealed room, on my own, but haven't detected a method of opening the case yet. It would be convenient if I could kill or drown what was down there using the bath. But it seemed that the water does not drain into the bilge area. This makes moving around difficult and since I can't yet open the casing without the suggested "key" (does it require something extra, or is something broken with my version of the mission?) I can't access the stone and also another key I believe is concealed with the stone. If I could use a light to search the room it would be much eas
  11. using keys and using lock picks should require the same distance from object to make use of them. I still haven't made a habit of being as close as possible to something when using keys. Scrolling through all the keys to make sure one of them isn't the one I need and then trying out the picks, only the picks require you to come face to face with the object to use them or the door or object won't highlight. Either the keys should require closer contact with the door or the picks should allow further distance from the door. This can't only be bothering me.
  12. Come to the point where I can go no further. I made a mistake in knocking out someone who could have given me access to the library and I can find no more keys. I've covered the level often enough now where I've abandoned all care and knocked unconscious or killed all npcs in the mission including the wife and excluding the forbidden npc. I got so anxious that I started no clipping in certain areas and I think ruined some surprises for myself... nothing I can't rectify if I don't use it to exploit it. I don't suppose there's a key for the library anywhere? I can't think of a place that it woul
  13. I'll try the ep later. I still have the save file so I can pop in in a second and check. Gunna post another thread in a minute. Got a new and exciting error to report. Will check for similar thread first.
  14. Found another thread on this however my issue differed somewhat. I've noticed in playing through these so far that there have been a few instances of stuck objects. These mostly tend to be bodies or conscious npcs. This can cause problems in maneuvering around characters and hiding bodies. Stuck really doesn't seem to describe what happens though. It's almost as if the bodies are fixed at the point in space that they end up in. I encountered a situation just now where an npc looking for the source of a sound wandered onto and stayed put on a ground hatchway in 'Business as Usual'. Knocked ou
  15. Found the damned switch finally after screwing with the gamma levels. But I'll say this. It must be very easy to complete this mission when you're the dunce that created it and not some idiot who's tried to play it. Others may have the tact, grace and good manners to compliment the author of an impossible ep but this doesn't deserve it. It needs fixing so it's less bloody annoying and more bloody PLAYABLE. EDIT: Down the final hidden item. But I give. I'm giving up, uninstalling the mission, deleting the save files and then removing the pak. I'm sick of this thing. I'm just trying to relax
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