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  1. If you're just mucking around with tutorials you can attach your map here. I'll take a look at it and see if I can figure out what's wrong.
  2. This another mission from the early days of Dark Mod that I've been meaning to play for a while. The goal is basically the same as Thief's Den 1- break into Sebastian Creep's place, steal a valuable item from him, and leave some incriminating evidence in his chest- which suggests it started life as working through one of the DarkRadiant tutorials. From there it gets pretty weird. The architecture seems haphazardly put together, which gives the level a unique feel, and I always think it's nice when mappers develop a signature style all their own. The map itself is fairly small, just a few buildings and an adjoining cave-sewer, and there's few guards, but it's so tightly put together it was a constant challenge to avoid getting caught. Making it more difficult is that sound seems to propagate everywhere in the level, making it very hard to avoid tipping off all the guards just by moving around. Loot is generally placed well, with some pieces very fiendishly hidden. There's secrets too- also fiendishly concealed, and one of those is necessary to finish the level. Figuring out how to open it took me quite a bit of time. I finished with a stealth score of 4 and $1,749 in loot, easily meeting the goal of $1,500. This is a mission that becomes more than the sum of its (very jumbled) parts and is good, challenging fun for 45 minutes or so. Definitely worth checking out!
  3. Heh, yeah, that kind of texture alignment stops registering with me after too long staring at the same scene. Odds are I'll have to do a careful inspection of the whole level's textures at the end just to make sure there's no ugly seams.
  4. More bragging! This is the entry hall to the mansion. I'm pretty pleased with how it's turned out so far. Even on my potato computer and with multiple light sources the frame rate is still acceptable. Now I've just got to build the second storey and then I can populate the level with people, and get the objectives done. With luck I might have something beta testable in a month or so. Maybe I'll get that 2021 release done after all!
  5. There are those who are afraid of greatness

    1. Bluehawk


      Lord Wellen has an excellent steward in his employ.

  6. The Sword was well designed. Yes, it got freaky but there was still a sense of progression to it. The first floor is a standard mansion, more or less, with the usual layout and decor. You get to the 2nd floor and, OK it's a bit weird looking with all the pagan stuff lying around, odd traps, and occasional physics-defying areas but it's still more or less comprehensible. The third floor is just batshit insane. The higher you go, the freakier it gets but it's still a coherent whole. LGS had a plan for this level from the outset which is why it works. Now, Thieves' guild is very obviously not planned. It's clearly a bunch of map fragments LGS came up with, glued together haphazardly, and the connecting areas created in a hurry and without much care. Which is why it's confusing and the textures are repetitive. You can't tell me that the casino, the mansion at the end, and the underground castle spire with broken planks and weird swimming pools outside were created to fit together. Nope.
  7. What is the console command to reload the mapname.efx file? Quitting, going back in, and dmapping again is becoming time consuming.
  8. If you do bring them back, I wonder if they could be more customised, with thiefy labels.
  9. Best of luck with your mission, and we'd love to see how it's turning out! We can never get enough FMs.
  10. This is one of the reasons I dislike bright ambients; they can make the level look washed out. I've always preferred dark shadows with smaller, well-placed lights to break up the darkness. Even a few hacky volume lights with low luminosity and small radius can help draw attention to interesting areas.
  11. I suppose it's a mistake everyone has to make once. Getting told "back up your work! back up your work!" might sound like nagging and a chore if you've never experienced a hard drive failure or accidentally deleted a directory.
  12. Obviously this is to stop people spamming the like button. Imagine if I decided one day that, because datiswous is a terrifically excellent person, I'm going to go to every post they ever made and upvote it. The "like" feature would soon become meaningless. What is the limit? Ten a day? I think that's pretty reasonable for a forum that doesn't see a huge amount of action.
  13. Nice! The map files are just text files, so if you open them in a text editor you should be able to see what's going on.
  14. That does seem kind of lazy. I suppose it was intended as a catch-all for other kinds of files that might be produced, eg, leak files, error diagnostics, and so on. That strikes me as poor design. Cleanup functions like this should have a list of files it's safe to remove, not just go "rm *".
  15. And it may be worth checking to see if your hard drive isn't faulty.
  16. That's an awful shame, sorry to hear it. But if you decide to start again you'll probably find it will go quicker the second time. Good luck!
  17. It gives the portal leaks a different name than missionname.lin, it calls it something like missionnameL_m1234_567_890.lin but DarkRadiant loads it just the same as a sealing geometry leak. Or, if several portals are leaking, you get a menu allowing you to select one. Previously, you'd have to rename the portal leak line file back to missionname.lin to get it to load in DarkRadiant, but a recent update has fixed this issue. Although the portal and geometry leak lines are plotted in the same colour in practice it's easy enough to tell the difference. Portal leaks tend to look like closed loops curling around a visportal, and geometry leaks are usually long squiggly lines bouncing around your whole level and eventually escaping through a tiny gap between walls.
  18. Even a single ramp made of nodraw_whatever can work well sometimes.
  19. Ouch! Hope you can get your files back. Try doing a search to make sure they haven't just been moved somewhere, for instance into the directory of the other map you were loading. But yeah, backups are the way to go.
  20. I suppose there has to be a distinction between shallow water and deeper water. You'd want swishing sounds when the player is wading, and splashing sounds when they're stamping around in puddles.
  21. Thanks! True, story and gameplay are paramount but a decent map layout helps with both obviously.
  22. I think I can show off a little bit. One of the hallways in the mansion I'm working on. The panel textures at the bottom of the walls need to be aligned and there's still another door to go in, but this has been looking awful in DarkRadiant for so long that I'm feeling pretty pleased at how it's turning out. This level is (tentatively) called "A House Call", and is about breaking into the mansion of a famous but corrupt physician in search of the recipe to an antidote he's hoarding and selling for exorbitant prices.
  23. Note to self: change door sounds and chest sounds to something different and unique in my next level
  24. Yeah, when I'm wearing sneakers tile floors are actually the quietest. Then carpeted floors, and wood is the loudest. I'm not sure why Garrett and Corbin and all the other master thieves insist on wearing tapdancing shoes wherever they go.
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