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  1. This might be tricky to do properly. In TDM the boxes don't stay nicely grid-aligned when you push them. They skew off and rotate.
  2. You mean flip it over so that the visportal texture is facing down rather than up? Yeah, that should be no issue.
  3. At times while building I've thought something like, this room is half stone and half wood. So I'll take the preset for WOODEN_MEDIUMROOM and CASTLE_MEDIUMROOM and average them. That's about as much micromanaging as I'd want to do though.
  4. Well spotted! Yes, that's him.
  5. Congratulations on the release. This mission was a lot of fun to test.
  6. Hmmm... I am not getting this issue. I'm running dev16481-9881 and this is what the downloader looks like for me:
  7. Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it. Super explicit spoiler for the books puzzle for those still stuck:
  8. One cool effect I'd like to see is a key ring. No more cycling through numerous keys in your inventory, keys you grab go on the key ring which then opens any door to which you have the right key.
  9. I think it might be hard to make a room that starts off rectangular, then becomes a parallelogram by having one of its walls slide. The two adjoining walls would have to stretch and skew along with it. Possible to fake with simultaneously rotating the two adjoining walls, but not perfectly because for this kind of motion dtheta/dt is not constant. About twenty years ago I made a map or two in Duke Nukem 3D. There were some effects that were possible in that engine that just aren't in Dark Radiant. Being actually more of a 2.5D game, it was sector based and you'd basically just plop down a floor plan in top down view, then decide on the altitude of the floor and ceilings. DOOM was similar. There was rudimentary 3D support by allowing you to have overlapping sectors, provided the entrances to both sectors were not simultaneously visible to the player- although intended to crudely allow multiple floors, this feature was leveraged to allow two overlapping but disconnected areas. One of the official multiplayer maps used this to create a "circular" torus shaped arena that you'd have to run around 720 degrees to reach your original location. That wouldn't be possible in TDM without very clever teleporter manipulation. Other tricks that were achievable were undulating corridors, where you'd take the corner vertices of the corridor and attach them to the corner vertices of invisible rotating sectors- as the rotating sector swivelled around it would carry the wall vertex with it, causing the wall to appear to move like you're inside the writhing guts of a huge creature. Without being able to control individual edges or vertices of brushes, I don't see how such an effect could be achieved in TDM.
  10. I'm now getting errors looking like this when I try to save a game: WARNING:LibJPEG: JPEG parameter struct mismatch: library thinks size is 584, caller expects 568 Segmentation fault (core dumped) The save game itself gets written and loads without issue, but it has no preview thumbnail. I'm on Linux Mint 20.2, but the issue does not occur on my Windoze machine. I did not have this problem in dev16481-9881. My libjpeg-dev version is the latest available, 8c-2ubuntu8.
  11. Yes, the Dark Mod wiki has a lot of useful information. You can find an index to some relevant pages here.
  12. I'd be happy to move from alpha to beta. This mission is a little gem and I'm eager to see the latest version, though you'll obviously want fresh eyes as well.
  13. Will these changes have consequences for Dark Mod maps in progress, or old ones that we open up again?
  14. It does seem to be a strange question. But I recall another seemingly odd question, about how to mod the Dark Mod to run the game it was originally modded from, was not as daft as it seemed at first. So I won't judge. Perhaps TDM is not supported at all on the tablet's native OS.
  15. Some of which make a creep sound, other normal footstep sounds.
  16. But what if I want to put Corbin's head on a spring like a jack-in-a-box during a mission ??!?!
  17. I can confirm this, on Linux anyway. Walking left, you make the same footstep sounds as crouching and creeping forwards.
  18. Nice! Welcome to the community, and good work.
  19. If you ever wondered what would happen if the entire volume of the Earth was suddenly replaced by blueberries, wonder no more! Blueberry Earth Short answer: an uninhabitable hellscape made of steam and boiling blueberry jam.
  20. Which ones did you find already? I'm always curious to know which ones people found and which ones they didn't.
  21. I haven't exactly been innocent of that myself. But it's something I'll keep in mind for my next mission. I figure people plop down door prefabs and then forget or don't bother to check the direction.
  22. Count me in! I'm glad to see another new mission. Woohoo!
  23. I don't mind so much that the doors open automatically when you pick them. It's that they always seem to swing towards you. I'm in a lit, tiled hallway trying to pick a door before the guards come back, that's tense and atmospheric. And then the door swings in an annoying direction- that's just a nuisance and somehow reduces the tension while increasing the danger.
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