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  1. You might also found the Sound Alert & Blackjack Training "mission" useful for this.
  2. I'm not sure people are being outright hostile; it's just hard to give context for why people would want to forbid quicksave without also talking about why people use it.
  3. ...or who get to a puzzle they can't solve and rage-downvote. You can tell who they are because their profiles on Thief Guild are private.
  4. That's your view; I'm just explaining how commentary like this reads to map creators.
  5. Nice work! DR just keeps getting more and more awesome.
  6. It boils down to "Neither I nor anybody else wants to play missions that aren't absolutely top-tier" and I think that's both discouraging to novice mappers (or those who specialise in small-to-medium maps), and not even true.
  7. I agree with that. I appreciate when mappers try something different in maps, even if I end up disliking the end result.
  8. Making a map, even a small and simple one, is a lot of work and I don't think it's fair to deride even less highly rated levels as "amateurish" or "mediocre". Mappers are creating something and giving it away for free, and that kind of talk seems disrespectful to me.
  9. I'm starting to think we need another mapping contest.

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    2. nbohr1more


      It is rather short notice for a Halloween contest. It would need to be a very quick speed-build ( feasible with modular content I suppose ) but players have mostly had a negative reaction to speed build contests like this. If enough participants agree to have one, we can proceed anyway... just setting expectations that you might get a number of grumpy complaining players in the comments. A more realistic contest deadline would be a Christmas Contest. Since horror missions are more popular here ( myself included ) we could hold a Christmas Gothic Horror contest and forego any winter holiday theme requirements?

    3. Wellingtoncrab


      Honestly it was pretty crazy the quality of missions we got last time, but I would give participants a lot more time. Perhaps announce a contest before the end of the year with intent to build up missions for the theoretical 2.12 release in early 2024 - or sticking with the horror theme for fall of 2023.

      It’s kind of looking like there may not be a T1/T2 contest in that time block and large projects like The Black Parade seem to be tying up late this year/early next year so it might good as far as the overall “fms” release windows.

      This kind of establishes an on/off year rhythm for contests but who knows how long something like that would persist.

    4. thebigh


      There's nothing wrong with speedbuild contests, but if people want to have a longer contest that's OK too.

  10. They're guards. They're supposed to keep an eye out for intruders. From a practical standpoint you have to balance realistic guard behaviour with fairness to the player. It breaks immersion if guards never patrol the entrances to the mansion and never look in obvious thief hiding spots. I think a lot of missions are built on the assumption that players will observe guard patrol routes and plan accordingly. That's been my approach. But it's easy to pass by those guards by save-scumming instead of observing.
  11. I honestly can't think of any reason for restricting quicksaves other than someone deciding they know the Only Correct Way to play the game and imposing it on others for their own good.
  12. I more or less feel the same, but I care less about the visuals aging badly.
  13. I think the Guild site owner watches for new missions getting announced here.
  14. I think often it can be difficult to find missions you want to play, regardless. For example, I often don't have time to play long missions. Many of the maps considered masterpieces here are also huge and sprawling, and would take hours to complete. Sometimes I just want a quick mansion heist that takes half an hour; these are often simple and even a bit boxy, and won't be as highly rated as the big maps, but they're still a heap of fun to play. My top 5 list of small missions is: * Deadeye * The Parcel * The Thieves * Too Late * The Golden Skull
  15. Good point. For my next release I think I'll link to the Thief Guild page in my OP.
  16. Hello @tib and welcome to the forum! Great thoughts about the game there. I'm impressed that you've completed all the missions! Even I don't have all the green ticks yet.
  17. So you'll have done all of mine already XD.
  18. If they start projectile-vomiting green pea soup I'm outta here.
  19. thebigh

    Free games

    I grabbed it just now.
  20. I don't know what all the BUFFERS! yelling is about, but the point about the light gem is accurate. If you save a game while in darkness, walk into a bright area, then load the savegame your light gem will still be momentarily lit. This could be fixed by either saving the light gem state when you save a game, or having the light gem default to unlit when you load.
  21. I finally got around to finishing this one. It's a really cool little city streets mission with more to see and more little nooks and crannies to explore than one would think. The guard patrols are tricky but not unfair; you're rewarded for good old-fashioned observation of environment and patrol routes. I also liked how many of the locations had multiple access points. This made the moderately small section of city streets you explore seem more interconnected and therefore bigger. I finished with a pretty dismal stealth score and all but about $200. Took me forever to find where to drop the note.
  22. There's a distant overseas location mentioned in my mission A House Call, depicted on a map. There's enough information to pinpoint it exactly on a globe, which should be a fun exercise (so will playing the mission of course ).
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