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  1. Is there an easy way to handle situations where multiple guards are barking at once?
  2. When this happened to me, it was because the dumdum was trying to flip the back of the switch and was walking through a bunch of rooms to get to its back side. Also, are you using atdm:relight_position entities to tell the guard where the light switch is? They struggle to figure it out otherwise.
  3. More info regarding that candle bug- I was playing Heart of Lone Salvation and took a gold candlestick with an unlit candle on top of it. The candle spontaneously lit itself when the gold candlestick was removed. This was in Andrew's room, viewport coords (1838, 4617, 228) (6 11 0) on beta 211-06.
  4. What a fun mission! I love the humorous little conversations you put in all your maps. They just add so much life and charm to the TDM world. I found one of the red shinies before I knew what they were for, and then spent an interesting twenty minutes tracking down the others. And devising a way of getting the gems on the Builder compound door without alerting the two Watchmen was a challenge. Those long sight lines were an interesting puzzle to overcome. Massive fan of your missions.
  5. If there's any trouble tonight, I'll be ready for it.

  6. Aha! It's packed in one of the .pk4s. No wonder I couldn't find it anywhere by just searching for "map_of.tga". If this is bad practice I'll have to release updates of two of my missions, as I just copied the way Builder's Influence did it.
  7. Sure thing. I also have another problem, one that I think is only affecting me. Both these screenshots are from the mission The Builder's Influence. The first one is from Release 2.10, the second one is from Beta 2.11-01. For some reason the latter is using the in-game map from Hidden Hands: Initiation. This is very strange because it's a fresh download of TDM and I don't currently have Initiation anywhere on my computer. I think at some point map_of.tga got stashed somewhere- I don't know where, when, or why- and the beta version looks for it there but 2.10 does not. AFAICT any mission where the in-game map is named map_of.tga is affected. I'm on Linux Mint 20.2. @JackFarmer do you know what's going on here?
  8. It seems to have started with Beta 2.11-01. Here's pictures taken from three consecutive restarts of The Outpost, viewpoint coordinates (1007, 355, -63), (45, -136, 0) in a fresh install of Beta 2.11-01. All of these candles are meant to be extinguished. The problem is very intermittent. Sometimes it won't happen at all just by restarting the mission and you have to quit and re-enter Dark Mod to get the bug to show. I couldn't replicate it at all in release 2.10.
  9. I'm happy and grateful for all the work that's still being put into the game, and the missions for it, by so many talented people.
  10. I don't know. TBH the only reason I care is that it puts 2022 into outright third instead of just equal third with 2011 and 2013.
  11. It does seem strange to count the re-release of La Banque Bienveillante, but not Sneak & Destroy. My count is also 14.
  12. That's new... I'll fix that and another couple of tiny bugs in the next few days and post an updated version.
  13. That puzzle solution didn't quite work the way I imagined it would
  14. I played this recently too. Having got better at ghosting, I managed to finish the mission without alerting anyone. The only person I knocked out was a mission objective and the only loot I missed was in the tavern and somewhere way up in an inaccessible building.
  15. It should be a green crystal-looking thing on a spiky stand, that lights up blue when you're holding it. Is that what you've got?
  16. I think there's something funky going on with my system. I deleted Dark Mod entirely, reinstalled, and re-downloaded 2.11.04 beta, so all my config files and such are vanilla and I'm no longer using any mods. I'm still getting the weird candle bugs and, on top of that, many missions that use an in-game map (for example Builder's Influence) show the map for Hidden Hands: Initiation instead. I haven't even re-downloaded that mission yet. So clearly there's some junk still lying around on my Linux system where Darkmod looks for it but I can't find it. I really have no idea what's going on. edit: 2.10 release is unaffected for me, both the map and candle bugs.
  17. The placement of the orb is a bit finicky, but IIRC you just have to drop it into the pot.
  18. In my picture I'm standing at about 1070 77 -173.75
  19. I've noticed in the latest beta that certain candles in holders are now start off lit when they should be extinguished. They have a flame particle attached to them but some of them seem to emit no actual light. Look at the ones in the store room and adjoining bedroom in The Outpost for example.
  20. Bagworld reminded me a lot of Little Big World in Constantine's mansion from T1.
  21. Hooray! We've made top 100 again.
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