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  1. My first thought would have been to use a rat or spider babby on the grounds that it's small.
  2. Heh, that works better than I expected.
  3. Maybe a dumb question and ugly hack. But could you create an invisible, nonsolid, and inert AI, continually update its position to be on top of the player, and then have the "follower" AI follow this dummy?
  4. Excellent! Happy mapping and I look forward to playing it
  5. Signing up! I'll be starting from scratch for this one.
  6. Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun, and I deffo learned a lot from building this mission.
  7. We really did not have a contest over that period. I think there were a few attempts to have one, but those didn't get off the ground.
  8. I wouldn't be in favor of that because adding bonus points would basically make it mandatory, and would defeat the purpose of "do literally anything you want" if that option wins the poll.
  9. TBF though, I've caught a lot of grief over at the Guild for my levels being on the difficult side. XD
  10. Yeah, that's two separate things going on. The Builders will eventually flip out if one of them is crushed by the elevator and they spot his corpse, but the other bug was legitimately a bug. The location separators between different areas have a sound loss associated with them so that a sound occurring on one side of a doorway is heard by AI at, say, 10 or 15 dB quieter. One of these was set to a negative sound loss, ie, it amplified the sound turning it into a huge megaphone that blasted noise all over the level. It wasn't just setting off the Builders but also all of the watchmen, the apartment landlord, and often the undead. To make it worse, the bug only had this effect on Windows. I'm a Linux user so it took me forever to figure out what was happening.
  11. Nice mission! I really enjoyed all the lighting, and had fun solving the mystery. Good work!
  12. Yes, I think I agree. Fifteen years ago TDM was brand new. Nobody had a firm idea of its future direction. People just made the levels they wanted and had a blast. I think we should do that again. Hence, I humbly submit Proposal 5 Proposal 5) No expectations, restrictions, set theme, or requirements. Anything goes! Make a mission, any mission you want! Be as creative as you like, or stick to tried-and-true formulas if you prefer. Make a huge sprawling masterpiece if you're up for it, or a little bite-sized gem if that's more your style. Just put something out there.
  13. I'd put in a vote for Proposal 4. I really enjoyed the "connections" contest. Proposal 1 as a close runner up, though I'd expand that to allow for a sequel or sequels to Lucia.
  14. Congratulations on the release! You've put a lot of work into this, and I'm going to enjoy every minute of it.
  15. Mint is pretty slick and intuitive. You might need to do a moderate amount of command-line wrangling, but it's manageable. TDM runs well on it too.
  16. Also it's not super easy to understand.
  17. I don't get it either.
  18. Another one, in The Outpost, started happening between dev16809-10394 and dev16814-10408
  19. It's a very cool campaign and the new changes really make it sparkle. Well done to everyone involved.
  20. Is it maybe interfering with the "tilde brings up console" functionality?
  21. That is weird. Something funky with the torch itself, maybe?
  22. Thanks for playing! I'm glad you liked it.
  23. Yes, but sometimes it is very short and difficult to spot.
  24. Discovered another in The Gatehouse. Torchlight is leaking through the stairs
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