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  1. I'm afraid I have another compilation error /home/thebigh/Games/DarkRadiant/radiant/ui/modelselector/ModelSelector.cpp: In member function ‘void ui::ModelSelector::onModelLoaded(const ModelNodePtr&)’: /home/thebigh/Games/DarkRadiant/radiant/ui/modelselector/ModelSelector.cpp:250:25: error: ‘GlobalEntityClassManager’ was not declared in this scope 250 | auto modelDef = GlobalEntityClassManager().findModel(modelName); | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ make[2]: *** [radiant/CMakeFiles/darkradiant.dir/build.make:1714: radiant/CMakeFiles/darkradiant.
  2. Now I am getting these errors from the latest version: [ 31%] Building CXX object radiantcore/CMakeFiles/radiantcore.dir/layers/LayerModule.cpp.o /home/thebigh/Games/DarkRadiant/radiantcore/layers/LayerModule.cpp: In lambda function: /home/thebigh/Games/DarkRadiant/radiantcore/layers/LayerModule.cpp:139:45: error: ‘_’ was not declared in this scope 139 | throw cmd::ExecutionFailure(_("Cannot use an empty string as new layer name")); | ^ /home/thebigh/Games/DarkRadiant/radiantcore/layers/LayerModule.cpp: In lambda fu
  3. Merry Christmas everyone!
  4. That's probably not the biggest of deals anyway, because cmake tells you what packages are missing.
  5. Excellent. This is all pretty arcane to me, so what do I need to do to have it link against ZLIB properly?
  6. OK, here you go: [ 30%] Linking CXX shared module libradiantcore.so cd /home/thebigh/Games/DarkRadiant/radiantcore && /usr/bin/cmake -E cmake_link_script CMakeFiles/radiantcore.dir/link.txt --verbose=1 /usr/bin/c++ -fPIC -pthread -O3 -DNDEBUG -Wl,-z,defs -shared -o libradiantcore.so CMakeFiles/radiantcore.dir/brush/Brush.cpp.o CMakeFiles/radiantcore.dir/brush/BrushModule.cpp.o CMakeFiles/radiantcore.dir/brush/BrushNode.cpp.o CMakeFiles/radiantcore.dir/brush/csg/CSG.cpp.o CMakeFiles/radiantcore.dir/brush/export/CollisionModel.cpp.o CMakeFiles/radiantcore.dir/brush/Face.cpp.
  7. I followed the instructions at https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=DarkRadiant_-_Compiling_in_Linux#Ubuntu_20.04 I cloned the git repository into a new folder and installed all the packages it recommended, which includes zlib1g-dev, so that's unlikely to be the issue. I then did cmake . make and it failed. (btw, libjpeg-dev is also needed, but isn't listed on the wiki)
  8. The compilation for the latest version pulled from Github fails for me with the following error messages: /usr/bin/ld: CMakeFiles/radiantcore.dir/vfs/DeflatedInputStream.cpp.o: in function `archive::DeflatedInputStream::~DeflatedInputStream()': DeflatedInputStream.cpp:(.text+0x1b): undefined reference to `inflateEnd' /usr/bin/ld: CMakeFiles/radiantcore.dir/vfs/DeflatedInputStream.cpp.o: in function `archive::DeflatedInputStream::read(unsigned char*, unsigned long)':/usr/bin/ld: CMakeFiles/radiantcore.dir/vfs/DeflatedInputStream.cpp.o: in function `archive::DeflatedInputStream::~Defl
  9. You can stack crates, or even just jump & frob.
  10. Thanks for playing, and I'm glad you liked it.
  11. That was cool. It was fun for me to watch a playthrough by someone with a completely different playstyle to my own.
  12. Thanks for the feedback, and I'm glad you enjoyed it.
  13. This is why I hate hate hated the 2014 Thief reboot. Among other reasons. So much jank, pointless excessive head bob, and slow tai chi animations you had to sit through.
  14. I find myself getting stuck a lot too. Some of the worst offenders are the sheet-covered furniture pieces, or any sort of clutter in the corners of a room. Since corners are usually nice shadowy places to hide, this can be a problem. I wonder if collision detection can be improved a bit, without introducing exploitable side effects.
  15. Thanks for the encouraging feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I agree with you about the stark lines of the factory and occasional mismatching seams- this is something I'm aiming to do better in my next mission. The guard you mention is very thorough, but he also has a very long patrol route so the observant thief should be able to avoid getting cornered. A few people have mentioned how hard the loot is to find so I'll put up a few hints in my OP.
  16. I'm pleased to announce my first ever mission, The Factory Heist. If you're in the mood for a short but challenging and intricate mission I'm confident you'll have some fun with this. Title: The Factory Heist Short description: Workers at a factory have unearthed a buried building beneath. Sneak in, find a way down there, and loot it for antique treasure! Filename: factoryheist.pk4, now also available on the in-game downloader Author: thebigh Date of Release: 12 September 2020 Version: 1.0 EAX: No Dark Mod Version: 2.08 Content warning: No sp
  17. Well then, I know what's going in the display case next.
  18. Neat little mission... very creepy. Finished with a perfect stealth score but only 645 loot, and I had a few dicy moments avoiding the red flashlight ghost, and I did reunite Olivia and Penny.
  19. Enemies respawn, at least in some areas. If you're running low on supplies you can clobber a few mimics or operators (be careful) and loot their corpses.
  20. Congrats on the release. It was a fun mission to test and I know a lot of people are going to love it.
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