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  1. Sorry the translated one makes mistakes Everything ok Only in a secret room with the gas Doesn't the switch also go with the rune
  2. Congrats on the release Thanks for the great mission. I played through the mission... everything has Only the secret chamber works well. With the rune stone works from the inside The switch didn't come out though 1000 and 1 thanks for 1000 and 1 night
  3. Thanks for the great mission, I had a lot of fun
  4. Thanks for the great mission is better without music
  5. Congrats on the release! Thanks for the great mission, I had a lot of fun. I played the mission with Linux and had no problems
  6. a nice mission, had a lot of fun Thanks, I hope you do more missions
  7. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  8. If you install Linux on a USB stick you have to pay attention to the persistence mod, which is important
  9. That's right, but it would have to be better than a virtual Linux for testing scripts go.Test and test are 2 different words for Linux
  10. I can access joebarnin to my PC via VNC ubuntu 22.04 LTS cinamon Desktop 50s vdsl give. only if he can play my dark mod One question is, is there a remote maintenance software that can do this? I don't have anything personal on my PC, just Darkmod
  11. congrats on the release thanks for the great mission I played through it and everything worked Ubuntu 22.04 LTS cinnamon desktop .
  12. Thanks for your help, I missed the numbers I didn't look properly
  13. hello I need a hint I can't find key 1 I should look where there is a lion I've been looking for 3 days There is no key in the chamber where the Big Lion is
  14. congratulations on the mission. I played through the mission It's a very big beautiful mission Thanks
  15. Congratulations and thanks for the scary mission, I played through the mission everything OK
  16. I don't understand you the boys and girls do this in their free time so we can play and you're still complaining please think
  17. Thank you for your quick response no problem all right take your time i thought i did something wrong .that's a good mission something can go wrong
  18. I can't open the metal doors with the prison key, am I doing something wrong? I play the version 1.2 middle grade
  19. I have on Linux Ubuntu and cinnamon Linux desktop no up crashes Intel CPU 10 gen Geforce 1060 6gb ram 16 rams SSD my computer boots in 11 seconds about 5000 MB write 6000 read I thought that the SSD is too fast so that some scripts are not started properly but no falls
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