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  1. I think that with the usual guardians there is enough non-lethal weaponry, maybe a gas grenade can be added, worse I see the weaponry against skeletons, ghosts and zombies. To remove these from the environment naturally only lethal weapons can be used, but in these it is limited to mines, fire arrows (difficult in many cases, since they make one visible) and water arrows with holy water, often scarce. efficacy. in some of these beings.
  2. Time since System of a Dawn.....
  3. Related https://www.theguardian.com/news/2021/jul/18/what-is-pegasus-spyware-and-how-does-it-hack-phones?CMP=Share_AndroidApp_Other People never understand why it always gives me goose bumps when they use their mobile to make payments, banking, manage administrative and even medical things, having a huge amount of sensitive data on these devices. This spyware aside, they do not take into account that any mediocre hacker can access a smartphone in a matter of seconds, especially if it is used in a public WiFi.
  4. As I mentioned earlier, I had to install TDM again and now I am slowly downloading the missions. Yesterday I downloaded this mision to play it again. It is a really nice mission with excellent decorations and not too complicated to play. But I think it is also a mission prior to computing and someone had finished it before, as I could see on the saved games page
  5. https://streamable.com/oelrn2
  6. Maybe in a future you don't need a human voice actor, yesterday I read this https://www.technologyreview.com/2021/07/09/1028140/ai-voice-actors-sound-human/ https://vocalid.ai
  7. With the heavily armored elite guards I don't even try to do anything with Blackjack, with this I only make them angry, against these by definition only a gas arrow or mine works.
  8. For the perfect finish you should say at the end 'All loot', which is sometimes not only almost impossible to find every coin lost there, but also sometimes causes some ethical qualms about removing the 4 coins from a beggar's basket.
  9. There were only a few smaller missions, where I managed to ghosting, I confess, I usually finish missions, leaving many guards with headaches and in the dark behind.
  10. Isn't this against human rights?
  11. Sure it's spam or a troll, but it's not without a certain grace
  12. I don't know much about cosmetics, but I think that IBM maybe have somthing of your interests, although I don't know, if you can negotiate your budget with them
  13. Welcome and I imagine that having experience in mapping and DarkRadiant, mapping for TDM may also interest you. As you may have noticed, TDM is, although based on stealth, it offers in the missions many varieties of genre that range from adventure, shooter, survival horror, platform practically the entire panorama of games, it depends solely on you and the mission you develop.
  14. For weird artist, nothing like Igorrr
  15. Yes, unfortunately, this is a thing that goes on for a long time, changes starting with education and leaving the current savage consumerism. Society does not change with revolutions, but it is always an evolutionary process, as society matures, this can always be observed throughout history. All the revolutions that took place, yes, they have changed the rulers, but not the people, with which they always failed, relapsing only into another form of oppression. Background changes were always generational over many years.
  16. Bad intentions are equally relative and not necessarily the main reason for rejection. Hate speech in most cases has 3 main reasons, ignorance for being based on false information (foreigners take our bread and homosexuals are a bad influence on children), fanaticism because of their own fears and lack of self-confidence and an education in intolerance of what is different. All this reinforced by interested media ('This is not fake news, they say exactly what I think').
  17. An e-guitar cover of a classic composer also works well
  18. Most metal fans, like me, love classical music, because metal and classical music have a lot in common- Sinfonic cover of a piece of a nordic death metal band, Moonsorrow
  19. Better than a good faith analytic it need first a iIntellectual coherence.
  20. Too much for my liking, not in the current government, but in the opposition we have, which unfortunately is not a conservative and democratic opposition, but rather aligned with the extreme right. Instead of providing ideas or alternatives that can be debated, they only defame, obstruct and even sabotage government decisions, even against the interests of the own voters. They go with the motto: Either we rule or no one does.
  21. First to clarify something, apart from being an atheist, I am absolutely anti-cleric, I think that all religions are superfluous in this world. Of course, they are conservative by nature with their ancient dogmas, coming from people who slaughtered goats so that there are good harvests. I live in the south of Spain with a large population of Muslim immigrants and I know some of them and I know how they think. Many of them are less conservative and more tolerant than many fervent Catholics in Spain. The problems begin when governments, instead of being democratic, as we know it with all its defects, are replaced by theocracies that act and legislate strictly according to these 'holy scriptures'. Imagine living in a Catholic theocracy, it causes me nightmares just thinking about it. Example Iran in the 60-70 Today Same Afghanistan Not the muslims itself, the muslim goverments are the problem and their fanatic followers. To remember, the Vatican to this day has not yet signed the universal declaration of human rights, it has not condemned torture or the death penalty.
  22. Zerg Rush

    Free games

    Very nice game Samorost, with a great artwork.
  23. This is what happens in dictatorships, but not in moderately decent democracies, it is the difference between policies that are based on power and policies that are based on the work of the people's representatives, as most of the magnan letters say. in which sovereignty resides in the people who form the state. @Kurshok, certainly the Qur'an has such passages as does also the Bible and the Torah and all other Abrahamic religions. But the different branches of religions also use translations of these writings modified according to their own dogma, more literally or in a more philosophical and metaphorical way. A Wahhabi is not the same as a Sufi, both are Muslims, but in their interpretation of the Qur'an diametrically opposite. The former are the most dogmatic and fundamentalist, practiced by Saudi Arabia and also by terrorist groups, such as ISIS and AlQaeda, and the latter the most liberal, oblivious to all kinds of violent acts.
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