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    Free games

    Zardy's Maze Zardy's Maze is an extremely challenging horror game where you must enter a corn maze in the dead of night. Your goal? Cut down the giant plants that have started to grow there. Equipped with a flashlight and an axe (they do not serve you as a weapon, stealth rules, and run too), you must brave the unknown... and survive as much as possible Minimum SO: Windows 10 CPU: 64-bit system, 2.5 GHz RAM: 4 GB Graphics: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities HD: 200 MB free https://store.steampowered.com/app/1484800/Zardys_Maze/ Not
  2. https://tube.cadence.moe/watch?v=L1jonh2_tHo
  3. https://tube.cadence.moe/watch?v=IyuDOVm8TG4
  4. Yes, iI think imgbox, Imgur are the best for photo hosting, and Krakenfile the best alternative for GDrive and GoFile the best alternative to DropBox. I also avoid as much as possible, services from Google,(Amazon, Fakebook). There a very good or better alternatives, at least good front-ends, which offers the service without BigBrother.
  5. Not so complicated, in some old maps it's possible to do this. But no, I am referring to some maps, where it seems that you can continue on the other side and where you can also get there, although with some difficulty, but once there you realize that you cannot continue where you thought.
  6. 15 attempts to finally get there, only to find that from there is no way forward, worst case.
  7. True, also more than once I have found myself 2 floors below, half stricken on the ground in front of a guard.
  8. As a retiree I certainly have more time for these things, but due to my age and my eyesight, I no longer have the reflexes of before and mission trainings if they help me to stay in shape, at least in things that do not refer to quick reactions, but yes I can extinguish torches at full water arrow range and I hardly need the light gem for stealth.
  9. Sometimes I go back to the Training Mission and Sound Alert -Blackjack Training, to keep fit and hang out without much pretense and headaches. Swing is also a good training for jumping and climbing (if one doesn't have a headache from a party the day before) Regarding Blackjacking, I do not find it excessively difficult, although in certain guards I prefer to avoid it or directly do not try (these very armored, they need mines, gas- or firearrows to eliminate them, or heavy boxes from above). Bots are very easy to disable with a blow from behind, security cameras can disabled best with F
  10. Girls' fight in the US, with the intervention of Mario Kart https://streamable.com/xizbos
  11. Zerg Rush

    Free games

    Nice site for vintage lovers. Old classical games for play for free right in your browser https://playclassic.games also https://onlineclassicgames.com
  12. Naturally he can see you, when he passes the boxes you are in full light
  13. Not fat (the photo was only to illustrate the problem, certainly something exaggerated XD), but squatting a person is wider seen from the side. It depends on the position you are in at the moment, which may be different than the one on the rep. For the guard to see you, it is enough that only a part of you protrudes, if the column is not very wide, it is never a good safe hiding place, especially when the guard passes by and therefore sees it from different angles or even touches you.
  14. I do not see it so clearly that the guard sees through the column, from what I see is that Garret squatting sure is wider than this column and is seen by this by the guard, because from his perspective he can see that you are behind it.
  15. I think having TDM on Steam has more of a promotional effect than a practical one. Most of the people who like Video Games have a Steam account and will see it, it is even essential to have a account for some games. I remember years ago, when I bought Portal on CD, I had to create a Steam account to activate it.
  16. https://streamable.com/1ziqrr
  17. Another nice alternative for store and sync files of any type is KrakenFiles For fast file sharing, there are FileBin (no registry needed, files expire in 1 week) and GoFile (files expire after 10 days if there is no download, with regulary downloads the file stays indefinitely, registry optional to keep a registry af your uploads and some features more (e-mail only for registry, they send you an acces link)) All off them completly free
  18. Google keeps inventing new things to track users https://www.eff.org/es/deeplinks/2021/03/googles-floc-terrible-idea Jon von Tetzchner says https://vivaldi.com/blog/no-google-vivaldi-users-will-not-get-floced/
  19. Yes, Schneider belonged to Armstrad in its early days. Also in later products, such as TV and others, I was always struck by the extraordinary quality / price ratio of their products, although they did not manufacture high-end TVs and PCs. In PCs, despite their low price, they did not go with rubber keyboards, but with good mechanical keyboards, which at that time was not so frequent in equivalent equipment of others, apart from an impeccable finish.
  20. Yes, in these years the creativity of the user was formed a lot, creating a graphic pseudo UI with ANSI, programming an agenda with .bat files, games in the Works spreadsheet..... things like that
  21. I had the first version of the EuroPC, I only had the BIOS. I needed a floppy from MS DOS to boot. To have an HD I had to put an external one. Much has changed since then, of course. Nowadays, it is practically not necessary to have any software (TDM apart ), apart from the OS and a browser.
  22. No, the EuroPC I had, only boots from Floppy, it hasn't a HD and the Hercules graphics are monochrome Ambar, not very powerfull. It cames with MS DOS and the MS Works Suite. A very nice office suite by the way. PD. MS Works is abandonware and you can download it for free all versións until the last versión of 2007. It is not as complete as MS Office or Libre Office, but more than enough for a private use and very easy to use, the Database is a delight of easy use. https://winworldpc.com/product/microsoft-works/45
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