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  1. So if you're intent on staying with Windows 7, you're going to eventually find a lot of productivity software that won't run anymore besides TDM. Windows 7 extended support ended almost 3 years ago from the same company that made it, Microsoft. If you called them with support questions about Windows 7, they'll just laugh at you. Here's a question, why not upgrade your VM to Windows 10? You can actually do it for free still with your Windows 7 digital license. And Windows 10 will automatically do tablet mode.
  2. Yeah IRIS is a PHENOMENOL mission, but the Thief community offers much more variety and environments of missions. The best way to sample them all is to play them all. None of this "I have no time to play them" stuff. They aren't going anywhere. Play just an hour a month and maybe in 10 years you'll have played them all. There's no rush.
  3. Years long in development it now has a release date next month. Its' genre is steampunk / alien underworld horror with puzzles to solve, so albeit not a direct Thief competitor, you could get some Shalebridge Cradle vibes from it (and maybe some Half-Life and Inside flashbacks). I'll be looking forward to it. If it gives me nightmare then it's worth it. https://scorn-game.com/
  4. Classic missions are always great. I like the William Steele and/or Thomas Porter series as they cover a lot of city map area, and also like the old Bikerdude/Melan missions for their amazing vertical gameplay, but I'm also a sucker for the weirder sci-fi and fantasy environments, aka Swing, The Ravine, Marsh of Rahena, Illusionist's Tower, etc. These don't have a lot of backstory and don't lead you around with readables, but they will have environmental a-ha moments. And they keep the incessantly annoying ghouls and spiders to a minimum, which is always a plus.
  5. Imagine the algorithms that generate whole worlds and creatures in No Man's Sky such that it includes more and more giant library assets to build your complete game. Clearly the vastness of an undertaking would require massive CPU and storage. You could start some new GTA or Far Cry or Assassins Creed game off with custom level parameters such as human diversity level (or choose orcs, dwarves, knights, droids, or the entire cast of characters from a movie), time period/era, weapon types, scenery settings, aka medieval, cyberpunk, neon, rustic, etc. It could really start customizing the game so that it's completely different depending on your starting parameters.
  6. MidJourney does some really mind-blowingly phenomenal creations, stuff that can be Escher-esque, Dali impressionistic, Thomas Kinkade landscapes, etc. However it's only free for making around 20 or so images and has a tiered payment system for more. The Discord channel does let subscribers post their own creations, and many of them are quite creative at getting the MidJourney engine to render some awesome stuff. Definitely worth the scrolling if you are like me and like to download high quality images for a revolving screen saver.
  7. Shadow


    He says the next beta update with be a month away but further betas after that. Game will be stage-released to pay-in customers, so maybe that means no more demos for us to try.
  8. Shadow


    I'm playing the early access right now and not complaining about it. The creator's vision is what we get and what we should respect. It's very sneaksie and thief-y and dark and gloomy and creepy so far. Few Thief-inspired games actually properly balance shadow hiding and light-gem meter strategy well, and this game does both very nicely. I'm not obsessed with 100% ghosting by any means, but I feel like this game is designed that you can do that.
  9. Shadow


    This is definitely an interesting game. I'm glad I tried out the demo. It certainly doesn't feel clumsy nor does it behave like anything from 20-30 years ago. It's smooth and solid, has a good pace, great sounds, gorgeous terrain and landscapes, although I haven't quite figured out the inventory system yet. I feel like there should be more use of the mouse wheel where right now there isn't. I'd actually say it feels a bit to me like Thief 4 than anything else in the genre. I'm going to keep playing it and I do think it has a lot of potential.
  10. Shadow


    And the devs have a small Discord chat for Monomyth https://discord.gg/hpSeW9S
  11. Shadow

    Free games

    Epic Games offering Far Cry 6 as free to play teaser this weekend 08/04 - 08/07 with 60% off sale ending Monday. https://store.epicgames.com/en-US/p/far-cry-6--free-trial
  12. Shadow


    Indeed. Lifelong cat companion here. I think that's part of the appeal to this game for me. You're right, the young ones in kitten stage are crazy wild, but they do slow down and get methodical and routine, and even conniving and manipulative, aka territorial, and feral cats tend to be laser focused on survival techniques, and I think this game seems modeled on a feral cat, although it doesn't explicitly go into that cat's life or human interactions before his journey, though it does show him roaming above ground in a cluster of other cats. If I have any issue with the game, it's just that it's gritty, not terribly pretty, and somewhat uncolorful. I mean there is essentially no backdrop except for stars. It feels a little like No Man's Sky alien interactions without the lush gorgeous environment.
  13. Definitely Crucible of Omens. If it was very vertical, aka lots of high and low exploring, this mission has it.
  14. Shadow


    Meow. You are a cat. You're not going to be swinging swords and quoting Shakespeare and developing complex strategies to outwit enemies. In fact the only reason you have a task list and can decode e-doors and talk is due to your AI companion. Cats tend a lot more than humans to think in a linear fashion, so I think for the limited intellect of your MC, this game is pretty good. Think like a cat, albeit in a dystopian techo-punk-ish environment.
  15. Oooo is that Angelwatch? Is the creepy gold robot child in there?
  16. Shadow


    And so far it seems to be doing pretty decent. 84% rating on Metacritic so far. And it's about controlling a cat. It's gonna have instant fans just for that. I mean Thief II The Metal Age rates at 87%. I think I'll have to check it out, at least for the exploration of a new video game world.
  17. I'm guessing it's b1ker's Discord chat where some of us sometimes are, but I think it's called Fractured Glass or something instead.
  18. The thing is that you don't get hardware just to match what you can play today. Hardware can cost so much that you want it to perform for you tomorrow, and well into the future. Get a CPU that will run Windows 11 and beyond, that means no pre 7th Gen Intel CPUs and nothing that is unable to render ray tracing. Tomorrows games are just going to get more and more demanding, including TDM, so you want something beefy now to cover your cakes for the next generation.
  19. Yep it does seem down for me too. Great fast download site but it hasn't been updated in some years. If you want recent updates and current missions try: https://www.thiefguild.com/ although it links back to thiefmissions.com downloads sometimes as well as google shares, darkfate, thekeep, etc.
  20. I recently played Snowed Inn maybe a few weeks back and it was phenomenal. Oddly where everyone else had trouble finding parts of the snowman (hat, nose), those were the easiest for me to find, but everyone seemed to have found the eyes which I never did. Best part of this mod is the atmosphere and I definitely felt cold and wintery inside.
  21. You better make another one! Lucy was ambitious but another one doesn't have to be so grand if you feel it was too much. Either way you should make more with your mapping talents.
  22. Headshots are a staple of many games these days, aka Assassins Creed, Far Cry, etc. If you are precise enough to be able to shoot into a much smaller window that is the enemy's head area, then why not have it be a one-shot kill. It's a harder thing to do, and maybe that as a reward is acceptable. As others have said, this is not required, and Thief offshoots like TDM are shadow hiding and stealth-based first games. I always felt like weapons (other than blackjack and maybe water arrows) are usually not necessary to complete most missions, and sometimes they are necessary (ever try to get past some of those pesky spiders)? BTW Hazard Pay is a beautiful mission, and really vertical as well.
  23. Helping with the beta for this mod, I can personally tell everyone that geegee worked damn pretty hard to get it in its final form. Our back and forths prove it. The original beta was a shell of the release version, and there should be no discouragement for a first mapper with vision and who tries hard. Does it have a lot of keys, sure, but that's the style that some creators take, while others leave generous amounts of loot around, others have tons of readable notes with puzzles in them, some do ghouls, some do pagans, some hammers, some mages, some mechanists, some keepers, etc. There's something for everybody. If you don't like the hunting for many keys type of mission, just play it anyway because new TDM missions only come around every few months. It's nice to just work with the free product we get and encourage the creator's work positively so you will get more free products in the future. Who's with me?
  24. Yup I have a Samsung 27in TN panel LCD and don't have any issues with it doing TDM, any gaming or show watching. I dual pair my desktop with a second much newer 27in Dell LCD with IPS panel, but the Samsung has better contrasts/blacks and sharper, deep colors, more vivid, at least comparing images and desktop icons. We also have an AOC LCD (TN panel) in use for TDM and that's a good one also for gaming. I've seen OLEDs in the stores and they really do pop bigger colors, but the price points don't make it convincing enough to replace every LCD/LED in the house, yet. Maybe when 4K/8K becomes mainstream and ubiquitous.
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