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  1. I enjoyed this mission. Zombies are not usually a favorite because they move slower than chasing guards and don't say funny guard things. Still these zombies kept me on my toes, and they were exceptionally gifted in the hearing department. They found me from half a large room away while crouching and moving forward slowly. Luckily there are lots of hiding vertical hiding places and the means to scramble away easily. Some of the jumps were hard to gauge (like the hanging pallet with the human guy sitting among the boxes) and I found myself falling to my death attempting to make jumps without a rope arrow. All in all, the strength in this mission is the Indiana Jones vs Tomb Raider level design and visual features.
  2. And for a few years now Ryzen has newer gen CPUs that hit 5GHz with Clocktuner software. However grossly unnecessary and irrelevant it would be just for TDM performance.
  3. Didn't "The Painters Wife" have a miniaturization section where you enter a snowglobe or something and you are transported inside of it and had to traverse out the top. It was only a few minutes long but it was amazing. Also I know it's not TDM, but one T2 Mod I remember playing recently is "Garrett and the Beanstalk" in which you were small and the homes and furniture were gigantic. A Mod like this, if ported to TDM, would be phenomenal due to the much better fluidity, textures and lighting TDM offers.
  4. Always helpful info. ty
  5. I got around to playing this since I upgraded to v2.10 last week. I enjoyed it very much. It does have throwback vibes to other games, aka the bird-masked boat runner guy looks very Dishonored-ish. Also the loot animation grab reminds me of how Thief 4 did it, although I noticed that only arrows, keys and scrolls were animated, but edible food didn't animate. Just curious why that is? Either way it's no biggie at all and really enjoyed traversing all the areas of the game, horizontal and vertical. Seems like a great entry to showcase v2.10.
  6. Microsoft has it's own recovery tool, which used to be ERD Commander back in the day, but now purchased and rebranded and called DaRT. I think it is available for MS Licensing or Technet subscribers. Another one that I found helpful because it can read and reset passwords from AD (server) structures is Lazesoft Recovery Suite.
  7. OK I went back and played the bookcase room again and got past it after loading a previous save from before I had ever entered the room. Here's what I think threw me off.
  8. Twas a good mission although I never did figure out the right sequence to flip the books. Even after reading the readables and posts in here I was still lost on how to solve that puzzle. Nicely done mission.
  9. I'll give it a beta whirl too. Long missions good.
  10. I'll beta it if you still want some testers. Thanks.
  11. I'll help beta test, especially for a legend like grayman
  12. This is a great "authentically Thief" mission in an old world town style setting and looks-lived-in atmosphere. I enjoyed playing thru it over and over and help fleshing it out to the final product. Excellent job for a "rookie" mapper!
  13. I would say morality should and can not be absolute unless you feel that a moral code is fluid and open for any interpretation as easily as biblical stories and phrases. For example, is it good or bad morality to lie? To kill? If so then you can't ever lie about anything, even if it's to save another's life. And you could never join an army or become a cop, as you would be required to kill. Obviously no one can be that strict with themselves that they can't kill an attacker that immediately threatens a loved one. So there goes absolute morality, so why even have it if it's so pliable and shapeable. And so thus morality isn't subject to struggle since you can make it up as you go along to suit your own circumstances and lifestyle. So maybe instead of worrying about what is moral or not, just focus on what is important to you and what makes YOU happy and not worry about whether it fits into a personal moral code or someone else's interpretation of moral code. With regard to other people, you seem to be saying you need to change to appease them, or be who they want you to be. I disagree. The only way in life to have truth is to be who YOU are and others will accept or not accept you. That's not your problem to solve, that's on them. If others haven't figured out how to accept you for who you are, it's their puzzle, their issue, their loss, right?
  14. Definitely old school Doom/Duke Nukem style, yet very artistically noir, some buildings might look kinda Grim Fandango. There is no save function in game as you are reset back to the beginning if you die. Frustrating to have to replay the same hallways over and over. Thief/TDM it is not and should not be in the same breath except only for sharing the stealth genre.
  15. How about TP6, The Lich Queen's Demise? Think that's gotta be the one.
  16. Also Lords and Legacy, same opening. broken cart, city streets to the right, fire lamps. Maybe?
  17. I just tried Tears of St Lucia and it starts out with your description, aka light posts, broken carts, road veering off the to the right. It has a church rather than a mansion. Maybe?
  18. In T2 some of the Dracula /Bathory by Sensut related missions sound like this, although you would have probably remembered that they had a vampire theme throughout them and they are multi-stage missions.
  19. I can name so many games for a "total recall" refresh, but I think one that really blew my mind open with the ability to create atmosphere and exploration and a compelling storyline is the Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver games, especially the second one that delved into Raziel's past. The first one was a tremendously beautiful gothic world of magic and beasts I hadn't seen before in a game. The second one was bigger and more of the same with an added backstory. I can't ever unsee how cool these were to play at the time. Perhaps a second game as I'm now thinking about it, is the first Batman Arkham Asylum game, which for me really captured the essence of the dark and brooding sides of the complex mind of who Batman is. And the gameplay was exciting, the way he could plan for taking out a room of baddies, and hide, and sneak around, and get clues to discovering the eventual larger protagonist behind the scenes. This game was the first of many more that kept the Batman gaming experience, but the first was so memorable in setting up the style.
  20. This would work if there were not a pit of spikes or a rolling boulder or a giant spider waiting in a dead end, as many games would have. So a specific Thief trick I use is, generally there are guards about, so I bop them out and place the bodies where I know I don't need to go, as an indicator to a hallway that I have already explored, so as not to backtrack needlessly. This shrinks the maze, which isn't what you're talking about, but still a strategy to get through it.
  21. What made 2010 pop so much? Was there a contest that year? If so, what about a new contest to spur more missions?
  22. Shadow

    Free games

    Inside is a good 2D platform game, a moving stealth storyline, puzzles, and some weirdness thrown in to keep it interesting.
  23. Controversial option, but I'm thinking Bikerdude would be great for participation. Tho he is not in this forum (he is on Discord) he seems to have more high end quality mods than anyone and is still active, aka The Painters Wife.
  24. Thief’s Shalebridge Cradle mission taught me to fear asylum/orphanage combo platters This still scares the pants off me A new Polygon article that brings back some old memories, and yes it's true, that was one scary ass mission! I remember it very well. I am considering playing this again now while we have slow new mod releases lately. https://www.polygon.com/2020/10/11/21509328/thief-deadly-shadows-halloween-scary-level-shalebridge-cradle
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