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  1. @NeonsStyle I'm sorry I can't really be of help in giving advice on how to avoid the obstacles, but it is possible to do them.
  2. Thanks, Lzocast. I didn't check past the obvious door on the stand of the first one, but the other two, I scoured those locations for the keys. Two or three times each, because they seemed to be likely locations, but obviously unsuccessfully. Once more unto the breach! EDIT: Found the keys, but I do have to say that sometimes TDM makes *seeing* keys pretty painful. The sewer key blended in so well to its background that I might have never seen it had I not been told it was there. I really wish keys could stand out more. Thanks again, Lzocast. All that's left is for me to decide if I'
  3. I could really use hints for some things I am unable to find the key (or switch or what have you) to open: Thanks much for either nudges or blatant answers, because I can't figure out any of those for the life of me!
  4. I'm currently making my way slowly and haphazardly through this massive mission map. I've had nothing but WOW reactions so many times, but I will say this might be the first mission to make me incredibly aggravated that unlike T1/T2 we cannot make notes or mark on the map in the game, because I keep encountering things that seem usable (but I can't use yet) or locks I cannot pick or just places I know I want to come back to later. And not just one or two of these locations! So I'm left taking notes out of game by either turning a light on (Thiefy blasphemy!) so I can jot a note, or tabbing out
  5. Finally reinstalled TDM (double hard drive death 1 day apart, yay!) and this was my introductory dive back in. This was fun! I absolutely loved the 'bag' (and had a big laugh at the comment when I tried to pick up something). I felt I scoured the mission fairly well, but came up quite short on loot total. 1564? I feel like I must have missed something significant for that! Or perhaps in my investigating the clutter, the corners, and up on ceiling rafters I missed something large and evident and out in the open. The extra objectives were great, too. I did get grin at being in the school's backy
  6. In response, I'll just say that it could be used to excellent effect to make something both exposed and well hidden. That's why it triggered the love/hate reaction. It's oh so tricky, but if you've read something, and know it has to be there, somewhere- it's perfect like that! I look forward to more of your missions.
  7. Thank you! I was craving a little bit of Thief, started this up, and I really enjoyed this mission. 85 gold shy of max, which is close enough that I might have to go scour even more vigorously with a fine toothed comb, but I'm pleased anyway. Thank you for the mission, but curse you for I both love that very much and hate that very much at the same time. Love wins, but that is ever so slightly dastardly wicked.
  8. I finally got around to finishing this. I started it nearly 2 years ago, but, well... Playing through it now I was like 'really, wow, that was easy, what happened last time?' and I have no idea. Maybe I was seen and it traumatized me so much that I had to let the memory fade? Anyway, this mission was so full of surprises! Unexpected and great surprises! I have a lingering question, however. Near the end, there's a locked door that I could find no way through. Is there a way in, or anything in there of note? I already know I missed some items in one room earlier on, but that was purpo
  9. I noticed the see-through part on my left coming back up the stairs from the basement. I don't recall seeing it when I went down the stairs, just when I came back up them. I thought it was very weird at the time, I had a very 'how the heck did I miss THIS?' reaction when I saw it, as it was quite large. Re: the conversation- I agree that what happened with Crowley went perfectly, it was far more fitting the way it panned out. The ineffectual feeling was a sum total of everything, but it didn't prevent me from enjoying the mission. About loot- I don't think I read Toby's note, but from brow
  10. So I've come to this mission late. Not that this is a bad thing- it means I was able to play after the updates, and I had a mostly flawless playthrough as a result (there were only a few visual glitches, such as a see-through wall at one point and a few other display errors, but nothing that effected gameplay). I really liked this one, NeonsStyle, thank you. After I finished, I perused this thread as well as the one on TTLG to see if anything big popped out that I missed (I ended short 710 of max loot), and I'll agree with something brought up- I really, REALLY wanted to take some part
  11. This was pretty much exactly what I was in the mood for. I really enjoyed this, Bienie, thank you! I LOVED the secrets. I know it's different adding those into TDM, since there's no inherent secret system in the coding like there is in T1/T2, but I absolutely love them. Some gamers like achievements, or figuring out the tactics for winning a fight, or getting the best gear... I like exploring and finding secrets. The first one I found was , and when I got the pop-up I literally... um, made a joyful noise, let's say. So I went and found them all! I also love secret objectives that trigger af
  12. Thank you for the secrets list, now I can soothe that itch. And I will try to remember to point out when I find such things, because I love it when I notice them. They always make ME smile, and if it makes the creator smile to know I appreciated it, then it behooves me to make sure that they know Looking forward to discovering more little details in the next mission!
  13. I have really enjoyed this mission! I've completed it, but the fact that I'm still missing one secret is driving me bonkers. I think if I were missing more than one, it wouldn't be quite so bad, but the whole 'You're only missing ONE!' is driving me batty. I wasn't keeping notes as I was finding them, and I can't recall one exactly (I keep remembering things that I don't believe were secrets) but I do recall these, and believe they were all actual secrets: Plus loot 4085 out of 4404. On that, I say 'close enough!' and am very pleased. But the secret, OH the secret, that one secret! The
  14. This is a fantastic mission, Kingsal, thank you! 1667 in loot, and it wasn't until I was done that I realized I never searched for what those Ancient Keys unlock. Ah well, something to find next time I play! One of the secrets nearly tricked me. Again, thank you. I've greatly enjoyed both of your Volta missions! And for ridiculous niggling detail, even though you may never need to patch this mission again, I found a... typo, I guess? If you happen to knock out the guard in the city at the very beginning (please don't judge, it's instinctual), his body is labeled "Unconscience Guard" o
  15. This FM was amazing! Oh, but did all the verticality and various means of entrance & egress make my heart sing. Entering an area one way, exiting via another, and possibly re-entering via a THIRD later on? Joy! I'm an avid explorer in games that allow it, and this FM was a lot of fun to explore. I'm not done yet, because at some point I'll have to go back and see if I can discover the 1426 in loot I wound up missing. I'm guessing it's not in that SW corner of the map, since there didn't seem to be a way there in this mission? I also really liked how well placed much of the loot was!
  16. My response to this FM can be succinctly summed up with one word: WOW. I knew I was in for a grand treat from the very first moment that my screen flashed white. The following spoiler block is going to be far more a short stream-of-consciousness response to the mission than an actual review: I love puzzles, so I greatly enjoyed them, though I wish they had gotten harder (or that optional harder ones had been added). I greatly appreciate the automap! Thanks for implementing it (and thanks to Obsttorte, I believe, for the creation of it for TDM?). Thank you for a very enjoyable missi
  17. Thank you for this mission, kingsal. I greatly enjoyed it. This mission was a perfect re-introduction to Thief for me. I haven't played anything Thief in probably about a year, so I was worried I'd be terribly rusty. Thankfully I wasn't! I was able to successfully play Hard (chosen due to my expected rustiness) with no KOs (which says a lot, as I've always been a 'stack up the unconscious bodies then run around freely' type of player). I DID miss quite a bit of loot, though I was able to get well over the requirement. I look forward to the continuation of the story. I'm intrigued.
  18. Wow. Oh sweet Builder, my brain is so very frazzled, yet in a most pleasing way. Nearly 4 hours of my husband trying not to laugh at me as I have Bolen cowering in a corner... I'm proud of my Stealth score of 17, gained by being an exceedingly careful nervous wreck. I might have missed nearly 3000 loot, but I'm happy to have Thank you, Moonbo. I am greatly looking forward to your future missions! I'm just not sure if I should hope that they do not contain the same terrors as this one, or if I should be worried about what else you might choose to scare us with. ...and now to
  19. I might have had the crash/lockup issue, but I was easily able to skip what caused the problem, and I never had any slow downs or other issues at all. I really have no complaints in this area, even if I did have the crash. (Such things happen. It didn't prevent me from playing the mission at all.) The only issue I can say that I had was the same as some others have said- difficulty finding the last bits of some objectives. For me, it was loot, and I had to scour the place repeatedly to find enough to make up for the last 35 I needed. (And of course, after swimming around and roaming hallways
  20. Not sure if you just want basic specs, so I'll just toss a few out: Intel Core i5-2500k @3.30GHz, Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Ti, Windows 7 x64, 8GB Ram The game locks up/stops responding. I have to hit the windows key to bring up the screen that gives me a list of options including bringing up task manager as CTRL+ALT+DEL does nothing. The 'error message' is just the generic pop-up 'application has stopped responding' one, and attempting to shut down the game ('end the process') by selecting that option on the pop-up also does nothing. I just avoided going near the things and especially attem
  21. I'm REALLY loving this mission, but I've come across a game-crashing issue (which I might be able to sneak past). In the hallway I'm not sure if it's due to me attempting to pick one up, or just me getting too close. I'm going to try just to slip past and avoid the issues totally, but I thought I'd point out that it's a potential problem. Also, I read really fast and I had no idea the briefing continued. Oops. The only other questionable thing is the keys labeled as (pulling from memory, I might be off) #str_0039 (or some such). 2 of the 6 or so keys I have at the moment are labeled as s
  22. As a player (of games in general, so not all my recommendations might be fitting for TDM as I have no experience modding), I find maps very helpful, as I'm often prone to getting turned around. It's not so important HOW I get the map, though. If it's a location I could know of beforehand, or it would be reasonable to find out the layout beforehand, then I feel I should start with at least a basic map. If knowing the location's layout would be helpful but not 'well duh of course I scoped the layout' then buying it from the shop would be nice (but please don't overcharge for the map unless doing
  23. (A lot of this will also cover how I play T1/T2 FMs, so if I seem to have answered in a way that's not as fitting for TDM, it's because I'm mentally on the T1/T2 track.) I voted 'knock everyone out' but I don't, not really. I'm very, VERY fond of my blackjack, yes, but I don't go out of my way to knock people out and if I feel it's an NPC who won't get in my way much, or if I don't know if I will be able to hide the unconscious body well, they'll be left standing. I've matured in this in TDM, as in T1/T2 I would gleefully BJ darn near everyone, just to run around the map carefree. I quicks
  24. When I started playing TDM, I was using an ATI 4870. I'm now using (and voted in this poll as using) an NVidia 560Ti. I have had no problems whatsoever with the NVidia, with no need to tweak or tinker with settings (it's been gorgeous!), and the ATI I did have to tinker a bit with (especially disabling Catalyst AI), but once I'd done some really simple stuff, it was grand as well.
  25. I do believe I found that. I found that...but that had nothing to do with which is what made me go ... o.O ... O.o ... and ask for a spoiler. Am I still missing something?
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