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  1. Other than light counts, please become very aware of the concept of "visportals". Visportals not only help the renderer decide when an area can be split and culled but also act as a shortcut to prevent the engine from performing needless work identifying whether geometry past the next portal needs to be evaluated. The engine will only consider an area closed to a portal if it is two closed portals beyond the player. The current suggestion is to place a visportal halfway through each room so that geometry past the closed door is not evaluated in the portal
  2. A previous version of this pack was incorporated into Now and Then:
  3. A while back, I suggested that we add a "playlist" option to TDM. That way players can string missions together themselves rather than requiring mappers to pack them together. This would also allow players to share playlists of (for example) favorite horror missions, etc. At the time the suggestion was met with some push-back about how few missions existed.
  4. This looks fantastic! How many of those assets are part of the UE4 package? I think we historically had sour grapes about Unreal Engine based attempts at a Thief clone since many players have repeatedly asked "Why didn't you wait for UE3?" or "When are you going to migrate to UE3?" etc. In hindsight it's quite clear why these questions are even more absurd than they were back in 2009... It wasn't until 2015 when UE4 source code was made available to the community (UE3 never released the source during it's tenure), so nobody could have made a lightgem syst
  5. Pretty strange... Are you using an accelerated Desktop? If so, are you able to test with a non-accelerated variant? Are you using a non-standard DPI? Did you try disabling mouse acceleration in Darkmod.cfg ? Did you try setting the display to Windowed in Darkmod.cfg?
  6. The TDM world appears to be a parallel to our own and there are Moors and other ethnic parallels so I guess Roma could be added. That said, the Roma are descended from peoples of India so I guess you'd first need to establish a TDM version of India...
  7. There is already a similar exporter for Ultima Underworld using TDM: https://github.com/hankmorgan/UnderworldExporter As I understand, Underworld's engine begot System Shock's engine and System Shock 2 had Thief's "Dark Engine". If they did any work to align those designs there is a good chance that a similar approach could be used for Thief 1/2 games. Sadly, only one developer has dared to try something like this so you would probably need to get him interested in this topic for any hope of development.
  8. Congrats! That was quite a big development cycle!!!
  9. CONGRATULATIONS!!! I will get this up on the mirrors tonight if nobody else beats me to it.
  10. Good luck! I am currently working for a premium security software group that is used by Fortune 500 companies and world governments (including USA). Working anywhere else, I would probably be considered an L3 tech but here I am called an L1. We are paid very meagerly because the job market in my city is very poor and we have a very good technical college with lots of graduates eager to get job experience (and willing to work for peanuts). I regularly tell 6 figure earning admins how to do things that they should already know based on their certifications. I should be shoppi
  11. See: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Setting_Reverb_Data_of_Rooms_(EAX)
  12. @stgatilov I mentioned this a loooong time ago but I thought it might be relevant here. If the projection volume could show a transparent representation of the effect of both the 1D and 2D projection images. With this in place authors could more easily control where light happens with the projection volume.
  13. I cant answer the issue about the mirrors but you can also get the full download at Moddb: https://www.moddb.com/mods/the-dark-mod/downloads/the-dark-mod-208-full
  14. Did you install TDM into a privileged location such as "Program Files"? What happens if you relocate it to C:\darkmod\ ?
  15. We don't "quite" have a "The Sword" style mission but many missions feature surreal landscapes, warping to different locations and times, surreal interiors, and we even have a mission with non-euclidean geometry: A few to try: Shadows of Northdale ACT 2: Down The Rabbit Hole ( lots of magic) Volta 1: The Stone ( large complex manor ) Penny Dreadful 3: Erasing the Trail ( large map with "some magic elements" ... trying not to spoiler ) Illusionist's Tower ( non-euclidean ) Down by the Riverside ( warping ) House in Blackbog Hollow ( surreal events )
  16. During the Standalone transition, many missions were being translated by Tels and mission authors friendly to this process. Though the translations were complete, they were not tested against all the new standalone re-releases so they lingered on the mirrors. I made a judgment call to add these to the mirrors. If anyone tries playing a mission with a different language selected and any of these "language packs" produce an error we can pull the affected ones from the mirrors. If you are playing with English (default) as the selected language, these will have no effect.
  17. Please delete and re-download the mission. Tels' mirror has auto-update temporarily disabled so I removed it for this mission.
  18. Does your server auto-mirror any of our other mirrors? If not, please PM me. I don't think we have bloodgate upload details anymore.
  19. The mirrors have been updated.
  20. Congratulations! This is now in the mission database and in-game downloader. I also added a wiki entry.
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