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  1. Yes, the latest version seems to be missing some dependencies? I tried overwriting a clean glprogs/stages/interaction folder and tried overwriting the same folder with the previous build applied. In both cases the screen is black and reloadGLSLprograms complains about missing programs. I didn't dig further yet since I have been doing my own tinkering things...
  2. Another possible clue: This only happens when both 64-bit and Bloom are active. I suspect that this is some sort of artifact of exceeding data or instruction limits...
  3. Yes, this part is fixed. I am guessing that to make this physically realistic the ambient rim \ fresnel color would need lighting data from the scene ( probes ) rather than using a hard coded value and would also need to be better modulated by specular \ roughness. Good enough for my own tinkering though.
  4. WHOO!!! Thank you for the TIP @duzenko !!! I cured the square artifact by applying both projection images to the fresnel \ rim phase: if(params[var_DrawId].ambientRimColor.a != 0) { // produces no visible speed difference on nVidia 1060, but maybe on some other hardware?.. light.rgb += params[var_DrawId].ambientRimColor.rgb * NV * NV; } else { vec3 lightProjection = textureProj( u_lightProjectionTexture, var_TexLight.xyw ).rgb; vec3 lightFalloff = texture( u_lightFalloffTexture, vec2( var_TexLight.z, 0.5 ) ).rgb;
  5. tr_lightrun.cpp Point Light: R_ComputePointLightProjectionMatrix Projected Light: R_ComputeSpotLightProjectionMatrix I actually tried just using the ambient rim color in our own shaders and the same square artifacts affect the lights in "Caduceus of St Alan". (though more faint) The Fresnel effect is somehow broken at some incident angles.
  6. Well... Positives: No bloom artifacts Negatives: Now projected ambients in "Caduceus of St Alban" are black
  7. That is pretty bizarre. "u_cubic" should only affect lights with the "cubicLight" keyword in the light def. It should probably be renamed "u_spherical" since it has a spherical falloff pattern and uses a cubemap for projections. Both Point and Projected lights are somehow covered in the other branch. I presume that the shading used in the ambient is "light orientation" agnostic so both projection types are unaffected but your changes somehow require light direction? @cabalistic ? I will keep tinkering on my end...
  8. Interesting... If I port just the fresnel part of the latest shader, I have the same problem: 1) Bloom produces black squares 2) Projected Ambients render incorrectly I am guessing that the fresnel is making assumptions about the light direction vector? I cannot fathom why bloom would be affected...
  9. Running TDM windowed does not work? @duzenko was working on this: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4430 but if you have a better idea on how to implement this we would gladly look into it. Our source code can be found here: https://www.thedarkmod.com/downloads/ and here: https://github.com/fholger/thedarkmod Development builds with the latest Assets are here:
  10. It does for totallytubular's shaders. I have not encountered this issue with the default shaders.
  11. Some pretty strange results in the latest build: 1) If you enable Bloom your screen will be filled with black squares that have rounded edges, similar to this thread: but little boxes everywhere 2) Similarly, r_tonemap produces tiny black artifacts near light sources 3) Some speculars near yellow light sources are blinding white for some reason
  12. I encountered a similar bug in with totallytubular's "Messin with Shaders" glprogs Setting r_bloom 0 cured it.
  13. Open the console ( CTRL + ALT + Tilde ) then invoke r_debugGLSL 1 and after that invoke reloadGLSLprograms If you want it in a text file then invoke condump <name_of_file> and it will write to your darkmod directory. You can leave the GLSL file open and have TDM in a window then save your file and invoke reloadGLSLprograms and watch the results in real-time.
  14. TDM may be more susceptible to more fragility around entities due to some of our more complex designs and alterations to the base game. stgatilov made a number of infrastructural changes to handle the additional overhead that increasing entities can incur. This tracker has a history of the work: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5439 and you can compare that to the git revision history here: https://github.com/fholger/thedarkmod/commits/master
  15. What Linux variant? I do not encounter this on Linux Mint. To be clear, you have "Uncapped FPS" set to "On" correct? ( com_fixedTic 1 ) It sounds like either your window manager or compositor are forcing vsync regardless of your game settings. One thing you might try is telling TDM what your display refresh is: "r_displayRefresh 60" Also, try changing to adaptive sync via "r_swapInterval -1" ( negative one )
  16. I'll take another look tonight. I actually fixed this issue once in 2.06 by simply adding the falloff image back to the shaders... but the GLSL currently is very arcane now so it's hard to tell where the "projected light" branch I'm missing is. @duzenko ?
  17. I should clarify even further. There are Omni \ Point lights == Standard lights. 2D projection Image + 1D Falloff Image ( Cube shaped) Projected Lists == Standard lights that use a pyramid projection shape Parallel Lights == Same shape as Point Lights by shadows are calculated all parallel to the projection CubicLights == Uses a Cubemap and projects spherically. This is rarely used and is why you did not see it in your testing AmbientCubicLights == Same as CubicLights but the shading is meant to use a standard Ambient Cubemap \ IBL image AmbientLight ( can be
  18. Yeah, this light was setup long ago but other more modern projected (pyramid) lights also are broken with these shaders such as the projected lights in "Caduceus of St Alban"
  19. light_20 "classname" "light" "name" "light_20" "_color" "0.09 0.13 0.20" "light_right" "-85.1239 6.8898e-006 -95.6761" "light_target" "357.172 -9.12726e-006 -312.14" "light_up" "-1.05096 -96 -0.946324" "nodiffuse" "1" "noshadows" "1" "nospecular" "1" "origin" "256 -1904 481" "parallel" "0" "texture" "lights/tdm_roundtop_window" light_up and light_right are projected args (from the map file)
  20. Yes. Ambient lights have two modes: Omni ( Cube ) Projected ( Pyramid ) You need to handle this toggle.
  21. Looking pretty nice! I think something is going wrong with "projected" ambient lights and "blendLights" as I am seeing lots of rectangular and diamond shaped artifacts in places where these are supposed to exist.
  22. By the way, did you examine the source code? 2.09: https://www.thedarkmod.com/sources/thedarkmod.2.09.src.7z Latest SVN: https://svn.thedarkmod.com/publicsvn/darkmod_src/trunk/ The lightgem works this way: 1) Replace the player with an Octahedron that has a special noshadow material 2) Place the camera inside the Octahedron 3) Capture an image facing up 4) Capture an image facing down 5) Stream the image data to a PBO 6) Evaluate all pixels to find the average pixel brightness and brightest pixel 7) Output a ligtgem value to th
  23. Try removing and re-installing "libstdc" then try updating build-essential. ( I presume you have CMAKE 3.12 or newer ?) Does it work if you specify your game directory ? : -DGAME_DIR=../../darkmod
  24. I presume you went through the compiling guide? https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=The_Dark_Mod_-_Compilation_Guide
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