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  1. These are FANTASTIC! There are probably a few missions with generic looking title screens that might benefit from art like this. Any interest in donating a few ?
  2. Inheritance is controlled from above. If you need something that isn't defined directly in your own entity, you need to keep moving up the tree until you find the entity that has the attribute you wanna change and clone that one with alternate values. Of course you will also need to repeat this process for all the intermediaries so that the new entity hierarchy is preserved. Though, with the PK4 override system you can just use the modified entity at the top of the tree with the same name. (not as clean but a little more convenient) Alternately, grab all the attributes you want from all entities in the tree and just add them all to one entity.
  3. I will try to get this done tonight Edit: Done
  4. Where did you install TDM? Do you have folder permissions for the darkmod folder and it's sub-directories? Please post your darkmod.cfg Please open the console via CTRL + ALT + Tilde ( ~ ) and post the results for: condump no_fan_missions.txt See also:
  5. The latest SVN source is 9917 what SVN tree are you using?
  6. UEFI was not designed to make things better for "you". UEFI was designed to make things better for hardware manufacturers and members of the PC industry.
  7. I have removed the pm_* cvars from the player def as of rev 16483
  8. TDM 2.07 was the last build that had Windows XP compile flags enabled: https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=What's_new_in_TDM_2.07 If 2.07 is too old for you, you could try modifying the TDM 2.10 MSVC project to set WinXP flags. Microsoft no longer supports WinXP so we also have dropped support since we try to stick with modern MSVC compiler conventions to take advantage of the latest CPU architecture improvements.
  9. You can extract the tdm_player_thief.def file from tdm_defs01.pk4 and modify it in a text editor then either repackage the pk4 or place a defs folder in your darkmod directory with all the defs from that pk4.
  10. Hah ha! Yes! tdm_player_thief.def // movement settings "pm_bobroll" "0.0015" //side to side roll "pm_bobpitch" "0.001" //forward roll "pm_bobup" "0.03" //upward bounce "pm_runroll" "0.003" //running side roll "pm_runpitch" "0.001" //run forward pitch "pm_runbob" "0.35" //speed of run bob "pm_walkbob" "0.3" //speed of walk bob "pm_crouchbob" "0.2" //speed of crouch bob We should remove these from the def and ensure that the cvar values associated to them are archived so that they persist. Then players will finally be able to force these off.
  11. I wonder if the player entity def is doing this?
  12. I'll highlight the important part: Here's a tip: Nobody needs to grouse around about what "idiotic" things people believe. If you don't like people believing dumb things, then create a blog, youtube video, or podcast explaining the topic in easy ( and friendly ) terms to those you wish to evangelize into the world of being "not idiotic".
  13. Let me elaborate on this tactic: 1) Postulate some crazy concepts about historical events until one gains a little traction either by morons or people who find it to be an amusing meme 2) Test the waters in different forums and social media spaces to see how folks react to this 3) If the forum crowd is determined to be largely left-wing and rationale, overamplify how "idiotic" people are for believing XYZ and then slowly begin associating these "idiots" with anyone they consider their social or political adversaries until you get large numbers of forum members to rant about right-wing "Trump-tards" (etc) and foam at the mouth about all their political grievances 4) Pretend to be a right leaning person, act like a jerk, and get your posts censored 5) Go to right leaning forums and show them that this "theory" is being censored and see if you can get them to integrate it into the larger narrative of "true things that the left is censoring". ( Eg, add it to the pile of Qanon nonsense ). 6) Return to the left leaning forums to mock the right leaning folks for doing step 5. Mission accomplished, you've entrenched more poorly educated people into an absurd belief system and you've ignited a bunch of left-wing derision against them. This type of agitated polarization works well whether you are Putin, the Republican Party, Democrats, etc. Divide and conquer. Here's a tip: Nobody needs to grouse around about what "idiotic" things people believe. If you don't like people believing dumb things, then create a blog, youtube video, or podcast explaining the topic in easy ( and friendly ) terms to those you wish to evangelize into the world of being "not idiotic". The language of referring to people as "those idiots who believe" is a cancer that we suffer too much of these days with political propaganda organizations such as "Media Matters for America" (MMFA) who basically write a single set of political jokes about a daily topic and feed them to all the Late Night television hosts so that if you don't hear them say "republican person X did \ said this dumb thing" from one late night personality, you surely will hear it from another one and the version of what is told omits any nuance or rational counterpoint. In some cases, the words are out-right fabricated from out-of-context statements or things that MMFA thinks people will believe. Here's a perfect example: To this day, late night comedians treat the incriminating emails on Hunter Biden's laptop as "fake Russian slander" even though the New York Times has corroborated their authenticity and they are DKIM signed. They use the laptop story as a talking point about how Republican's are "pro Russian idiots" even though nobody of either political party would be happy to have the son of a vice president using his father's position to arrange financial scams and deals with geopolitical enemies ( China ). Because the latter information is largely invisible to over 50% of the US populace, it serves as a perfect place for political divide and conquer. If the entirety of mainstream entertainment and news are gonna bury or distort legitimate news stories about their allies, what are the chances that anyone will vote for a moderate "middle" candidate? The left will see right-leaning voters who discuss the laptop story as Russian traitors and the Right will see the left as "idiots" who get all their news from television comedians and insane "woke" SJW blue hairs. Perfectly divisive. People need to stop looking at the proles on the ground and start thinking about all the groups that are trying to pull the strings. So I state again, this is no place for astro-turfers, propagandists, and non-linear warfare. Nobody here really cares about what dumb things are floating through the brains of a small group of internet denizens. If these "idiots" grow in numbers, calling them idiots "louder" will not "cure" them or shrink their numbers. The only thing you will achieve is more entrenchment and polarization.
  14. @Kurshok This is a final warning. This topic, is much like recent similar topics regarding: Flat Earth belief The Roman Empire Didn't Really Exist Secret Neanderthal familial Lineage in the modern era These "theories" are all part of a wider campaign of damaging the public's trust in documented history so that it can be replaced by history that is more advantageous to authoritarian governments ( Russia, China primarily ), oligarchs, wealthy individuals, and corporations. If you are simply hanging out in social media spaces where this sort of propaganda is prevalent, stop going there and stop relaying that nonsense here. If you are actively trying to push this material here. This is not a community that welcomes "non-linear warfare", astro-turfing, and propaganda. You will be banned with extreme prejudice.
  15. Yes, just run tdm_installer and do not select the special version checkbox. It should update you to the release build ( Rev 9853 )
  16. The missions available in the downloader are the last ones that Spoonman offered. They should have some bug fixes that were subsequent to the original releases. ( Some things that bikerdude "fixed" were via changes to the map that were not intended by the author. Therefore the bikerdude versions are no longer offered in the downloader. ) The missions should be playable and relatively bug free but if you encounter any problems you will need to ping Spoonman to appeal for any updates to address those issues.
  17. I am locking this thread. There have already been a few discussions about Islam in these forums and this does not need to be another referendum on that topic. There are plenty of online spaces where people who are anti-religion congregate and espouse their grievances. The TDM forums are not an appropriate venue for that topic since we welcome people of all religious backgrounds whether atheist or fundamentalist. If some militant religious extremist decides to proselytize here, their threads will be locked too.
  18. That is the BFG Trenchbroom variant or Trenchbroom itself?
  19. If if works with BFG it should work with TDM since RBDoom3BFG supports unpacked vanilla Doom 3 style assets. The open question is whether it works with pk4 and I would expect it to. Time to try it, I guess...
  20. Hmm... The "Ryzen 5 6600U" ( APU ) has a modern RDNA2 graphic processor with 1.4 teraflops. And the higher end versions like "Ryzen 7 6800U" have over 3 teraflops. Should be faster than a GTX 1050. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ryzen#Ryzen_6000 I think the Ryzen 5000 APU's aren't too shabby either. Not sure on availability though.
  21. Please open a thread in the tech support forum.
  22. Yes both. "Scroll of Remembrance" is possibly our worst case scene. Briarwood Manor at least appears to have made a reasonable attempt to optimize based on advised practices.
  23. "Written in Stone" is not the heaviest mission for CPU's. Try "Scroll of Remembrance" if you want to make a CPU scream in pain. Even "Briarwood Manor" outdoor area is heavier than "Written in Stone" .
  24. The mission "No Honor Among Thieves" has a camera flying through the level intro that can act like a benchmark
  25. Yep. Linux is a bit of a pain. The last time I tried replicating a crash, I invoked "gdb thedarkmod.x64" and then "run" and when the application crashed, I invoked "step" to see subsequent operations. After doing more digging, most Linux distros should have kdump installed and the /etc/kdump.conf should show the path where crashes are supposed to be written. https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-us/red_hat_enterprise_linux/7/html/kernel_administration_guide/kernel_crash_dump_guide The kdump data is also supposedly able to be parsed by gdb. https://developers.redhat.com/blog/2021/04/30/the-gdb-developers-gnu-debugger-tutorial-part-1-getting-started-with-the-debugger#next_up
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