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  1. Thank you! The mission database has been updated with this fix.
  2. I guess I'll chime in here for clarity. When the TDM Dev Build thread is active: This is when big changes and contributions are supposed to be welcome. When we are in "Beta Testing" it is supposed to be a code freeze period where only regression fixes are applied. Sometimes a fix or improvement that shouldn't be in a beta phase gets added anyway if it is seen as exceptionally beneficial, but every time this is done it can potentially extend the beta testing for another 2 weeks or more and during that additional 2 weeks even more fixes and improvements are proposed by eager contributors which can potentially lead to a never ending beta. I am not particularly bothered by a long dev build phase, nor a long beta and am inclined to wait a long time until new official releases are available. Players, on the other hand, generally aren't keen on using Dev Builds so we need to stop at some point and christen something as official if only for the sake of getting more feedback in case regressions slipped through Dev or Beta testing. Let's be clear though, neither TDM 2.10 or 2.11b7 are "unplayable garbage". Enhancements are fantastic but if 2.11 doesn't include every improvement you can conjure it will still be better than 2.10 which is already an excellent TDM version. I am still in favor of most or all of your improvements making it into 2.11 but we have to follow the process and need to have agreement from the team about what happens next. If you disagree with the way that we rollout "dev > beta > release" cycles and want to offer your fixes before they go into TDM official release, I suggest you consider creating a fork project. You can call it "The Darker Mod" , "Better Dark Mod Enhanced", etc, any of the monikers you typically see on enhancement projects on Moddb. If your fork becomes popular then it may be the main one that players use sorta like how Debian Linux is the core project but most people use Ubuntu or Linux Mint. ( If you made such a fork, I would probably ask that you integrate my fresnel shader mod into it. )
  3. I think that the mainmenu_briefing.gui change is only needed for briefings that are accompanied by a voice-over like the ones in the included missions 1 and 2.
  4. Can you post your DarkmodKeybinds.cfg and Darkmod.cfg ? I will test this tonight but this cvar still exists in the code-base unless @stgatilov removed it in a commit I am not seeing from github or the SVN download link (etc). // nbohr1more: #558 Toggle Creep idCVar cv_tdm_creep_toggle( "tdm_toggle_creep", "0", CVAR_GAME | CVAR_BOOL, "Set to 1 to make creep toggleable." );
  5. @evildiesel @Xolvix @datiswous What happens if you add bind "j" "toggle tdm_toggle_creep 0 1" To your DarkmodKeybinds.cfg file ? Are you able to use the "j" key to toggle creep? https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=558
  6. https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Collision_Models https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Clipmodel and what is an example of a TDM CM? That is what DMAP produces. It is a map-wide representation of collision. It is not a "model". ( hence all the brush references in the text ) Look again: barrel01_cm.lwo is a typical collision model in TDM. It is a Lightwave object. ( LWO ). If you know of a single editor program that manipulates Doom 3 DMAP collision products ( cm files ) I would be happy to hear of it.
  7. There is no such model format as "CM". A CM is either an OBJ, ASE, or LWO with a collision texture. The cm data in the map compile cannot be natively manipulated, it is the result of a dmap operation.
  8. There is no need to "export" a model as a "model". You can export a model as a different model format if desired but there is no logic to it. The model is already in optimized form and ready to be re-textured with collision textures.
  9. Anything collection of polygons can be a collision model. It just needs a collision texture. To convert a non-solid visual model to collision, replace the texture with a texture that has inherent or explicit collision. To make a collision model visible in DR? Re-Texture it with a visible texture or skin. Beware of nonsolid entity arguments that override the collision texture. See also "surface parameters": https://modwiki.dhewm3.org/Global_material_keywords_(Doom_3)
  10. No worries! We introduced this one in 2.09 but didn't really evangelize it that much
  11. In the Video Settings GUI, the Fullscreen option allows you to select Yes, No, and Fullscreen Windowed as I recall. There is no border and performance impact should be negligible.
  12. Is there a reason why you cannot run TDM in "Fullscreen Windowed" mode and use alt-tab to return to the desktop?
  13. That's an old issue with the design of the candle entity in this mission. We should probably fix the mission on behalf of Fidcal and if there is a core asset that acts like this then change it. ( always annoyed me too )
  14. Yes, it's a core shader. Converted from ARB to GLSL from Greebo's original design I believe.
  15. The water shader used in this mission does not access the depth buffer. It needs to be rewritten but it includes a blur effect so it's harder to implement the change.
  16. I have a theory... Several candle entities start out lit and mappers add "extinguished" as an arg to start them unlit. This arg tells the script to blow out the candle at map start ( seems like we could design that to work better somehow....) If the extinguish action is interrupted during map start, the particle, light or both may be active on these candles. I added a waitFrame() to init block in the light holder script and thus far have not been able to reproduce the issue. Please create a script folder in your darkmod directory ( or fm directory ) and place the attached replacement script there then test whether the issue persists. tdm_light_holders.script Edit: I should mention that randomly I am seeing candles smoke in The Outpost for the first time with this change. Before they would either be lit or have a flame particle or be fully unlit. Now I either see unlit candles (expected) or candles that have just been extinguished and are releasing smoke. ( A significant improvement )
  17. I think it's a good idea to offer this feature. On a related note, I tried to configure parry for an alternate key since clicking middle mouse is too close to mouse scrolling and can lead to accidentally holstering the weapon during combat. The GUI selection only allowed me to "add" parry but not remove the mouse button. Not the worst issue but certainly annoying.
  18. Anyone have a copy of the old training_demo.pk4 "timedemo benchmark"? I cannot find it in my old files collection.

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      Nope. Not that I can find. If it was there, they seem to have removed it.

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      Maybe specifically ask people in this thread:

      Just an idea

    4. Shadow


      If you know it was on a current site, you can try archive.org to see if they have it cached in a past snapshot.

  19. Replicated on Dev Build 10071 going back to a previous build Cannot replicate on 9881, SLL beta map is also cured there 9944 replicated ( sorta ) no unlit candle in the room with a flame particle... It took quite a few tries to replicate this and again there were no unlit candles with flame particles. Only the candle bundle on the shelf was lighting unexpectedly. I was unable to replicate in the SSL test map. Gonna move forward to see if there is a build where the problem was exacerbated... 10036 was a full replication in The Outpost (unlit candle with particle, multiple candles) , SLL could not replicate as of yet. 9985 - I wasn't able to reproduce in The Outpost, but the SLL map has the symptom. Will keep trying but I believe the big problem started between 9944 and 9985 9981 took forever to produce the issue but it was a full replication. Going backwards... 9980 full replication after many tries, no SLL . gonna re-test 9979 ( this appears to be the one! ) 9979 same behavior as 9944. Only a partial replication and no issues in SLL ( re-tested, same behavior ) I cannot see how 9980 would cause this? @Dragofer are candle entities considered AF for physics because of the attached particle? @stgatilov any clue why rev 9980 would make candles misbehave more? Since this is part of a critical performance improvement I am hesitant to even consider any kind of rollback or removal in the final beta builds.
  20. @Dragofer had good luck with the DDS exporter in GIMP. It allowed him to export at BC5 \ ATI2 \ 3Dc:
  21. Sub-titles need to be manually created. If @Moonbo gives the go-ahead, I suppose a team member could create them for him?
  22. Along with map merge, some folks are using Git https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Git_and_Github_for_Mappers Map merge has been available since 2.13 Edit here is the link with animated illustrations of it in use:
  23. All set! The fixed mission is now in the downloader.
  24. I believe dmap bug was introduced in 2.07 or later and was fixed in 2.10. Someone probably dmapped it when updating the mission to fix asset compatibility but caused this artifact...?
  25. WOO!!! Updated to the latest SVN binary, using the 10071 assets. At first it crashed on an AI Base Tactile error. I copied the latest scripts and def folder from SVN and it started but the crash happened soon after. I removed the def folder and it the crash could not be repeated. Time to step through def folder revisions! Def rev 16602 = no crash Def rev 16603 = crash ... I think got you!! tdm_prop_items.def rev 16603 appears to be the culprit.... Yes, there seems to be some relation between the sitting animations and the AI who happens to have pickup twice in the name of the target bottle?
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