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  1. Changed slightly, now it's - ZorinOS 15.3 64 bit (it's a fork of Ubuntu and a right pig to get crash dumps out of) - Intel Core i7-4770 @3.4Ghz - 8Gb Ram - Primary display, Nvidia Quadro K600 (192 cores, 1Gb Frame Buffer, Nvidia Driver 460.91.03, 1920x1080 resolution - Secondary display, on board graphics, not used for gaming, 1920x1080 resolution - Downloaded TDM installer from TDM site to install
  2. Well done, once again i am soo sorry to give so much grief
  3. Nearest I can find is libc.so.6, which by complete surprise is a link to libc-2.26.so libc.zip Picked up the source, I'll have a look, thanks
  4. I'm willing to have a go @duzenko Where do I get the source code ? Is it just a case of unzipping it all into one folder, tweaking a make file to add debugging & letting it rip ?
  5. I'm sorry I have no idea, I wouldn't even know where to look, I'm guessing there's a make file somewhere but I don't know where If you want to try something like inserting snapshots into the download code & dumping information to the console I'll happily run that & send you the results, but unless you have a pretty good idea where the problem is that's a bit hit & miss I could have a look at the download code if you like, fresh eyes might see something But I agree you've spent more than enough time on this, I can live with it as it only affects downloads & even then it's intermittent Sorry this has taken so much of your time
  6. I am so sorry for causing all this grief and I am amazed that debugging on a different Linux system is so difficult, it's not the Linux system you're debugging after all
  7. OK that's a link to "libpthread-2.28.so" libpthread-2.28.so (zipped) everything is linked to everything else, weird
  8. I can't find a libpthread_db.so.1 however looking at the log I'm guessing you want "libthread_db.so.1" from "/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu" OK turns out that is a link to a shared library "libthread_db-1.0.so" in the same folder libthread_db-1.0.so (zipped)
  9. OK, I downloaded the debug symbols & dropped them in my darkmod folder, ran TDM inside gdb as before gdb read the symbols did a handle SIGABRT stop And then ran tdm I had a mission installed so I uninstalled that first, with no apparent problems I selected 4 missions to download starting with "Alberics curse" and got the first 3 before the system stopped, all 3 pk4 files open without error I alt tabbed back to the console window I tried to generate a core dump but got the message So I'm not sure what state the core file is in, I sipped & uploaded it anyway I also executed a "bt" & got the following Then I quit & killed the process Full terminal log is here Core dump (zipped) is here
  10. OK I shall give that a go, meanwhile I've had a thought, you've probably discounted this already but based on what I'm seeing with the crashes I suspect it's buffer overrun type error When selecting missions to download TDM copies the entry from the downloaded list & builds a separate list of missions to download Then works it's way through this second list removing the first entry after each download It's this second list that's corrupted somehow I've seen errors that mention "doubly linked list", so at a guess in each list entry there's a pointer back & a pointer forward As a minimum there'll also be a string for the description that's displayed another string telling TDM where to download the file from So 2 strings & 2 pointers per entry as a minimum What if, when this entry is created the size of the download address string is used to reserve space for the description string, or vice versa, it's a remarkably easy thing to get wrong If the description is shorter than the address then all will be fine, if it's longer, then the description will overrun the space allocated and if the pointers holding the list together comes after that they'll be overwritten Just a thought, it's been a while since I did any serious programming
  11. I soooo want to play a mission with a moose arrow now Could even start small with a mouse arrow, or if you're hungry a mousse arrow Sorry couldn't resist
  12. Good to know, sorry for the size of it I was a little excited at getting one at all
  13. Ahhhhh, I didn't know you could do that OK, installed gdb Opened a terminal & cd'd to the darkmod folder ulimit -S -c unlimited gdb ./thedarkmod.x64 run Picked 4 random missions for download & let rip Didn't crash to desktop but TDM stopped so I alt tabbed to the terminal window & found a gdb prompt waiting for me did a generate-core-file & hallelujah we have a bouncing baby 1.3Gb core file core.6200 (1.3Gb) I've downloaded & compared the files with no differences reported, md5sum for both files is "fcda3699c4a0b00f981018c2f407fd7d" I really hope this helps
  14. Couldn't sleep so I had a go with the laptop, still failed to get a crash dump of TDM even after verifying crash dumps were working with the crash.c program from earlier I did however get a terminal log including a backtrace just in case that's any use to you TDM complained mightily about opengl & glsl on this system but as I said the laptop doesn't have anywhere near the grunt needed for TDM but as all I was doing was testing the downloads I ignored the complaints
  15. OK, I have a laptop, also with Zorin on, it has nowhere near the grunt needed to play TDM, but it should manage the downloads, I'm going to see if I can replicate the error & hopefully get a dump Thoughts and prayers appreciated, the laptop is slooooooooow
  16. As it failed with a SIGABRT I wondered if this was being handled differently so I rewrote the crash.c program & replaced the divide by zero with an explicit call to abort(), still produced a core dump, so that wasn't it I'm sorry but I've never used GDB, just checked & I'd have to install it & I'd still need a crash dump to work on So, I decided to go nuclear, I wiped my TDM installation, blew away the darkmod folder & started fresh I've uploaded the filed you requested last time lastscan.ini, manifest.iniz, tdm_installer_1631024110.log & qq.txt There's also the terminal log from the install process terminal.log Just did the ulimit & run thing on the fresh install, selected the first 6 files for download, let rip & got 3 before seeing the desktop again, with the same last lines as before & no logfile, restarting TDM tells me I have 3 new missions If I try a fresh install again remind me to reset the display resolution first I've also tried opening the console & typing "crash" but still no core dump, well none that I can find As this seems to be only happening on my system, I am OK to live with it, it's not a showstopper, the game itself plays great, don't let me drag you down some rabbit hole when you could be doing something fun
  17. OK, not good news I'm afraid For linux experts out there, there may be better or simpler ways of doing this, however this is the way I went, please don't shout at me I've dug around and found the following site to be useful Understand and configure core dumps on Linux As my system is a systemd system I needed to install coredumpctl to access any dump files, this was installed with sudo apt install systemd-coredump It's possible I didn't need this but I found it useful To test if dumps were working I created a small program that would crash, NB I was working in the darkmod folder & made sure I didn't overwrite anything accidentally File crash.c contains int main() { return 1/0; } I compiled this with gcc -o crash crash.c I ignored the compilation warnings & ran it with ulimit -S -c unlimited ./crash which gave me Floating point exception (core dumped) Running the following coredumpctl list Shows I've successfully produced a dump file TIME PID UID GID SIG COREFILE EXE Mon 2021-09-06 17:08:57 BST 3600 1000 1000 8 present /home/karen/darkmod/crash So far so good, my system does produce a crash dump & I can see it & extract it Now we get to the not so good part I ran TDM with ulimit -S -c unlimited ./thedarkmod.x64 I opened a console window, entered "com_error_crash 2", closed the console, went to the mission downloader, selected a bunch of missions for download and let it rip TDM dutifully downloaded a few of the files in the list & then crashed to the desktop with a segmentation fault error However coredumpctl isn't showing any new dump files, so I'm stumped --EDIT-- Tried TDM again using "com_error_crash 3" instead, and again no core dump produced In case it's useful the last lines of the terminal log are Couldn't exec autocommands.cfg - file does not exist. Found 0 new mission packages. Found 9 mods in the FM folder. ]com_error_crash 3 munmap_chunk(): invalid pointer signal caught: Aborted si_code -6 Trying to exit gracefully.. Shutting down sound hardware double fault Segmentation fault, bailing out shutdown terminal support About to exit with code 11
  18. OK, I repeated the previous test, as soon as TDM was running I opened the console and entered "com_error_crash 2" assuming that was more sensitive than 3, closed the console & downloaded files until I got a crash to desktop, still no core file anywhere to be found, I even tried searching from the root My system is obviously stopping it being created, so I'll have a dig around, there may be something on the Zorin forums that'll help I've just cleaned out all but the "training mission", "newjob" & "stlucia" missions & edited missions.tdminfo to remove all but these, is there an easier way of cleaning these up ? I know I don't need to but I'm downloading just to test at the moment and it gets a little cluttered
  19. Generating a dump looks to be a little more complicated than just using ulimit as I've failed to make a core dump twice so far I opened a terminal window in the darkmod folder & executed the following ulimit -a ulimit -c unlimited ./thedarkmod.x64 First line checks the current setting, second sets the size as unlimited, third runs tdm, I tried downloading a few missions and annoyingly it seemed to work until I tried setting up more than one mission for download, then I got a crash to desktop, but no dump file Just in case it's of any use this is the log from the terminal window terminal.log I'll get back to you when I work out why I'm not generating a core dump
  20. The game seems to play perfectly, downloader is the only problem, it doesn't seem to happen every time either, I've downloaded at least one mission without a crash or hang, maybe it's some sort of race condition & my system is just on the edge of the sweet spot ? The target drive is an SSD if that's any use to you I'll sort out some web/cloud space & get back to you How do I get a core dump ? And thanks for all the help so far ***EDIT*** Sorted my web space, I think, let me know if you have any problems tdm_installer_1630416672.log lastscan.ini manifest.iniz qq.txt
  21. tdm_installer_XXX.log files .zipsync/lastscan.ini manifest.iniz Says it's too big to attach here can I mail it to you ? condump (open game console with tilde and execute "condump qq")
  22. Okidoki, downloaded the installer & extracted tdm_installer.linux64 to /home/darkmod, it wasn't marked as executable so I changed it's permissions Slight correction it's actually /home/karen/darkmod, files just shows it as Home/darkmod Properties for /home/karen are drwxr-xr-x Properties for /home/karen/darkmod are drwxr-xr-x Double clicked it & got a very nice GUI front end, clicked OK without touching anything else, the text indicated 2.09a was being installed Had a look at the tdm_installer log file once it finished, no errors that I could see "Closing installer after successful install" is the last line. I can upload the log if you need it tdm_update seems to have been deleted by the installer Ran TDM, the screen resolution had reset to 800x600 at 4:3 resolution so I reset that, front screen still says version "2.09/64", installer log file says "release209a" Set up "Living expenses" & "The Painters Wife" for download & told it to go do it "Living expenses" was downloaded & TDM crashed to desktop without attempting "The Painters Wife" Looking in the fms folder there's a "living_expenses.pk4" file, this seems to be OK, I can open it & see the contents Rerunning TDM & selecting "new mission" I get the in game pop up saying "Living expenses" is available as a new mission Exiting TDM & looking at the fm's folder "living_expenses.pk4" appears to have been installed in a "living_expenses" subfolder "living_expenses" seems to play OK Just in case it's a hangover from an earlier install/update I would have no issue wiping the entire TDM installation & restarting from scratch if that would help
  23. Sorry for the delay, real life got in the way The darkmod folder is /home/darkmod the owner is me, permissions say I can create & delete files in it, group is my username, permissions say I can access files, everyone else can access files TDM was installed by downloading tdm_installer.linux64.zip to the darkmod folder, extracting & running the installer, since then I've run tdm_update.linux64 a couple of times to keep up to date, the last time was on 11th August I've not noticed this issue for a few months because again real life got in the way & I haven't played for a few months **EDIT** - there is no tdm_installer so I couldn't run it, should I download again ? **EDIT** Just ran tdm_update.linux64 again, one update - newjob.pk4, TDM still seems to be 2.09/64 and my memory just blanked as I can't remember where I found the revision number but I'm guessing that hasn't changed either Started TDM, downloaded "Hare in the Snare", crashed to desktop when it completed downloading, download appears to be OK though Guys, if this is going to be fixed in a later update I can live with it until then, don't let me divert you from important stuff, it's not a showstopper
  24. Hi all I'm running TDM 2.09/64 code rev 9108 on a Zorin 15.3 64 bit (Ubuntu fork) system ( 7.7Gb, Intel® Core™ i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz × 8, Quadro K600/PCIe/SSE2) When I download a new mission with the built in downloader, TDM either hangs or crashes to desktop when I get to 100% The missions appear to download OK, I can read all the text files & the PK4's open & dl'd missions play OK, not spotted any new log files or dumps is there anything I can enable that would give you more info ?
  25. I didn't really know Grayman apart from his missions, which were excellent. RIP sir
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