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  1. I always thought he had some feelings for Victoria. How can you fall in love with another human if you did with a spirit / goddess once? Seriously. Am I the only one who noticed some sort of.. caring.. Just before "the incident in the cathedral"?
  2. Thanks for the replies, gonna try those spoiler Tags again now for my short review (oh well it inserted one above my text now and I can't seem to delete it on mobile - this text editor is strange)
  3. Just finished this mission and wow I gotta say in great honor to Grayman and of course the rest of the team picking it up, this was something I've never seen before in any other TDM mission, especially visually wise. I am so happy that grayson gave green light for other experienced mappers to finish his last mission. And what came out of this is really something special. I'll put my review in spoiler tags since I'm now referring to critical mission details. Edit - How do I put spoiler text here on mobile?? [spoiler] test [/spoiler][SPOILER] test [/SPOILER] [spoiler[spoiler [sfah
  4. You can try my alternative footstep sounds package which addressed the things you described together with a lot of other footstep sounds both for player and AI if you want to. https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/17631-new-footstep-sounds/
  5. You can extract the game files with a zip software. I think in the sound_sfx file (I don't recall the exact name) you can find all player footsteps. Extract the folder holding the player footsteps. If you find a way to lower their volume with some kind of software that uses batch processing you could lower them all at once instead of every sound by hand.
  6. Thanks for your input. If I understand the wiki article correctly it talks about the ambient music tracks. However my question was focused on the NPCs talking sounds. As far as I understand one can not achieve this with the overwrite attribute. But I could be wrong.
  7. Regarding sound. I always wondered if anyone thought of a two layer sound system at some point. I always felt that it seems awkward to hear the guards talk crystal clear all over the hallway when you're around the corner 100 meters away. I don't know how it is called technically but some games propagate two sounds for one sound source. One normal sound that has full volume if you're close to the audio source. And one muffled or echoey sound that plays full volume if you're further away. The two fade into each other and then one of them vanishes depending on your distance to the audio source. Would this be also possible in TDM? Maybe without doubling the audio files but using the 3D audio / EAX feature? Did someone play around with this in that regard already?
  8. If you take mission re-releases into consideration, then the current time span would even only be 4 months, since my version 2.0 of Sneak & Destroy was released on 17.11.22
  9. I always thought about the same thing. Having one song playing along the whole mission, but have variations of it that tune in in certain regions. However I didn't find a solution that was working (same problem you have, with the new variation starting from the beginning). The idea of Joe seems smart - I'm curios if it works for you. I hope I can add this too then in the future.
  10. Has there ever been a printer, regardless of the manufacturer, that worked right? Seriously, I can't remember a time in my life where I didn't have printer problems.
  11. Okay I didn't know its actually possible in single player. I will give them bots a try. Hopefully they act like thieves and guards and not unreal tournament bots haha
  12. Isn't this multiplayer only? I remember playing it with a friend online many years ago. Is the community there and the servers still active?
  13. But layers don't work with the automation tool, do they? I mean switching on and off the visibility and having that also ingame.
  14. Unity is indeed often named as a bad performer. Would you recommend unreal engine instead?
  15. Yes I would recommend to try that out if someone is going to add custom barks or conversations to their missions. Results are pretty good and you don't need to bother the original voice actor. Thanks for mentioning that. It was a discussion on the discord channel - I hope to see more conversations and custom audio with this tool on the future Here's the link https://beta.elevenlabs.io/speech-synthesis
  16. @demagogue is there a way to make sure that both, the ai and the player are inside the same room? Otherwise the boundary trigger triggers once and if the player isn't there he / she can't hear the bark.
  17. I too worked in the clean style as you describe it. However I'm not sure if all prefabs match this too that are made of brushes. I guess since overlapping brushes are not generating errors this is a nice to have feature and less a mandatory thing
  18. Thanks for this well elaborated answer. For me personally it makes totally sense to do a custom voice line and have the player trigger it in dark Radiant as I'm not a real coding person. This would be the easiest and safest way to make it work. However if anyone with coding experience wants to dive deeper in extending the possibilities of AI barks, this would be a cool thing to try (if the engine itself allows). We had a small discussion on discord where another user wants to re edit the vocal scripts to improve their recognition of the environment. This would give the possibility of a more varied bark system in my opinion. But I see that it is not as easy doable as I was thinking with my little knowledge.
  19. Hi, I was recently thinking about the Thief 3 NPCs that had special voice lines "What are you doing in the bedroom?!" if you woke them up accidentally. Would it be possible to enhance our TDM voice lines too with a location based system? We already got the region system where you can setup specific background ambience and efx to regions in the maps. Is there a chance to also set a room attribute to the regions? Like inside / outside, or basement / living room area? So that the NPC knows in what kind of room / area it currently is and respond with more fitting voice line barks, if provided by the voice script? Would be happy to read your feedback on this idea. Thanks a lot!
  20. I also like Stalker Anomaly. But mostly because of the atmosphere. Also they fixed a lot of bugs and crashes the original game had and with some well chosen mods the game gets even better. I'm really curious if the new stalker game, if it will ever be released, will come close to this atmospheric masterpiece.
  21. You can even play subnautica without any survival aspect, it then is called creative mode. Or you play it with just the need of oxygen and of course a health bar
  22. You should definitely give it a try. This was one of the games I was getting real nightmares that woke me up in the night at the time when I was playing it. Normally I don't have problems with horror in games, but as soon as it happens underwater where you don't know what's beneath you it makes by brain and body freeze. I wasn't able to finish the game in the end. But I likes how you could tune down the survival parts a bit to make it a little easier to play so you don't have to go fishing all the time. And you don't even need to fall of the edge onto the dark abyss. It's enough to try to swim off the world map. I almost got a heart attack... I mean it.
  23. I don't know if this has been reported before but: in my options menu I can choose between a 16 bit and a 32 bit renderer. However the context help says that I should choose between a 32 and 64 bit renderer. 64 to make bloom work. And no matter if I select 16 or 32 the bloom settings never become greyed out anyway.
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