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  1. It depends how alert he is. If he has accumulated enough evidence to know there is an intruder, then he will. If he didn't see the player and hasn't seen other evidence (bodies, missing loot, etc) then he won't.
  2. We've run those tests before, and there was no performance benefit to using caulk.
  3. This might help, specifically the part about hide_distance.
  4. Setting aside the snark, when a guard is relaxed, it is assumed that the player has time to plan out a careful, aimed strike to the base of the neck. When the guard is alert, it is assumed the guard is tensed up and reacting too quickly for the player to aim that carefully. The other option would be to treat guards with metal helmets the same as guards with no helmets, but that would be equally "magical", wouldn't it?
  5. That's not accurate. Guards that have metal helmets cannot be KO'd when they are alert. All other guards can be KO'd when alert as long as you hit them from behind. Civilians can be KO'd from any direction, any time. Yes, we've essentially agreed that we want to do something like this, but it will require someone with the right skill set who is prepared to take it on.
  6. That's something I always wanted to see.
  7. It definitely doesn't have to be 3 boxes wide. 2 at most, and I suspect even 1 would be enough. The player is taller than he is wide, even when crouched.
  8. Put a third box on top of the others and see if it still happens. If the player height when crouched is taller than the boxes, he could be spotting the top of your head. It's also possible something specific was done in that mission that is causing the problem. It is a very old mission, one of the first few ever created for TDM. Have you noticed this behaviour anywhere else?
  9. Guards can't see through objects, but it's impossible to tell what is going on here from this kind of video. AI only need to see a single piece of the player, so if there is a gap between the pillar and the boxes, it's possible a trace went through that gap. Does that AI have special settings on it to increase its visual acuity? Is there another AI down the hall that is spotting the player from another angle? There are multiple things that could be going on. You could get more information using the following console commands: tdm_ai_showalert 1 Shows the AI's
  10. I wouldn't use any site that gives you the above sentence. You can't just find/replace "you" with "thee". And remember, in the TDM setting, steam-beasts would have no connection to Builders, and wouldn't use religious speech anyway.
  11. It doesn't really hurt to leave them, but if you make all non-sealing brushes into func_statics, you can remove them from your DR view quite easily, which can make tracking down leaks easier.
  12. I don't know if they break from throwing at a wall, but movable ones break if you hit them with a sword or arrow.
  13. You can break most movable bottles. When it comes to windows, it depends on how the mapper set it up.
  14. It used to be. If we changed it, I've forgotten, which is certainly possible.
  15. None of the guards in that mission have swords, so it's hard to figure out who you're referring to. If I had to guess, it sounds like you were out of melee range, so one AI tried to throw a projectile, and hit another guard with it. When AI are hit by projectiles, they consider the person who hit them to be an enemy. If you want good statistics, you need to avoid getting chased in the first place.
  16. Are the dials highlighted when you're trying to move them?
  17. The data doesn't seem to support that.
  18. It looks like there is light coming through a grate behind you in the second shot that is not present in the first? That is probably the source of the light, though I'm not sure why it isn't present in the first shot. Maybe the mapper set it to only appear after the other lights were put out?
  19. Gamma settings should definitely not be affecting the lightgem. If they are, that's a problem.
  20. Are you using the lightgem? That will tell you were you can stand and not be seen by guards. If you crouch, you will be invisible under normal ambient lighting conditions.
  21. It's especially dangerous when "repugnant ideas" and "hurtful and dangerous ideology" can mean almost anything, like making an off-colour joke, referring to a virus by its country of origin, or advocating for female-only spaces. Or even just sharing a tweet from someone who did one of those things.
  22. You have to monsterclip walls that have trim along the bottom (as most of the modules do) otherwise AI will bounce up and off them if they walk too close to the wall.
  23. Yes, if you were making a cross-shaped corridor, you'd want cross-shaped worldspawn in order to visportal it properly. AAS isn't much of a problem because you'd have to monsterclip the model walls anyway, but the other things could be issues.
  24. You have to make a box of worldspawn around each room because models are entities, and entities do not seal against the void. What you don't want to do is make a giant box around your entire map. From your description, it's difficult to tell why there is no .lin file. Changing the map after generating it is one reason why you wouldn't be able to load it. If that doesn't apply I'd need more information.
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