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  1. Ive already finished the mission and theres one I can say.. That was really great adventure and a pleasure to play it But damn.. Why only 2 holy water in the shop, huh? I cant defeat thoes demons in the factory, or meaby i can find another one somewhere else? By the way.. Great work indeed, Mr Goldwell! Looking forward for another stories from you, sir Best regards from Poland!
  2. No way.. I have always conncted x360 gamepad just in case if i wanna to play dark souls series from time to time and it has been connected to my PC from few weeks, until today of course, ha! I never think about that in this way, now is working perfectly if i disconncted it, thanks u sir! Take care and have nice day!
  3. Trying, no reaction 1 monitor and keyboard and mouse. EDIT: I’ve got 4K monitor and trying dif. Resulution also
  4. Hello! At first, sorry for my bad english. I’ve got a few month brake from the game, and after i want to go back in to it and play FM there is some kind of bug.. Okay, my problem is when I start the game, in the main menu cursor is still moving in to the left. In option/new game or in load saved games is the same problem. In the game player is moving in to the left side.. I dont know what is going on, i try changing every option and FM and even download full game again. Is 2.09 version; playing on Win10 64bit Did someone have the same issue? Thanks,
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