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  1. overlayHandle would be a number pointing to your readable gui. It isn't initiated in that function therefore unless it was set globally (outside of the function) it doesn't exist and setGuiStringFromKey doesn't know which gui you are referring to. Sorry but I can only be of help if I have access to the whole thing.
  2. Thanks for the instructions. It looks better if you look for it but to be honest the original looks ok stretched, at least in 16:9 format. I honestly thought you were trying to make the intro sharper, as in: High Definition. Can't AI generate these kind of videos easily nowadays? Upload the logo, give instructions, profit! Such initiatives would be way more interesting, imho. Thanks for the effort, though.
  3. We happy few... Don't you have to convert your mp4 to RoQ format to finish the job?
  4. Not in this map but in all maps that come with default sounds. Here are some observations: Climbing on wood sounds like metal. Leaving crouching and creeping aside, some sounds are hardly noticeable (climbing on vines, walking on carpet, walking on grass and walking on foliage). Perhaps this is by design but the potential is wasted. Version 3 was released back in 2016 (around TDM v2.03) and some files have changed considerably since, the most important being tdm_player_thief.def (Frob Helper disabled, swim burst sounds missing). The mod could be presented in pk4 format.
  5. Very well done @Daft Mugi! Thank you! Yes, it would be awesome to have a Footsteps mod from @kingsal that is compatible with all missions. Also, considering we can now mod individual sounds (instead of having to include whole *.sndshd files) perhaps it is time for @SeriousToni to revisit and update to current standards his great Alternative Footsteps Sound Package. I would go as far as requesting a Female sound mod from @Goldwell, based in his fantastic Noble Affairs.
  6. Regardless of your personal preferences, and until someone comes up with an alternative, it is sensible to have weapons listed first so that players can tell at a glance what key tools and ammo they have instead of pressing 8 to see if a Noisemaker comes up.
  7. Once a year along with the rest of your cumulative fixes, yes.
  8. In game/Missions/MissionManager.h set: bool sortByDate = true; to: bool sortByDate = false; (I didn't triple check but seems to work here - use at your own risk)
  9. So far no objections. Players may get lucky this time
  10. Not as a mod, as we understand mods currently. Distributing a modded executable requires a proper justification: a game-changing change or a set of many minor but relevant changes. Please elaborate. Picture it in your head and document the idea. What happens first? What happens next? What happens if?
  11. I just picked up a readable and a coin and the inventory is showing me the loot count. What readable did I just pick up? Whenever you pick up an item it goes to the first position in its group in the inventory. If you want to find the last readable you picked up you just have to cycle through the groups and as soon you reach the Readables group it will be there, in the first position. Neat. The Inventory grid decides to break this logic and list items in the opposite order, forcing you to put any logic aside and learn how to interact with what essentially is the same thing in two different ways. - Wait, is the first item listed the last I picked up or the first? Please help me understand why things are the way they are. In the meantime, the inventory and the inventory grid can have the same item sorting by going to game/Player.cpp and exchanging: // Reverse order. New items at the end. CInventoryItemPtr item = category->GetItem((category->GetNumItems() - 1) - j); // Except for the weapons, where reverse order is unintuitive... if ( item->GetType() == CInventoryItem::IT_WEAPON ) item = category->GetItem( j ); For: CInventoryItemPtr item = category->GetItem( j ); Cheers!
  12. Well, if we ever want to see advanced HUD features we better start naming objects as soon as possible. Addendum: OPTIONAL advanced HUD features.
  13. So wrong, so simple, so complex... TDM at its finest. Please keep comments coming!
  14. Yeah, no other choice. I found a convincing gimmick for my case though.
  15. Does this mission sound really bad inside the state/mansion or is it me? The music, the effects, the voices... everything sounds artificial or extreme. I don't recall this sensation when I first played it two or three years ago. TDM 2.12.
  16. In example player starting a map in a vent or the map teleporting the player to a tight space. Any ideas on how to force a crouch?
  17. Let's allow @RedEmber to have fun and build the mod he wants! I normally play with a no-save-with-exceptions policy in games that allow for it: see how long I can get away with it, feel tension grow, push it a little further. I like where the Dynamic Save Room Mod is going.
  18. Thinking of large maps, linear maps or maps that teleport the player, there must exist a solution to reset the save room. A trick players can buy, preferably.
  19. I am fascinated by this mission. It feels so fresh, so distinct, so vivid. Frost_Salamander taunted us with a particular style in High Expectations and he now embraces this style and takes it to the next level in Foreign Affairs. What a wonderful and unique place he has created. The mission is visually stunning but not because each and every inch of the map is saturated with detail no, it is something else. Focus is on the important bits, the rest is a simple but effective background. In Plain Sight satisfied my appetite. High Expectations left me exhausted. Foreign Affairs absorbed me. Frost_Salamander, you have a winning formula in your hands. Experiment, innovate but please, take us back to Mesayd at some point. Thanks for your work!
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