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  1. Yeah, we agree. I am not criticizing that alert X is Y points. Y must be something and it is what it is. Getting "seen" could perfectly have a bigger impact, to encourage players not to be seen - in example - and drastically decrease the score, but this is a different topic altogether. What matters is that the Stealth score remains consistent across missions and among all difficulty levels, which is the case. A different story though is whether the difficulty settings (AI Vision, AI hearing) should play any role or not. I think it all comes down to how the first page is presented, which feels kind of unfocused and therefore dull, and the second page doesn't improve things much. By having the "Mission Score" I propose players will normally always get a positive outcome based on facts. The outcome. The Stealth Score implementation and perception is arbitrary and subjective and perhaps it doesn't deserve much focus not to confuse players. I haven't thought about the Stealth Score and all the variables much and I don't have any suggestion other than a negative "Ghosting Score".
  2. Yes, a manual edit with bogus data. This is what's left for a second page (plus anything else you can think of if technically possible): Times saved: 25, Times loaded: 12 Pockets picked: 3 out of 5 Time seen by AI: 0m 2s AI KOed: 3, AI Killed: 0, Bodies found: 1 Damage dealt: 0, Damage received: 203, Health restored: 187 A third page could include the current "Stealth score details" as is today but I don't personally find any value in explaining arbitrary decisions (an alert 4 is 3 points because of reasons).
  3. What do you people think of this "focused" mode? (all other stats will of course be found in the next page, but I didn't create any mock up for it)
  4. Thanks, Dragofer. Implementing such UI facelift is fairly easy to do with zero risk of breaking anything. Target files: game/Objectives/MissionData.cpp (source) guis/mainmenu_success.gui (pk4) strings/*.lang (pk4) - Optional? Unfortunately there is little I can do on my own (mod) since this part of the source code is structured in an awkwardly linear, uncontrolled and strict way. If there ever is an initiative to seriously discuss improvements and come up with suggestions and mock ups, count me in. Let's just make sure someone is available and willing to commit changes of MissionData.cpp. Cheers!
  5. In the next page we can include all stats for nerds we want. We don't need long sentences or multi-line static paragraphs explaining nothing. If players want to know what something is about they go online and check and/or ask. There's plenty of room here for everything. Bottom line: the main stats page must include the relevant information casual players expect to find. Nothing else and nothing more. Excuse the triple post.
  6. When I say the statistics are a mess I actually mean the main screen is unspired, or at least, that's what I feel when I look at it: a bunch of words and numbers thrown at the screen. Casual player: I just completed a long and cool mission! Let's see how I did! Difficulty level and Time: Cool, thanks! Times saved and loaded: Do I need to know this? why are you hurting my feelings? I didn't ask for it > Stats for Nerds Why the very first thing I get is the damage? What the? > Stats for Nerds The health restored must be reaaaally important. C'mon. > Stats for Nerds Pockets picked is apparently more important than the Loot, correct? Finally! The Loot! How about an easy to grasp percentage? Killed, KOed and Bodies: Ok. Time seen > Stats for Nerds Oh, and I would appreciate if I get the damn name of the mission at the very top. You know? For my records, social sharing and the like? EDIT - In the above screenshot secrets are missing. Not sure if secrets get displayed in the next screen or since there weren't secrets in this mission secrets just don't show up.
  7. Precisely. The Mission Statistics screens are a complete mess (imho) but on the subject let's simply call it "Ghosting Score". GHOST KEEP TRYING On the next page you can have all "stats for nerds" you like.
  8. Thanks, @Goldwell! The animations are so fast that your sounds are way too long but your samples are so rich that I found a nice texture that I think gives the lamp some personality. Hope you like the result. v0.4 at the bottom. Console command to spawn the lantern: spawn mod:weapon_playerlamp z_handheld_lamp_v0.4.pk4
  9. Something similar happened to me with arrows, not sure in which version but I would say 2.10. At some point arrows would, for some reason, go through bodies and I had to aim for the head, which was the only body part arrows would collide with. I don't normally go on killing sprees and it only happened two or three times that I recall.
  10. I took your version of the model @HMart and managed to export it from DarkRadiant in ASE format and I changed the texture. I don't know about collisions or anything about models and I hardly know what I am doing but it looks a little better now, imho. v0.3 at the bottom. Console command to spawn the lantern: spawn mod:weapon_playerlamp z_handheld_lamp_v0.3.pk4
  11. Perhaps we just have to replace this material with something less fancy. textures/darkmod/glass/dirty_yellow_warp // milky yellow transparent glass { // Written by Tels, mainly based on // http://www.iddevnet.com/doom3/materials.php noSelfShadow noshadows twoSided translucent forceoverlays sort decal glass qer_editorimage textures/darkmod/glass/dirty_yellow_warp_ed description "A dirty, yellow, reflecting, translucent material suited for glass panes" // this block makes the glass distort what you see through it // one unwanted side-effect is that this effect does not stack // and distorbs objects in front of the glass, too { vertexProgram heatHazeWithDepth.vfp vertexParm 0 0 , 0 // texture scrolling vertexParm 1 .8 // magnitude of the distortion fragmentProgram heatHazeWithDepth.vfp fragmentMap 0 _currentRender fragmentMap 1 textures/sfx/vp1 // the normal map for distortion fragmentMap 2 _currentDepth } // this stage sets up the alpha mask (it doesnt render anything) { maskcolor map makealpha(textures/glass/glass1) } // now use the alpha mask to add some fake reflections { blend gl_dst_alpha, gl_one maskalpha cubeMap env/gen2 // tone down the reflection a bit and make it yellow red Parm0 * 0.2 green Parm1 * 0.2 blue Parm2 * 0.05 texgen reflect } // add our texture on top { blend gl_dst_alpha, gl_one map textures/darkmod/glass/crystal_milky red Parm0 * 0.5 green Parm1 * 0.5 blue Parm2 * 0.2 } // This is the code required for frob highlighting this texture frobstage_texture textures/darkmod/glass/crystal_milky 0.15 0.40 } I could try with different materials myself if the model was in ASE (or any other open) format.
  12. No idea. No joy
  13. You maintain it for FMs and I offer it for general use. The more people toying with the lamp the more feedback / support we may get. I noticed the lens part of the model is transparent. We need a modeler.
  14. It seems we killed two birds with one stone (double model / lights on) by moving the attachment from the entity to the animation: anim idle models/md5/weapons/mod_playerlamp/idle.md5anim { frame 1 attach mod:attachment_playerlamp hand_r frame 1 sound_weapon blackjack_sheath frame 12 melee_hold } The lamp no longer auto-spawns but script/tdm_user_addons.script is still required to load script/mod_weapon_playerlamp.script. Console command to spawn the lantern: spawn mod:weapon_playerlamp In v0.2 I also updated def/tdm_player_thief.def to version 2.11 (thanks to @Dragofer). z_handheld_lamp_v0.2.pk4
  15. My proposal is to build a layer on top of the "broadhead" arrow key that allows players to cycle through all available arrows, that way we free 7 slots in one go. Players can have up to 8 arrow types but we hardly ever end up with all arrow types. Let's stick to an average of 5 arrow types (broadhead, water, rope, noise and gas or fire). Pressing 5 times a key to cycle through all available arrows isn't too much asking, imho.
  16. That's right. If a mapper decides to adopt tdm_player_thief.def then the next question is: how do you let players know where the lamp is / how to use it? The lamp can replace the blackjack, sword or any arrow type. Just let the player know which slot it is replacing. The lamp can remain in one of the unused slots but then players must know how to cycle through weapons or you must invite them to check the in-game inventory screen. The lamp can remain hidden in one of the unused slots and players could have an item (inventory tool) that operates the lamp. The lamp can remain in one of the unused slots and you can force-bind a dedicated key for players and ask them to use that key. This method is a little intrusive - use at your own risk. Now, if you want players to pick up the lamp then there's more work ahead. When I tested this feature with the lamp model another lamp was attached to my lamp (two models). Furthermore, the lamp was on by default. Perhaps we want to start there. And thinking of improvements, since the lamp is a weapon, it could be operated with the attack button: Click: open aperture (low intensity) Click: medium intensity Click: high intensity Click: close aperture
  17. Info added to the opening post. Thanks, Amadeus.
  18. Great initiative! Thanks for that. Anything you want. The more stuff going on, the merrier. Looking forward to the results! You are the keeper. I don't think I will be toying with the lamp again any time soon because I met a dead end and I don't know how to bring it to the game without touching core files. I tried - just to see if I could - replacing the lantern with the lamp but both items exist in different worlds (tool vs weapon) and it required more tricks than I am willing to do (keep it simple).
  19. EDIT - Please note this is Work In Progress and there are more versions available further down this thread ------------------------------------------------------- Hey, A post about a handheld lantern met my eye and sometime later @RedNoodles shared the source files. I don't know who created the lantern in the first place but as per the below post @Dragofer, @Amadeus and @Goldwell were involved. EDIT: @Obsttorte is to be credited BIG TIME, according to Amadeus: I have since been toying with the files and made further improvements: Term "Lantern" replaced with "Lamp" to distinguish it from the former. Comprehensive code clean-up. Removal of unnecessary files. Adjustments here and there. There still is room for more improvement: Better looking inventory icon Better sounds (it currently uses Blackjack sounds) Sounds improved thanks to @Goldwell The lamp clips through walls when up close (no idea how to fix this) The lamp still makes use of def/tdm_player_thief.def and script/tdm_user_addons.script and therefore it isn't compatible with all mission or other mods. I would like this lamp to be truly standalone and compatible with everything but I am not sure how to proceed from this point on. If you ask me, this neat lamp should be properly integrated in the game for mappers to make good use of it. You can find my version attached to this post. Place the *.pk4 in your TDM folder and access the lamp by scrolling through your weapons. Remember: the lamp isn't compatible with other mods. Cheers! z_handheld_lamp_v0.1.pk4
  20. Yep! I have completed my clean-up of the handheld lantern, I just don't know what to do with it now I think it deserves its own topic. EDIT - Here:
  21. There's an unreleased mission in which in certain sections guards won't care about you if you wear something.
  22. I elaborated your suggestion further in the first part. The irony with the second part is that it could be a fine for-fun mod. Support for standalone mods that coexist with others is currently limited.
  23. It happens, very rarely, in any mission. Most of the times with the bow, a few times with the sword. I am unable to willingly reproduce it in any way.
  24. I don't think it is bad idea if TDM would have been conceived that way. At the beginning of a mission you can change your gear if you want (and have the coin): Default shoes: your everyday footwear. Soft boots: a little muffled and you can move a little faster but a bit slippery and you are prone to more damage. Hard boots: more noisy and make you move a tad slower but the stability allows you to draw and use your weapons faster and health lasts longer. This system would have allowed for a wide range of unique and exclusive wearable items such as the (in)famous Jester hood, for the more demanding players.
  25. Allow mantling while carrying my lucky dice? No?
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