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  1. The best place to look would probably be creative commons online repositories, especially 3D scanned models from museums (which however require some processing to get down to a reasonable tri count for a game). Otherwise, Goldwell has a bear rug. A different approach could be to pose the werebeast in Blender and export it as a model.
  2. Sure would help improve the list on ThiefGuild if some more people rated the TDM missions. It seems the website is mainly used by Thief players at the moment.
  3. It started as a request for an arm raising animation. Meanwhile it's become a custom test build. @Obsttorte do you want it to be moved to the Dark Mod or Editor Guild subforum?
  4. I thought that in the example videos it wasn't obvious that the AI would be able to see backwards in those animations. That would speak for excluding backwards vision. I dont think there are any regular AIs in Thief/TDM OM/FMs that have all-round vision.
  5. I think that would be great, especially if those entities can be created from that tab. Would make it much easier to find and use entities for a given model.
  6. The "things that could be improved" thread brought up the point that AI's random headturning can cause a blackjack to fail, even though you're standing squarely behind the AI. I think it'd be quite sensible to use the entity or upper body angles rather than the head angles for.
  7. That's more of a general difference between Thief and TDM: AIs are meant to hear you when you run near them on most surfaces in TDM, unlike Thief where only metal and tiles are noisy enough. You can safely walk or creep right up to them without getting noticed, but this is slower than the typical patrol speed so you have to find a dark spot along their route where you can wait for them to come by (or a carpet/moss arrow). The AI becoming unKOable would be the punishment for being too noisy, but by your account I suppose it's not communicated well enough that this was the reason.
  8. You could check the console to see whether a particular entity complains about a model it couldn't load, then look up that entity in the entity list (J) in DR to select and delete it.
  9. That's one problem with the current blackjack design: the difficulty should come primarily from getting the timing and positioning right to use the blackjack without getting detected, not from directing the blackjack at a specific spot. Missing after getting yourself right behind the AI is frustrating. If we need to consider implementing a crosshair or other GUI features the hit zone is in all likelihood too small.
  10. Sometimes the mapper needs to make a more time-intensive selection, i.e. all the doors within a building or all AIs in a certain area. As soon as you press escape the selection is lost and you'd have to make it again.
  11. I'd at the very least need to know which jewelry box (screenshot) and the FM where the bug was found, preferrably with coordinates (getviewpos console command).
  12. In Thief a blackjack hit from any direction on any body part irrespective of (most) headwear is successful as long as the AI isn't fighting you, which works smoothly for everyone. I can understand putting some rough restrictions on that, i.e. only allowing hits from the rear 180° and from the chest upwards, but beyond that the blackjack is just too inherently inaccurate regardless of what collision check you use. This is not a bow and arrow where you can point exactly where you want the hit to land, i.e. the nape of the neck or below the helmet. I think our rule set is too complicated for what's realistically achievable with a blackjack, and TDM has always suffered from it. I'd propose only the rough restrictions I just described.
  13. Oh, I actually meant the right-click in orthoview > "Group Selection" option. "Selection Groups" are a completely different, much older feature IIRC? I use "Group Selection" all the time, and I think kingsal/goldwell do too since they were the ones who asked for it.
  14. Selecting and manipulating the right things is important in DR, just as in the modelling programs I've used where this is already a feature. So having good control over this is important. However, I see some downsides: When going back and forth in undo history, a mapper might want to inspect various entities i.e. to check the current values of their spawnargs. Selecting something would discard the redo history. This is generally different from a modelling program, where seeing selected verts is usually enough. It could clutter the undo history if the mapper selects more than just a few nodes, making it more difficult to find and undo actual actions. The most interesting stage is probably the final selection result before performing an action, so to address this issue it could be restricted to just that. Also, we already have the selection group system as a way of saving and later returning to an earlier selection. Would just be good if it were easier to modify the nodes in a selection group without having to dissolve the whole group and later reselecting everything (basically 'Select Group Parts' for selection groups). Personally I'd rather have show/hide be part of the undo queue. It's easier to work on specific parts of the map when you hide everything else, but sometimes you need to unhide and inspect the surroundings. Returning to the hidden state can be tricky depending on whether you selected your visible workspace before unhiding.
  15. The minimum for a map is a player start, an ambient_world light and a room made out of brushes. Once you have that you can use the ingame console commands "dmap" and "map" to compile and then load the map. Should definitely take a look at Springheel's video tutorial series: There's another series by Sotha, too.
  16. Yeah, but you need to enter the download URL into the tdm_installer's custom versions download page to see the blackjack build: http://ftp.thedarkmod.com/custom_builds/manifest.iniz @New Horizonthe blackjack animation test build is now available via the tdm_installer, as per the first half of this post.
  17. Have you tried this? https://forums.thedarkmod.com/index.php?/topic/14126-ftpthedarkmodcom/&do=findComment&comment=333594
  18. You could use Filezilla to host on the DarkMod server, that's what I did. You know you're in the right place when you found the camera wiki pk4s by grayman. s stands for secure, I believe o.o
  19. The scripting language is Doomscript, which is a simplified version of C++.
  20. Nice - for this you could find the zipsync system useful: It allows you to release your own custom builds, including .pk4 and .exe changes, that others can download via the tdm_installer as if it were a dev build.
  21. This is very cool, I always wanted to see all the FM locations compiled into a single map. I can just about read some of the annotations - maybe try using an image hosting site like Imgur to upload the image in a better resolution? For my own FM locations, I have the following to contribute: Wrecker's Reach (Perilous Refuge): I imagined this to lie somewhere along the Atlantic Ocean, probably on its own island. It used to lie along an oceanic trading route that's no longer in use. Newfoundland (One Step Too Far): this would be very far up north somewhere in Northern America, coming close to abutting Greenland. There's even a province with that name in Canada. Thornton Hall (Down by the Riverside): along a river, quite distant from large cities. It takes several days to get there by boat from Bridgeport, having to navigate a labyrinth of inland rivers. It could be near the marshes that border Menoa (aka Marsh of Rahena by ERH+, as well as his Crystal Grave). Knife's Edge, a relatively secluded location along the coast, and not too distant from that Cedar Island, a location out in the Atlantic Ocean - both will be explored in my WIP missions.
  22. I've noticed a lot of new GUI warnings when loading various FMs - haven't looked too closely at that, though.
  23. Yeah, a hierarchy for layers would be great. I like to put each floor and deck of each building and ship on its own layer, which can get a little unwieldy as the map grows.
  24. You'll need to download the latest dev build (which contains assets, including GUIs), then replace the .exe and glprogs by compiling from trunk.
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