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  1. A thought regarding the modelDefs: maybe if the mapper chooses a modelDef in the Model Chooser, it could create a func_animate instead of a func_static? Just tested with animated_tree01 and saw that as a func_static it's just a black box, but as a func_animate it shows up as a static model ingame. The mapper could then look up the .def to see which anims are available, if he wants it to animate. Existing entities should keep their classnames, though.
  2. The newly improved handling for prefabs is looking good and working fine so far, and I can finally see fireplace prefabs without a magnifying glass. My feedback would be that the new preview vantage point is a little high, would probably be a bit better if the camera were a little lower. Using the example of kingsized_fourposter_bed.pfb, with the current default on the left and what I'd suggest on the right: At some point someone should probably go through all the prefabs and make sure they're oriented correctly towards the (new) preview camera, in the correct folders, meet quality
  3. You can quickly isolate your current selection by pressing I (invert selection = select everything else) + H (hide). Combined with grouping, that seems quite similar (even if much simpler) to what's been demonstrated in the OP.
  4. I know that the wooden plank moveable reliably blocks the door leading out of the player's starting location in Perilous Refuge until he carries it away, you could try to copy-paste that setup into your map and then incrementally transform it to what you need.
  5. Yes, that's been done for all the other parts, but had some internal debate whether the topmost pair of movers should be covered too. I'm leaning towards keeping them free because A) the player should be pushed if standing there, B ) the player has to go out of his way to get a moveable up there and stand on it or build a stack of moveables and C) the breakage isn't too severe imo.
  6. Maybe the physics of the door stop moveable hasn't been activated yet, i.e. by something pushing it. Could try to see if grabbing the moveable makes it become solid to the door. If yes, maybe you could briefly call a grab script event on the moveable?
  7. Something that didn't make it into beta209-03 (because of some technical problems with SVN) is the new moving version of Epifire's steam engine ("animated" in DR using func_pendulums etc.). Mappers would be welcome to try it out ingame as part of this beta. Simply download this supplemental .pk4 and place it in your TDM base directory, then place the prefab in your FM. The requirement is that you're on beta209-03. Known issues: console warnings about skin duplications: this is because this .pk4 overwrites some base skins with modified versions console warning
  8. The console command is getviewpos, and then you'll need to make a condump of the console (i.e. condump location1.txt) that gets stored in your base install folder. Definitely seems strange that shadowmaps give you higher performance than stencil, I believe it's still supposed to be the other way around.
  9. Thanks for putting in all this work! Could maybe implement the rule that double-clicking does the following if: A : nothing is selected > create a speaker or entity at the location of i.e. in the centre of the currently active orthoview and use the previous selection to determine the 3rd coordinate B : one or more non-worldspawn entities are selected > change the s_shader or classname C : selection also includes worldspawn > change s_shader or classname on everything but the worldspawn D : only some worldspawn is selected > create an entity out of the selection (
  10. Very talented work! Though I'd suggest editing the screenshots to be somewhat brighter. My preferred tool is to increase the intensity of intermediate tones in Microsoft Office Picture Manager. As for beta testing, it's always highly recommended to perform a beta test, either closed (i.e. via Discord or private messages) or semi-public (in the Betatesting section of this forum), depending on preference. In fact, going forward it's a requirement for missions that should get uploaded to the official servers. I could probably take a look at the performance side of things, though I don't
  11. Nevermind, a process from DR was still somehow open even though I closed DR hours ago, causing the spiders .pk4 to still be considered as being in use by a program.
  12. I had freshly updated my TDM installs because I haven't been using the PC for a while, so darkmod.cfg's had already been reset by tdm_installer.exe. A mystery...
  13. Ok I've tried to go back to some earlier builds using the new tdm_installer to find roughly when it broke. Interestingly, all dev builds worked fine, and now that I'm back to 2.09b2 AO works fine even there. So I guess it was just a problem with the tdm_installer.exe
  14. @nbohr1more Thanks, I've tried reloadGLSLprograms and attached the condump (no visual difference): reloadGLSL.txt I've attached the darkmod.cfg's to my previous post. I remember doing an API trace before, I'm guessing I need to follow some specific instructions?
  15. Started 2.09b2 on my desktop PC and found that Ambient Occlusion is broken, while it's working fine in 2.08. Both versions are freshly updated with fresh darkmod.cfg. The higher the AO setting, the more noticeable the issue becomes. Other graphics settings in the GUI menu didn't seem to have an influence. I tweaked my r_GLcoreprofile setting and restarted the game, but that only slightly changed the manifestation of the bug: r_GLcoreprofile 2 (default): r_GLcoreprofile 0 or 1: My GPU is an AMD Radeon RX 460, my CPU an i5-6402P, Windows 10. I've attached cond
  16. Just did that, also with 1 and 2, and restarted TDM every time but it looked like it had no impact unfortunately.
  17. My fairly recent office laptop doesn't seem to like ambient occlusion, resulting in images like these on both 2.08 and 2.09: A driver update made no difference, nor does trying out various combinations of graphics settings. The CPU is an Intel i5-1035G1 with an onboard Intel UHD G1 (Ice Lake 32 EU), Windows 10. I've attached a condump from a test map in 2.08. ao_208.txt
  18. @Xolvix we're in the same boat, I couldn't imagine scouring even modest-sized maps for 100% of the loot. But there are quite a few who enjoy exploring a map that thoroughly, and they seem to do it by keeping track of all the places they've searched, sometimes returning for another pass, and paying attention to every readable. So far I've seen someone getting 95% loot in this mission after 10 hours.
  19. I've done my first maps on an office laptop that got no better than 20fps, and mapping can be quite straightforward with no prior knowledge needed (unless ofc you want to add fantastical creatures that don't exist yet). Lots of great step by step video tutorials out there, like Springheel's. Where there's a will there's a way.
  20. Trigger_multiples can be re-used as often as one wants and won't be deleted from the map, unless I'm very mistaken. If you want to use the trigger_multiple as a resettable trigger_once, you might be able to toggle it off by triggering it. Might have to infer that the player is still inside, i.e. by checking if there are 2 trigger events within "wait" seconds of each other.
  21. @LDAsh Thanks for posting that additional mesh. Turns out most of the work with preparing the statue is already done, so finishing this up was in reach. I've also done some optimisations to bring the asset more in line with existing statue assets in terms of texture size and tri counts. So I've done the following for this package: downsized the texture files, bringing the compressed weight down from 12mb to 3.7mb while still looking good ingame imo (1k diffuse, 1k normal, 512 specular, 256 editor image), considering that FMs with many custom assets typically range between 100mb an
  22. You could cycle through each GUI handle until you find one that gives you a non-0 result for the lightgem value. That should be future-proof. For the rare cases where the mission has no ambient light and the player starts in total darkness, you could keep cycling through those 10 handles until the player moves into an area with light, allowing you to finally identify the correct GUI.
  23. @Geep The signal system supports different kinds of events than the action script system. Signals can i.e. watch for an entity getting touched by something else (at least the player), an entity getting removed or a func_mover getting blocked. Since it's quite old it doesn't know about "frobbing". Both systems are covered as sub-topics on this page A to Z Scripting: Ways of calling a script
  24. @MirceaKitsune the speed potion script had problems that made it have unpredictable consequences for movement in real missions, and it looks like (some of) the assets were included by mistake. If you or somebody else can find and iron out those bugs, then the scriptobject can be added to the game. For the 2nd visual glitch, I think it'd be very helpful to check if you see the exact same thing on TDM 2.08 or earlier. This gives a major clue on where the problem lies: either with one of the recent 2.09 changes, or an old problem that's been around for a while.
  25. That sounds very much like the Signals system, which lets the C++ continuously check the status of an entity and calls a specified Doomscript if necessary. Some more of that sounds quite good. Though I wonder whether get() functions are that slow, even in Doomscript.
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