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  1. One last check, are you using TheDarkModx64.exe or TheDarkMod.exe? The latter, which is the 32-bit client, seems to have difficulties running this FM. Both are found in your darkmod installation.
  2. @JackFarmer That merge function has indeed been used to a great extent. Typically whole rooms or street segments have been merged into single models to comply with the 8000 entities limit. @MrMunkeepants Great idea to print out the map! Maybe one of those secrets you found is the one that lzocast is still missing to complete his list?
  3. That affects my console, but not the readables unfortunately. The issue has actually been around for a while, at least since 2.07.
  4. Sure, it sounds like those texts could do with some finetuning, that'd be appreciated. I've attached the .strings file which contains all the lines in that FM english.txt. There's also a short non-internationalised text left by Bikerdude at the bottom of this .xd file: training_mission.txt If you want to test your changes ingame, change the .txt extensions and create new folders for them as below: /fms/training_mission/strings/english.lang /fms/training_mission/xdata/training_mission.xd (Usually texts aren't that unwieldy to work with in TDM, it's because of the internationalisation of the text files of the "official" FMs)
  5. 731.68 -1610.81 548.25 1.5 -46.3 0.0 Darkmod.cfg
  6. @lowenz Thanks very much! But I'd suggest holding off a couple days because I've just posted version 2 in the beta forums, with a focus on improving the ship's playability and more content for the ruined house.
  7. @joebarnin Thanks for the clarification via the example - I had always been trying to call AI_KNOCKEDOUT directly on the AI, in which case map loading fails because AI_KNOCKEDOUT is an unknown value. First declaring the AI as an ai and using it as a variable makes it work. Oddly there's no listing of the AI_KNOCKEDOUT function anywhere on thedarkmod.com domain except for a forum post and a bugtracker, so I'm guessing you picked this up while browsing through the source code.
  8. Is there some easy way to check by script whether an AI is unconscious? I've seen people around here using something like IS_UNCONSCIOUS, if I remember correctly, but as far as I'm aware those all-capitals words are only available in coding, not in Doomscript.
  9. I've been having difficulties with certain fonts lately - for some reason ingame they show up blue and blurry, as in my attached screenshot. I've had to find replacements for several readables and adapt the text so that it has the same length as before. In playthrough videos, I've seen how some players see the font blue & blurry while others see it in the correct way. And it's not just in my missions, I've seen this issue crop up in various other threads too. So far I found this issue with the following fonts: guis/readables/parchment_popsies_hand.gui guis/readables/parchment_rapscallionpirate.gui Which I replaced with this font, which shows up fine ingame: guis/readables/parchment_carolingia.gui One possible explanation I heard is that the font has been anti-aliased incorrectly (though changing my AA settings has no effect on the fonts).
  10. What I'd try first is to delete your darkmod.cfg and/or re-download the mission (make a backup of the existing mission and the savegame). If you still get boop sounds in this as well as other missions, in particular when failing to KO AIs, then I think the best shot at a fix is to get a fresh download of TDM.
  11. @CountMorillonite The Builder wells, of which there are 2, are indeed single-use and restore 50% health. They were added because it seemed likely that players would receive a fair bit of falling damage in a vertical map like this one. @MrMunkeepants Those boop sounds indicate that a sound file can't be found. My guess is something went wrong with the download, because those sounds are definitely part of the TPW and TDM downloads, respectively.
  12. @NeonsStyle: @Lzocast having conferred with the others, there's a preference to let the players discover the secrets without intervention from the devs. That said, I did make a map of all the secret locations that can be uploaded when the time comes.
  13. Try deleting the darkmod.cfg, that file sometimes gets corrupted after an update and we've seen betatesters describing a similar performance drop that was solved by regenerating the cfg.
  14. Many thanks on behalf of the team once again! @Celester @MrMunkeepants yes, collision has been a big thing in the beta test. In order to comply with the limit of 8192 entities, many models had to be merged together, and it turns out that when a map is as large as this one, those merged models sometimes lose their collision. Took a lot of manual work finding & fixing as many of these as possible - and reports of any that were missed are always welcome. @mmij Thanks for your ideas - I have indeed noticed how i.e. churches tend to be central to their local surroundings. I can tell you, though, building a city level isn't easy, especially - there are a lot of competing interests that need consideration, i.e. good performance and having many routes and connections. Real-life inspired patterns are another consideration, but would have to somehow enter into that balance. @Lzocast Very nice work on finding that many secrets! Would just say that actually there are 13 secrets - I suppose the figure 12 comes from how when you find the 1st secret, the message tells you there are 12 more.
  15. Sure, here is the map file in 2048x2048. I'll check whether an even higher res original can be found somewhere. (Probably ought to revise some of the annotations in an update). @Bumbling Thief @kin
  16. @nbohr1more It's now done. I thought I was the only one who still opened threads for TDM FMs on TTLG, but they've always been well-received. @NeonsStyle Fixed, thanks for pointing out the font issues (resulting from copy-pasting from a Word doc). And also thanks on behalf of everyone for the congratulations
  17. Here's a blue version of the elemental, to better befit environments with a cooler colour palette. The download link has been added to the front page, and is slated for inclusion in 2.09.
  18. You'd want to add 2 extra responses to the flame: one towards water and one towards fire, both have effects to trigger the trigger_hurt, deactivate the response to their own element and activate the response to the other element. And let the response to fire start inactive at map start. If that doesn't work you may need to change the effects to call a script.
  19. Thanks for all the congratulatory messages! @Apiai a new direct download link has been added to the bottom of the release post to a version that should run on the 32-bit client. One or the other fairly expensive area has been removed from that version, but otherwise it should be identical. Please let us know if it works.
  20. Also, for some reason it often helps to delete darkmod.cfg after an update, so that you get a new one when you next start TDM. Worth keeping a backup of it in case that doesn't fix the black screen.
  21. I think you need spawnargs on both the AI and the light. "ShouldBeOn" is one that's needed on the light.
  22. My old friend Andreas urgently needs my help. He asked if I could meet him at the Lion's Head Inn, our favourite retreat in a quaint part of the city called Mirkway Quarter. He’s got a small apartment nearby where he makes a modest living off paintings he sells to pompous nobles and the odd merchant. Not long ago, his wife Lily was hired as a servant at the manor of the local alderman, one Lord Marlow. Now she hasn't been home for days. Andreas went to the manor looking for her, but the guards shoved him into the gutter and warned him not to return. Andreas is certain that something bad has happened, and I don’t think he’s wrong. Gallery Authors’ Notes It all started many years ago when Shadowhide laid the foundation for a sprawling and convoluted city and worked with MoroseTroll and Clearing to create a macabre storyline to befit this medieval metropolis. At some point, however, the beast grew too large to handle, so he handed the keys to the City to Bikerdude and Melan. Together, the two worked tirelessly, passing the map back and forth, each playing to their respective strengths. Notably, Melan reworked the story concept, toning down many of its darker, R-rated elements. Eventually Melan, too, moved on in 2017, but by then large swathes of the community had become involved in this map’s development. Mapping work was contributed by Baal, Grayman, Fidcal, Ubermann, Skacky, and Flanders, while Destined, nbohr1more, and Obsttorte wrote story texts. Several scripts were provided by Grayman, Baal and Obsttorte, such as an elevator with scissor gates, a TDM first. Even after all this input, the daunting task still remained to transform what had grown into the largest TDM map ever made into a playable mission. Bikerdude hammered away at this for some more years still, on and off between other projects, until in early 2020 when he deemed it ready for public viewing. It was then that Dragofer and Amadeus joined in. In the months that followed, the trio reworked, finished, and polished the mission in nearly every aspect, fully writing out and editing the story as well as adding countless scripted effects and (with help from Bienie) many new readables. The good working atmosphere and pooled creativity brought forth several new secrets, of which the largest likely hasn’t been done before in TDM (hint: check the libraries). In the very end, the name “Fractured Glass Company” was drawn up to refer to everybody who was involved in creating this very special mission. Without the hard work of all these people, most of all Bikerdude and Shadowhide, this mission would likely never have seen the light of day, let alone become what you see here before you. The mission is, as Bikerdude puts it, a homage to Thief 1 & 2, and it’s our hope that you catch these vibes as you explore and enjoy this mission. Credits - Mapping: Shadowhide, Bikerdude, Amadeus, Baal, Dragofer, Fidcal, Flanders, Melan, Skacky, UberMann - Original Story Concept: Clearing, MoroseTroll, Shadowhide - Story & Readables: Amadeus, Bienie, Bikerdude, Dragofer, Destined, Melan, nbohr1more, Obsttorte, Shadowhide - Editor: Amadeus - Scripting: Dragofer, Baal, Grayman, Obsttorte - Voice Acting: AndrosTheOxen (Andreas), Joe Noelker (Player) - Video Editing: Bikerdude (briefing), Goldwell (briefing intro) - Custom Models: Bikerdude, Dragofer, Dram, Epifire, Grayman, Obsttorte - Custom Textures: Airship Ballet, Dmv88, Hugo Lobo - Custom Sounds: GigaGooga, Sephy, Shadow Sneaker, alanmcki, andre_onate, Deathscyp, dl-sounds.com, Dmv88, dwoboyle, eugensid90, gzmo, lucasduff, mistersherlock, qubodup, randommynd, richerlandtv, sfx4animation, Speedenza - Betatesting: Amadeus, Biene, Bluerat, CambridgeSpy, Dragofer, JoeBarnin, Kingsal, Krilmar, ManzanitaCrow, Noodles, S1lverwolf, s.urfer Download Note: this mission requires TDM 2.08, which is now available for download. Please be aware that old saved games will no longer work after you upgrade to 2.08's release build. Note: it’s highly recommended to run this mission using the 64-bit client (TheDarkModx64.exe), since there've been frequent reports the mission won't load on the 32-bit client (TheDarkMod.exe). Both are found in the same folder. The mission is available from the ingame downloader. In addition to that, here are some more mirrors, as well as the official screenshots for anybody uploading this mission to a FM database: Mission: Google Drive / OneDrive Mission (slimmed down version for 32-bit clients): Google Drive / OneDrive Official Screenshots: Google Drive / OneDrive Hi-Res Map: Imgur
  23. @STiFU thanks for pointing it out, I've fixed it. It seems the new forums don't really like text getting copy-pasted in.
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