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  1. I hear that quite a lot in recent times. I suspect it's also the official reason why carneval was permitted to take place in the most populous region of Germany (while Venice has called off theirs this year). Now several German carneval-goers have been found to be infected. And I've heard that communication from the health ministry to general practitioners has been scant. It's somewhat more "panic"-causing for me that the government doesn't take such basic measures when it's clear the virus will soon take a foothold in Europe.
  2. A sound or visual alert that's just enough to cause an AI to stop what he was doing adds 1 to the score ("suspicion"), while a full visual detection adds 5 to the score ("sighting"). Inbetween those extremes the AI searches for the player and a score between 1 and 5 should be added ("search"). If the AI just grumbles a bit while carrying on it's still counted as a suspicion, but nothing is added to the score. As for bodies, it counts every time an AI discovers a body, so a single body can be counted multiple times. IIRC bodies don't add anything to the score. The code for calculating the score for "search" events is more complicated and doesn't always up the score right away. A few posts higher up demagogue, one of the devs involved in the stealth score, provides a breakdown of how it works.
  3. Could clone & modify the scriptobject of the atdm:gui_message to create your overlay on a higher layer number and see if it overrides the cursor then. But the default 10 is already very high, so I think the chance of success is low. You can have interactive elements on an ingame GUI. Probably can look at briefings of the type used by my missions to find a functioning skip button.
  4. @Geepyou could try triggering an atdm:gui_message entity that calls your new video GUI
  5. It might be a way of translating "Ich werde mich an Sie zur├╝ckwenden", which literally means "I'll turn back to you". In this context, "revert" would mean going back to the state of looking at & talking with me. In Danish something similar is going on with "jeg vil vende tilbage til dig med resultatet", meaning "I'll come back to you with the result". "Vende" means turn, while "vende tilbage" means return.
  6. @JackFarmer If the flame entity is def_attached to a torch you can trigger the torch to toggle the flame. If it doesn't work for a torch, then I 100% know it will for an oil lamp like atdm:lamp_oil_wall_hanging_lit. Can start with that lamp entity and modify it to your liking. If you want special properties on the flame, i.e. custom light_radius, you can use "set light_radius on flame" etc. spawnargs. Check the name_attach spawnarg on the lamp/torch to see if the def_attached flame is really called "flame".
  7. @JackFarmeralright one last thing before we descend into S/R, how does it work when you use start_off 1 and extinguished 0?
  8. Might be because you have start_off 1 even though you only need extinguished 1 for a flame light?
  9. Ok, seems my view of the forums was a bit out of sync, now all grayman's replies showed up making mine a bit redundant. First time I saw the "HOT! 9 replies" tag on a forum thread, hehe.
  10. If it's still the way I remember it, if the mapper makes a path_sit node without defining at least "angle" the AI will just sit down behind himself. Don't think there's any way to get around this without input from the mapper where he's placed the chair.
  11. Typically a mapper should specify the direction in which the AI should face when the sit animation plays ("angle"), then a second direction for which way the AI should face when seated ("sit_down_angle"). If an AI approaches the chair from the front both angles are identical (so sit_down_angle is superfluous), while approaching from the side or behind they'd be at a 90 or 180 degree angle to each other. But I don't think this is an issue. After grayman's clarification it'd be just a check if AI origin is within a certain distance of the path_corner origin (move_to_tolerance): skip path_sit node if failed.
  12. In the worst case, standing next to a chair or bed still looks much better than sitting or sleeping in thin air in my book, so I'd support this. Some chairs/beds need a lot of slide_distance though, so it'd probably need to be fairly generous before it skips the path node.
  13. It would seem you can make an ingame video GUI overlay, but at this point you know more than I do. If this were me working on it I'd try to start with a standard message scroll GUI and convert it step by step into a fullscreen video.
  14. @duzenko if it helps any, you can create new entities in Doomscript like this: entity new_entity = sys.spawn("classname_of_entity"); //the .def defining the classname contains inherit new_entity.setKey("noshadows", "1"); //change spawnargs of the spawning entity if wanted ... sys.waitFrame(); //entity defined in previous frame is now fully spawned, this step might not be necessary though ... sys.wait(5); new_entity.remove();
  15. You can make a skin that swaps all existing materials (~= textures) with a tiling gold material. Rename a .txt to .skin and create a skins folder in your fm, then put this into it: skin name_of skin { model name_of_model name_of_original_material name_of_new_material } Can have multiple models and material swaps in one skin definition. Then in DR click on File -> Reload Skins and in TDM enter into the console reloadDecls (can bind that to a hotkey). @Geep yes, that's still feasible. Voiceovers are generally prime solutions, but in this case it'd also be reasonable to go a more subtle route.
  16. Here's the very latest link: https://discord.gg/fP32yEn The old one had issues with kicking users if they were considered as guests. @grayman please update your OP with the new link
  17. @acolyte6 Here's where the alpha testing is taking place, it's only accessible to logged in users.
  18. Had another idea: tried calling the overlay on the camera instead of the player, since they both have their own viewports. Still no dice, so it looks like we've got a proper bug here. Also tried a different GUI, guis/underwater/underwater_greengrey_thickmurk.gui. Having thought about this I can convey my meaning more than well enough by a change in sound and lighting alone - maybe that's the best way anyway. But it does feel like cutscenes would be a fairly common usage case for messages.
  19. @grayman thank you for the promising idea, but it doesn't seem to be what it takes. I've started with cloning & renaming the message scriptobject + def, with the difference that it calls the message gui with layer 101 instead of 10 (and I set cinematic 1 inside DR). That didn't change things. Then I lifted the bare essentials from the scriptobject and turned it into a map script. Tried layer 11, 16, 26, 51, 102, 250, 1002... works fine except when there's a func_cameraview active. I'd take a look at the func_cameraview's coding but that seems to be buried in the source code, which is a different beast from Doomscript. I don't know... do you have an idea what's going wrong?
  20. Hm, I want to show a message during a cutscene (by using sys.trigger() on an atdm:gui_message entity) but as long as there's an active func_cameraview it doesn't show up, while outside of the cutscene it shows up fine. This is despite cinematic 1 being set on the entity. Also tried force 1, which made it show for just a split second. Has anyone pulled this off before?
  21. Pausing the game would probably be the most elegant solution, but you can probably get away with using the camera to freeze the player's controls and calling that video overlay which covers the whole screen. The player wouldn't know the difference. If the cutscene should be shown in an area that AI can access it'd be best to teleport the player to a safe blue room while the cutscene is playing.
  22. Yes, looks like you can simply define a GUI and call it as an overlay with a script. Still just an ingame texture, but more refined than making an ingame cinema screen for the player.
  23. You could override that particular material by copy pasting it into your own .mtr file (renamed from .txt), fix the inconsistency in it and provide it with your mission. As for fixing it, I'd look first to see if at one place it points to diffusemap x and another to diffusemap y. Can't look at this myself atm as I'm not near a PC.
  24. @Amadeus #1 looks like it's because the material used by that skin is mixing several different textures together. For #2 if this happens even though your compass has inv_map_start and no diff_x_nospawn spwnargs I'd replace them with the ones you get when importing the prefabs from the mapper_tools folder. Remember to adjust their diff_no_spawn spawnargs after you imported them.
  25. Oh nice texture painting onto a model, maybe I can finally start more regularly making my own textures with this.
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