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  1. I have zero time mapping these days, so I might as well spill out my ideas for others to use. 1) I had similar idea as Thieving Barbarian: Ulysses-mission with a smallish section of a city, or a district of it. A VIP convoy goes through the area. Heavy armour AI team moves with the VIP, and the VIP is never left unguarded. The player is supposed to intercept, take out the VIP and escape. Plot twist: killing the VIP brings shutdown of the district, making escape more difficult. All player accessible areas are also AI accessible, so no easy mode fleeing the area. At higher difficulties the VIP
  2. I had to use calculator to determine my age. *grabs nitros*
  3. I have not received any threats to the e-mail associated with this site.
  4. I detected an empathetic emission from this origin and came to investigate. I can only guess what has happened. Something exploded around post #34. What a pity content has been erased. Now there is nothing to learn. Let's start having more political discussions on this forum immediately. We must practice political discussion in order to master it, secure it, contain it and preserve it for the future generations. Without the ability of political discussion, the future of humanity is doomed. And I would not like that...
  5. +1 on what Orb said. I have a completely different strategy of being happy with my OSes: I customize nothing. I learn to use the OS as provided. If I did customize my own OS and learned to use it, I would be immediately confused when I get exposed to another computer with different setup. If I learn to use the mainstream setup, I am familiar with every mainstream setup I encounter. Mainstream is more common than customized. Hence, off with the customization! Weren't humans supposed to be the masters of adaptation and thus the dominant life form on this planet? There is great power in ad
  6. LOL! Today I had time to install Lubuntu on my wife's old laptop. I think it was again a typical linux-experience: 1) Installation went great. I did spend some time looking up how to partition properly, because it is over 5 years since my previous linux install and I had forgotten. Found info and continued. 2) Everything worked out of the box, except.... 3) Windows key opens the launch menu -> great! But there is no way to do the snap-window-to-50%-of-window-space operation which I use all the time. Again, looking for information... 4) It turns out the functionality should be there, with
  7. Oh god, I am a linux nerd, because I understood (and mostly agree with) what he said. But a newbie is flooded with many distros and they may easily choose a poor one. Or a once-good distro might fall out of grace... that's what Kubuntu looks like to me, because it used to work better than nowadays. Bloat gets added, I guess. This might help (or just muddy the waters even more: https://www.distrowatch.com/
  8. " Many jobs are paid badly because there is always a "dumb one" doing it because he or she is just happy having a job. If people don't have to rely on those jobs, they must get paid better to attract people doing them. And getting paid at a reasonable level (not neccessarely high, but also not low) is an important part of the satisfication a job is able to provide, as it tells the employee how valued the job really is. Current payments don't reflect that very well." This is mostly correct, I think. In market economy jobs that everyone could do have low wages. But globalisation + market econo
  9. I used to use Linux. After Win10 came out I've been using that because it seems to be stable and pleasant to use. I am not sarcastic or trolling. For me Win10 has mostly worked just fine. Actually, it was the Linux side that had problems. In win side, you just install programs and stuff work, most of the time. In Linux side stuff mostly work, but if something goes wrong, you have to spend a lot of time trying to fix it. For example, if you use proprietary drivers for your video card, and you get a kernel update, you desktop environment is trashed and you have work in console to get the drive
  10. Typically, in finnish societal discussion (including but not limited to politicians, experts and media) the economy is King nowadays. That means economical benefits are often the main arguments that are used to drive reforms. If the argument was "the unemployed will have more fun while unemployed!" even the UBI *test* would have never been conducted in this country. Now, the argument have been "maybe UBI empowers the unemployed to get employed, which would be beneficial for our economy" What the logic is is not entirely clear to me, but it might be like you said in post #42, that UBI might
  11. This was in finnish news coverage of the data. I noticed that Huffpost for some reason left out some of the negative sounding results from the finnish news. It may have something to do with political lean towards left, I guess. It they support UBI, they don't want to mention the negative sides to their readers, correct? But sad, also. :/ Here is yle, the goverment controlled news site: https://yle.fi/uutiset/3-10636726 I will translate for you: translates to-> I do not pretend to be a specialist and I am relying on these statistics. But to me it sounds the employment data is only marg
  12. Spring said, Aye, and when discussing UBI the question is, does UBI do this (move a person from wage slave to job enjoyer)? Looking at our preliminary data, it does not. UBI does not improve employment of their receiver. A society generates wealth when it's people work, wage slaves, or happy workers. When a person is on UBI, they do not generate resources for the society, but simply consume them. Everyone else has to feed the UBI receiver, who does not produce anything (necessarily, sure there could be an artist working for free, or similar). Thus, a wage slave must be better for the soc
  13. I can see how the discussion is gravitating towards perception of things. I mean, aren't we all just exploited wage slaves, if we decide to look at it like that? Are we entitled to do what we want, or are we just doomed to do what we have to do? Why would we be entitled, at all, to do what we want? I think it is more of a norm in the world that creatures do what they have to do to stay alive and well. Sometimes what we want to do happens to align what we have to do, but mostly we do what we have to do, right? Or we might just decide we want to do the things we have to do. Just a matter o
  14. As always, the discussion is interesting and good points are made. I find these so useful, because I get new viewpoints and ideas. Thanks! The point Cookie rises is probably correct: if one country gives money for free, it results in people moving in just to enjoy the benefits. I think this point makes it clear that UBI *must* be compensatory. The receiver *must* contribute back to society to earn it. It is a salary for being a citizen, and you must contribute to earn it. That's what money was invented for in the first place, right? You contribute to the society and the society is indebted t
  15. ...meanwhile in Finland... https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_5c5c3679e4b00187b558e5ab What do you think about UBI? Here is my take: Initially I was in favour of UBI. Reason: automation, self-driving cars, AI and pals will make many jobs extinct. Millions of people will lose their jobs and the old system of small rich elite, big middle class and small poor unemployed population will transform; middle class shrinks a lot and amount of poor people will increase. This will cause a lot of social problems. The problem is that I am not at all impressed by the results of the Finnish UBI test.
  16. I think it might be like this: 1) stealth games are a bit niche market. 2) Thief4 was a failure 3) TDM exists for free 4) because of 1-3, it is a financial risk to try to make a new thief game. It is a small market (low gains even if successful), and someone has already failed due to demanding customer base (high risk of failure). There is no incentive to take the risk. It is better to just make another version of (insert-usual-AAA-title-name-here). Maybe some small indie studio might go there...
  17. I played the redux version of the first episode on the xmas holidays just recently. The redux is better than the original, and they had some good new ideas (I really liked the left OR right mouse button choice with the convict.) I really sit a bit pondering what would be the right thing to do. That mechanic was exactly what they should capitalize on more. For example, they could have used it with all the NPC's, somehow: Blind woman meeting: Left click - try to grab the gun, Right click - try to talk Trying to talk would go to the normal course of events, where the player would do chores fo
  18. In engineering terms, I think, it acts as a pressure release valve. Let everyone have their say about the matter here, and then be done with it. Conclusion and closure. Case closed.
  19. I get a deep feeling of deja vu. Smooth operation is everyone's responsibility. It is tough decision, but sometimes it just has go so that partial liabilities are reduced so that the entirety can function better. Proceed as normal.
  20. Sotha

    On Trust

    Hey! This is exactly what I was trying to talk about in the OP! https://www.theguardian.com/news/2018/nov/29/why-we-stopped-trusting-elites-the-new-populism
  21. Thanks for playing! Always gratifying to hear someone likes your work. @Mircea, a fun little developer commentary for you, On the origins of the origins of the caulk: http://forums.thedarkmod.com/topic/18030-the-origins-of-caulk/?p=388346
  22. Sotha

    Two Minute Papers

    Well, it probably goes so that people stop trusting anything they read, see or hear. It will be really difficult to convey new ideas or progress things. Humanity will go stagnant: there will be those who are informed and able to discern reliable information and think for themselves, and there will be the masses of ignorant monkeys who are pulled to any direction the populists or hate mongers want. Fascinating times. We have only little time to discard democracy and start running meritocratic technocracies for the benefit of the whole humanity. But how do we make sure the technocracies do n
  23. Sotha

    On Trust

    Really good discussion, as expected! @Skaruts, I am a scientist myself, but I would not say that the scientific method is based on distrust. I would say it is based on critical scrutiny, which is different from distrust (but they could be thought to be distant cousins). Trust is required in scientific progress. If you do not trust earlier data or findings, you do not have a foundation to build your own experiment (I.e. if you allow a a silly example: if you distrust the scientific consensus the Earth is round, but -looking yourself around your immediate area- conclude the Earth to be fla
  24. Sotha

    On Trust

    I've been reading the Climate Change Thread and wanted to start another discussion. This time it is on Trust. Human societies are based on trust. The paper piece (money) in you pocket has value and can buy you things only because we have agreed together that it has value. You can safely buy land and property, because we have agreed you own them after the purchase and we have agreed that if someone comes to your own house, throws you out and claims it for their own, you can trust the state violence monopoly (police) comes to your assistance. You can trust the bus arrives roughly on schedule a
  25. Thanks for the Bosnia story. That was an exiting read! I wonder how it would play out in a Finnish city, where -because of legislation- only police, military, registered hunters and shooters, and criminals have guns. If the officials confiscate weapons in the early days from honest folks, that means only police, military and criminals have guns. I suppose the correct maneuver would be to get out of cities to the countryside just *before* the shit hits the fan. And like the Bosnia story writer said, everything happens too fast.
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