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  1. Most spacious rooms, best ventilation and comfortable beds - had fun robbing this train and would definitely do it again.
  2. Repeating crossbows where pretty inaccurate and mostly used balistically by non-soldiers to rain clouds of bolts on the battle field. I doubt, that they would be a good weapon for a guard or the different player characters in TDM.
  3. Yes, in a lot of missions, the architects are ridiculously ignorant about door opening direction. In general, doors should open into the rooms, not the hallways. And while there don't seem to be any regulations about that in "the city", that is something, authors surely could know from first hand experience as it almost always is that way in real life... But we also see timberframed buildings with vertical beams cut by windows in most TDM missions, so i doubt that architectural realism is valued a lot in this community...
  4. Don't worry, i play with doors not automatically opening and report all such cases i stumble upon. So in general, missions released till a month ago should be fine. And when playing a mission at release date, noclip still works as advertised.
  5. You can configure doors to not automatically open on unlock in the settings menu.
  6. Proof of the ivory tower's existance:
  7. Sometimes i stumble over links to posts that only result in an eaccess denied message. So there seems to be a hidden private board somewhere in this forum where the devs discuss all the really interesting stuff.
  8. If they would use your patch as a base - wouldn't players using your patch get crashes because of duplicate definitions or script objects?
  9. The updater knows the checksums - it scans the installed files and compares checksums to known ones for the desired version to select the files to download. So only replacing the corrupted file and continuing with the downloading is the logical thing to do. Almost every web server and browser out there also supports resuming of partially downloaded files - so if we had checksums for individual chunks of N MiB in size, only at most N MiB would need to be redownloaded on corruption or disconnect. Some of TDMs pk4s are hundreds of mega bytes in size and there still are regions (like Australia, China or Germany) where a stable and fast internet connection isn't the norm yet. I myself only had a slow and shaky wireless "broadband" connection for some months last year. I had to surf the web with images disabled sometimes... Downloading TDM would have taken days (but i would have still tried if i hadn't it installed already).
  10. So what you actually want is corrupted files to just get redownloaded from another mirror instead of cancelling the installation?
  11. Full PBR and global illumination next?
  12. Well, i guess, apart from facing criminal prosecution in a country, he would never visit anyways - he also is a combatant now. Might have way more drastic consequences than just ending a career.
  13. My suggestion is to just use the volume of the sounds, the player hears - as that is, what has to be calculated anyways. It isn't the most realistic way to do it. But it is cheap and easy to gauge for players as they can hear the noise level at their position.
  14. The base ambience loop normally isn't loud at the player position (and every single time it actually was, it also was quite annoying). So yes, it should lead to an acuity adjustment factor of zero. The acuity adjustment factor can be offset by a constant value to achieve that. And a bonus would be, that volumes below that offset value would actually lead to higher acuity - matching real world experience. So: Less acuity in noisy environments - but more acuity in silent environments.
  15. Player action audio masking could even be automatic. The cheapest solution would be to reduce player-generated sounds by a factor determined from current overall ambient loudness at the player position. Sounds at the player position have to be calculated anyway, so the extra CPU load should be negligible. Obviously, that would be a pretty naive solution, because noise at the AI location would not be taken into account. But it would still be an improvement to immersion and mappers could still tweak the acuity of the common machinist working in the boiler room.
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