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  1. Thanks for the fun mission and the first NSFW one I've seen. It was pretty amusing and I thought the singing priest was well done also. It probably took me a fair bit longer than it should have though,
  2. Thanks for another great mission. I was chuffed to complete all the objectives, but as usual, humbled to find I missed over 800 in loot and most of the secrets. was a really nice touch.
  3. Nice mansion heist, my favourite mission type and I liked the twist at the end The manor rooms were quite large, but the guards always managed to get under my feet anyway, so it was well balanced. It took careful stealth and good timing to complete all objectives (played on hard).
  4. Another great Mission, thanks Jack. Amusing recordings too, especially the "spinning in his grave" line
  5. This is a top 10 fm for sure. Many challenging moments, but perseverance paid off and I managed to complete all the objectives on hard. I shall continue my TDM binge forthwith in The Anomaly!
  6. Great mission thanks! Interesting story; looking forward to Hare in the Snare part 2
  7. Many thanks! I was unable to frob . Might be an issue with the VR game version then, I'll try again with regular desktop.
  8. Happy New Year all! This has been a great mission so far, but I'm stuck unable to find I feel I've searched everywhere at least twice. If anyone would be so kind as to reveal the location. Cheers
  9. Nice choices with the default button mappings btw, I only changed one bind.
  10. Nice, this fixed needing parallel projections for the Pimax (5k+). I tested it out in the creepy Langhorne Lodge. Xbox 360 controller works to move around and to select the start menu items, but I wasn't able to map any of the buttons. Do I need to use a 3rd party app like Xpadder?
  11. I just finished this mission with cabalistic's vr mod. Really nicely made map, richly detailed and I was surprised to see so much out in the streets outside of the main mission. I played through on Master and just needed a hint for the lion. Looking forward to part 2.
  12. I just played about an hour of Perilous Refuge in VR. It's working great, I cleaned out most of the town and am about to head to the ship. It looks really good! No problems or bugs with the VR implementation so far that I noticed. I didn't see any weird lighting artifacts or double images, etc. The world scale feels properly dialed in, which I'm really fussy about - great job. The WSAD movement works just fine, but the mouse rotation dead-zone felt a bit strange at first (I think I'd prefer all or nothing). It would be interesting to try it with no mouse rotation at all and just use the mouse for aiming/selecting. You could then use the Q and E for snap turning 45° (the lean keys aren't needed since you can just lean irl anyway). That might be be a good option as a "comfort setting" for people that get nausea from smooth turning (although I was fine). Anyway, even with no further changes, it's very enjoyable as is and I'm excited to continue playing the missions in VR from now on (assuming other maps work as well as this one). Thanks a lot!
  13. Very cool. I somehow missed this post, but thankfully someone posted it on reddit. Looking forward to playing it. Thanks for all the work on this!
  14. Great mission. I haven't played in over a year and I'm happy I picked this one. I came up a bit short of the loot target though, I'll have to look around some more.
  15. I came across this video the other day, posted on Ars Technica. He talks about when they developed Thief: The Dark Project.
  16. The performance was good, it ran perfectly smoothly with 4x antialiasing and 8x anisotropy (1080Ti, i7-7700k). I also tried 8x AA, but it started to jitter.
  17. I played through the Smiling Cutpurse on the vive yesterday. Looks great and runs so much better than the vorpx hack. A few shadows out of sync between eyes, but 99% of it looked perfect. You definitely need to lock-out the vertical mouse. I think that would be most important to make it comfortable to play while it's still seated mouse/keyboard.
  18. I haven't checked TDM in a while. Exciting work being done here, I look forward to testing it out.
  19. Well I just updated to the new vorpx version, which now allows gamma adjustment and got it working again after some messing about. I uploaded my new vorpx profile for TDM if it is of use to anyone. The game is playable on the vive now, but tbh after playing proper made for vr games the past few months, I find it difficult to go back to using this vorpx hack. The experience is really sub-par compared to what is possible with native vr support. I will return to playing TDM on a flat screen as it was designed. Cheers and have a Happy New Year!
  20. Sorry to hear that Bucklebean, I hope your family is doing well. That's awesome you have both rift and vive. I ended up cancelling my rift order and spent the money on a 980Ti instead, but I still wish I had both for testing purposes. I haven't tried TDM since I posted that; actually I haven't played any seated games at all. I'm having too much fund with the roomscale stuff - love those vive controllers. The 2D fov adjuster is interesting. I hadn't played with that much, not sure what it did. Performance is identical to the DK2. Smooth when looking around (due to vorpX fluidsync I guess), but you can see the rest of the game is running at a lower framerate. For the brightness, I'm hoping Reshade updates to support direct mode. Alternatively, if you run vive in extended mode you can adjust the brighness/contrast, but I was having trouble getting vorpX to work properly. Editing a mission to change values should work, that's a good idea Demagogue. I wish I could find the time, I haven't even learned to use DarkRadiant yet. I have too many interests to focus on one thing long enough.
  21. One other thing... there is no way to adjust the brightness and contrast and the stock levels are too bright. Its a shame as it hurts the game ambience.
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