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  1. As a minor note, tdm_installer will soon allow publishing user-made versions --- that's what "Custom Manifest URL" is for. It is not implemented yet, but soon will be. I'm not sure if it would be easier than simple posting exe + shaders directory though.
  2. Not possible, except if someone wants to rewrite the whole GUI part from scratch. I will try to improve the look, but it will never look exactly as native Windows GUI. They are needed for beta testing a new release. After the release is out, they are left for historical purposes. They don't eat much space anyway. The only dev build currently available is newer than release208. I have just renamed its folder from 208 to 209. By the way, dev build name is composed from two svn revision numbers. They don't want, they just have a habit.
  3. @Dracula, did you manage to get complete trace?
  4. Another idea. Add the line: seta logFile "2" to darkmod.cfg, then start TheDarkMod, close it, and find qconsole.log file (I guess in fms directory). Attach this log here.
  5. I searched over the code, and it seems that loading nonexistent save opens the menu without dropping current game. So you can e.g. execute loadGame nothing to get to menu. Of course, you can bind it to a key. The minor nuisance is that you will have to click "ok" every time you do so.
  6. The environment variables are the same on Linux. Could you somehow monitor the openal_log.txt file and see if the cited messages correlate with your problems? I.e. that all these messages are posted when you start game, continue while you have problems, and stop when the game starts working properly. As far as I know, they mean that sound stream is not filled fast enough, and it can cause sound glitches and lags.
  7. Published new version with several improvements: The main download can now be canceled. Very useful if you thought it would be fast but remaining estimate shows you an hour or so Fixed directory permission problem on Linux. Also TDM executables are now marked as executable automatically. Now installer checks if writing is allowed, and checks for free space available, showing errors and warnings. Target manifest is always downloaded from the main mirror --- so setting untrusted servers as mirrors is OK now. UPDATE: And one more: (Windows-only) Check if installer has elevated rights and post warning if it has.
  8. Tracked as 5294 -- maybe someone will find it helpful in future.
  9. Damn, I always forget that the shared NTFS directory in Linux VM is very different from native FS.
  10. Fixed in svn rev 15979. Thanks to everybody
  11. By searching for "085" I find six fonts with this problem I think all of them should be fixed
  12. And also it would be great if you could check 32-bit version, since the versions are apparently different.
  13. The usual questions are: Is there anything suspicious in OpenAL log? Does the issue happens on other OpenAL backends? Here is how I enable OpenAL logs on Windows: set ALSOFT_LOGLEVEL=3 set ALSOFT_LOGFILE=openal_log.txt TheDarkModx64.exe The backends can be specified in alsoft.ini. Uncomment the line drivers = ... I think possible values are: oss, pulse, jack, port, alsa
  14. I have noticed that font looks correct for a short duration immediately before you close the book. So I recorded apitrace, found that brief moment, dumped GL state when font renders bad and when font renders good, and ran diff on the states. Here are the results: Obviously, the problem is caused by u_colorAdd having crazy high value in alpha: it disables antialiasing (which relies on alpha transparency to blend with background). I'm not sure what this value should be, but at least this should be a good start. P.S. Perhaps this value is not set properly, so it leaks across different draw calls, leading to weird and not fully reproducible problems. I won't be surprised if lockpicking problem is caused by the same thing.
  15. I have managed to reproduce it without your config. Moreover, I also have full-orange highlight on successful lockpicking in the same game session. I wonder if I would be able to reproduce it again... UPDATE: On the second try lockpicking is OK, but the book still looks wrong.
  16. Inviting @cabalistic, he changed key mapping on Linux for 2.08
  17. Ok, let me start with what I find bad: 1. Large window size and increased font size. I think it's better to return default size of font everywhere and reduce window size. 2. Buttons. They are awful! Despite my tweaks, they are bad for 3 reasons: a) thin border, b) same color as background, c) no hover action. I think I can fix (b) and (c), so it would become much better. Anything else is less disturbing. Or did I forgot something?
  18. No. There are some schemes in FLTK, like "GTK+" and "plastic" scheme. They can be easily enabled in the code. You can also take source code SVN, start ThirdParty\artefacts\fltk\bin\win64_s_vc15_rel_mt\fluid.exe, and open tdm_installer\GuiFluidAutoGen.fl in it. You can change layout and appearance, also can regenerate code and rebuild tdm_installer. I have been looking at it for long enough time, and it does not look strange to me any more. Can anyone bring some specific suggestions (aside from "make them look natively") ?
  19. I think gamma/brightness have absolutely no effect underwater.
  20. With new version, it is no longer necessary to check "Force scan". The installer will check local zips by size and modification data, and will automatically perform scan if anything is dirty. It also means that most likely you won't have to wait for this "analysis" any more, except for the first run. UPDATE: Also I have added remaining time estimate to the main "downloading" progress bar. So that user can see at least approximately how much time it would take to download a fresh 2.08 release
  21. Perhaps we should change something. It is expected that gamma/brightness looks different, but this sounds like a problem.
  22. Perhaps missions can get out of the list if they don't get any "keep-alive" action in a year...
  23. New version unpacks tdm_shared_stuff.zip automatically.
  24. Small update: green progress bars and tweaked image. Perhaps time to check if self-update works
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