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  1. Its already late for me, as my school just started.. And Im afraid that there will not be enough free time with final exams and diploma this year.
  2. I dont know, but my guess is its because of the house purpose.. In galeries, they usually want specific lights and the sun is not good. For the paintings as well as for the viewers. It makes the paintings too reflective etc..
  3. There is plenty thief looking cities.. Most important is that we will have enough place to stay and the good connection to that city. Someone living in a house with garden or estate would be great=). Germany seems to be a good option mainly because there is a lot of taffers from Germany, so the distance to the meeting would be shorter for most of the crowd. But maybe Im mistaken. I dont even have idea where most of you came from..
  4. It seems like a great Idea.. Also Germany sounds good. Im from Czech rep, hopefully the train will be cheap enough for me and Ill be able to come. Prag is cheaper and I would say that its a very thievish like city, but a bit more calmer place in Germany might be just a better idea. Dresden would be best for me, obviously. =))
  5. Thank you, seems to be working..=) Hopefully no more questions coming..;-)
  6. I know that its moral grey area, on the other hand, in some countries the subscription is still very costly, mainly for peoples with little to no income (students etc..). The legaly payed subscription is definitelly the better way, but I decided to mention this possibility as well. Maybe that was a bad idea.. Anyway, its a great site and everyone should know about it.
  7. Hello, Im back after some time, trying to finish my older project. Im working on a new computer and that brings a few thinks I cant handle. After loading my map in DarkRadiant (fresh install of beta version 2.0.2) There arent any textures on my brushes (just the blue texture not found), no models etc. Im assuming, that i have to setup the path to the models and textures, but cant find how to do that. My mission is placed in maps directory under Darkmod, DarkRadiant is in its own directory. Ty for any help..
  8. Im using 3DsMax, not Blender, but I can recomend you this tutorial website: Digital-tutors . Im using it pretty often and its impressive how much you can learn in so little time. Ive got a bit of 3D modeling on universitty, and it seems that this site is even better than real life tuttor. It is payed, but usually you can take a look at a few first videos from each course for free. And if that course is what you are looking for, you can either pay subscribtion, or..
  9. Check your option, my defaul resolution was set really low, but after turning everything on high, the game looks very good. And its fun to play, after you get used to some strange restrictions, like not beeing able to jump etc..
  10. Im an architect.. I just graduated and got a job interview tomorrow. Wish me luck=)
  11. The first video update is finally out, and it looks very promising..
  12. They will be supporting mods as much as they can.. Vávra said or write that somewhere already. Mafia was amazing game and since this one is about the history of my own country and looks really good => my first kickstarter donation ever.
  13. Jablonec n.Nisou (North of Czech republic).
  14. Congratulation!! Perfect mission with great atmosphere and a few trully remarkable moments.. Must play for everyone!
  15. Ill also say go for it, you wont be forced to use that, and we can lure in some new players..
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