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  1. I remember reading the book called The Neverending story back in middle school and I was really intrigued by the Amulet and how it worked, how id needed to create a sort of background in order to bring things into reality and how it had to take a memory parallel to the wish but in reverse. For example, if you wished to be rich, you forget you were once poor.
  2. I'm starting the Black Parade now but I would like to add a few mods to it like the Lantern mod and automatic key, I tried moving the files to the FM folder but nothing. Anyone has an idea if this is possible and how?
  3. TDM is sort of following this trend as well. Hiding features to the player. Like some have to be activated via console and not in the options menu.
  4. I did and it's more clear now. Yet, the problem of the full moon not producing enough light still persist.
  5. Taquito

    Free games

    Prices are so frustrating right now. I was hoping for a miracle with Memorial Day Sales yet nothing.
  6. The Global illumination feels a bit off imo. Considering the full moon it looks quite dark.
  7. Taquito

    Free games

    So many free games!! ,,, So little disk space
  8. People might just lose interest by then. This younger generation, make something inaccessible, brutal prices and see the excitement and boom fade quickly. Like Virtual Googles, I was so pumped and exited then saw the prices now I don't really care much anymore. If I make a new technology I need to get as many people as I can on board, then elevate prices as new features are added. Isn't this how drug dealers work? lol
  9. I used Thief 1/2 as an example. I was referring to new games. Games designed with Ray Tracing in mind that developers might need to compromise polys and textures in order to make their games more accessible if they want to use the technology today. find a happy medium. Should have used mine craft instead, I recently finished playing Callisto Protocol. Beautiful Game, Okayish Game play and got tons of bad reviews for Launching in almost unplayable state. This affected sales. I'm a big fan of Freelancer and would love to try Star Citizen but I know I'll have to wait for either more optimization or get a better card (Won't happen anytime soon). Developers need to be more considerate and pull back and not just a bit if they want to reach more players, on top of that they need to leave room for possible implementation of these new technologies as they come along. Products should work right from the start otherwise will get a bad Review regardless of the quality of the material. I find the Star Citizen approach very controversial. I understand the logic behind it but I don't like it.
  10. I bet Thief 1/2 Would look beautiful and highly atmospheric with Ray Tracing. You don't need 4k textures or millions of polys to make a game beautiful now, well placed sources of light with these new effects can make all the difference. I hope Developers and Art Directors understand this and make a happy medium so everyone can enjoy these new technologies.
  11. I think I found the hex value for the Shroud/Dark Vignette effect in the Latest Epic Games Version: \ThiefGame\CookedPCNG Find the File ThiefGame.u Make a Backup Copy of the File just in case. Find the Following Hex Value: 02 CD CC 4C 3F 37 CC 66 FC 0A 2E BC 00 01 9C DE Change it to: 02 00 00 00 00 37 CC 66 FC 0A 2E BC 00 01 9C DE Not Fully tested in a complete playthrough but back and forth and it does take away the nasty effect.
  12. Low: 87 (Right at the beginning of the Mission looking at the Manor). High: 250 Anti Aliasing X2 X1440 Ambient Occlusion: Off
  13. Mobo: TUF GAMING B550-PLUS CPU: AMD Ryzen 5600 X Memory: 2DDR 4 dual channel 32 Gigabites GPU: Power Color RX 6700 XT 12 Gigabites Storage: 1TB HDD / 512Gb Sata SSD Build it on my own, mostly thanks of what I learned here with the help and advice of many members in this forum. Pretty happy so far. The change from Nvidia to AMD was a breeze.
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